"Staying out of Trouble" Act 7/After Story

Mar 26th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Act 7: The sun will rise again.
  3. >A final flash of teleportation sees the two of out of the air and onto the alleyway ground.
  4. >You're actually surprised how quick that was, only 24 seperate jumps!
  5. >Sure it was wild ride, but you managed.
  6. >Maybe you should have warned Anon about the whole 'mid-air' thing first though...
  7. >Your ears are still ringing from the screaming and... well...
  8. "Get up, you big baby. You're fine."
  9. >You gently nudge the fetal position human as you put the elements away.
  10. >He's fineeeeeeee.
  11. >Right?
  12. >You lean down to try and hear whatever it is he's murmuring to himself.
  13. >Something about never leaving the ground again?
  14. >Ok, maybe you screwed up just a little.
  15. >Pushing him up into a seated position with your hooves, you worm your way into his lap until he pulls you in like a teddy bear.
  16. "A-are you uhh, not good with heights?"
  17. >This is not your fault!
  18. >He never told you that before!
  19. >Finally he finds his voice.
  20. >"It's not the heights, I just didn't expect to be falling all the sudden!"
  21. "I had it under control..."
  22. >He gives you an unamused look...
  23. >"Even if we didn't fall to our deaths, we could have been hit plane or something!"
  24. >You didn't check for those true, but that's, like... so unlikely!
  25. "Ok yeah, but the chances of a plane coming through the exact spot we occupied for all of half a second is pretty much next to none."
  26. >He stands, shakes himself off, and gives your leash a mean tug!
  27. "Hey!"
  28. >"It was reckless."
  29. >Was not!
  30. >...
  31. >Ok, maybe slightly, but you had to get here quickly!
  32. >"It was, no arguments. Just be glad you don't have a ring on right now or you'd be getting it turned up. No more magic, understand?"
  33. >He's overreacting.
  34. >Sure there were risks involved, but they were calculated ones.
  35. "Anon, come on..."
  36. >"Understand?"
  37. "Ugh, yes 'sir'."
  38. >See how respectful you are?
  39. "Just a quick ping to point us in the Princess's direction then no more - Ow!"
  40. >Your spin on the spot to put some distance between him and your stinging cutie mark!
  41. >Stars above, that was a good one! Ouch!
  42. >Your hoof instinctually goes back to rubs the affected flank as you shoot him a glare!
  43. >"Twilight. No. Magic."
  44. >Isn't he supposed to leave discipline to Rarity now?
  45. >You suppose she isn't here, but still...
  46. "I was just..."
  47. >You take an instinctual step back as he knees down to your level, but reapproach when beckoned. [spoiler] You trust him even if he did just swat you. [/spoiler]
  48. >"Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but it's just.... Look, I know you're excited, but you've gotta listen to me, ok? This isn't just about us almost dying in the sky just now. The laws are a lot more strict up here, and you don't have a horn ring to speak of."
  49. >[spoiler] It's like you're wearing nothing at all! [/spoiler]
  50. >"If you wanna make it to see the big horse without getting arrested, you need to keep a low profile."
  51. "Alright alright, no magic, fine."
  52. >Didn't have to swat you, but he did apologize.
  53. >Old habits die hard you suppose...
  54. "How are we gonna - "
  55. >"She was giving a speech in front of the white house right? Come on, I know the way."
  56. "You do?"
  57. >He gives you a light tug to get you trotting. [spoiler] Stupid leashes... [/spoiler]
  58. >"Yeah, I lived here for a while a few years back."
  59. "You did?"
  60. >That gets you a funny look.
  61. >"You know I had a life before you right?"
  62. >Your turn to smirk now.
  63. "Can't have been much of one."
  64. >"A lot quieter."
  65. >Ha ha ha.
  66. >"Lot less attitude, too."
  67. "You must have been bored out of your mind."
  68. >"Sometimes, yeah. Things were much more relaxed, though. Never had to worry about a neighbor complaining about all the spanking noises coming from my place."
  69. >The 'S' word spoken so casually in public makes you trip over your hooves, and almost fall flat on your face!
  70. "Anon!"
  71. >There's no one immediately nearby, but there's a woman walking up behind the two of you a block or so back! What if she hears!?
  72. >"What? It's true."
  73. >He's trying to shrug it off, but he knows he's picking on you!
  74. "First of all, there's no way the neighbors complained about... that."
  75. >"You really don't think they could hear? Twi, the old place was just a few feet from our neighbors. All I had to do was explain I just bought a bratty young pony who needed some firm s- "
  76. "Secondly, quit saying it in public!"
  77. >You canter ahead to drag him down the road and away from anyone who might be listening.
  78. >"Oh, you don't like that word? Spanking?"
  79. >He said it again!
  80. "Anon, I swear to - Ah!"
  81. >You're practically pulled off your hooves when he takes a turn you didn't anticipate and your leash goes with him!
  82. >That's what you get for trying to take the lead when you have no idea where you're going, but he keeps saying-.
  83. >"You swear to what? The spanking gods? Do ponies have spanking gods? Maybe you could become the Princess of Spankings if you try really hard. I'd say Princess of Domestic Discipline would fit better, but I'm not sure it carries the same weight. What about just punishment? Purple Princess of Punishment really rolls off the tongue."
  84. >You know he's bullying you in exchange for the whole 'making him scream like a baby in the high troposphere' thing, but he doesn't have to be a dick about it!
  85. >You're now doing your best to hide in his shadow, but it still feels like everyone's looking at you.
  86. "Alright alright fine. I was a tiny bit reckless. I'm sorry. Blah blah blah. Will you quit it now?"
  87. >He reaches down to pick up his purple pony shadow and bring you all the way up to sit on his shoulders.
  88. >"Forgiven. That wasn't too hard, was it?"
  89. >Cocky thing.
  90. >Instead of sucking up further, you lightly kick your rear hooves and order him forward with a forehoof.
  91. "Hated every second of it. Now let's go, hyah!"
  92. >He chuckles, and walks a bit faster.
  93. >Now that you think about it, up here is basically the perfect place to see the princess.
  94. >Her speech looked packed, so a vantage point should really help.
  95. "And if you say a single word of THAT to the princess..."
  96. >He won't like you when you're angry!
  97. >"Wouldn't dream of it. I know how important she is to you."
  98. >Oh.
  99. >Ok, that's actually kinda sweet.
  100. "I, uh, thanks."
  101. >Maybe he's not so bad afterall.
  103. "There she is! Faster!"
  104. >"Stop squirming! You're gonna fall!"
  105. >How can you stop when she's right there!
  106. >The speech seems over, but from what you can see, she's taking her time greeting ponies on her way out.
  107. >That and, wait, are those bodyguards there for her?
  108. >You didn't pay anyone besides the Princess much attention when you saw the stream, but now that you're here in person they seem to be escorting the sun-sized mare.
  109. "Get closer! Come on!"
  110. >Your mount valiantly holds onto your legs so you don't fall and break your neck as you strain towards the Princess!
  111. "Princess! Princess, over here!"
  112. >You wave a hoof desperately!
  113. >There's so many ponies, and they're all clamoring to get to her.
  114. >You've got the advantage of height, but what if she doesn't...?
  115. >She saw you!
  116. >Your smile threatens to take over your whole face as you wave like a fool!
  117. >She saw you! She really saw you!
  118. >The only reason you don't fall off Anon's shoulders in excitement is the dutiful grip he maintains.
  119. >The princess shares a quick word with one of her escorts and points your way!
  120. >This is it! The bodyguard pushes a few others aside and motions the two of you forward!
  121. >You kick your noble steed in excitement as he carries you past the crowds and towards the Princess's waiting limo!
  122. >Since there's no way he's climbing into the car with you still on his shoulders, he sets you down on your hooves right outside the vehicle.
  123. >Of course, that mean, you're free to gallop inside and right into the Princess's outstretched hooves!
  124. "Princess! I thought I'd never see you again! They said you stayed in Canterlot, and I saw how many people they were sending to take the city, then some said the government had you, and then Luna said-"
  125. >A princess-sized hug, complete with a face full of royal chest floof. cuts off your ramblings.
  126. >"My faithful student. I know you'd find me somehow, but I never suspected it would be so soon."
  127. >The car door closes as Anon slips into the bench-style seat opposite the Princess's own.
  128. >"And this-"
  129. >Solar magic sweeps you out of your new princess-floof home and floats you over to Anon's lap.
  130. >"-Must be yours."
  131. >[spoiler] You only whine and reach back for her a little bit.... [/spoiler]
  132. >"It is."
  133. >He answers as he takes the offered pony and sits you on his knees.
  134. >You'd jump off and run back to your princess, but two strong hands hold you in place by the cutie marks.
  135. >"But if you don't mind, I think she'd really prefer to sit with you at the moment."
  136. >Yes!
  137. >You reach out for your white-furred goddess, leaning far enough that, without the grip on your hips, you'd have long since fallen off.
  138. >"Mind? Oh no, I'd be delighted. I just didn't want to assume."
  139. >The instant Mr. Buttgrab releases your hindquarters, you jump down and rush back into the Princess's embrace!
  140. "It's really you! You're really here!"
  141. >"I am, Twilight. Shhhh, I'm truly here, it's alright."
  142. "Alright? You've been missing for years! Some ponies even said you were dead!"
  143. >The much larger mare pulls your comparatively tiny frame into her side and pets you from mane to tail with her magic.
  144. >"You were understandably worried, and for that I'm terribly sorry, but I promise any rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. There was quite a bit of hoofwork working up to today that required a low profile, but I'm perfectly fine."
  145. >Forehead kiss!
  146. >Don't squeal like a filly! Don't!
  147. >"Now, aren't we being a bit rude to someone? I know your mother raised a polite mare, so aren't you going to introduce me to..."
  148. >A golden hoof gently lifts you chin so she can take a look at your collar.
  149. >"Mr. Anonymous, is it?"
  150. >It's just as well her attention shifts from you to him.
  151. >'Property of Anonymous'
  152. >That's what your collar says, but something about having the Princess read it is...
