[NSFW] Jade Spade

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  1. Inspired by this pic:
  3. >"You know, I may have won this cute lil bear here, but I think that meeting you was the real prize tonight." Jade Spade says, a grin on her face.
  4. >Sweat runs down her body, her pussy dripping fluids onto her giant stuffed bear.
  5. >It takes all your self control to not just mount her here and now.
  6. >Her pussy winks.
  7. >Well, forget all that stuff about self control.
  8. >You could hardly scramble to her quick enough.
  9. >You mount her, placing your hind hooves on the bear's snout to give you a better angle to penetrate.
  10. >Your forehooves sink into the bear's plush belly.
  11. >Raging erection lined up, you thrust forward.
  12. >She lets out a small gasp, but otherwise takes it like a champ.
  13. >Clearly this ain't her first rodeo.
  14. >You thrust in and out repeatedly, your breathing running ragged in the mid-summer heat.
  15. >She doesn't even sound like she's breathing heavy.
  16. >"Come on now, don't just hover around there, put that mouth to good use."
  17. >You let out a confused whinny, to which she rolls her eyes.
  18. >She reaches a hoof around, pulling your head towards her right ear.
  19. >You grab on to it, giving it little nibbles.
  20. >She lets out a little moan and starts really getting into it, thrusting back at you.
  21. >With your hooves on the shifting stuffed bear, and her thrusting back into you, keeping your balance starts to become an issue.
  22. >One time you accidentally fell out, and when lining up a thrust back in hit the wrong hole.
  23. >A small 'eep' and a glare got you back to the right course.
  25. >Eventually, you find yourself getting into a rhythm of sorts.
  26. >You find a way to sync your thrusts, her thrusts, and the shaking of the bear beneath you.
  27. >She starts moaning as you ride her like an experienced wrangler in a rodeo.
  28. >The harsh sun beating down on you, the slight breeze in your mane, the moaning mare beneath you.
  29. >No, you weren't riding her like an experienced wrangler, you were an experienced wrangler!
  30. >And this... this was your domain.
  31. >However, you can't stay on top of the world for long.
  32. >You can feel a tension in your groin, a build-up at the base of your shaft.
  33. >Between gasps of breath you tell her that you're about to finish.
  34. >"We don't do things halfway around here," she says, "I want it deep inside."
  35. >The dam breaks.
  36. >Thick ropes of your semen rush outwards, painting the inner walls of her pussy white.
  37. >It's too much for her womb to handle, some cum starts dripping out onto the bear.
  38. >Small white droplets run down it's dark blue plush.
  39. >You let out a deep breath and relax.
  40. >You lean forward, nuzzling her cheek and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.
  41. >She gives you that glorious smile of hers, a deep crimson blush on her face.
  42. >"You ever find yourself in the area again, come find me."
  43. >"I think that this is one ride I'd love to go on again."
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