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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 224: When In Roam (Finale Part 5)

Scorch_Mechanic May 25th, 2017 80 Never
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  1. [2017-05-24 13:21:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously:
  2. [2017-05-24 13:21:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote passes the new ammunition around.  Mwana chuckles.  "Better remember what you've got loaded.  No one will be happy if you take on an Imperial Sentinel and discover you're only shooting magic paint."
  3. [2017-05-24 13:21:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  4. [2017-05-24 13:21:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3A zebra steps forward from a platform above.  His voice is deep and booms in the coliseum through decoratively hidden speakers.  The robot translates.  "Behold, the Beloved Caesar!"
  5. [2017-05-24 13:21:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Into the box of seats where Noble_Heart had looked before strides a zebra mare dressed in a rather simple red robe and wearing a golden laurel wreath studded with several small gems.  In one hoof, she carries a massive black scepter of twisted, thorny wood that reaches up into a clawed fist that clutches a large black ruby.
  6. [2017-05-24 13:21:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  7. [2017-05-24 13:22:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mitzi rushes towards the shadows as they stop moving and look away. She takes aim for the necks of the guards, hoping to paralyze them before they could give an alarm. If that failed, she'd have to beat them unconscious quickly. It wouldn't be pretty, but she wasn't baring her claws on the innocent.
  8. [2017-05-24 13:22:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3In a blur, Mitzi uis upon them.  The hellhound strikes the three guards.  Her first strike, however, not only misses the pony's neck, but sends him flying backwards into the alarm button.
  9. [2017-05-24 13:22:56] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Floors above, several of the Royal Gaurds suddenly perk, then dash out of the theater.  Another hesitantly approaches the Caesar and whispers something in her ear that she clearly doesn't like.
  10. [2017-05-24 13:22:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  11. [2017-05-24 13:23:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara swings around the corner, quickly and accurately plugging traquilizer darts into the soft, squishy bits not protected so much by armor; necks, joints...hoping the poison is strong enough to put them down quickly.
  12. [2017-05-24 13:23:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Both guards stumble and drop.  Shatara blows the nonexistent smoke from the barrel of the rifle.
  13. [2017-05-24 13:24:02] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mitzi is left panting and bleeding, standing above three unconscious Royal Guards.  One of them softly snores.  Mitzi looks rather embarassed all things considered.
  14. [2017-05-24 13:24:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  15. [2017-05-24 13:24:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Twenty-Four: When In Roam (Finale Part 5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRpBgGiJuMc
  16. [2017-05-24 13:27:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar steps up and clears her throat.  Her voice is magnified throughout the arena.  "It appears insurgents are attempting a rescue.  So as much as I had hoped to make this an elaborate affair, I am sad to say we must hurry this along.  The evidence is overwhelming.  It is time for the sentencing."
  17. [2017-05-24 13:28:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar raises her scepter...
  18. [2017-05-24 13:28:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"WAIT!" shouts one of the Senators in attendance.  The Caesar freezes.
  19. [2017-05-24 13:29:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Thazious?" she asks in a dangerous tone.
  20. [2017-05-24 13:31:04] * Noble_Heart raised her eyebrows curiously, looking in the direction of the Senator. She had intended to voice her own complaint, but doubtless someone in actual authority would raise more support than the accused.
  21. [2017-05-24 13:31:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The zebra clears his throat.  "um... Well, short on time or not, shouldn't they at least get to speak?  Final words?  I mean... this isn't much of a trail if we don't at least do that."  Thazious states, "We love you for your justice and fairness, my beloved Caesar.  Please don't let these villains make you sacrifice that."
  22. [2017-05-24 13:31:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar fumes a moment, then lowers her scepter.  "Fine."
  23. [2017-05-24 13:31:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  24. [2017-05-24 13:32:02] * Bookwright "A short one, if you please. How about 'I am.'? That's the shortest sentence I know."
