Chapter 51 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

Sep 20th, 2014
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  1. Damn this one was long
  3. Chapter 51
  5. The Third Disaster
  7. Today is the day that the old man finishes creating the equipment I ordered.
  8. We arrive when the shop opens.
  10. "Oh, it's the lad. You sure are early"
  11. "I guess. So how is it? were you able to finish it?"
  12. "Of course. By the way, your pot of of food has become an enormous topic for some reason."
  13. "How would I know. Ask the guy who is spreading the rumour."
  14. "That's impossible......"
  16. The old man brings out our armour from the back of the shop.
  17. Rather than making a barbaric suit by sewing bones to it, the dragon and chimera bones were grounded to a powder to make bone mail. Probably.
  18. It's like Hokuto no Ken clothing Mark 2.
  19. (tl note: Fist of the north star reference)
  20. By the way is this called a racing suit or a rider suit?
  22. "Old man, do you want to make me the king of thieves that badly?"
  24. It may be because originally the materials were meant to be made in to savage tribal armour.
  26. "Huh? What're you saying lad?"
  28. As for wearing this...... Despite this being a fantasy world all I can think about is the Showa Era.
  29. For now I might as well test its performance.
  31. "By the way, how is this armour?"
  32. "That was already quite difficult to custom-make, it's as good as Barbarian Armour +1"
  33. "This +1 looks like it's not complete yet. Did you say whether or not there are clothes made from the Dragon skin to go with this?"
  35. Even the design is different.
  36. The front is from Hokuto no Ken, and the lustre from the zombie dragon skin reminds me of rubber.
  37. Only the chest has a pitiful amount of metal to protecting it.
  38. What can I say? It's perfect to ride on a motorcycle with.
  39. Since there is no motorcycle in this would, will I be roaring across the lands on Firo? Stop thinking about!
  41. Barbarian Armour +1?
  42. Defence Up Shock Resistance (Intermediate) Flame Resistance (High) Darkness Resistance (High) Hp recovery (Weak) Magic Up (Intermediate)
  43. Enchantment: Automatic Restoration
  45. There are various resistances.
  46. Automatic restoration...... I don't know the efficiency from this alone. I wonder if it will repair itself if It is ruptured......
  47. Based on these bonuses alone the performance should be great, I seem to have to wear these clothes that cannot be called armour.
  49. "What's up lad? Have you seen this armour before?"
  50. "You do know I'm not from this world right? In my world...... the comparison for this would would be clothes you wear while riding Philo Rial or horses."
  51. "In that case, Master wear it and get on Firo!"
  53. Firo stares at me with sparkling eyes.
  55. "Lad. What this little bird Missy just said sounds incredibly obscene."
  57. The old man mutters with a bit of a disgusted look in his eyes.
  59. "Shut up!"
  61. Old man, did you make this armour with thoughts of harassing me?
  63. "What's wrong lad?"
  65. ......Should be different. There is no malice.
  67. "W-well. I'll take it."
  69. Raphtalia commented that I looked good dressed like that.
  70. Wearing this outfit around town......I feel isolated.
  71. ......It's not even armour, it's more like clothes. Very sad.
  73. Well, the preparations for the wave have finished without a problem.
  74. Raphtalia's black bruises have recovered completely thanks to the strong holy water used every day.
  75. I heaved a sigh of relief because it was able to be completely cured.
  76. There might still be a scar left. But, I wanted to heal her as soon as possible.
  77. Accessories for Raphtalia and Firo were also completed today.
  79. "Here is the accessories you asked for"
  80. "Yay~!"
  81. "Okay"
  82. "First off, Raphtalia"
  84. I pass Raphtalia a bracelet made of jade.
  86. "Thank you very much"
  87. "The enchantment on that is Magic Up (Small). It will also act as a lightning rod for magic cast on you that lowers your Magic Defence."
  88. "I'll treasure it."
  89. "Is that really all you want? I can seriously make you some nice looking jewellery if you want."
  90. "What are you saying. We can't afford to waste time on looks."
  92. That's right.
  93. It can't be helped if the person herself doesn't want it.
  95. "Next, Firo"
  97. I pass Firo hairpin made of amber.
  98. I put emphasis on the shape to make it look like a wing, to match Firo's demon form.
  100. "It has an enchantment for Dexterity Up (small)"
  101. "Thank you master~"
  102. "I was a little limited by the materials on hand. If you want any changes then endure it for now."
