Changeling Christmas

Dec 20th, 2015
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  2. >"Aaaaaanoooooon!"
  3. "Uuuuuugh..."
  5. >"Anon!"
  6. "Go away!"
  7. >"No!"
  9. >Grumbling, you stand up, nearly falling backwards onto your ass
  10. "Fucking fine, but it better be good this time."
  11. >You walk out of your room and slam agaisnt the front door, fumbling for the doorknob
  12. >"Aaaare you okaaaay Anon?"
  13. >The annoying two-toned voice mocks you form the other side of the door, giggling while doing so
  14. "I just woke up Chrysalis. Gimme a break here, will you?"
  15. >You open the door and scratch the back of your neck, coming face to face with the oddly wide smile owned by none other than the queen of the hive you were currently staying in
  16. >"Hello there sleepyhead! Will you allow the queen to enter your lovely chambers?"
  17. >You move to the side and swing your arm, motioning for her to enter
  18. >She happily obliges and trots in excitedly
  19. "What're you so happy about, bug queen?"
  20. >She sniffs and takes a seat on the couch
  21. >"Well. Can't a queen take the time to visit one of her more unique subjects?"
  22. >You roll your eyes
  23. "Yeah, sure. What're you here for now?"
  24. >You cross your legs and plant your sock covered feet on the coffee table, much to Chrysalis's disdain
  25. >"I seem to recall that today is one of those human holidays you were telling me about!"
  26. >You lean back into the sofa and close your eyes, thinking
  27. >Rolling your head over to look at Chrysalis, you blink
  28. "Yeah. That's right. Today's Christmas; celebratin' the birth of Jesus and whatnot. Ho ho ho Santa Claus!"
  29. >The bug queen giggles almost maliciously
  30. >"Aaaaand one of those traditions is giving gifts, am i correct Anon?"
  31. >You nod your head cautiously
  32. "Yeah... Where are you going with this, bug queen?"
  33. >Her smile grows wider as she points her horn at you
  34. >"Giving you the gift of citizenship, Anon! Welcome to the hive!"
  35. >Your eyes widen
  36. "Oh fuck n-"
  38. >You're blasted with a green wave of energy, your nerves and muscles and even your bones scream in anguish as the shift, twist, pop, and turn for other uses
  39. >But then it's over as soon as it starts, and you just sit there, ears ringing and a rather dizzy head
  40. >"Hm. You know, Anon. I'd haave expected you to be uh... A good deal bigger than you are now, and male."
  41. >Chrysalis's voice is crystal clear inside of your head, almost as if your hearing had improved
  42. >And you did feel smaller, but you couldn't explain how or why
  43. >The bug queen snickers, and you look up at her from your postition on the couch
  44. >Wait, you were looking up at her?
  45. >Weren't you JUST eye level with her?
  46. >You look down, and notice that in place of hands and feet, there are tiny hooves riddled with holes, and a little belly covered in a black chitinous exterior
  47. >And you felt something missing
  48. >...
  49. >Oh...
  50. >Goodbye little Anon, all your buddies in fort testosterone salute you
  51. >"Just now figuring it out, hm Anon?"
  52. >Chryalis smiles softly down at you
  53. >You're afraid to talk, you don't want to hear your own voice
  54. >"You don't have to say anything."
  55. >Chryalis inches forward and wraps her hooves around you, pulling you close and squeezing
  56. >"Your queen is here for you."
  57. >This was the best Christmas gift ever
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