  25. [2017-05-24 13:41:57] * Get_Lost is somewhere
  26. [2017-05-24 13:43:19] * Shatara pokes at an unconcious guard a bit, considering checking them for bugponeness or trying to restrain them, but feels time may be short...
  27. [2017-05-24 13:44:30] * Noble_Heart turns her attention back to the Caesar. "We thank you for your clemency upon allowing Us to speak at Our condemnation." She gave a polite bow to the Caesar. "Yet, We wonder, whether your desire to have Us silenced grows not from a belief that We might pose a threat to you, for how could we? You have said yourself that there is no chance of Our actions unseating you from
  28. [2017-05-24 13:44:30] * Noble_Heart the throne. Nor a chance that Roam might fall. If that is true, then there should be no reason to believe that Our word would have damage either, would there?" She straightened up and looked up at the Caesar. "It is true. Our allies sit upon the far side of the walls of the city, striking down the Seraphs who even now gather at your borders, drawn here in pursuit of their shadows
  29. [2017-05-24 13:44:30] * Noble_Heart summoned by the self-same scepter you would use to pass judgment upon us." She glances in the direction of the staff. "They seek to prevent those Seraphs from destroying Roam and the Zebra lands in a storm of light and released rage. Out of memory of a friend who fell to see one such prevented from destroying them."
  30. [2017-05-24 13:47:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The unconscious guards are each armed with a gladius and a magical energy spear, and have centurian armor.  One does have two healing potions in her saddlebag.  The other has a prewar deck of Spirits: the Collecting.
  31. [2017-05-24 13:49:06] <Mitzi> Mitzi tilts her head at the curious bits of paper, but helps herself to the healing potions since those zebras had given her the wounds in the first place.
  32. [2017-05-24 13:49:41] * Shatara tilts his head at what appears suspiciously like a childrens' card game
  33. [2017-05-24 13:56:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar stares at Noble_Heart for a few cold moments before simply asking, "Is that fiction the best you can do?"
  34. [2017-05-24 13:59:02] <TenMihara> Mitzi passes the curious paper things to Shatara. "Dese important?" She asks as she downs the healing potions.
  35. [2017-05-24 14:00:59] <TenMihara> Once she's mended a little, Mitzi takes to climbing the walls. She would wait for the hooofsteps above before tearing a hole in the floor for her and Shatara to ascend through.
  36. [2017-05-24 14:01:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mwana looks at the cards serendipitously.
  37. [2017-05-24 14:02:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"I could take those."
  38. [2017-05-24 14:03:02] * Shatara glances between the cards and the small stripeypone, before tossing the pack his way. "Knock yourself out kid, but we gotta get moving."
  39. [2017-05-24 14:03:28] <TenMihara> Mitzi passes them down to the stripey pony as she waits silently at the top of the wall.
  40. [2017-05-24 14:03:34] * Noble_Heart rolls her shoulders briefly, adjusting her wings just a bit beneath the harness. She smiles warmly in return. "Oh, no. We can produce far more inconvenient truths than simply that. For example, that your regime has consigned innocent Zebra civilians to death in an airship rigged with explosives to create an artificial appearance that the Enclave has destroyed bystanders
  41. [2017-05-24 14:03:34] * Noble_Heart when they responded to help." She tapped her chin. "Or perhaps that your empire's forces were insufficient to defeat the Mother of Balefire and the Cult of LIV? We have met her, and she has been dispatched by our actions." She tilted her head to one side thoughtfully. "Or the usage of the Leviathan as a mechanism of punishment to any who would not swear allegiance to the Roaman
  42. [2017-05-24 14:03:34] * Noble_Heart throne. Including, interestingly enough, a Changeling from your own court who was condemned to that post after being swayed by the Cult into attempting to usurp the position of her queen." She tapped her chin. "Perhaps you would wonder, how it was we became within the catacombs where you found us? We were allowed to enter, having done the deed of dealing with the Cult upon the
  43. [2017-05-24 14:03:34] * Noble_Heart request of the keepers of those halls. After being transported there by the magics of said changeling." She regarded the Caesar curiously. "Perhaps We should speak of stealing away the secrets of the Radiant Shield of Rasdon? The recovery of the amulet which controlled it and banishing of the Quetzlcoatl Empress, or the consignment of said amulet to the possession of the Faceless,
  44. [2017-05-24 14:03:34] * Noble_Heart Spirit of Secrets? You believe, clearly, that you know all there is about us. Yet, We would wager that We know far more about you than you do about what We have done."