  153. >You aren't ashamed of your collar, [spoiler] you quite like it in, fact [/spoiler], but it's almost like your old and new worlds are colliding...
  154. >"Yeah, but you can just call me Anon. Everyone else does."
  155. >"Are you sure? I don't mean to be presumptuous."
  156. >The Princess was always the picture of diplomacy, but you can't help but wonder how much of her politeness has to do with fact he's a human.
  157. >Your human. to be specific.
  158. >[spoiler] 'Your human' of course being a much nicer way to put things than 'master', or even worse, 'owner' [/spoiler]
  159. >"Yeah, it's fine. Everyone calls me that. Even Twilight."
  160. >Duh even Twilight.
  161. >Why wouldn't you call him by his name?
  162. >What else is there? Master?
  163. >Well, ok. You actually do call him that occasionally, but only when you want your way about something or are trying really hard to apologize.
  164. >"Though if you don't mind me asking where's your... you know, Human?"
  165. "Anon!"
  166. >Oh he did not just assume the Princess is a slave!
  167. >Would a slave be allowed to give anti-slavery speeches in the capital and ride around in a limo?!
  168. "The princess isn't - ow!"
  169. >You're silenced by a quick nip to the ear!
  170. >That's sensitive!
  171. >"Manners, Twilight. Especially for Mr. Anon."
  172. >She's scolding you?!
  173. >"To answer your question Mr. Anon, Bill is regrettably a very busy man. He couldn't be here today, but of course he sends his blessings."
  174. >S-she's still a slave?
  175. "Princess, does that meant that you're...?"
  176. >"Shhhh, all things in due, time Twilight."
  177. >Oh that's nice.
  178. >She wraps a white wing around you and pulls you even closer into her side.
  179. >It's reminiscent of countless naps taken curled up against her as a filly, while she read or worked.
  180. >Just the two of you curled up by the fire in her bedchambers.
  181. >Some pillows, a warm princess, and a cuddly wing blanket to lull you to sleep.
  182. >"You teleported to get here, didn't you?"
  183. >A tiny yawn escapes your lips as you nod.
  184. >"As powerful as ever, I see. But I'm sure you've worn yourself out. Why don't you...? Yes, that's it."
  185. >You lay down and tuck your muzzle into her chest.
  186. >So sleepy all the sudden.
  187. >Maybe just a quick...
  188. >Nap...
  189. >"Good girl," the princess says, as she all but hides the purple pony from view under a blanket of mane, fur, and wing.
  190. >"Now, Mr. Anonymous, let's talk."
  192. Anonymous
  193. ~~~~~~~~~
  194. >You've seen Twilight pass out instantly before, but that was usually after staying up multiple days in a row when a new game came out and being literally forced into bed.
  195. >This though? This was different.
  196. "Did you just...?"
  197. >"A simple sleep charm for a very tired filly. I hope you don't mind. I assure you it merely sped up her own natural processes. She'll awaken bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time at all."
  198. >Bright eyed and bushy tailed?
  199. >If that's true it'll be the first time you've ever seen it.
  200. >The sassy little thing almost always stays up too late then drags herself around like a zombie the next day.
  201. "As long as she's alright, I guess I don't mind. What for, though?"
  202. >"Well, Mr. Anon, there's really no better way to put this, and I'd rather discuss this without Twilight interupting."
  203. >Uh oh.
  204. >"Just what are your intentions with my daughter?"
  205. >...
  206. >Fuck.
  208. >'Get a pony,' they said.
  209. >'It's like a live-in maid you don't have to keep paying,' they said.
  210. >All you wanted was to come home to a warm meal and some clean clothes.
  211. >Maybe someone to keep the house picked up so you could be a bit lazy.
  212. >That's it.
  213. >Instead, you had to pick the curious one with the bright pretty eyes.
  214. >The store claimed it was professionally trained. They even had the paperwork to prove it.
  215. >You figured you'd take it home, show it the handful of easy jobs you wanted it to do, and that would be that.
  216. >Of course there might be a tiny problem here or there, but it's TRAINED!
  217. >A brief conversation should clear up any misunderstandings, and who knows, maybe it'll make a good little buddy.
  218. >If it's good you might let it sit on the couch with you and watch TV.
  219. >That's generous, right?
  220. >Then you brought her home.
  221. >She spent the whole first day cowering under her new bed, and shuffling to the other side if you so much as poked your head down there.
  222. >Clearly she just needed a bit of time.
  223. >You'd adopted cats before, and it took them awhile for them to get used to a new home.
  224. >Ponies can't be that different.
  225. >And look, you were right.
  226. >It wasn't too long before your purple purchase was out from under her bed and nervously asking you for breakfast.
  227. >Sure, once she got over her initial fear of you there were a FEW issues with behavior, but you'd babysat your little cousins before.
  228. >Dealing with a little brat isn't that hard.
  229. >Only now that cute little brat is snoozing her cares away under the wing of a living god and you're probably about to be murdered...
  231. "Your... daughter...?"
  232. >Twilight said she was her student!
  233. >Have you really been spanking [spoiler] And fucking! [/spoiler] the daughter of the sun!?
  234. >Oh, you're fucked!
  235. >You're so fucked!
  236. >You're pretty sure she's not allowed to vaporize people, but you're also fairly sure deposed rulers of conquered species aren't allowed to give speeches decrying their overlords in front of the White House, either.
  237. >This horse gives zero fucks.
  238. "I thought you..."
  239. >The probably half-ton horse leans down to comfort a fussy Twilight with some light pecks on the top of the head.
  240. >"Since you didn't seem too surprised by meeting me, I take it Twilight told you at least a bit about our relationship."
  241. >A bit, but far from everything it seems.
  242. >You are SO gonna punish that purple ass for keeping this little detail to herself.
  243. >Of course, thats assuming sunhorse wouldn't murder you for laying a hand on her precious girl, if she doesn't do so this very moment.
  244. >But for real, how many conversation about honesty did you and Twi have?
  245. >You thought you'd really got through to her about telling the whole truth, but that thick little head and thicker not-so-little bottom sure can be slow to learn.
  246. "Just a little..."
  247. >You briefly wonder what it'll be?
  248. >Stabbed with that huge horn? Magic? The fucking sun?
  249. >"A smart filly and a trustworthy master. Not every slave would feel comfortable sharing such information. Association with royalty alone makes her quite the prize, no?"
  250. >The princess shifts a wing to reveal Twilight's conked out face and brushes her mane out of her face with a bit of magic.
  251. >Wake up mare!
  252. >"I'm afraid I do have to ask again, though. Just what are your intentions with my daughter? You wouldn't have brought her here if you were cruel or controlling, but it seems things between the two of you aren't quite perfect either."
  253. >Not quite perfect?
  254. "I, uhh, why do you say that?"
  255. >Of course things are perfect!
  256. >She's a good girl, and you're the kindest most understanding master ever!
  257. >If you can convince the sun god of that, then maybe you'll sur-
  258. >That line of thought crashes and burns the instant a white wing lifts to reveal an undeniable bright red handprint perfectly covering Twilight's buttmark...
  259. >Welp.
  260. >You had a good life.
  261. "I can explain..."
  262. >Except you can't.
  263. >You swatted the daughter of the sun hard enough to leave a visible hand print, and now her mom is gonna vaporize you.
  264. >Maybe you could tell her you were trying to get a bug off your Twi-butt?
  265. >Would lying to a supposedly immortal god even work?
  266. "She umm... I..."
  267. >A raised gold shod hoof stops you.
  268. >Damn, why does that feel so commanding? Especially coming from a horse?
  269. >"Understand, I'm not too worried about this-"
  270. >She massages your pony's smarting seat with the tip of a wing. [spoiler] Making Twi's hind leg twitch in the process. [/spoiler]
  271. >-specifically. Twilight's certainly had worse. As far as punishments for slaves go, some would consider it mild."
  272. >Phew.
  273. >Best case scenario as far as you're concerned.
  274. >But wait... had worse?
  275. >"But, I am wondering about the nature of your relationship. Letting her teleport the two of you here shows great trust, but at the same time, I know a mark like this is fresh. What is Twilight to you? A servant you trust? A toy you indulge? A friend you watch over?"
  276. >Shit.
  277. >What do you say?
  278. >If it was Twi asking, you'd say she's your girlfriend, but are you willing to admit that to others? To horse mom?
  279. >Would big horse even believe you if you said she was your gf?
  280. >Most guys don't spank their girls, at least not without permission, and especially not when her mom might find out...
  281. "She's, well, we're really close. Like..."
  282. >Why are you having so much trouble talking to a damn horse?
  283. >Ok, you know why, but fuck, man. Gotta get it together.
  284. >You're supposed to be the human here.
  285. >Both human and alicorn both jump when Twilight suddenly lets out a small, but distinctly audible moan!
  286. >At some point Celestia swapped the wing-on-buttmark massage for a hoof one, and an unconscious Twilight must have...
  287. >At least the princess looks as mortified as you as she pulls her hoof away from her daughter's slightly elevated behind!
  288. >Down girl, down!
  289. >That's not the fun kind of massage, that's your damn mom!
  290. >"Well I can't say that's ever happened before..."
  291. >Ok, fuck it.
  292. >You've gotta explain everything and hope the sun goddess doesn't smite you on the spot before she starts asking questions you don't want to answer.
  293. >Take charge of the conversation so you can lead it.
  294. >[spoiler] Also that, plus the 'had worse' bit she said earlier implies that Twilight grew up getting mama-spanked and that's hilarious. [spoiler] You bet she was super bratty growing up as a royal. [spoiler] Maybe teasing her about that later can be her punishment. [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  295. "Ok look, Twilight is... First of all, when I bought her I didn't really understand how pony ages worked so I thought she was a kid. I treated her like a kid including, yeah, that."
  296. >You point to the spot on her flanks your handprint oh so conveniently marked as yours.
  297. "Once I found out she's full grown though we sorta... Well not immediately, but one thing just lead to another and uhh..."
  298. >You popped her human cherry and introduced her to the brand new world of human endurance.
