2 wardens 1 bed

Apr 2nd, 2016
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  1. >Crowd Control was alone with Short Fuse that night of April
  2. >They were sharing ideas about prison’s system and organized laws
  3. >Every inmate in the prison was asleep and they both were awake at 9 pm
  4. >Justice never sleeps as long as there is crime outside!
  5. >Suddenly a question grow inside Short’s mind
  6. >Since they both have one different Anon, what does he think about his Anon? Is he good? Is he bad? Is he silly? …Is he arousing?
  7. >Questions started to formulate in his mind
  8. >’It never hurts to ask something nicely!’ Short Fuse thought
  9. >”So… what do you think about your Anon?”
  10. >He said along with a smile as he played with his hooves awaiting the answer
  11. >Crowd Control’s tail starts moving in a way a dog would answer his owner
  12. >’I shouldn’t be this happy for a question about Anon…’ Crowd thought as he gained his conscience back and stopping his tail from moving
  13. >”He’s… a good guy. Sure he is joking sometimes, but I like him”
  14. >Crowd Control realized what he said and almost regrets saying it
  15. >”I mean in a platonic way!”
  16. >Crowd mouth was scrunching as he looked at the ceiling avoiding looking at Short
  17. >Short Fuse nodded, understanding clearly
  18. >Short could see that Crowd liked Anon in a way higher than platonic
  19. >He could sense it
  20. >”What about your Anon?” Crowd asked
  21. >”O-Oh, you know… the usual… we like to sleep together and he is always too caring”
  22. >”S-Sleeping together?”
  23. >Short nodded as if it wasn’t that wrong to be close to an inmate
  24. >Crowd started to blush as he thought all the lewd things his Anon could do to him
  25. >Spooning in bed… Cuddling if one had a nightmare… waking up together… Petting each night…
  26. >”There was this one time we were in the Spa and… things went a little… crazy…”
  27. >Short Fuse started to rub his plot as if the marks of the act were still there
  28. >Crowd Control just blushed more
  29. >His imagination was taking control of himself
  30. >Short could see Crowd’s tail going nuts from right to left
  31. >Whatever he is thinking? Unless…
  32. >Short Fuse then got an idea
  33. >An awful, naughty idea
  34. >’Maybe if I play with Crowd, his true feelings will come out’ Short Fuse thought as he stands up from his chair
  35. >Short Fuse walked towards the bed, sitting on it and looking at Crowd Control
  36. >”W-Wanna take a break? M-Maybe if I show you what my Anon is capable of… you would see what you’re missing”
  37. >Short Fuse winked and Crowd Control trembled
  38. >Both were blushing and slightly sweating
  39. >Crowd Control forced a smile as he was thinking
  40. >What should he do?
  41. >A grown stallion was inviting him to bed!
  42. >Well… he was too a grown stallion…
  43. >Both were grown ponies with the capacity of do whatever they can!
  44. >But… cuddling together? Or was he pointing in spooning?
  45. >Whatever it was, it’ll be lewd!
  46. >A night adventure with another warden…
  47. >Crowd’s breath got funny as he thought for a moment
  48. >’Well… it wouldn’t hurt… he looks like a mare, he’s… cute, so…’ Crowd Control thought as he gave up and joined Short in bed
  49. >He took a sit near him, still embarrassed even when the worst was to happen
  50. >”Now… what?”
  51. >Crowd didn’t want to look at Short first; his mind was racing for an exit or something else to happen
  52. >Maybe if somepony opened the door of the office…
  53. >’Horse feathers I didn’t think he actually accept it!’ Short thought as he started panicking internally
  54. >What would Anonymous do?
  55. >Crowd finally looks at Short
  56. >They were staring at each other awkwardly
  57. >Maybe this wasn’t a good idea to start with
  58. >But Short Fuse did the first step again
  59. >”Now… I’m holding you hostage…”
  60. >Short Fuse approached Crowd Control, his hooves starting to surround him in an awkward hug
  61. >Short didn’t know what he was doing
  62. >But maybe this is how Anon acts, just randomly
  63. >Short could feel Crowd’s body quivering
  64. >Crowd Control didn’t had words to express himself
  65. >He remembered his experience back at N.I.G.S with the intercom and everyone hearing him… that moment he was being hostage by Anon… the first ever contact he made with him
  66. >Crowd whimpered a little before moving closely to Short
  67. >Then his nose caught something, his nose started to sniff trying to find something
  68. >What was that essence? Is it something on the room? No… was it something in the bed?