  45. [2017-05-24 14:03:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mwana catches them and sleeps them away without squeeing.
  46. [2017-05-24 14:06:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar frowns.  "Fortunately, the wonderful and virtuous zebras of Roam are wise enough not to listen to the lies of ponies and pirates."
  47. [2017-05-24 14:07:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The small crowd of zebras murmur, but most nod fervently at their Caesar's statement.  There are, however, a few for whom Noble_Heart's claims have raise questions.
  48. [2017-05-24 14:09:34] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Thazious turns to the two zebras next to him, whispering fervently.  One of them runs out of the stands.
  49. [2017-05-24 14:12:01] * Noble_Heart waves a forehoof. "Yes, yes. We should rather thing it inconvenient should any dare to listen to anything We have to say. Much less take note of Our actions since entering the city. You may notice, for instance, that there are no flights of Pegasi over your skies. Nor attempts at bombing your populace." She smiled happily. "Would it please you to know how -long- we have
  50. [2017-05-24 14:12:01] * Noble_Heart been in your city? Two days. Our airship is somewhere above the city's buildings even now. Though where exactly We would be hard pressed to say. The Spirit of Secrets aboard is quite proficient at preventing unwanted attention." She tilted her head to one side. "Yet, despite that time, We have done nothing to harm your citizenry. We have lifted no hoof to destroy their way of life.
  51. [2017-05-24 14:12:01] * Noble_Heart And indeed it has only been in response to hostilities by your own military which we have utilized any force at all. For being such monsters that we deserve death, you would think we would have spent more effort to destroy what you had created here." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Perhaps you should call upon those responsible for our capture, and ask them of how we came to be
  52. [2017-05-24 14:12:01] * Noble_Heart standing before you? We choose to stand here, to be judged by you and your people, because We believe that Our actions are just. Perhaps soon your subjects, your -lovers-, will understand why."
  53. [2017-05-24 14:18:22] <Golden_Dream> "Plus, we ain't even, though we did all that shit, we aren't even friggin' mercs or rebels or whatever the hell you are even accusin' us of. We're merchants. We got up here t' make a trade deal and got roped into all this shit 'cause we didn't want t' die and didn't want anyone else to, either! She's-" She points at Summer Harvest, "Is a chef! A real good one, too, supposin' y' bother t' listen t' some of her recipes. He's a
  54. [2017-05-24 14:18:23] <Golden_Dream> fatcat rich dude. Bookie here's just a scholar that was jus' tryin' t' chart out some canyons. The fuck are we bein' tried as huge-ass threats for?"
  55. [2017-05-24 14:18:46] * Bookwright tries hard to look scholarly.
  56. [2017-05-24 14:18:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar looks around at the zebras.  This is not going well.  Several now are whispering questioningly.  She turns to Thazious.  She doesn't even need to ask.
  57. [2017-05-24 14:20:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Thazious states, "I've dispatched Zenna to secure the zebras who were on duty at the catacombs.  They should be able to settle the matter... and prove the ponies speak lies."  The last part sounds more like it is to soothe the Caesar with spoken support than a statement of fact.
  58. [2017-05-24 14:21:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar drums the end of the scepter on the floor.  "I am certain they will... in time.  But the insurgents are already inside the walls.  We do not have time to wait."
  59. [2017-05-24 14:22:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Why not?" one of the other Senators asks.  "They cannot attack in /here/."