  299. >Still sporting a hint of a blush, Celestia carefully re-covers her filly's [spoiler] naughtily gyrating [/spoiler] rump and tail with a large wing.
  300. >Likely both to save Twilight's dignity as well as her own composure!
  301. >"Twilight is, of course, yours to do as you please with, but did you perhaps NOT change her discipline regiment after beginning to pursue more 'adult' activities?"
  302. >She knows.
  303. "I uhh, I didn't realize I needed to until..."
  304. >Until you'd conditioned a fetish into the sun's daughter.
  305. >Granted it's a fun fetish in your humble opinion, but probably not a risk you'd have taken if you knew who she really was.
  306. "But anyway, she's my girlfriend now."
  307. >That gets the mare's attention.
  308. >She breaks her worried gaze away from her girl, and fixes you with a somewhat surprised one.
  309. >"Oh?"
  310. >You open your arms and gesture towards the sleeping troublemaker.
  311. >To her credit Celestia, doesn't hesitate to open her wing and carefully float the sleeping purple payload into your open arms.
  312. "She's not just a plaything to me. We're in a serious, if complicated, relationship."
  313. >You cradle Twilight in your arms and draw her close to your chest.
  314. >One hand circles around her back to keep her close and the other, well, it supports her from below in a way you really hope the other pony in the car approves of.
  315. >It's not like you're deliberately grabbing her ass.
  316. >This is just how you hold ponies [spoiler] and it lets you hold the little minx's tail down! [spoiler] Quit squirming, it's not play time! [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  317. >"Hmm, serious AND complicated you say?" She asks as she scratches her chin.
  318. >She's not buying it.
  319. >If Twilight were awake, she'd back you up, but instead she's busy giving tiny licks and nuzzles to the underside of your chin in her sleep.
  320. "Well, we're doing our best to make it work, but it's always gonna be complicated. At the end of the day she's a pony and I'm a human. A really cute pony, but still a pony. Even if I wanted to free her, there's no way to. She's always gonna be my responsibility, and have to follow the same laws as every other pony.
  321. >You gesture towards her leash.
  322. "No guy in their right mind would keep their girl on a leash, but if I don't, mine'll get snatched up by the cops."
  323. >"I see."
  324. >You can't really tell if she actually understands what you're saying, or if she's just distracted by your vain attempts to control your sleepy/squirmy charge.
  325. >The licking thing is usually cute, but it's a bit of a problem right now.
  326. >"I'm happy to see Twilight safe Mr. Anon, and overjoyed to see her happy. Not every master would carry their property on their shoulders as I saw you doing, nor indulge half the exuberance Twilight's displayed today alone."
  327. >To your surprise the car gently drifts to a stop in front of a hotel lobby.
  328. >Quicker than you thought when it comes to driving around DC.
  329. >With imminent death hanging over your head, you weren't exactly paying much attention to the ride, but you must be here.
  330. >Wherever here is.
  331. >Wait, does that say...?
  332. >First a limo, then bodyguards, and now the Ritz-Carlton?
  333. >Just who is this Bill guy?
  334. >The extra large mare slips out the opened door with surprising grace and waits for you outside.
  335. >Getting out of a car should be easier for a human as opposed to a giant horse, but doing so while clutching so much purple deadweight ends up making you look like a fool.
  336. >"If I may?"
  337. >Human pride says you can do it yourself, but it's much easier to let her take the unicorn in her magic instead.
  338. "Thanks."
  339. >For a divine being that you thought was planning on smiting you, her smile is surprisingly nice.
  340. >You brush yourself off as she settles Twilight in on her back.
  341. >Ok, you've gotta admit, that's pretty cute.
  342. >Twi wraps her hooves around Celestia's neck and smiles as a pair of wings fold over her back to cover her.
  343. >Must remind her of growing up.
  344. >"I do hope you don't mind the interrogation. As I said, Twilight is yours, but this old mare can't help but worry."
  345. >Not sure if luring into false sense of security or what...
  346. >The four of you (+1 for her bodyguard) walk through the most opulent hotel lobby you've ever seen and head towards the elevators.
  347. >The hotel staff somehow doesn't stare at the six foot tall golden clad pony casually strolling by, but plenty of other guests do.
  348. >"No, I understand." You say as the group enters the elevator, "I knew you'd have some questions when Twilight told me how close you two were."
  349. >Even if you didn't get all the details...
  350. >"Wonderful!"
  351. >You vaguely notice the bodyguard scanning a hotel key before pressing one of the very top buttons.
  352. >Don't they only make you scan your card to get to the suite levels?
  353. >"Now, I have a quick phone call I have to make-"
  354. >Bill?
  355. >"So I'll have to leave the two of you for a moment. Perhaps you can see if our little sleepy head is ready to wake up?"
  356. >The elevator dings just as you nod in agreement.
  357. >'Presidential Suite'
  358. >Ok, just who the fuck is Bill, and just how much does he spoil this horse.
  359. >You know a thing or two about spoiling horses.
  360. >Huge mistake.
  361. >As for the suite, though, saying that the inside is impressive is an understatement.
  362. >You never visited Rarity's penthouse yourself, but from what Twilight told you this place may give it a run for it's money.
  363. >Multiple rooms branch off the opulent living room, each more elaborate than the last.
  364. >Rarity would squeal at all the marble alone, much less the rest of the place.
  365. >Celestia, on the other hand, seems entirely unphased.
  366. >You suppose a horse that owned a literal castle would be hard to impress, but surely her expectations have changed since getting a collar slapped around her neck.
  367. >Well, from what you've noticed, she doesn't actually wear a traditional collar.
  368. >It's hard to see, but there's a tiny golden chain attached to the back of her weird golden necklace thing that's so dainty you suspect a kid could break it.
  369. >Her bodyguard must have been holding the other end this whole time and you didn't even notice.
  370. >Complies with the law, but doesn't embarrassher since basically no one can tell.
  371. >Her idea or Bill's?
  372. >"I love Twilight, but she'll talk our ears off the moment she wakes up. This may be our last opportunity to talk alone for a bit so let me just say..."
  373. >You know, this is going a lot better than you expected.
  374. >She doesn't automatically hate you for owning her kid, she's actually pretty nice for a god queen, and she's even not too hard on the eyes.
  375. >[spoiler] Everytime she walks ahead of you you can absolutely tell where Twilight got her tush from! [/spoiler]
  376. >"Don't you dare EVER let Twilight out of your sight again."
  377. "E-excuse me?"
  378. >"Gentlehoof was reckless-"
  379. >What the fuck?
  380. >"-Letting her flee back to Equus was foolish-"
  381. >To be fair you didn't exactly let her...
  382. >"-Even entrusting her to Rarity was risky, given the mare's state at the time-"
  383. >How does she know all this?!
  384. >You back further and further away from the monster horse suddenly looming over you!
  385. >"-She's your property, but - as you admitted yourself - that also makes her your responsibility. If you care for her as much as I believe you do, and I do believe that, you WILL do better! The things you, her, and Rarity get into may be unorthodox, but I genuinely believe you care for them both and they for you. I may not be able to watch over every one of my little ponies yet, but I'd do it all over again if it means doing this right now. Protect them, keep them safe and happy, or so help me, not only will you vanish without a trace, no one will even remember your name!"
  386. >Oh yeah, this is what you were afraid of!
  387. >With nowhere else to back up to, you do your best to put on a brave face as she prowls into Anon skewering range!
  388. >Before you know it though the oppressive aura and flicks of fire in her hair vanish without a trace.
  389. >"But I'm sure you know all that already. They're your mares right? A responsible stallion like yourself will always takes care of what's his."
  390. >The playful punch on the arm would have taken you by surprise if you weren't still in a totally catatonic state of shock.
  391. >"Bill's a wonderful man, but I can barely get a snuggle out of him the few times we're in the same room! Humans and their monogamy! Bah!"
  392. >She turns, takes a few steps, and VERY DELIBERATELY looks back at you over that giant white rump!
  393. >[spoiler] Like, Rarity is the biggest bottomed mare you've ever seen and Celestia could easily crush her with a single sit! [/spoiler]
  394. >"Let's agree not to tell Twilight about this little talk though, alright?"
  395. >The weird comments about cuddles part, or the threatening to erase you from existence part?
  396. >"Be right ba~ck!"
  397. >She sings as she trots off to the master bedroom [spoiler] With quite a bit of swing in her step! [/spoiler]
  398. >You slump down the wall and just sit in shock for a moment.
  399. >What the hell was all that?!
  400. >She seemed cool, then snapped, and all the sudden it was over!?
  401. >She's old right? Maybe she's lost it over the years, or the government broke her head, or... something?!
  402. >Whatever the cause, you run back over to the couch and immediately start to [spoiler] gently [/spoiler] shake Twilight awake!
  403. "Holy shit, wake up and save me from your mom right now!"
  405. Twilight Sparkle
  406. ~~~~~~~~
  407. >You softly hiss and bat a hoof at whoever is trying to wake you up.
  408. >Sleepy time now, wakey time later.
  409. >"... up... from your mom..."
  410. >Ugh, what is he rambling about?
  411. >You roll onto your hooves and crawl into his lap for the warmth.
  412. >Maybe he just wanted a little attention, and now he'll let you snooze some more.
  413. >"-ilight! Twilight, wake up!"
  414. >Or maybe not...
  415. >You grumble and slip your muzzle under his shirt so it covers your head, but he's determined to ruin your perfectly good nap.
  416. >Reeee! He's petting your fur the wrong way!
  417. >He knows you hate that!
  418. >Fiiiiiine.
  419. >You extract your sleep addled head from his shirt and give a mighty yawn!
  420. >Gotta let him see those fearsome chompers of yours sometimes so he remembers who's boss.
  421. >[spoiler] Nevermind the fact that they're herbivore teeth and he's the one with the spooky fang teeth. [/spoiler]
  422. >Needless to say, it's very fearsome, and totally doesn't result in him cupping your face in his hands and speaking directly at you in a desperate attempt to make you pay attention.
  423. >What does he waaaaaant??
