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  1. [1:15 PM] Marteax_CZ: Hi sorry i'm poisoning so late but i have a question you don't know how to set better tickets so he can use it thank you for answer marteaxcz
  2. [1:16 PM] Vistor: i dont understand
  3. [1:17 PM] Marteax_CZ: I just want to know how to set up a better ticket shoe if you know how?
  4. [1:18 PM] Vistor: the directions are in the info channel...however -new your issue
  5. [1:21 PM] Marteax_CZ: I mean, if you don't know how to set up a shoe role
  6. such as owner, moderator, and other users?
  7. [1:24 PM] Marteax_CZ: because it wants me to set this up and I don't know how
  8. @ a role that will be able to configure the bot besides the server owner or enter the role ID. Type 'none' to skip this step
  9. [1:32 PM] Vistor: i have no idea what youre talking about....what is the issue,dont worry about the ticket
  10. [1:35 PM] Marteax_CZ: the problem is just that I don't know how to set up certain roles that could be used by mailers such as admins and server moderators and then ordinary users when they need help from A-team
  11. [1:46 PM] Vistor: you cant set up certain roles lol
  12. [1:46 PM] Vistor: you dont need to
  13. [1:47 PM] Vistor: all that is set up...we dont give out roles to people when they need assistance
  14. [1:47 PM] Vistor: the ticket bot is all we need...just type -new ISSUE HERE and everything is automatic
  15. [1:50 PM] Marteax_CZ: and how do I create a new ticket or read a new one?
  16. and can it be done so that my moderators can serve it?
  17. [1:51 PM] Vistor: wait are you talking about my server or your server?
  18. [1:51 PM] Vistor: how did you get my information?
  19. [1:53 PM] Vistor: i think you should message Domme
  20. [1:54 PM] Marteax_CZ: no I want to put it on my own server but when I put the -setup command we write it to enter the category name for the tickets and the name of the role what it will handle
  21. [1:55 PM] Vistor: lol yeah, you need to talk to someone else
  22. [1:55 PM] Vistor: im not part of the bot
  23. [1:55 PM] Vistor: message domme
  24. [1:56 PM] Marteax_CZ: as you mean you're not a part
  25. [1:57 PM] Vistor: i am not with the bot team
  26. [1:59 PM] Marteax_CZ: yeah so nothing I will look at it but thanks for the advice and sorry to bother you
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