Mass Effect #4

May 20th, 2016
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  1. Oh well this is interesting, nothing new under the sun. However I do quickly figure how where we are. It was quite obvious seeing all the sexy blue aliens and weird bird like raptors folks. I was obviously in Mass Effect, and talking to an VI confirmed I was in the Citadel. We were touring the Citadel, then we ran into Commander Shepard.
  3. She was just fresh from Eden Prime, and I told her that Saren's ship isn't a Geth ship but something more. She obviously was spooked by that, and I gave her my location and left. She later came back to me when she became the first human Spectre and requisitioned my help. She couldn't find any information on me before I entered the Citadel just a few hours before. Also the information I gave her rattled her.
  5. At this point she had already recruited Wrex, Garrus & Tali. So we were great editions to her forces. I told her everything I could remember about Saren & Sovereign, how Sovereign is actually a Reaper a race of machines that are made of entire species. Told her the Citadel was a honey trap, and that Sovereign was looking for a backdoor into the Citadel so he can get his brethren in dark space.
  7. After defeating Saren and Shepard dying, we kinda enjoyed ourselves in the Citadel. It was fun times, because the Alliance paid me big time for my information and help. I even told them about the collectors, who were responsible for abduction of the colonies. I didn't even go on the Suicide Mission, but I did help when the Reapers came. It was pretty rough, but kind of fun fighting against the Reapers and their armies. All I wanted to do was go back to the easy life, but Reapers had to come in and say "Fuck you." It was a pain in the ass to fight the Husks, but we held out in the end.
  9. In the end Shepard gave her life for the cause. She was fun to be around but she's dead so nothing can be done for now. We spent rest our time helping out and rebuilding Earth. When it was time to go, we left without saying goodbye. Hopefully our journey continues to be interesting to say the least.
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