  60. [2017-05-24 14:27:02] * Noble_Heart looks in the direction of Golden Dream, nodding her head. She then regards the Caesar again. "It is true. We did not come to the Zebra lands to face the might of Roam. Our companions were hired to acquire a means by which a new source of balefire radiation might be created to save the ghouls living within Equestria. To preserve them such that the dangerous missions to
  61. [2017-05-24 14:27:02] * Noble_Heart acquire radioactive water from beyond Equestrian soil might no longer be necessary." She frowned slightly. "It was the kidnapping and imprisonment of one of our national heroes, a miss Ditzy Doo, and her subsequent replacement by a Changeling which brought us here, to Roam. For she was being hidden within the catacombs beneath the city." She puffed up a bit proudly. "Though that
  62. [2017-05-24 14:27:02] * Noble_Heart is no longer the case. We have already seen to her rescue before our incarceration. Though a higher calling seems to demand our attention here in Roam now. As you maneuver the zebras towards a war with a nation which has no interest in fighting them. We should rather think it important to make your goals clear and well known. If you truly are as loved and respected as you claim
  63. [2017-05-24 14:27:02] * Noble_Heart among your people, surely they would support anything you say to them." She waves a forehoof towards the stands. "So tell them. Tell them you intend to create a strife with Equestria. Tell them that you seek to drive their nationalism forward in the pursuit of power which comes from your position. Tell them that you would repeat the tragedies which burned the world and saw old Roam
  64. [2017-05-24 14:27:02] * Noble_Heart laid low once more in the name of your own glory. We shant think many would wish that upon themselves."
  65. [2017-05-24 14:29:37] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Nonsense!" the Caesar growls.  "LIES!"
  66. [2017-05-24 14:30:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  67. [2017-05-24 14:30:48] * Bookwright shrugs. "Eh, seems self evident to us."
  68. [2017-05-24 14:31:15] * Get_Lost in the meantime, is explaining to miss doo the evident pros of becoming a cyberghoul. least but not last, holo projectors in place of chalk and blackboards. and emoticons!
  69. [2017-05-24 14:31:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mitzi's keen ears can hear the Caesar through the floor above.  They have ascended several floors through her strategy with little resistance.  Now, from the sounds of it, the coliseum is right above them.
  70. [2017-05-24 14:33:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The room Mitzi, Shatara and their pirate friends are in has art on the walls, columns surrounding a domed ceiling, and hallways exiting in cardinal directions.  The clopping hooves of running guards can be heard approaching from at least one of them.
  71. [2017-05-24 14:34:37] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ditzi Do smiles and listens, seeming quite interested in the ideas.  
  72. [2017-05-24 14:39:13] * Get_Lost never offers aesthetical improvements, just practical, and more often than not, probably useless or dangerous for everypony around, like crab-like legs with plasma chainsaws (they also work as night lights!)
  73. [2017-05-24 14:41:27] * Mitzi looks to Shatara wth a frown. "Glass eez hard tu climb. Stone, concreet, dirt eez easy, but Uh dun tink Uh cud scale dat, und eet's tuu thin to grip wit Ur claws, Uh'd slide down."
  74. [2017-05-24 14:46:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ditzi Do is never dissuasive, listening to all the suggestions.  She probably isn't going to become a cyberghoul, but some of the ideas are totally worth trying out in other forms.
  75. [2017-05-24 14:49:24] * Shatara looks around. "Fancy..." The clippity-clop of angry stripeypones serves a reminder that it's no time for architechtual appreciation. "We need to get to a good firing position...I'm not sure coming straight up in the middle of a killzone is our ticket anyway..."
  76. [2017-05-24 14:51:40] * Mitzi nods, adjustng her vew and realizing the glare wasn't comnig from glass, just highly polished stone. "Eet's very pretty tuu, not fond uv breakeen tings dis nice eef Uh can help eet. Uh wuden't mind sum carveen tips actualee."
  77. [2017-05-24 14:51:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mwana adds, "If we go straight up, you might be clawing through where Goldy and her friends are standing."
  78. [2017-05-24 14:55:55] * Mitzi nods. "Whch way we go den?"