  69. >As he stared at Short’s mane, he realized it was indeed, the aroma of his mane
  70. >Was it perfume?
  71. >He closed his eyes and embraced Short in a hug for an attempt to smell him closer
  72. >The awkwardness got in another level as they shared a complete hug
  73. >Short Fuse emitted a sound only mice would do
  74. >Taking a tiny sniff once more, Crowd nuzzled near Short’s mane and neck
  75. >Crowd was enjoying the sweet essence of the other warden
  76. >It smelt like vanilla… or was it coconut?
  77. >”You smell… good… Short”
  78. >’He didn’t call me by my complete name…’ Short Fuse thought, his heart starting to pound faster
  79. >Suddenly their chests made contact
  80. >No one minded it as no one didn’t say a thing
  81. >They could feel each other heartbeats
  82. >Short was doing his best in nuzzling back to Crowd, but all he could manage was to whimper as answer
  83. >Short Fuse grabbed Crowd Control by the waist; he started to fall on the bed with him. Both now were laying one above the other
  84. >Their noses touched, their faces were close and of course, they shared breaths with one another
  85. >Short couldn’t back up as a pillow rested on his head, Crowd could but something inside of him didn’t want to
  86. >They could feel adrenalin along with curiosity starting to fill their bodies
  87. >Short’s eyes started to close little by little, just waiting for the next thing to happen between them
  88. >”M-Maybe our uniforms are too… uncomfortable for the situation, don’t you think?” Crowd said, still on the same position
  89. >Short smirked and adding some bedroom eyes he said
  90. >”I’ll undress you if you undress me, Crowd~”
  91. >Short Fuse added a seductive tone at the end
  92. >Crowd Control didn’t think twice before undressing Short’s top part of the uniform
  93. >”Wah- Don’t be so rude!”
  94. >Crowd couldn’t hear Short as his mind had only one goal, to undress him completely
  95. >Crowd Control quickly undressed part by part Short’s uniform, throwing the top at the floor near the bed
  96. >When he took his lower uniform part, Crowd couldn’t fight the desire to smell his lower uniform part instead of throwing it with the rest of the uniform on the floor
  97. >No matter Short was in front of him, he did so
  98. >Crowd couldn’t guess what the scent he smelled was, but he couldn’t stop. He was enjoying it no matter the shame or guilt on the pony looking at him
  99. >Short started to feel embarrassed for how Crowd started to smell his lower uniform part, enjoying it, Crowd even was smiling as if he wasn’t there
  100. >Short Fuse was feeling embarrassed, but aroused at the same time
  101. >It was a weird feeling
  102. >Short Fuse started to bite his lower lip
  103. >Crowd whispered some words between his breaths as he continued to sniff the uniform
  104. >’I want to wear this’ He thought as he started to caress the uniform
  105. >Short Fuse couldn’t take anymore the situation
  106. >”Okay, my turn!” He said, taking away his lower uniform part from Crowd’s hooves and making him to lie still on the bed
  107. >Short licked his lips as he approached the zipper of Crowd’s uniform, resting his chin on his chest
  108. >Short’s mouth started to unzip Crowd’s uniform slowly
  109. >Part by part
  110. >He removed his top uniform part and his magic levitated it near his uniform that was lying on the floor
  111. >Short’s nose started to adventure around Crowd’s chest, sending him quivers to his back
  112. >After teasing for a little, Short moved to his lower part
  113. >Before Short removed completely Crowd’s lower uniform part, he took a tiny sniff and nuzzled on it
  114. >’That’ll show him…’ Short Fuse thought
  115. >”Short…” Crowd Control could feel his ears going in fire
  116. >He continued zipping his lower part and removing it, of course, with his mouth and teeth being careful to not bite anything else
  117. >Short finally stopped and both were without their uniforms
  118. >Short was laying over Crowd, looking at him and smirking
  119. >”Who’s the prisoner and who’s the inmate, hmm?”