  424. >"-onna kill me! You've gotta do something!"
  425. >Ok, enough of this.
  426. >With a flick of magic you pinch his lips together to shut him up.
  427. >You just need a minute to rub the sleep out of your eyes, and then he can panic about whatever silly thing he's worried about today.
  428. >Or at least that was the plan.
  429. >A rude flick to your horn disrupts your shaky concentration, and lets him open his cute little panicky mouth all over again.
  430. >"She said I couldn't even let you out of my sight, or I'd vanish! Can she do that? Is there like a spell or..."
  431. "Ok ok ok, just... just, stop. Relax and start over."
  432. >Usually it's him telling you that.
  433. >"Your mom said she was gonna kill me if I let you out of my sight for single second!"
  434. >Wut?
  435. "My... what? What are you talking about? My mom's not here unless somepony has even more surprises for me."
  436. >"But Celestia..."
  437. >He waves a hand helplessly, in what you can only presume, is the room The Princess trotted off to.
  438. >Does he really think...?
  439. "The Princess isn't my mom, she's just... Well, she probably meant she's like a mom to me. I became her student at a young age, and she practically raised me ever since. She's probably just being protective. It's nothing against you."
  440. >He looks a little relieved at all that, but still pretty nervous.
  441. >"I hope you're right, but how do we know-"
  442. >Humans can be so helpless sometimes.
  443. >How'd they ever survive without ponies there to comfort them?
  444. >You stand in his lap, lean in to quiet him with a quick kiss, and use your magic to guide his hands to your haunches as a little something to distract him.
  445. >It doesn't take long for his hands to start to wander [spoiler] typical [spoiler] not that you mind too much [/spoiler][/spoiler] and his relaxation to start flooding in.
  446. >Is this how Rarity feels all the time?
  447. >Maybe you should do this more often.
  448. "I'll go talk to her, and tell her how great you are. Okay?"
  449. >"I think she might be on the phone."
  450. >You hop down and wave a dismissive hoof.
  451. "Psh. I used to sit in her lap for all kinds of diplomatic talks I had no right to be at. She won't mind. Just wait here a minute and let your big strong Sparkle take care of everything."
  452. >That makes him snort in amusement.
  453. >"Alright Mrs. Big and Strong, take care of it for me. I'll text Rarity to let her know we aren't dead."
  454. >Perfect, it all works out.
  455. >Now which room is The Princess...
  456. >Ah, you can hear her voice from there.
  457. >You crack the door just enough to slide inside...
  459. Rarity Belle
  460. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  461. >It's not that you're mad per se, it's just...
  462. >Ugh, you'd gotten so dressed up for tonight's little rendezvous, and now he can't even make it!
  463. >You blow a lock of perfectly messy mane out of your face and glance over the text message again.
  464. >Of course you'd heard the news about The Princess, and you aren't surprised Twilight wanted to speak with her, but to teleport across the country just like that!
  465. >Why, it's just so sudden!
  466. >And after he'd promised to visit to your 'shop' after hours for a 'special appointment'!
  467. >You wiggle your tight pencil skirt complete with stockings, garters, and everything in between.
  468. >That night with him and Twilight you'd disrobed yourself, but you were interested to see how he went about it.
  469. >Ah well.
  470. >A long lost royal appearing out of the blue is practically the definition of extenuating circumstances, so you suppose you can forgive the both of them.
  471. >However...
  472. >Your back arches and tail flicks as you think about what could have been...
  473. >Wouldn't it be a shame to let such a wonderful outfit go to waste?
  474. >With the two computer hogs gone, perhaps now could be Rarity's chance to play.
  475. >Back when you were on your own you had quite a little following on a couple 'special' websites.
  476. >Anon's computer has a rather high quality camera on it after all...
  477. >A naughty smiles creeps across your muzzle, as you sneak out of your workroom and nonchalantly stroll towards master's office.
  478. >You'll be sure to lock the door behind you once inside, else Sweetie Belle will never let you live down your moment of indulgence.
  479. >Who knows, maybe you can get some donations from your admirers just like the old days!
  481. Twilight Sparkle
  482. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  483. >"Yes, that's right" she says into the phone.
  484. >Oh, it does your heart good just to see the Princess standing there!
  485. >It wasn't all a dream!
  486. >"We'll have to wait till we see the feedback, but if all goes well, I don't see why not."
  487. >You have no idea what she's talking about, but frankly you don't really care.
  488. >All that matters is quietly closing the door behind you and tiptoeing over to the wonderful white alicorn so you can surprise her with some snuggles.
  489. >To her credit, the undying sun is pretty hard to scare, so when she feels your tail brush up against her legs there's not even a peep out of her.
  490. >"Let's do that then" she says as she looks down to inspect her undercarriage invader.
  491. >Foals typically walk underneath their moms all the time, sometimes to the mom's annoyance, but with how tall The Princess is, it's a habit you simply never had to give up.
  492. >"Of course. I'll let you go then, something's just come up on my end."
  493. >Whoever's on the other side says something, but you can't make it out.
  494. >"No no, no problems. It's something wonderful in fact. I'll fill you in later."
  495. >With that she floats the landline over to it's reciever and hangs up.
  496. >"I see some little eavesdroppers never change. Have a good nap?"
  497. >She leans down for an upside down nuzzle, a gesture you gladly return.
  498. "I don't really remember falling asleep, but I do feel a lot better."
  499. >"Mr. Anon said you teleported the two of you all the way here from Georgia. You must have been exhausted."
  500. >That's true, but you'd have never just passed out like that.
  501. >Especially not when you were so excited.
  502. >It's not the first time she's put you to bed a bit forcefully though, so you can't really be that mad.
  503. "Something like that. Anyway, speaking of Anon, what exactly did you say to him? He's a really great guy, you don't have to give him a hard time."
  504. >Stepping over you, the resident alicorn slides onto the bed, lays on her side, and pats the space beside her.
  505. >"I couldn't be happier that you feel that way, but why don't you tell me a little about him? According to him you two have a very 'special' relationship."
  506. >Horse apples, just what did he say?
  507. >It's not that you don't want to tell The Princess the truth, you're just a bit nervous about how she'll react to her student dating a human.
  508. "We umm, well yeah, we're actually pretty close."
  509. >You climb up onto the bed, but stay closer to the edge rather than curl up with her.
  510. >"Close you say?"
  511. >Oh no, she's giving you that look!
  512. >You hate that look!
  513. >It's the 'tell me the truth, or I'll make you tell me the truth' look!
  514. "Y-yes Princess... He's actually my... umm, well he's actually my sorta... special... somepony...?"
  515. >Maybe if you mumble the last part really quietly she won't question it!
  516. >"Your whatnow?"
  517. "Special somepony..."
  518. >"Twilight you really must speak up."
  519. "He's my special somepony!"
  520. >And now she's gonna tell you why that's wrong, why he can't be your special somepony, why you're a sick twisted mare for even wanting him to be your special somepony!
  521. >You should have just said he was a good friend!
  522. >No, even a master and slave friendship might be a stretch.
  523. >Maybe you should have just told her he's nice and left it at that.
  524. >"Twilight? Twilight look at me."
  525. >You'd really rather not see the disappointment so you look away instead.
  526. >Maybe you should just go.
  527. >She's probably mad enough with you already.
  528. >"Twilight."
  529. >You move to slide off the bed and make your escape when she lifts your chin to meet her eye to eye.
  530. >"Twilight, it's alright. He told me much of the same, and while it's certainly unconventional that doesn't mean it's wrong."
  531. >H-how did she even know that's what you were afraid of?
  532. >Why are you even asking that actually? It's the Princess, she knows everything!
  533. >"I just wanted to hear it from you. I need to be sure he cares about this-" she pokes you in the chest right over your heart "and not just this-" She gives your leash a nice sharp tug!
  534. >Y-you forgot he'd attached the leash to your collar...
  535. >Have you been dragging it behind you the whole time?
  536. >It also feels really really weird having the princess yank it, but at the same time you find yourself scooting closer to follow its lead.
  537. "He really cares about me, I promise."
  538. >You reach out to take the taut leash from her grasp, only for her to pull it tighter!
  539. >She's slowly reeling you into her feathery white embrace!
  540. >She's even giggling at your half hearted resistance!
  541. "I'm not used to THIS because he never puts it on me."
  542. >You gesture towards the IMPLEMENT OF SLAVERY she's using to drag you across the bed just in time for a wing to reach over and engulf you!
  543. >"Gotcha!"
  544. >Pulling ponies by leashes should be for masters only, but you can admit this is actually really comfy.
  545. "I'm not wearing a horn ring because he trust me, and he even takes my collar off whenever we're... together..."
  546. >You're sure to hide your face in her floof as you mention that last part.
  547. >"Ah, so he prefers you 'au naturale'?"
  548. >Shock alone makes you pull your face out of her fur and gasp!
  549. "Princess!"
  550. >H-he doesn't do all that just to get you naked! He doesn't!
  551. >In true Princess fashion, she just lets out a light laugh at your embarrassment, then peppers the top of your head in tiny apologetic kisses.
  552. >You love Princess Celestia, but few ponies realize what a troll she can be...
  553. >"I apologize Twilight. I've just missed this so."
  554. >Grumble grumble grumble.
  555. >"But, even he admitted it's not exactly a normal relationship. Even if you're his girlfriend you're still also his property. Are there rules? Requirements? Do you ever feel pressured to do things you don't want to do?"
  556. "No, no it's not like that."
  557. >Well, there are sorta rules.
  558. >Ok, maybe not rules, but you'd be lying if you didn't admit you get in a little trouble from time to time...
  559. "I mean there's umm..."
  560. >You don't want to talk about this, but you know she's expecting the truth!
  561. >Plus, what the heck did Anon tell her already?
  562. >Is that why he thought she was going to murder him?
  563. >Did he tell her about your *gulp* d-discipline...?
  564. >[spoiler] You'll run him through with your horn if he did! [/spoiler]
  565. "No means no, and he respects that."
  566. >Unlike some big bottomed unicorns who try to smother you as punishment...