  79. [2017-05-24 15:06:13] * Shatara frantically looks around and at his pipbuckmap as best he can, trying to figure how the room above is oriented based only on Goldy's tag and Mizi's ear. "Err..."
  80. [2017-05-24 15:14:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The room above is apparently huge, taking up much of the palace for at least a level.  Nearly any room on this floor would come up into it .
  81. [2017-05-24 15:15:36] * Shatara points opposite the hooves then. "How about the direction without the pones trying to murder us?"
  82. [2017-05-24 15:15:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3However, Shatara can tell the pillars in this room are load-bearing, and probably have similar pillars in the massive room above.
  83. [2017-05-24 15:35:15] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The stampede of hooves is rapidly approaching.
  84. [2017-05-24 15:38:58] * Shatara scoops the stripeypones and gets moving then :V
  85. [2017-05-24 15:42:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote and Mwana race alongside Shatara
  86. [2017-05-24 15:42:35] * Mitzi barrels after Shatara, trusting him on this one
  87. [2017-05-24 15:44:46] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The four dash out of the room with enough time for the door to stop moving behind them before a squad of Imperial Guards charge into the room.
  88. [2017-05-24 15:45:08] * Shatara has no idea what he's doing! Well, mostly anyway. He'd like a nice, empty, overlooking balcony, but he's starting to think just 'not immediately below frens' is gonna have to do.
  89. [2017-05-24 15:46:57] <Mare-Do-Well> 3They stop, looking around.  Four directions... "The insurgents had to have been just here," one Guard says, noting the hole in the floor.  "Three ways to go, assuming they didn't go back down.  Okay, split up into groups of four.  I'll call the Caesar.  They could be coming up into the coliseum at any moment."
  90. [2017-05-24 15:47:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  91. [2017-05-24 15:49:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Debate has erupted in the stands as Senators begin to argue about whether "the word of ponies and pirates should even be listened to", and what would be "the harm of waiting for testimony", and "shouldn't we leave; the Palace is under attack">
  92. [2017-05-24 15:50:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The finer points of Noble_Heart's speech are being dissected in increasingly raised voices.
  93. [2017-05-24 15:54:20] * Noble_Heart keeps her eyes firmly upon the Caesar, though she listens to the ongoing discussion. "So. What have you to say, oh Caesar of Roam? You who rule with the love and admiration of her people. Who shows even hoof in the treatment of their problems. Who rebuilt their lives in the wake of disaster. If you are as noble, upstanding and righteous as you claim, then you should have
  94. [2017-05-24 15:54:21] * Noble_Heart nothing to fear of the truth. Nor do We. For We have no need to deceive or deny any part of Our actions since arriving in these lands." She stood upright and awaited the arrival of the guards.
  95. [2017-05-24 16:09:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Again a Guard rushes up to the Caesar.  She frowns.  Then turns to the quarreling Senators.  "My precious Senators of Roam, I have just been informed that the insurgents have reached the floor beneath us."  
  96. [2017-05-24 16:09:58] * Shatara rolls his gut instinct. "UP!"
  97. [2017-05-24 16:10:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She looks down at Noble_Heart.  "I have nothing to fear from the truth, and you will find the hearts of zebras are not swayed these days by propaganda and fake stories.  I will myself see that these accusations are investigated and put to rest.  But not right now.  Now, this matter must be..."
  98. [2017-05-24 16:11:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar turns to the Senators again, "...Postponed.  Please, for your safety, you must immediately evacuate to safe rooms."
  99. [2017-05-24 16:11:46] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Guards move in and begin ushering the zebra Senators out.  More move to secure the prisoners.
  100. [2017-05-24 16:12:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Below, Shatara says "UP!"
  101. [2017-05-24 16:13:42] <Mitzi> Mitzi, already bounding on all fours, leaps for the ceilng and digs in her claws.
  102. [2017-05-24 16:15:39] * Golden_Dream looks down. They're here! "Mitzi! Gunk! Now!"