  120. >’So are we playing like that? I won’t lose…’ Crowd thought as he attacked Short
  121. >”Ah ha~”
  122. >Crowd grabbed Short by his sides and they starting rolling on the bed as a crocodile would do with its prey
  123. >They started to roll on the bed for a while, giggling and laughing all the way
  124. >Until Crowd was lying over Short
  125. >Both were naked
  126. >Well… ponies are always naked
  127. >Crowd knew what to do
  128. >He went to Short’s belly and started blowing a raspberry on his belly
  129. >”N-No! N-No! E-Everything b-but tickles! Ahaha!”
  130. >Short Fuse started to laugh audibly and uncontrollably, moving his back hooves to try to free himself
  131. >But he wasn’t strong to free from the tickles
  132. >Nopony is able to escape the tickles…
  133. >As he couldn’t escape, he did what was logic to do
  134. >He returned fire, tickling Crowd near his neck
  135. >They both started to laugh as they continued fighting
  136. >Until they got exhausted of laughing
  137. >They stopped; Crowd was over Short looking directly to his eyes
  138. >They both shared a smile and more giggles
  139. >Then they knew they were back at the first position they started with, one lying above the other
  140. >Short Fuse muttered to Crowd Control
  141. >”Crowd…”
  142. >”Yes, Short?”
  143. >”Kiss me…”
  144. >Short closed his eyes waiting for the answer
  145. >Crowd’s eyes went a little wide
  146. >Is this wrong? Is this the right thing to do?
  147. >Crowd Control was curious about anything happening after the kiss
  148. >’To Tartarus with this… there is no turn back now’ that was Crowd’s final thought as he came closer to the lips of Short
  149. >The room went silent as their lips meet
  150. >They shared a silent, long kiss
  151. >At first Short Fuse was fill with surprise, he didn’t expect Crowd Control to actually kiss him that quick
  152. >His eyes found theirs for a moment
  153. >Then they started to close a little
  154. >And they finally close, starting to enjoy the kiss
  155. >As the inexperienced wardens were kissing each other, one moaned in the mouth of the other
  156. >This is amazing…. This is forgiven…. This is incredible….
  157. >’His lips are so soft…’ both thought at the same time
  158. >Crowd’s tongue found its way inside Short’s mouth. Short allowed him to enter, but not before a fight between tongues started, he was trying to not look as the weak warden and show him that he was good too
  159. >Crowd retired his mouth and finished the kiss, just to pull a clean trail of saliva out of Short’s mouth
  160. >They both were heavy breathing after the kiss
  161. >Short couldn’t do anything else but breath with his mouth wide open
  162. >He was exhausted after one kiss
  163. >But Crowd wanted more; he even wanted to bite that little pink tongue of Short
  164. >He went closer to his face and kissed him once more
  165. >This time their lips moved more often along with their tongues
  166. >They were starting to learn how to do it right
  167. >It was a dance, an arousing dance between tongues and lips
  168. >Short Fuse’s hoof started to tenderly pet Crowd Control’s face
  169. >Crowd did so, but instead with Short’s tail
  170. >Crowd could feel his hoof touching Short’s dock, he felt playful to see the reactions he could do
  171. >And he received it very quick as Short started to whimper in the kiss
  172. >Short Fuse started to move his back hooves around Crowd’s hips
  173. >Crowd wasn’t noticing it as he was enjoying the kiss with Short
  174. >Finally they break the kiss again, just to Crowd to give a quick kiss on his lips again
  175. >They were blushing harder than a sunset or a red moon
  176. >But both could feel something touching each other
  177. >Something which both were able to tell what it was
  178. >Their cocks started to emerge from their hideouts
  179. >Both were the same size and were leaking precum
  180. >They weren’t prepared for this…
  181. >But they were excited about this
  182. >The door wasn’t unlocked…
  183. >Both could sense the overwhelming fear of being caught by someone else
  184. >It just filled with emotions the wardens couldn’t feel around with Anonymous
  185. >The room started to feel hot
  186. >Both wardens were sweating
  187. >Crowd Control was the first to move, just to notice Short was holding him still by his hind legs
  188. >Short started to hum as he felts the horsecock of Crowd touching his
  189. >It felt wet…
  190. >They moved one hoof at the same time to their private areas; their hooves meet for a moment
  191. >They touched for a moment…
  192. >Then they nodded to each other and touched each other members
  193. >It felt like… an experiment…