  103. "There are no problems with it. I will use this accessory to it's maximum potential."
  104. "Yup! Firo will work hard!"
  105. "I have high hopes"
  107. We take the rest of the time to prepare. I made some arrangements with the kids who volunteered earlier.
  108. Firo has already been briefed about fighting against the wave. At first Firo had a question mark above her head asking about what the wave was, but after a while she understood.
  109. Medicine has been prepared. The carriage.....Is broken, and since the new one isn't completed yet, Firo pulled a cart instead.
  110. Anyway, it seems to have become my duty to protect any villages in the vicinity since the other heroes just run off.
  111. Though I am not actually needed to participate, it would be despicable to just abandon people.
  113. 00:05
  115. 5 Minutes left.
  116. It seems i can sense where we will appear so I let the volunteer soldiers know beforehand.
  117. Change shield to the Chimeric Viper Shield.
  119. 00:00
  121. It's time!
  122. A loud sound similar to glass shattering echoes.
  123. The scenery changes instantly.
  124. We scan the neighbourhood calmly.
  126. "This is......"
  128. Yeah. Near the village with that man who was bringing medicine to his mother who was suffering from an illness.
  129. No matter how much they rush the earliest anyone would make it here form the castle town would be a day and a half.
  130. There are red cracks spreading through the sky.
  132. "Hero of the Shield-sama!"
  134. The volunteers who were also summoned run up to me.
  135. As for the other three heroes----.
  137. "Firo! If you're going to kick that spear bastard do it so that he flies towards the cracks. It'll help him get there faster."
  138. "Okay~!"
  140. Firo listens to my order and runs off.
  141. Due to her speed she catches up to the correct party.
  143. "Eh----?"
  145. As soon as the spear bastard looks back he is kicked by Firo.
  147. """Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"""
  149. His whole party was kicked away. It feels good to see that fucking woman also getting blown away.
  150. Though there wasn't much damage since Firo held back.
  152. "Wh-What did you do that for!"
  154. It seems the spear is trying to say something to us.
  155. I ignore the spear and glare at the bow and sword.
  156. (Tl note: He's not saying any of the hero's names just calling them by their weapons)
  158. "Stop being a fool and wasting time!"
  159. "what is up with you right now!?"
  160. "Yeah! We must defeat the enemies spawned from the wave!"
  162. I am amazed at anger of the foolish heroes.
  164. "Listen to me first, you can hunt the enemy afterwards."
  166. I direct the volunteers towards the neighbouring village.
  167. They nodded and ran off towards the village according to my orders.
  169. "Now...... Stop interfering with our work!"
  170. "It's different!"
  172. Itsuki is surprised by my roar and looked at me with bulging eyes.
  174. "Calm down and think about it. Because I cannot receive aid money, I will not fight against the main body of the wave. As far as I am concerned I will be trying to defend the towns and villages within the neighbourhood. Do you guys understand?"
  175. "Yeah"
  176. "You are disqualified as a hero"
  177. "that's right!"
  179. All their followers are taunting me.
  181. "Now you guys. Defeating the enemies who spawn from the waves is your job. I do not know whether or not the wave is stopped if you defeat the boss."
  182. "It is connected to the boss!"
  184. Itsuki seems to have gotten excited and answers.
  185. Such a thing doesn't matter.
  187. "However, besides that we have important you guys understand?"
  188. "What would that be?"
  190. Ren even you don't understand? I mean you should know since this world resembles a game.
  191. Why don't you understand? To ask that would sound very sarcastic so I'll hold back.
  193. "Do you guys know about the Knights?"
  195. The the heroes close their eyes at my voice.
  197. "They will come later"
  199. I bring out a magic flare and show them.
  201. "The distance from here to the castle town is one and a half days on horse or philo rial. That's too far!.
  202. "Then, what should we do!"
  203. "How did you get this information!?"
  205. I point at the volunteers running towards the village.
  207. "Now that I think about it...... How did you transfer with those people?"
  208. "Seriously? You guys don't even know the Party function......?"
  209. "For companions? I thought we couldn't have that many."
  210. "This is different...... A party leader is nominated and everyone who is within the party is a subordinate, that also makes them all part of the transfer."
