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vdr 1.6.0 / gcc 4.7

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  1. In file included from channels.h:13:0,
  2.                  from channels.c:10:
  3. config.h: In instantiation of âbool cConfig<T>::Load(const char*, bool, bool) [with T = cChannel]â:
  4. channels.c:900:26:   required from here
  5. config.h:124:23: error: âAddâ was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent lookup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive]
  6. config.h:124:23: note: declarations in dependent base âcListBaseâ are not found by unqualified lookup
  7. config.h:124:23: note: use âthis->Addâ instead
  8. make: *** [channels.o] Error 1
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