  194. >’It feels so… rough…’ Short thought
  195. >’Is as bigger as mine…’ Crowd thought
  196. >Short Fuse withdrew his hind hooves that were around Crowd’s hips
  197. >Crowd moved to his right side, in a way he could cuddle better with Short
  198. >They cuddled as their members started to poke each other
  199. >The curiosity got the better of them as they slowly start to rub each other’s cocks meanwhile they embrace in the warmth of the bed
  200. >What will happen next? Was each one thought. They cuddled, they kissed, but now they were touching each other
  201. >And it was fun
  202. >Precum started to present in both areas, they started to share it
  203. >Crowd Control started to increase the speed in which he was rubbing with Short Fuse
  204. >Both were feeling something inside that wanted to exit pretty quick
  205. >The room started to fill with the moans of the wardens and the only sloppy wet noise being made by both his cocks sharing a mutual movement
  206. >Short Fuse kissed Crowd in the cheek
  207. >He didn’t expect that, he wanted to return the kiss, but as his speed went faster by rubbing with Short, his cock moved at the entrance of Short’s love canal
  208. >”Ahh~” Short moaned by the sudden accident Crowd did
  209. >In his mind, Crowd got the idea to continue rubbing with Short
  210. >But this time, rubbing the tip of his dick near his anus
  211. >He moaned as he continued, it felt amazing for him
  212. >The question was, did Short felt the same way?
  213. >Crowd continued rubbing, he could feel Short was moving to for some reason
  214. >The tip of Crowd’s cock was feeling the anus of Short and some other moments he would rub so fast the tip would went to his testicles
  215. >They moaned at the same time, they moan so loudly it sounded like a symphonic orchestra
  216. >Short tried to retrain his moans by placing a hoof near his mouth to bite, but Crowd took his hoof away and went for another kiss
  217. >Short took a break from Crowd’s rubbing in his little anus as his cock was rubbing now with theirs
  218. >Finally after rubbing without end, they came at the same time
  219. >Crowd could feel his lower part getting light, he closed his eyes and whimpered as the last drop left him
  220. >Short broke the kiss to look at how they started to cum
  221. >Just by looking he was getting aroused
  222. >The belly of Short Fuse was white with both his seed and Crowd’s seed
  223. >It was a mess that he didn’t mind
  224. >Some cum went directly to other parts of the bed
  225. >”I’m… sorry…” Crowd apologized as he whimpered
  226. >Short smiled as he caressed his face
  227. >”Would you clean this mess, my warden?”
  228. >Crowd could feel a heart attack coming. He shows a smile to him and goes near his belly
  229. >He starts liking it with his tongue, making Short to whimper a little from the contact
  230. >Crowd Control started to taste the mixture of the two seeds in his mouth
  231. >It tasted like pineapple
  232. >His head was starting to feel a little dizzy as he continued
  233. >Crowd noticed that Short’s member was still hard (so was his). Curiosity won over and he started to stroke with his hoof it near the middle ring
  234. >Short Fuse moaned as he levitated with his magic a pillow near him to bite
  235. >”Just… lick it already… please…”
  236. >Crowd’s tail started to show happiness as much as his dick started to show pleasure
  237. >”As you order, my little warden”
  238. >Crowd sniffed his precious reward before taking it in
  239. >It smelt like victory
  240. >And horsecock
  241. >He started to take it slowly, slowly tasting it and trying to move it all he could inside his mouth
  242. >Short started to coo on his pillow, his mind trying to tell him not to moan to loud
  243. >”Mmm…”
  244. >With one hoof Crowd was caressing Short’s belly, with another hoof he was touching his balls with extreme care
  245. >Short Fuse tried his best to find Crowd’s cock with his hind hooves. As he finds it, he starts to stroke it slowly
  246. >Short wouldn’t let Crowd to do all the hard work
  247. >Crowd start to moan in Short’s cock, making him quiver from the tact
  248. >Short could feel his body shaking, as his cock soon would release the white liquid Crowd was waiting to taste again
  249. >Short Fuse muffled on his pillow as he almost yells
  250. >”Crowd I’m- Aahh!~”
  251. >Crowd Control’s mouth started to fill with Short’s love liquid as he came
  252. >Short Fuse started to quiver more and more, his hind hooves leaving Crowd’s cock
  253. >He was on his limit
  254. >Crowd tried to swallow some of the cum, but an idea went to his mind
  255. >He wanted to share
  256. >You gotta share, you gotta care, right?