  103. [2017-05-24 16:16:10] * Noble_Heart rolls her eyes and raises her voice. "Before you go. There is one more accusation to be layed at the feet of the Caesar. If you truly have nothing to fear, and no concern that the truth may be inconvenient." She gestured in the direction of her bag. "We are carrying a sample of the same materials which were applied to the Changeling Queen you stand and accuse us of utilizing
  104. [2017-05-24 16:16:11] * Noble_Heart against you. Which reveals the true nature of those exposed to it. Twice in Our story We referenced the Changelings we have met. For good reason." She gestures towards the Caesar. "By all accounts We can find and believe, it is you, who stands at the height of Roam and demands that her people stand in loving reverence to her office and her nation who is Queen of the Changelings
  105. [2017-05-24 16:16:11] * Noble_Heart here. We would ask that you submit yourself to being exposed to that same creation. If you truly have nothing to hide, then there is no fear to be had of such an exposure. If you do, well," she lowered her hoof to the ground, "We should think the effect self evident."
  106. [2017-05-24 16:18:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Senators scream in panic as Mitzi tears up through the floor.
  107. [2017-05-24 16:20:05] * Golden_Dream gives a knowing look to the ship captures. "Told y' I had a plan."
  108. [2017-05-24 16:20:24] * Mitzi hears the screaming and looks down at the zebras. She slips onto more stable footing in their direction, then waves a paw. "Hullo, Ur name eez Mitzi, daughter of Mantle, Alpha uv Poneeville Hellhounds. Which un uv yu eez Stripey Ponee Alpha?" She catches the scent of her friends and shoots them a wave as well. "Uh hope Uh eez not late."
  109. [2017-05-24 16:20:58] * Golden_Dream gives Mitzi an emphatic "Well, if you were, we'd be dead."
  110. [2017-05-24 16:21:42] * Shatara shoots through the opening into the air. "Hello, sweet sorta-sky..." He quickly orients himself and prioritizes his targets.
  111. [2017-05-24 16:22:20] * Golden_Dream shakes her head. "Do y'all got some'a th' goop? We all need t' get hit, followed by her, followed by her senators."
  112. [2017-05-24 16:24:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden Buckle applauds with a slight wheeze.  "Good show."
  113. [2017-05-24 16:25:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Some of the Senators pause, looking about and between each other.  Some apparently hearing something the others are not.   Most zebras bolt for the nearest doors.  Including the technicians.
  114. [2017-05-24 16:26:20] * Get_Lost on the visor of bookie's armor appears some words. the senators stopping to listens. those are bugs. shoot them
  115. [2017-05-24 16:27:13] * Mitzi makes a grab for the tail of one of the fleeing senators, lifting up up by it. Somewhat painful, but not intending to cause lasing harm.
  116. [2017-05-24 16:28:08] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The zebra Senator yelps as she is lifted by the tail.
  117. [2017-05-24 16:28:25] * Noble_Heart sighs and shakes her head. "Well, We shall take that as an answer that this will not be so easy." She looks towards Shatara. "If you would be so kind, show Roam to whom they have truly pledged their loyalty these last few years!"
  118. [2017-05-24 16:29:10] * Mitzi holds up the senator for Shatara. "Eez eet dis un?"
  119. [2017-05-24 16:29:37] * Bookwright mumbles to Noble_Heart: "The ones that are stopping and look like they're listening; I got a text message from Get, she says they're bugs and to shoot them. Can you help me get this cursed thing off my horn?"
  120. [2017-05-24 16:32:04] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement with Bookwright. "We concur." She takes a glance to make sure the guards had been distracted thoroughly before moving to try and free Bookwright's horn.
  121. [2017-05-24 16:32:59] * Shatara draws his shotgun and slips in to SATS, taking full advantage of the time-slowing effect to pick his targets. He rapidly pumps out several shots, each sounding somehow disapponted as the propel their payloads of non-stabby paint slugs at the Caesar and several seeming senators.
