MGE Side III Waterways

May 29th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Ancient Waterways of the Spirits
  2. Streams flow throughout the town of Mira, and spread out into a number of waterways♪
  3. Did you know Mira is also known for having just as many waterways as the first song island, Al Mar?
  5. Mira’s waterways, which spread out in many directions like this, are called the “Ancient Waterways of the Spirits”♪
  6. When you go down a waterway in a boat like this, you’ll sometimes see gondolas abandoned in the waterway, see?
  7. In Mira, anyone is free to board a gondola parked in the waterway like that, it’s also common to leave the boat as is when you get off.
  8. Ufufu, is it weird for us to reuse the boats like this? It’s true that in Al Mar, each song maiden has her own individual gondola and guides guests around by handling the boat herself, but Mira’s song maidens “ask” the gondola to go down the waterway for them♪
  9. Fufu, your face says “I have no idea what you’re talking about”♥
  10. When riding a gondola in Mira, you can call upon the spirits and borrow the power of Undines and Sylphs, allowing you to momentarily control the flow of water around and around as you wish, or you can have the wind blow and push the boat like whoosh~, and when night falls, you can call out to the pure spirits to light the path ahead♪
  11. Oh, of course, it’s not like we leave everything up to the spirits, we’re good at handling the gondolas by ourselves too, you know?
  12. We also invite song maidens from Al Mar to the “Spirit Houses” so they can teach us to properly guide our guests♪
  13. However, to Mira’s song maidens, the gondolas are a place to call upon the spirits and talk with them, so that’s why we don’t manage the boats, and don’t really feel like we own them♪
  14. Eh? It’d be a real pain if someone took the gondola while you were browsing a store?
  15. Ufufu, it’s okay, no song maiden would take a gondola with luggage in it, and if there are no gondolas nearby, you can ask a nearby spirit and they will bring you one that no one is using♪
  16. And, of course, if there’s no luggage or people on board, anyone is free to ride a gondola, even if they aren’t a song maiden.
  17. Mira’s waterways flow slowly, so even someone not used to gondolas can easily go a short distance♪ Sometimes they’re even used in place of bridges to get to the opposite side, so you can also use them casually♪
  18. However, I don’t think it would be a good idea for someone other than us song maidens or elementalists to ride an empty gondola and call out to the spirits...♪
  20. Well, while it may be fine to call out to the spirits and have a fun conversation... If you ask for guidance or to borrow their power, they may demand “compensation”, and if it’s a mischievous Sylph, the boat may arbitrarily take you to a deserted area, and you would be earnestly violated on a gondola with no escape...♥
  21. Ufufu, well in any case, you can get along well with spirits, they aren’t so bad after all...♪
  22. Of course, if there’s compensation from the beginning... For example, if you make a promise to be a spirit’s lover, they’ll earnestly grant you their power, so if you think about it, they could never be bad♥
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