  257. >Crowd Control approached Short’s lips, kissing him while sharing the goods in his mouth
  258. >A tear started to leave Short Fuse’s eye
  259. >Saliva, moans and semen were shared in a single kiss
  260. >Both swallow what they could and they break the kiss
  261. >”Wanna… finish the job?” Crowd said as he turned around
  262. >He started to wiggle his hips, making his cock to move from right to left like a pendulum
  263. >Short felt like he was being hypnotized as he continued to look at the cock that was approaching little by little
  264. >”S-Sure”
  265. >His cock was always welcome inside his mouth
  266. >As Short was still lying on the bed, Crowd decides to sit on Short’s face
  267. >Taking advantage of the situation, Short starts to lick inside of Crowd’s anus
  268. >His tongue was adventuring inside the deeper caverns of Crowd Control’s ponut
  269. >Crowd moaned and located the alone cock of Short Fuse. Starting to lie, he once again sucks on his cock
  270. >Both were now in a 69 position
  271. >Short Fuse stopped licking his anus and got his lips on the tip of Crowd
  272. >Slowly taking it all inside his mouth until he was deep throating the entire cock
  273. >Short tasted and enjoyed the moment, moaning directly in the cock
  274. >With his hooves he started to massage Crowd’s testicles as he did with theirs
  275. >Suddenly Short started to feel that Crowd was controlling more his cock than Short was trying to
  276. >Short Fuse only could moan as Crowd control was getting control of the situation
  277. >Crowd Control was fucking Short Fuse’s mouth uncontrollably
  278. >He was about to cum
  279. >He shoved his cock more and more inside Short’s mouth until finally, he stopped and released his seed inside Short’s mouth
  280. >His crotch was shaking as Short received the cum in his mouth
  281. >Crowd whimpered as Short swallowed every drop, he could feel how his cock was starting to get sucked every second
  282. >Short Fuse finished swallowing the cum from Crowd
  283. >It was salty, but tasty
  284. >”Crowd…”
  285. >”Short…”
  286. >Both said each other name
  287. >Crowd Control got up from his position and was facing again Short Fuse
  288. >As an accident, he slips from his fatigue and sits on Short’s erected member
  289. >Both yelp surprised
  290. >Short Fuse tip was touching Crowd Control’s ponut as he was doing with his previously
  291. >Instead of standing up, Crowd takes part of Short’s tip inside his anus
  292. >Crowd started feeling little pain, but most pleasure in the contact
  293. >Short was getting dizzy as this continued
  294. >Maybe someone of them were about to faint
  295. >Which one was throwing the towel at the last moment?
  296. >Short Fuse regains strength to move and stays at top of Crowd, his cock still inside of him
  297. >He starts trusting inside and outside, making Crowd cry and desperately moan from it
  298. >Short went balls deep inside Crowd
  299. >They continued having sex until Short finally came inside Crowd’s ass
  300. >As he came, he pulled out his cock and rested it on Crowd’s crotch
  301. >He watched in awe as the rivers of Babylon emerged from his nether parts
  302. >”That was… fun…” Crowd said, exhausted as he lied completely face down
  303. >For some reason he couldn’t lie face up, even when the bed was soft
  304. >Short Fuse started to whisper in Crowd’s ear
  305. >”Wanna… try it… inside of me?”