  122. [2017-05-24 16:39:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar screams.  The paint has an almost immediate affect, causing an odd, greenish glow around the Caesar and her changeling Senators.  In a moment, they stand before all of Roam in their true forms.
  123. [2017-05-24 16:40:15] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Of the five, only one Senator does not change.  Apparently, he really is a zebra after all.
  124. [2017-05-24 16:40:29] * Bookwright fumbles for his camera and snaps a half dozen pictures of the exposed
  125. [2017-05-24 16:40:55] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Caesar screams again, this time with rage!  "NO!!!!"
  126. [2017-05-24 16:42:56] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Immediately, the changeling queen jumps back from the balcony, tearing off her robe, trying to get as much of the mixture off as she can.  
  127. [2017-05-24 16:43:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Imperial Guards stare in disbelief and horror.  Then a few try to arrest her.  Most flee the room.  
  128. [2017-05-24 16:45:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The changeling queen is surrounded in green flame.  She falls into the fire, emerging on the far balcony.  She waves the Obsidian Scepter.  "Don't think you've won!  If I can't have love, then ALL OF ROAM WILL BURN!"
  129. [2017-05-24 16:46:00] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The scepter hums, and lets out a pulse of black fire that radiates out in every direction.
  130. [2017-05-24 16:46:16] * Noble_Heart clears her throat as she watches the Changeling shift. "Zebras of Roam, today you learn the truth! Your Caesar, who has demanded such love and attention from you, has lied from her very inception. She has preyed upon your loyalty and your desire for a better world to feed and grow her power. Now she seeks to force you into a war with Equestria, that your fervor might further
  131. [2017-05-24 16:46:17] * Noble_Heart her insatiable hunger for nationalistic zeal! But she is not alone, her Changelings live among you, walk among you, and prey upon you as surely as she does. She would see your nascent nation burn in a petty, pointless war to feed herself upon the glut of your desires." She watches as the changeling teleports. "Shatara! The other bullets, quickly!"
  132. [2017-05-24 16:46:32] * Golden_Dream attempts to grab the one who has their stuff. "You! Get this shit off of us! And gimme my gun back!" She points at the camera first. "Zebra nation! This is why they ask fer' yer' love every day! Now come on! We need yer' help!
  133. [2017-05-24 16:48:37] <Golden_Dream> Not all changerlin's are evil, but this one that's been fuckin' with your nation is. But I know that here, of all places, where th' spirits are listenin', is where your hope, yer faith can make a difference!"
  134. [2017-05-24 16:49:13] * Shatara lets Blood hang from her sling, and switches to the next weapon in line, hefting the massive length of the zebra AMR against a collumn for stability, and lines up on the accursed scepter.
  135. [2017-05-24 16:53:10] <Shatara> He squeezes steadily and surely, and the massive anti-tank rifle barks out a blue flash, and a peculiar half-inch wide projecitle cleaves through the sound barrier and flies true to its target.
  136. [2017-05-24 16:56:35] * Get_Lost Parlay detaches and flies as fast as possible towards the scepter as soon as shatara shoots
  137. [2017-05-24 16:56:54] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara's bullet strikes true, cracking the black stone at the heart of the Obsidian Scepter.  Again, the Caesar screams, hurling the damages artifact ineffectively at the griffin.  "What have you done!??!"  She turns and flies, fleeing.
  138. [2017-05-24 16:57:14] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Several of the Guards pull out talismans, sprouting wings and flying after her.
  139. [2017-05-24 16:59:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Outside, at the walls of the city, the black pulse roars through air and structures alike.  The Enclave watch as the remaining seraphs break the fight, turning their attention inwards, towards the Palace.
  140. [2017-05-24 16:59:34] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Don't stop firing!"
  141. [2017-05-24 17:00:13] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The seraphs move inwards, drawn by the call of the pulse... but no longer under the Caesar's control.
  142. [2017-05-24 17:00:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
  143. [2017-05-24 17:02:15] <Mare-Do-Well> 3xp: 5,000
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