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  1. Hello, on October 11th, we received information about a group of players intend on maliciously causing drama for our guild. This group of players is a segment of our raid group from a previous server, and did not like the direction the guild was going. As evidenced in this screenshot (, we knew long in advance about their intentions. We understand this is a community issue, and we handled it professionally and did not devolve in the drama, as they were attempting to do.
  3. Our only concern here was that they might stoop even lower and actively impersonate us on launch. We approached them respectfully and were assured that they had no intention to steal our name, as evidenced by a screenshot from one of their officers ( Another screenshot for context showing that we were expecting this type of malicious behavior from them weeks before launch (
  5. Our guild has existed for over 2 years now and has spanned across multiple servers. The name that we identify as is known by many people, and now they are impersonating us and acting like they are us. This is personally a huge blow to the amount of work I have done to create a community that can be respectful to each other while also having fun.
  7. I can understand the difficult position this puts you as Sunwell Staff in. At this point, I do not expect to get the name we've been using for years back. The least I can ask from you is to please force them to rename, so no one can have this guild name. We have not worked on this guild for years just for our reputation to go down the gutter because of a couple of malicious impersonators.
  9. As always, we give our full support to Sunwell and will continue playing here, regardless of the outcome. Overall we have had a very enjoyable launch, despite these issues, and will do our best to bring in new players while culturing a positive community. Thank you for your time!
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