  567. "I'm not saying things are perfect, or that he never gets onto me, but it's usually for like safety or legal stuff out of his control. Like today he told me not to use magic since I wasn't wearing a ring. He didn't get onto me because I defied him, but because if someone noticed I was bare-horned I'd be in trouble."
  568. >"So penalizing you in an effort to look out for you rather than for a lack of obedience."
  569. "Yes! M-most the time at least..."
  570. >"Oh? And the rest of the time?"
  571. >Ugh, why'd you say that last bit!?
  572. >Why is it so hard to even let a little white lie go around her?!
  573. "Well it's... it's complicated. Rarity is sorta..."
  574. >Your handler?
  575. >Disciplinarian?
  576. >Head mare?
  577. "It's gonna sound dumb, but he said being my master and coltfriend at the same time wasn't really fair, so Rarity's sorta... helping..."
  578. >"I suppose she does have experience managing ponies. Though I've heard she was perhaps a bit overzealous in the past."
  579. >She heard?
  580. >From who?
  581. "She was crazy when I first ran into her, but she's a lot more reasonable now. When her life came crumbling down around her she came straight to Anon for help though. I don't always agree with her, but I trust her to make decisions with everypony's best interest in mind, and she trusts Anon to do the same."
  582. >"So if it's a safety issue Mr. Anon might come down upon you. But if it's a behavioral issue Mistress Rarity steps in so Mr. Anon can continue to be your coltfriend instead of your master."
  583. "S-she's not my m-mistress..."
  584. >If your face wasn't burning before it is now!
  585. "Do we have to keep talking about this...?"
  586. >"Of course not. Forgive me for prying, I just wanted to be sure you're safe, especially after..."
  587. >After?
  588. >Oh Sweet sisters after what??
  589. "A-after what Princess...?"
  590. >You're afraid to ask and right you were to be!
  591. >A suddenly colder flank tell you she's moved her wing away from your cutiemark and all but confirmed your worst fears!
  592. "Please tell it's not...?"
  593. >Not a huge mark from earlier in the alleyway!
  594. >"I'm afraid so" she says with just an edge of mirth!
  595. "Please tell me he didn't?!"
  596. >She covers her mouth with a hoof, but you know she's hiding a devious smile behind it!
  597. >"I was actually somewhat impressed he didn't try and deny it. Granted, the evidence is overwhelming-"
  598. >Ugh!
  599. >That's it! You're just gonna die of embarrassment right now!
  600. >"-but still he owned up to it more or less."
  601. "He's not abusive!"
  602. >She scoffs and waves a hoof at you dismissively.
  603. >"Twilight please. I really doubt you've forgotten those less than pleasant visits to my chambers after you were caught sneaking into the forbidden section, or trying another spell you knew you shouldn't have been."
  604. >La la la, you don't need to be reminded of those days!
  605. >"Franky if he hit you anywhere else I'd be much more concerned."
  606. >Can you be struck by lightning now please?
  607. >"But the fact that it's a method you're used to, and that he's handed control over to somepony else, tells me he probably has your best interest at heart."
  608. >Brain aneurysm? Can you get one of those if no lightning bolt?
  609. >Even your final coping method of hiding your face is taken from you when she slowly lifts your head with a hoof!
  610. >"Does Rarity use the same methods Twilight?"
  611. "P-princess please!"
  612. >You do you best to look away but she turns your head to keep herself in line of sight!
  613. >"Oh, alright" she relents with a smirk and finally releases your face!
  614. >Oh wow, look how interesting the mattress is as you shove your face into it!
  615. >"I would like to have a discussion on the subject with the two of them if possible, but the fact you get embarrassed rather than fearful means you're probably in good hands."
  616. >An abused pony would lock up or show signs of fear rather than shame... right.
  617. >"You could always try behaving though."
  618. "Uhhhh!"
  620. "I-I do behave! Those two just like picking on me and... umm..."
  621. >Your oversized bedmate pulls you in tight with both forehooves and delivers a big ole smooch right to the top of your head!
  622. >"But they care about you, don't they? They just want to look after you."
  623. >Excuse you, princess! Some ponies are trying to pout here!
  624. "That's great and all, but I'm a grown mare! I can look after myselffff!"
  625. >Ear biting! Your one weakness!
  626. >You try and pull away from the ear devourer, but years of practice have made her grip inescapable!
  627. >"You're indeed a grown mare Twilight, and one I'm very proud of you, but that doesn't mean having having someone watch your back is a bad thing. Wasn't acting on your own how you ended up with this?"
  628. >'This' being the ear she then goes back to teasing! The marked one.
  629. "That wasn't my fault... I was drugged and confused and..."
  630. >"Shhh. It's ok."
  631. >With both alabaster forehooves and a wing wrapped around you, it's hard to argue with the sentiment.
  632. >From where you're at you can't see anything but feathers, floof, and princess face.
  633. >The rest of the world may have disappeared outside of your white cocoon and you wouldn't know.
  634. >"You've been through a lot, haven't you?"
  635. "Huh?"
  636. >Your cocoon cracks just enough to allow a hairbrush held aloft by Princessly magic to enter and start teasing the kinks out of your mane.
  637. >Ohhhh, that's nice!
  638. >"I've read the reports and I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you."
  639. >Reports?
  640. >"All alone in those woods."
  641. >What reports?
  642. >This isn't the first time she's mentioned stuff she shouldn't know about.
  643. >"That horrible 'happy horse' place they sent you to."
  644. >Just the mention of that place makes you flinch and rub your foreleg.
  645. >"It's alright, that's long behind you now."
  646. >She pauses your grooming in exchange for a tighter hug when she feels you tremble.
  647. "I-I know, it's just..."
  648. >"It was something you should have never been forced to endure. All of it is. Running, training, Gentlehoof, running and being caught again, even your short stay with that mistress of yours."
  649. >Alison...
  650. >You'd almost forgotten about her.
  651. >She wasn't so bad except for the whole Mr... ugh...
  652. >You try and shake your head free of the traumatic memories!
  653. >"You're a headstrong and very capable mare Twilight. I just hope you can see why I want Mr. Anon and Mrs. Rarity watching your back."
  654. "I... well, yes..."
  655. >"You, of all ponies, I want to see safe. After all you've endured, after how hard you've tried to help those around you."
  656. >W-why are you tearing up?
  657. >Don't cry, not in front of the Princess.
  658. "I-it's not over is it...? All of this? Humanity, ponies, collars and leashes."
  659. >She gives you one her her patented 'princess smiles'.
  660. >A smile that, to anyone else, would seem genuine, but to a filly she's raised looks weak.
  661. >"I'm afraid it's not."
  662. >You knew that the moment you heard her speech, but it still stings a little.
  663. >"As you and dear Luna have no doubt figured out, this is no problem the Elements can solve. There are certainly some humans with malice in their hearts, but most are simply indifferent to the suffering of ponies in servitude. Inaction is inexcusable in the face of injustice, but it's not malice. It's not darkness, nor disharmony. It's not something the Elements can change."
  664. >You snuggle upwards, straining in your surrogate mother figure's embrace until she leans down to meet you for a tearful nuzzle.
  665. >This mare...
  666. >This mare would do anything to free her little ponies, to send them all home this minute.
  667. >She'd give her life, her soul, her anything. But instead she has to accept that even that won't change her subject's reality.
  668. >"Besides, even if a baptism in harmony did work, we can't very well go door to door and convert a population the size of humanity." She weakly laughs.
  669. >It's not really a joke, but laughing at the visual helps.
  670. >'Hi, have you heard of our lord and savior HARMONY!?'
  671. "I came to pretty much the same conclusion. I was just hoping... I dunno..."
  672. >You reach up with a purple hoof to wipe a single tear off the Princess's face.
  673. >"I know. If only the solution were so simple, but this isn't like the troubles that have faced us in the past. Ponies will endure, we always do, but this time we may be in it for a longer haul."
  674. >Ominous...
  675. "What exactly does that mean?"
  676. >"It means that if we can't solve this problem one way, we'll have to come up with another."
  677. >Ok...
  678. >"It was only a couple hundred years ago humans that were enslaving each other en masse, yet nowadays it's considered a splotch on their history most would rather forget."
  679. "Then how can they-!?"
  680. >"Turn around and do the same thing to ponies?"
  681. >Yes!
  682. >You knew human slaves used to be a thing, but you didn't realize it was so recently!
  683. >"A combination of cognitive dissonance, dehumanization, and propaganda I suppose."
  684. >That's dumb.
  685. >This is dumb.
  686. >Humans are dumb.
  687. >You're gonna go in there right now and wack Anon on the head til all humans start thinking straight!
  688. >"Remember though, Twilight. The first step is always understanding."
  689. >Understand, analyze, brainstorm, solve.
  690. "Right. So we know humans learned that enslaving each other was wrong relatively recently, but they're not translating that lesson to ponies."
  691. >"That's right."
  692. "So what do we do? It's not like they're all just gonna realize how dumb this is one day and be done with it."
  693. >"No, they won't. Societies don't change in a day, and never without great effort."
  694. "Great effort?"
  695. >"Ending human slavery took many conflicts, ranging from full blown wars to years of peaceful pressures. We want the same end result for ponies, so it's fortunate we have the luxury of hindsight."
  696. >History is the greatest teacher.
  697. "So, what? We start forming protests? Secretly rebelling?"
  698. >The alicorn taps her chin thoughtfully.
  699. >"Not quite protests, not yet at least, but we do need to start gathering support."
  700. "What kind of support? Is that why you gave that speech today?"
  701. >"Bingo." She says and boops your nose, "As time goes on, and people get to know their ponies more and more, some start to question that dissonance in the back of their minds. When ponies first arrived, human news sources pitched the idea of pony ownership as benevolent. 'Look at this poor little creature. It can't survive on it's own. It needs a loving human to look after it.'"
  702. >That totally doesn't sound like 'Anon and Rarity 2: Electric boogaloo', but whatever.