  212. Perhaps......these guys. I have more knowledge about the wave compared to them?
  214. "First of all that was confirmation. Now it is confirmed that we can bring help during the waves."
  216. ...... Nobody says anything.
  218. "Do you guys know of the help and tutorial?"
  219. "Yeah. We have mastered this world."
  220. " Anyway, our top priority is to suppress the, see ya!"
  221. "then fighting against the wave for you guys...... is a game?
  222. "What?"
  223. "What about it?"
  224. "Let's hurry and go!"
  226. My question was disregarded by Itsuki who ran off.
  228. "Motoyasu, do you know the meaning of my question?"
  229. "Well...... Instant dungeon?"
  231. No......
  233. "This is different. Is it a time attack wave?"
  235. Ren......that is also wrong.
  237. "Is it like a guild war? or a game with large scale battles?"
  239. there was a game in my original world where there was a big even in which the players had only a week to participate.
  240. As expected, It seems that the only ones who can use the party system are the heroes.
  241. In fact, if the knights were late last wave and if I retreated the damage would be tremendous.
  243. "......Do you understand it completely because you used to run a big guild?"
  245. Since their co-operation is top priority I'll just be subtle about it.
  246. Of course the Heroes who are ace players have to lead the charge.
  247. But, to minimize damage we must co-operate with the residents of this world.
  248. The fact that they don't understand is amusing.
  250. "I managed a team before."
  252. Is Motoyasu's answer.
  253. He glances at Firo's demon form. Well he probably doesn't want to be kicked.
  255. "Then you cannot understand."
  256. "I don't need to."
  257. "Huh!?"
  258. " It will all work out one way or another."
  260. Sigh..... Am I a secretary making sure you do your work?
  262. "I'm not interested in this."
  264. Ren......I'm not good at talking to people about guild warfare since I didn't participate.
  265. He is armour is quite cool.
  266. I want to know if this guy is capable of managing a large-scale guild.
  268. "Anyway, this time we need to do our best, and make sure to bring knights next time."
  270. I need to lay a foundation to combat the waves.
  271. Both Ren and Motoyasu run off without hiding their unpleasantness towards me.
  272. Hey, Don't spit on the road!
  274. "Anyway. Let's go the village in the neighbourhood too."
  275. "Okay~!"
  277. We got in the cart, and Raphtalia hurried to the village with me.
  279. "Ouch-!"
  281. We arrived at the village just as the wave got there. Everything is covered in shadows, wolves, lizardmen, condors, and some goblins.
  282. These guys remind me of Demi-humans, but all dark and covered with shadows.
  283. Respectively they are called, Dark Condor, Black Wolf, Assault Shadow Goblin, and Shadow Lizardmen.
  284. (tlnote: ゴブリンアサルトシャドウ That is the best name for a goblin ever)
  285. And there was "Dimensional" added before each of their names.
  286. They are just like ghosts that disappear into shadows when defeated.
  287. it's downright creepy.
  288. These demons are totally different from the previous wave, is this going to be the case from now on?
  289. At any rate, I'll leave all the troublesome things to those guys.
  290. That is.
  292. "Acha-!"
  294. I hear a strange battle cry from the old woman whom I fed medicine to. She is faring well with a hoe in one hand.
  295. The volunteers are perplexed by this old woman as well.
  297. "Ah, the saint! Thanks for the medicine! Acha-!"
  299. The old woman bows to me after delivering blow after blow with the hoe to the demons that are rushing forwards
  300. This old woman is quite strong, there are demon corpses left and right.
  302. "Hey, you come over here and say thanks."
  303. "Uhm right, Thank you very much."
  305. The son of the old woman bows to me too.
  307. "Anyway, for the time being please evacuate and take shelter, these enemies are spawning from the wave."
  309. The volunteers are instructing the villagers to take refuge.
  310. The intervals between more enemies arriving and eliminate the current demons is quite small.
  311. We also join the suppression of the enemy.
  313. "Acha-!"
  315. The old woman casually slaughters the enemies.
  316. Are these really the movements of a person who was about to die a month ago?
  318. "My old strength was returned thanks to the divine blessings of the saint. Hahaha!"
