Ash% rerouting (April 2019)

Exarion Mar 6th, 2019 (edited) 151 Never
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  2. - Forest exp.:
  3.     > Use only Pidgeotto for forest? Need to do this anyway if Pikachu dies
  4.     > Use only Metapod for last Caterpie
  5.     > Do not let Caterpie/Metapod die under any circumstances
  6. - Need about 17 Potions for Pikachu
  7. - Revisit Charmander exp.
  8.     > The idea is to candy once early to make Surge and other fights better, then make up ~1700 exp. to get L38 in Silph
  9.     > Consider doing Koga's gym before Silph (candy from 33-->38 after Jugglers)
  10.     > Split exp. on all 3 Geodudes and the Drowzee, then fight the Bug Catcher AFTER Weepinbell to get L19
  11.     > Fight Butterfree guy? Its moveset isn't too bad, and 685 exp. helps a lot
  12.     > Can you afford to split exp. on Raticate? Faster than sacrificing slave (answer: No)
  13.     > Get L23 for Surge? Can 2HKO with Dig and tank a MK or TB with good stats
  14.     > Can fight 3x Voltorb guy (1323 exp.) to get L23 for Surge (24 with candy), but Dig PP is a problem
  15.     > Can 3HKO Cubone with Ember at L25 (like 25-30% to lose though?)
  16. - Work on early money route (Poke Balls and Potions mainly)
  17.     > Buy 1 Paralyz Heal in Viridian, and then more later? Then you can afford a 4th Potion
  18.     > Buy Awakening in Pewter? Drowzee can be awful
  19.     > Always buy 8 Potions in Cerulean?
  20.     > Skip getting + selling TM45?
  21.     > Buy 12 Super Potions? Can't afford more probably
  22. - Potions are tight on Nugget Bridge/Route 25/Dig Rocket... might need to center 1-2 times
  23. - Fight the RIGHT Gentleman, not the left
  24. - Need 219 exp. to get L23 for Surge (assuming split Raticate exp.)
  25.     > Can also use 1 candy at some point
  27. MID-GAME
  28. - Erika should be +2 instead of +3 (unless terrible Special)
  29. - Dig Silph J&J's Arbok
  30. - Need to toss an item to make room for Silph candy
  33. - Cinnabar shopping:
  34.     > Sell/use the last of your TM46/Guard Spec., Super Potions and Antidotes
  35.     > Buy Ultra Balls instead of Great Balls
  36.     > Don't buy Hyper Potions (or you can sell Full Restores to buy them)
  37. - Teach Fire Blast (this makes room for Fissure)
  38.     > Lorelei: OHKO Jynx if needed for PP
  39.     > Agatha: Golbat is an unfavorable range (and can get Super Potion if you miss it)
  40.     > Lance: +4 OHKOs all except Gyarados and Dragonite
  41.     > Champion: Exeggutor is a favorable range
  42.     > So moveset is Fire Spin/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Fissure
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