  703. >"But then they talked to their ponies. Some, not all of course, but some started to wonder if all that was true: if owning this creature was actually alright. Deep down most humans are good. They just need a little... push. When your culture says something is right - when your friends, family, and everyone else simply accept something - it's easy to do the same. But with the right encouragement that still small voice just might grow."
  704. >Still small voice huh?
  705. >But how?
  706. "So what do we do? What do I do? Are you gonna keep giving speeches? I'm sure the one you made today caused quite a stir among the humans."
  707. >Ponies all over are probably celebrating, secretly or not, but you can't imagine most humans approving.
  708. >Especially if some of the looks you saw back at her speech today are any indication.
  709. >"Perhaps here or there, but not often, no. Too much and people could feel I'm lecturing, which could easily ruin what sympathy we have. I spoke today more for pony morale than anything else. Well, that, and to make a flashy entrance. Bill has plans for me to begin attending various summits and important social gathering with him, now that the news is out, so as to begin building influence in those circles."
  710. "But how will they..."
  711. >How will she build influence as a slave?
  712. >You can't say that to the princess though!
  713. "I mean you're... you know..."
  714. >You lamely point towards her neck then yours.
  715. >She gets your point, right?
  716. >"How will they respect a servant? Tell me Twilight, have you ever heard of bridle law?"
  717. "Like, laws about where ponies have to wear birdles?"
  718. >You remember you and Rarity having to wear one on the airplane that one time.
  719. >"Well, yes and no. Laws like that are a part of bridle law, but in general, the term is a blanket category for all pony legislation. It's a relatively new type of law that's still in quite a bit of legal flux."
  720. >And they named it bridle law?
  721. >Like yeah, pony wears the bridle, but that's a bit on the snout isn't it?
  722. >"It's how your friend Rarity was able to be her own master at one point in time. It's also how Bill made me his legal agent to act in his place, and with his authority."
  723. >W-what?!
  724. >That explains the bodyguards listening to her but holy buck! How?
  725. "Princess that's amazing! And he's like rich, right? Rich and powerful? I mean I don't want to assume, but the bodyguards, the limo, the penthouse suite, the - "
  726. >"Bill's an influential man with far-reaching resources, yes. Resources other powerful individuals would love to get their hands on. To do so, they could either deal with Bill himself, or..."
  727. "Or deal with a pony they think they can push around."
  728. >The sun incarnate gives you a warm smile and cranes her neck down for another well-earned nuzzle.
  729. >"Clever filly."
  730. >Squeee!
  731. "But how did you get someone like that to agree to all this? It has to be risky for him to trust somepony with all this."
  732. >"Oh yes. That kind of trust takes time to build, but time's the one thing I've had on hoof. Once the researchers got tired of trying to learn my secrets, they sold me off for political favor. I drifted from here to there amongst the human elite for the past few years, until I was able to find and situate myself with the ideal candidate. Things honestly went a bit quicker than I expected, but every day's a day too late when I know what goes on out there."
  733. "I'm just glad you're back princess. With you around I know we can do it."
  734. >"Thank you Twilight. We all have a long way to go, but I'm certain we can get there together."
  735. >That makes you so happy!
  736. >There's nothing ponies can't achieve together if the Princess believes in them!
  737. >"Speaking of which..."
  738. "Hmm?"
  739. >"Well, you recall those bridle laws I was talking about? I'll be coordinating with pony rights groups and like-minded individuals for certain aspects, but there's one I could really use your help with. Yours and Rarity's to be specific."
  740. >An assignment!
  741. "What is it!? Should I start brushing up on human law?! It's been a while since I've done any serious studying, but I'm sure it'll all come right back to - "
  742. >"No no, it's something that should come quite naturally to you actually."
  743. >Naturally?
  744. >You swear to tartarus if this is something weird...
  745. >"Do you know what a civil union is?"
  746. >Weird...
  747. "It's like marriage for same sex couples right?"
  748. >"That's more or less correct."
  749. >Weird...
  750. >"It's the legal protections and privileges of marriage specifically."
  751. >Wait...
  752. "But what does that have to do with..."
  753. >Wait wait wait wait wait!
  754. >She's not thinking of...!?
  755. "Princess you aren't saying...?"
  756. >There's that mischievous wink!
  757. >"Bridel Unions aren't a thing yet, but a few small fringe groups have been already been pushing to make them so."
  758. >!!!
  759. >"Most humans aren't quite ready, but perhaps with a little influencing..."
  760. "Influencing? What do you mean?"
  761. >"You've seen Rarity's Instagram account haven't you?"
  762. >Her what now?
  764. 3 Weeks later
  765. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  766. >*Snap*
  767. >This isn't really what you had in mind when Celestia mentioned you helping...
  768. >*Snap*
  769. >You thought she'd have you joining her at protests, passing secret messages, or... something!
  770. >*Snap snap snap*
  771. >Instead you find yourself curled up in Anon's lap TRYING to ignore Rarity's less than covert picture taking...
  772. "Oh my god Rarity, your phone has a silent mode!" You facehoof! "What did the Princess say about candid shots!"
  773. >"Pish posh darling, I sneak far more candid photos than either of you will ever realize already. Sometimes I need just the right... Anon, dear, would you be so kind as to move your hand a bit lower. Yes, a bit lower still. Right on her... excellent, now don't be shy."
  774. >Don't be shy your fat purple flank!
  775. >She's not the one having 'candid' pictures of her coltfriend petting her haunches posted on 'the gram'.
  776. >Or was it twitter?
  777. >You don't know and you don't care.
  778. >Instagram is dumb.
  779. >Twitter is dumb.
  780. >Rarity is dumb.
  781. >This is dumb.
  782. >But you still sit there, doing your best to focus on the TV and ignore her antics.
  783. >If this wasn't the princess' idea... Ugh.
  784. >I was a surprise to you and Anon both to find out that Rarity was what was considered an 'influencer' on social media.
  785. >Surprising, because who cares about social media and wtf is an influencer?!
  786. >Whatever though.
  787. >She'd apparently had an account for years, even before her fall from business grace, and had steadily build up followers into the millions!
  788. >The millions!
  789. >Of course, the story is that she's a human posting pics of her 'fabulous' pony she enjoys dressing up and not, in fact, a pony herself.
  790. >Only some of the pics were of herself, though. Most were shots of a new dress, pattern, or craft she'd made and wanted to share.
  791. >Still, she's somehow managed to keep the ruse up for years at this point, subtly boosting Diamonds In The Rough, sales back in the day. She even uses it to plug her new personal business out of her workroom, now.
  792. >[spoiler] Which explains the absurd prices... [spoiler] No you aren't paying her hundreds of bucks for the lingerie that SHE PUT ON YOU! You know for a fact she gets off on your plot in garters more than Anon does! [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  793. >The Princess said it was a good opportunity to get the masses used to the idea of a pony and human being consensually romantic, but you aren't entirely convinced this isn't some plot by her and Rarity just to mess with you.
  794. >*Snap snap snap*
  795. >"Twilight, would you mind perhaps lifting your tail just the slightest bit? An inch or so perhaps. Tantalizing not scandalous, you understand."
  796. >Oh no you do not!
  797. "R-Rarity!"
  798. >You are NOT lifting your tail for her viewers!
  799. >Just because she camwhores when you and Anon are gone, doesn't mean you're comfortable doing the same!
  800. >Oh, speaking of which, you'll never forget look on her face when Sweetie tattled on her the moment Anon got home!
  801. >You could hear her protests and punishment from all the way across the house, as Anon showed her just how comfortable he is with her dancing her plot off for others!
  802. >Even if she was careful to cover her cutie mark and hide her face, Anon's a jealous colt when it comes to his mares!
  803. >[spoiler] You've gotta say though, she took it a lot better than her first spanking from him. [/spoiler]
  804. >[spoiler] She still ruined her makeup and kicked like a foal, but her tail was awfully high.... Plus, that [spoiler] sticky [/spoiler] aftermath! If she's not careful she'll end up like you![/spoiler]
  805. >To your relief Anon scoops you up and repositions you belly to belly on his chest, hiding your flanks from the rude mare.
  806. >"Maybe that's enough for now, Rares. I think our little princess is instagrammed out."
  807. >You snuggle your muzzle into the crook of his neck and hum in agreement.
  808. >He's a good human, you'll keep him.
  809. >*Snap*
  810. >Oh come on!
  811. >She giggles and trots away rather quickly before either of you can stop her.
  812. >"Yes sirrrrr!"
  813. >That sing song voice really makes you want to just tackle her sometimes...
  814. "You're still sure you're ok with all this? I know it's not exactly as low key as you're used to."
  815. >He spins you around and sits you back on his lap with your back to his chest.
  816. >[spoiler] The perfect angle for you to reward him with a little plot wiggling as you lean back to kiss the underside of his chin. [/spoiler]
  817. >"It gets a little old having all my coworkers give me shit for letting THE 'Rarara' stay as a roommate and not making any moves on her, but besides that not too much has really changed."
  818. >She's done a good job of balancing her normal content with a bit of you and Anon here and there, you have to admit.
  819. >Not enough to make the two of you celebrities or internet phenomena, but just enough to slowly worm the idea of pony x human affection into people's minds.
  820. >With the Princess prepping the legal side and 'influencer' teams like yours pushing the public opinion side, she says the public might be ready for a bridle union push within the next year or two.
  821. >Or three...
  822. >That's the thing you really didn't expect about all this.
  823. >It's no dramatic rising up, no call to action, just a slow and subtle push that could take years.
  824. >Four? Five? Who knows how many?!
  825. >You suppose you always knew things weren't going to be solved in a flash, but it's just so... different.
  826. >A hand scratching your chest floof bring you out of your thoughts.
  827. >"Are YOU comfortable with it?"
  828. >Are you?
  829. >You've always been a pretty private mare, so it's definitely strange to you...
  830. "Well, it's for the princess..."
  831. >"Nuh uh." He lifts your chin up to look at him. "I know she's important to you, but this is about you. Are YOU ok with it?"
  832. >Charmer...
  833. "I am if you are."
  834. >He chuckles and pats you on the flank!
  835. >"I ask you how you feel and you put it back on me. You're the worst at following directions, you know that?"
