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  1. Session Start: Sun Dec 02 13:21:50 2018
  2. Session Ident: Ciddy
  3. [13:21] Session Ident: Ciddy (EFNet, Gimp-Cow) (~ciddy@c-73-70-57-163.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
  4. [13:21] <Ciddy> you really shouldn't' provide people solutions that they didn't ask for
  5. [13:22] <Ciddy> you and tree, kept asking everyday about my current situation on my pre-built because you guys want to play BF5
  6. Session Close: Sun Dec 02 13:22:18 2018
  8. Session Start: Sun Dec 02 13:22:37 2018
  9. Session Ident: Ciddy
  10. [13:22] Session Ident: Ciddy (EFNet, Gimp-Cow) (~ciddy@c-73-70-57-163.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
  11. [13:22] <Ciddy> whenever I tell you two my current situation, you both had to provide solutions I didn't ask for
  12. [13:23] <Ciddy> I knew what the problem was when I first saw the lack of molex and pci-e
  13. [13:23] <Ciddy> and you had to throw in your 2 cents in
  14. [13:23] <Ciddy> everyday
  15. [13:23] <Ciddy> asking about my current built situation and bf5
  16. [13:23] <Ciddy> and provide simple solutions that made everyone thought I knew nothing
  17. [13:23] <Ciddy> just stop
  18. [13:23] <Ciddy> seriously
  19. Session Close: Sun Dec 02 13:23:41 2018
  21. Session Start: Sun Dec 02 13:24:34 2018
  22. Session Ident: Ciddy
  23. [13:24] Session Ident: Ciddy (EFNet, Gimp-Cow) (~ciddy@c-73-70-57-163.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
  24. [13:24] <Ciddy> you don't know my situation and what solutions I have for myself
  25. [13:24] <Ciddy> so stop digging into my problem without realizing that I already have solutions
  26. Session Close: Sun Dec 02 13:25:05 2018
  28. Session Start: Sun Dec 02 13:25:30 2018
  29. Session Ident: Ciddy
  30. [13:25] Session Ident: Ciddy (EFNet, Gimp-Cow) (~ciddy@c-73-70-57-163.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
  31. [13:25] <Ciddy> was going on elaborating my problem yesterday, and I had to repeat myself over and over, and requesting to pix, i'm just not going to do all that when I know what the solution is already
  32. [13:25] <Ciddy> seriously
  33. [13:25] <Ciddy> I don't understand why you have the audacity to think everyone knows less than you
  34. [13:29] <Ciddy> i'm just not going to play bf5
  35. [13:29] <Ciddy> every time you guys ask me for an update, there's always a solution coming from the both of you that i didn't ask
  36. [13:30] <Ciddy> asking me to elaborate my problem
  37. [13:30] <Ciddy> it's annoying
  38. Session Close: Sun Dec 02 13:32:14 2018
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