  306. >He ignored all the pain and tried to stand up, looking at Short
  307. >Nodding, he obeyed as if it was an order
  308. >Short Fuse bought with his magic a pillow near his mouth
  309. >He knew what he was about to feel, so he prepared for it
  310. >Crowd Control started to poke his ponut little by little
  311. >He observed that Short was with a pillow on his face as a measure to not moan loudly
  312. >What a cheater…
  313. >He thought about teasing with him
  314. >Crowd put the tip of his cock on the entrance of Short’s anus
  315. >Short started to gasp, his body was shivering as he prepared for the penetration
  316. >But Crowd had other plans
  317. > He pulled his cock out and then placed it again, just the tip inside
  318. >Crowd teased by some seconds his butt, until he finally did what he wanted to do
  319. >Short Fuse was angry
  320. >He removed the pillow and asked him directly
  321. >”Are you going to play with it or are you going to-“
  322. >Crowd didn’t let Short finish his sentence as he shoved all his cock in one go
  323. >”Aaaaaah! Damn it!” Short quickly covered his mouth with his hooves although he knew Crowd heard him yelling a bad word
  324. >Crowd Control achieved more than just a moan coming out of him
  325. >”Well, well, well, seems like somepony is a naughty one. The sentence shall be 12 hours of cuddles with the warden”
  326. >Short pouted as he looked at Crowd
  327. >”Oh shut it, we are doing way more than-“
  328. >Crowd shoved his cock repeatedly, making Short cry and moan for it
  329. >”That! Crap!” Short covered his mouth once again; he stared angrily at Crowd
  330. >Crowd Control chuckled as he continued to fuck his ass
  331. >”You are so cute when you get angry…”
  332. >Crowd realized what he said. It was an accident, of course he thought he was cute, he looked like a mare
  333. >But he knew he wasn’t a mare
  334. >He was about to apologize until he heard Short’s answer
  335. >”You’re kind of… cute too…” Short answered back with a shy smile
  336. >They looked at each other for some seconds, before continuing humping like rabbits in mating season
  337. >For a reason, Crowd was happy Short didn’t react badly. And Short was blushing not by the fact they were having sex, but by the fact that Crowd said he was cute
  338. >Something inside of him felt different
  339. >No, it wasn’t the horsecock inside of him
  340. >It was something else…
  341. >Was it, affection towards another pony?
  342. >Crowd was finally finishing his work, as his cock was releasing for the third time his seed, this time inside the petite ass of Short Fuse
  343. >Even when feeling his insides filling with liquid love, Short kept humping on his cock
  344. >Seconds after, he stopped as he felt fatigue on his body
  345. >Crowd removed his cock from Short’s posterior, the cum leaking from his butt into the bed
  346. >They looked at each other as both sighed at the same time
  347. >”Sleep time?” Crowd asked
  348. >”Sleep time.” Short answered
  349. >They both rested their heads on the two pillows in the bed
  350. >With his magic, Short brought the sheets for them
  351. >The sheets covered them and their bodies inside the sheet started to embrace
  352. >The two shy wardens cuddled with each other, their butts covered in cum and their minds with various degrees of curiosity
  353. >What should they do tomorrow?
  354. >Maybe they’ll walk by the park, grabbing each other hoof or going in a date
  355. >”Good night Crowd” Short Fuse said as he gave a peek in Crowd’s nose
  356. >Crowd smiled nuzzling back in Short’s cheek
  357. >”Good night Short”
  358. >Exhausted, both fell asleep in a cute position one near the other
  359. >The office’s door crawled a little, showing two green figures lurking the gay activity
  360. >”Say… should we do something? One green ape said
  361. >”Hell no, they look cute cuddling each other. Let’s act like we didn’t see shit here.” The other hairless ape said
  362. >”Right… by the way, you owe me a chocolate pudding, your warden came first”
  363. >”Oh fuck you! They came at the same time!”
  364. >”Yours did by .5 seconds”
  365. >Both Anons closed the door as they continued to fight with which warden came first
  367. Fin
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