  836. >You can't help but giggle.
  837. >Reaching up, you grab his face with both hooves and pull him down for a real kiss.
  838. "Mhmm, and what are you gonna do about it, buster?"
  839. >Oh! There's your answer to that!
  840. >Two strong hands slip under your flanks and give them a squeak worthy squeeze!
  841. >"What am I gonna do about it? Maybe I'll flip you over my knee right here in the living room and you can hope and pray Rarity doesn't come back with that camera! Think you might answer me then?"
  842. >So naughty, but so tempting!
  843. >You roll your hips in his grasp and give him a sultry grin!
  844. "Only one way to find out..."
  845. >*Snap!*
  846. >W-what was that...?
  847. >"Rarity I got one!"
  848. "Sweetie Belle!"
  849. >"Look look, it's really good right?! Can you use it?! Give me credit, I want followers too!"
  850. >Did she really just take a pic of his hands beneath you!?
  851. >Rarity agreed not to take any explicit ones!
  852. >"Sweetie Belle, for the last time, no! Photography is an art! The composition, the lightning, the composure. You can't just... o-oh, oh my that is rather hot."
  853. "Rarity!"
  854. >Even with them in another room, you know they can definitely hear you yelling!
  855. >"Right, it's very attractive, but we simply can't use it. Baby steps Sweetie, remember. The public isn't ready for dirty pics of our little Twilight quite yet."
  856. "Yet?! Rarity, we talked about this you can't... Anon back me up, tell her she-"
  857. >What the buck is he doing!?
  858. >Instead of backing you up, he lifts, swings your legs around, and places you over his knee like he just threatened!
  859. "What are you - Anon!!"
  860. >You have to bite your lip to keep the moan in as he gently slaps your rump!
  861. >"You said there was only one way to find out."
  862. >Does everyone in your life have that trollish smile?!
  863. "I didn't - Mmm! You can't - Oh!"
  864. >The swats are as gentle as they come so as to not interrupt Rarity and Sweetie's arguing, but they're still lighting a fire in your belly faster than you'd like to admit!
  865. "I-I'll get you for this - ah! You know I was just kidddding!"
  866. >"Hmm" He says as he teases your flagging dock, "Were you thought? Seems like this is going pretty well for you if you ask me."
  867. "S-shut up and let me dowwwwww!!!"
  868. >That was a firm one!
  869. "Bedroom!"
  870. >"What's that?"
  871. "Bedroom! Right now!"
  872. >Without further prompting he stands, tucks you under one arm [spoiler] flanks facing forward, of course... [/spoiler], and starts towards the stairs.
  873. >"They won't post that pic."
  874. >They better not!
  875. >"And I won't back down from your challenge."
  876. >[spoiler] He better not! [/spoiler]
  877. >"Grab any tools you want, young mare, because you've earned this."
  878. >You know he's not serious, but the scolding tone really gets into your head!
  879. >As the two of you walk by Rarity's workshop, you float a certain 'Diamonds in the Rough' brush out and bite the handle in your mouth.
  880. >"Good girl..."
  881. >He says as he teases your lips!
  882. >Y-you'll drop the brush if he's not careful, but that's probably his plan!
  883. >Through strength of will alone you make it to the bedroom with brush in mouth.
  884. >In one fluid motion, he swings you from under his arm to belly down over his knee as he sits!
  885. >"Ready?"
  886. >He asks as he holds his hand out for you to drop the heavy wooden brush in!
  887. >The brush you yourself picked up just so he could use it on you!
  888. >With a mighty blush you spit the tool into his hand and nod your head meekly.
  889. "Y-yes sir..."
  890. >"Any requests?"
  891. >You shouldn't...
  892. >You really shouldn't...
  893. "M-make it count."
  894. >But you do.
  895. >To your surprise though, he breaks character and leans to the side to see you face to face.
  896. >"Have I ever told you how sexy you are?"
  897. >You smile.
  898. "Says the perv about to spank his marefriend."
  899. >"Says the perv that just asked her coltfriend to 'make it count'."
  900. >You arch your spine and lift your flanks a little higher.
  901. "Maybe I'm testing you. A real coltfriend would know the right thing to do, afterall." You tease.
  902. >Rising to the challenge, he gives your purple rear a few swats!
  903. >Firm enough to make you gasp, but not firm enough for you to think they're really supposed to count!
  904. >"Good thing I know what the 'right thing' is for you!"
  905. >You fake a whimper and squirm a bit just like he'd expect.
  906. >"Remember the safeword?"
  907. >You nod and blush as the warm up continues!
  908. "B-bridle..."
  909. >"Right. Maybe today's the day I'll finally get you to use it."
  910. "Y-yeah right...."
  911. >You aren't afraid of him! You aren't!
  912. >Despite your obvious bravery though, you breath still catches in your chest when the swats stop and his hand swings way back!
  913. >"I love you."
  914. "Love you to*CRACK!*ooooo!"
  915. >The next half hour degrades into a blur of smacks, moans, groans, and bravery!
  916. >Maybe you had set out with the goal of staying OUT of trouble...
  917. >*WHAP!*
  918. >But maybe...
  919. >*SMACK!*
  920. >Just maybe...
  921. >*SLAP!*
  922. >You just needed to be in the right KIND of trouble!
  923. >*CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!*
  924. "Ohhh! Anon!"
  925. >*Snap*
  926. "S-sweetie?!"
  928. End [spoiler] ? [/spoiler]
  929. (While this may bring an end to our main story we aren't quite done yet. 'SOoT: After Story' will continue in a more episodic format that seeks to tie up loose ends, have a bit of fun, and pester pretty ponies. I won't make any promises on the time tables, but we'll do our best to address all the hanging plot points before it's all over.)
  931. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  934. "Staying Out of Trouble: After Story"
  936. 3 Weeks Earlier
  937. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  938. >You purse your lips critically as you glance over the Instagram post you've prepared.
  939. >Anon and Twilight certainly look cute, but is it too soon to post more of the pair?
  940. >When you spoke to her on the phone The Princess stressed the need for subtlety in your new job, and it's barely been 24 hours since the last picture of the two.
  941. >Changing your usual content too quickly could alienate your core audience or even worse, raise suspicions.
  942. >Perhaps you'll save it for later.
  943. >The picture of the two asleep in each other's arms, in front of the TV, is simply too cute to pass up on... but it can also wait a day or two.
  944. >You close the app for now and instead check your email to see if any new orders have come in.
  945. >Unlike Twilight and Sweetie Belle, master saw fit to purchase you a real smartphone instead of one of those awful stripped-down hoof phones.
  946. >Not that he's playing favorites of course, that would be Twilight if so, but you needed the device for business as well as pleasure.
  947. >Still, it was nice of him.
  948. >You were sure to express your appreciation not only vocally, but in... other ways as well.
  949. >His emotional connection to you might not be quite the same as with Twilight, but he knows how to accept appreciation from a grateful mare.
  950. [spoiler] >Plus it's the one thing you've got a leg up on over Twilight! The little brat's mouth seems to only be good for sassing, no matter how much you try and train it for 'other' uses! [/spoiler]
  951. >Instead of making you smile though... the slightly naughty memory only makes you sigh.
  952. >He'd missed his appointment to come to your shop for some after hours 'service' the other day, and things had only gone downhill from there.
  953. >You'd worked yourself up in anticipation of a tight 'fitting' and then when he'd left you high and not so dry, well...
  954. >You probably shouldn't have done what you did in retrospect.
  955. >Oh, you'd covered your cutie mark like you always did for such shows, but you doubt he'd approve nevertheless.
  956. >A little dancing for the camera was your stress relieving dirty secret back when you were in power. Back then it was YOUR plot to shake.
  957. >It's his now.
  958. >He'd never flex his ownership in such a way, but you're comfortable with the truth that your shapely form is his to make decisions about, not yours.
  959. [spoiler] >So much so that he even calls you 'Rearity' jokingly sometimes when he's 'appreciating' that specific 'asset', and you DON'T feel the need to slug him! [/spoiler]
  960. >Perhaps comfortable isn't the perfect word to describe your feelings, but he's respectful and loving enough to make you feel at ease with the fact.
  961. >Previous humans that laid claim to your hide were far less kind about it to say the least.
  962. >Be that using you as a mere toy, or literal breeding stock, Anon's rule is infinitely more benevolent.
  963. >Perhaps you should confess to your crimes once he and Twilight return.
  964. >You expect he'll be cross, but coming forth of your own volition could lessen your chastisement to a mere slap on the hoof.
  965. >You'd rather not see him disappointed, but a good girl owns up to her mistakes instead of trying to hide them.
  966. >You can't very well expect to supervise Twilight and Sweetie Belle if you don't set a good example.
  967. >It's decided then.
  968. >As soon as he's had a chance to rest from his flight you'll tell him.
  970. >*Knock Knock*
  971. >Hmm?
  972. "Sweetie, would you see who that is?"
  973. >Anon and Twilight's plane landed a short while ago, but surely he'd just let himself in?
  974. >*Knock Knock Knock*
  975. "Sweetie? Sweetie Belle, are you listening?"
  976. >Just where is that filly when, for once, you actually need her!?
  977. >Oh sure, she's infinitely more useful than dear Twilight when it comes to the chores, but when it comes to helping YOU?
  978. >Ha!
  979. >*Knock Knock Knock*
  980. >Fine!
  981. "Coming!"
  982. >You put down the order you were working on and make your way down the stairs.
  983. >It's probably another door to door salesman or something of that ilk.
  984. >*Knock Knock Kn-*
  985. "I said I'm coming!"
  986. >Some people just have no patience!
  987. >With an indignant huff you round the corner and open the door with your magic.
  988. >Oh you'll give whoever this is a piece of your min- oh.
  989. >"Darling! So sorry, I thought you were a solicitor. Would it not open for you?"
  990. >Anon laughs as he pushes past you with a sleeping purple pony riding piggyback.
  991. "Can't reach my keys and I guess Twi's collar wasn't close enough for it to pick up."