  320. The old woman glares at her son and he also starts fighting to his fullest but he seems quite shy.
  321. However, he is not as good as his parent. The volunteers are barely able to put up a fight.
  322. No one can compare to the old woman.
  324. "Even though I look like this, back in my prime I was quite a famous adventurer. My level is the same as my age! Acha-!"
  325. "What a reckless grandmother!"
  327. I don't think even a thousand would be a match for her.
  328. While I hold back the enemy, they are massacred by power that is comparable to Firo.
  329. I'm scared that when the battle is over she will run out of battery and drop.
  331. "What did I give that old woman to drink?"
  332. "Who knows......"
  334. Raphtalia watches the grandmother with utter amazement.
  335. I will have to question her son closely later.
  336. Anyway, now is time to treat any injured people.
  338. "It is top priority for those who are injured fall back from the defence line towards the cart."
  340. I perform treatment on injured people while giving instructions.
  342. "Acha! Saint-sama, it seems there's a suspicious one among the invaders."
  344. It seems there is a fairly big Dimensional Shadow Lizardman mixed in. He is about twice the size of the others.
  346. "Raphtalia, Firo, we'll kill that fellow together."
  348. The volunteers will be a burden.
  350. "Okay!"
  351. "Okay~!"
  353. I run towards the big game.
  354. The Dimensional Shadow Lizardman is brandishing a huge black sword.
  355. I run in front of it and hold up my shield.
  356. A loud screeching sound can be heard as sparks scatter.
  357. Snake's Poison Fang (Intermediate) activates and poisons the enemy.
  358. But there is barely any effect. This kind of enemy is a reptile after all.
  359. However, poison is not what I was aiming for.
  361. "Eryaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  363. A fearless Raphtalia pierces her sword right in to the abdomen of the Dimensional Shadow Lizardman.
  365. "Deryaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  367. The face of the Dimensional Shadow Lizardman is blown away by a single blow from Firo.
  368. Dimensional Shadow Lizardman falls over and collapses on it's back.
  370. "Amazing......"
  372. One of the volunteers unconsciously lets his thoughts out.
  374. "Good! You guys go around the village and do damage control."
  376. If the grandmother, six volunteers , and some adventurers who live here go protect the village a lot of the damage can be avoided.
  377. There should still be other villages in this neighbourhood. It will be dangerous if we do not go help as soon as possible.
  379. "Use what medicine you need, the ride won't be comfortable. Let's get going."
  381. Some volunteers get into the cart per my instructions.
  383. "Let's go!"
  384. "Roger~!"
  386. Firo pulls the cart that has become heavier, and starts running with her explosive power.
  387. When we arrived at the next village, some volunteers looked to be in pain, but it wasn't particularly bad so I ignored it.
  388. This village seems to have taken a lot more damage than the previous one.
  389. Houses were burnt, and some villagers are injured.
  391. "Hurry go rescue anyone you can!"
  392. "O-Okay!"
  394. While slaughtering demons we were waiting for the wave to end.
  397. "......So slow!"
  399. 3 hours have passed since then.
  400. We are barely able to defend the villages in the neighbourhood, but dealing with endless waves of demons is not very helpful.
  401. The evacuation of villagers was done properly, and the casualties amongst villagers were minimal.
  402. The refugees were not attacked when spotted because we were here. So our offences and defences continue as is.
  403. It would be too late regardless.
  404. How long are those heroes going to take?
  406. "Hero-sama, leave this place to us. Shouldn't you go support the other Hero-samas?"
  408. The child soldier who greeted me first gave the proposal.
  410. "There is no meaning if I go......"
  412. If I go to help them defeat the boss, they will just complain that I went to steal glory.
  414. "But......"
  416. The volunteers looks exhausted. Fighting for 3 hours against unending enemies will do that to your stamina.
  417. Raphtalia, and Firo are also considerably tired. I am no different.
  419. "Ahahahaha-!"
  421. Firo kicks a Dimensional Assault Shadow Goblin while laughing.
  422. Yup. Firo is still all right. That bird is a massive lump of stamina.
  424. "Will you be fine?"
  425. "Please leave it to me!"
  427. There seems to be some stamina left over.
  429. "Then I'll take you up on your offer. I'm counting on you."
  430. "Okay!'
  431. "Raphtalia, Firo, let's go!"
  432. "Understood."
  433. "Okay~!"
  435. We left the village to the volunteers and adventurers, while we rode towards the boss of the wave on Firo.
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