  992. >One room over he somewhat roughly drops the purple ball onto the couch.
  993. >Of course, said pony continues to sleep like a rock.
  994. "I see. Rough trip then?" you ask, alluding to his slightly disheveled appearance.
  995. >"Delay after delay. I probably should have just let Twilight bring us home, but after that last trip I thought this would be safer."
  996. >He sits hard on the couch and beings to rub the other pony's back.
  997. "You poor things."
  998. >You trot around, climb onto the couch, and slide up under his other arm.
  999. "Are you hungry? We've already eaten, but I can whip something up."
  1000. >He shakes his head and starts his hand up and down your side as well.
  1001. >"Nah, we ate on the plane. I'm just glad to be home after all this."
  1002. >You nod and place your head gently onto his lap.
  1003. "An eventful few days to be sure. I never expected The Princess to pop back up so suddenly, much less to already be a part of her plans!"
  1004. >"You and me both. I guess we'll have to see how things go, but if all I've gotta do is have my picture taken I guess it's not too bad."
  1005. >You give him wink and confident smirk.
  1006. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to catch your good side."
  1007. >He lets out a small laugh and moves his hand to your delicate ears.
  1008. >"Good luck with that. I was never very photogenic."
  1009. "Really? I must say I find that a little hard to- "
  1010. >"Is that master?! Master! Master, you're back!"
  1011. >Oh NOW Sweetie shows up...
  1012. >The lovable little upstart skids into the room and runs at Anon so fast he has no choice but to catch her!
  1013. >"I'm so glad you're back! I umm, I need to talk to you. Please? Like in private?"
  1014. >Strange...
  1015. "What's wrong Sweetie?"
  1016. >The young mare shakes her head.
  1017. >"Nothing, it's nothing I just... Please master, just a moment?"
  1018. >The human seems as curious as you, but it's an innocent enough request.
  1019. >"Uhh, alright, yeah. Let's go upstairs I guess. Watch her for a minute Rarity?"
  1020. >Twilight is a grown mare, she can sleep on her own.
  1021. "Of course."
  1022. >Not that you're going to say that though.
  1023. >Oh, how he coddles her.
  1024. >You scoot over to the sleeping mare as he stands and heads off with Sweetie.
  1025. >Surely she knows how much he spoils her right?
  1026. >She must.
  1027. >Then again, he's her first and only master.
  1028. >Some fillies really do get all the luck don't they?
  1029. >A first master that not only lets her get away with murder, but genuinely cares for her.
  1030. >Ah well.
  1031. >You're happy for her of course, and now you share the same master so you suppose you can't complain.
  1032. >"Rarity? Can you come up here?"
  1033. >That was rather quick.
  1034. "Coming."
  1035. >You wonder what it was that was so important for Sweetie to speak to him about.
  1036. >Trotting up the stairs you head towards his office and poke your head inside.
  1037. "You rang?"
  1038. >"Yeah, come on in. Close the door behind you."
  1039. >Close the door?
  1040. >You do as you're told, but your curiosity is certainly piqued now.
  1041. "If you insist. What's this about? What did Sweetie need?"
  1042. >And where is she?
  1043. >Did she already run off?
  1044. >You thought you saw a curly tail turn the corner right as you crested the top of the stairs, but you weren't sure.
  1045. >Anon pinches his nose and lets out a tired sigh.
  1046. >"There was something she thought I should know. What about you? Anything like that that you'd like to share?"
  1047. >Something she thought he should know...?
  1048. >You have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but right now you think sleep is more important for him than anything.
  1049. "There's a few matters to discuss, but I think rest should be your priority sir."
  1050. >You say as you walk up and put a concerned hoof on his leg.
  1051. >The poor thing looks like he's about to pass out on the spot!
  1052. >"Think carefully now. Are you SURE there's nothing?"
  1053. >What on earth did she tell him?
  1054. "Nothing that can't wait darling. Just look at yourself, you've got bags under your eyes!"
  1055. >He sighs again and runs a stressed hand through his hair.
  1056. >"Damn."
  1057. >???
  1058. >Before you can ask though he stands up from his computer chair, pulls a different straight backed desk chair out to the middle of the room, and sits down.
  1059. "Anon, dear, you're really starting to worry me. Is something the matter?"
  1060. >You aren't sure why he's swapped chairs, but you walk to his side again to find out.
  1061. >He pats his knee in a typical 'hop up' gesture, but in a chair that uncomfortable you doubt he'd be able to hold you well.
  1062. >Instead, you throw both forehooves over his legs and try to get a look at what he's looking at on his phone.
  1063. >"I'm disappointed Rarity. I really am."
  1064. >W-what...?
  1065. >Your confusion only grows when he hooks a few fingers under your collar with his free hand and pulls you a bit closer!
  1066. >It's not rough, but he never grabs you by the collar! Ever!
  1067. >You often forget you wear one, but to have it dig into your neck like so...
  1068. "I-I'm not sure I quite underst-"
  1069. >"Do you remember what you said when we were hashing out this whole 'personal pony manager' thing?"
  1070. >You hope he's not referring to what you think he is...
  1071. "There were quite a few details we had to work out. Which specifically are you-"
  1072. >"About my expectations of you, about who watches the watcher."
  1073. >Oh dear...
  1074. "Y-yes sir, I do..."
  1075. >"I want you to repeat what you told me then."
  1076. >...
  1077. >Must you?
  1078. "Master, if something's the matter surely we can talk abou-"
  1079. >"Repeat it Rarity."
  1080. >He doesn't raise his voice, but the authority is there nevertheless.
  1081. "I... I umm... Well, we were talking about how I was permitted to discipline Twilight and Sweetie, but on the same note you would..."
  1082. >You can't help but trail off and bite your lip nervously!
  1083. >Why, oh why, did you say those things back then?!
  1084. >"Come on, say it all."
  1085. "You would... you would hold me responsible in the same manner. Is this about Sweetie sir? What did she tell you? I promise we can talk this out whatever it-"
  1086. >Your protests die the instant he turns the phone around and shows you your worst fears!
  1087. >The video's dark and grainy, but it's undeniably you wiggling your plot and swinging your tail for the camera in this very room!
  1088. >"You were saying?"
  1089. "I can explain!"
  1090. >No you can't!
  1091. "It was... well, I was... It was the night you were supposed to stop by for your 'fitting' so I was rather excited, but then you didn't show and I..."
  1092. >This isn't a valid excuse and you know it!
  1093. "I just felt awful about it! I was going to tell you tonight, but you seemed to tired, and I didn't know Sweetie saw and-"
  1094. >"Do you still trust me."
  1095. "I... what?"
  1096. >"Do you still trust me? I remember that night you said you trusted me to make level headed decisions about you. That you wanted, no, demanded, equal treatment as the other girls and expected me to do what I thought best. Was that true?"
  1097. >You could slap your past self right now, but if you back down from your promises now, why would he ever trust you again?
  1098. >He's trusted you with a position of power.
  1099. >You HAVE to prove yourself worthy of it!
  1100. "Y-yes sir. I stand by what I said, I just want you to know the whole truth before making a-"
  1101. >"Fetch the brush."
  1102. >Mayday!
  1103. "Wait wait wait, please sir!"
  1104. >"I'll hear out your arguments, and we'll come to a decision together, but right now I want you to be a good girl and fetch your brush. Can you do that?"
  1105. >You gulp.
  1106. >He's not talking about any of your many mane brushes, he's talking about a very very specific brush built just for this task!
  1107. >A brush you approved, marketed, and sold for years!
  1108. "Y-yes sir."
  1109. >Those must be the magic words as he lets go of your collar and gives you a light tap on the rear to get you cantering!
  1110. >How can this be happening?!
  1111. >You were going to tell him, you really were, but that little brat...!
  1112. >Skidding into your workroom you open a specific drawer and float out a piece of wood you'd really rather not see at the moment.
  1113. >W-was it always so big...?
  1114. >You gulp as you feel its heft and weight in your magic...
  1115. >Surely you can talk him out of this, right?
  1116. >Fetching the brush is simply a gesture of obedience he wants you to prove yourself with, right?
  1117. >"Quickly Rarity."
  1118. >No time to second guess things now!
  1119. >You spin on the spot and begin your run back to his workroom only to be distracted by a slightly cracked door to your sister's bedroom...
  1120. >A cracked door and a shining eye!
  1121. "You! How dare you?! After all I've done for you!?"
  1122. >The little spy gasps and slams the door shut but that won't keep you out!
  1123. >You move to open the door with your magic when...
  1124. >"Rarity! Now! Leave your sister alone!"
  1125. >Damn it!
  1126. >You'll deal with her later, for now you have to run back to Anon's side as fast as you can!
  1127. "H-here you are si-"
  1128. >"I told you to get the brush not harass your sister for doing the right thing!"
  1129. >Oh no!
  1130. >No no no no no, this isn't how things were supposed to go!
  1131. "I-I wasn't I merely wanted to-"
  1132. >"If I hear a single peep about you retaliating over this you'll be getting lesson two three and four all at once! Do I make myself clear!?"
  1133. >H-he can't!
  1134. >Your wouldn't be able to withstand that much!
  1135. "Yes sir! I'd never abuse my position! I merely wanted-"
  1136. >"Wanted to what? Tell her to keep you secrets?"
  1137. "No! I swear I was going to tell you sir! Please, you have to believe me!"
  1138. >With a grunt he reaches down, grabs you around your midsection, picks you right up off the floor, and deposits you right over his knee!
  1139. "No! Please, wait!"
  1140. >He pushes your upper body down so floor rushes closer and closer until you catch yourselves with your forehooves!
  1141. >This keeps you from falling off and flat onto your face, but also puts your beautiful tail and delicate round derriere straight up in the air!
  1142. >"Now."
  1143. >He says as he places a large human hand firmly across both your alabaster cheeks!
  1144. >"Now I want to hear your side."
  1145. >Like this?!
  1146. >Surely you could have just as easily told him with your hooves on the floor!
  1147. "P-please sir this position is rather-"
  1148. >!!!
  1149. >You get the message to quit complaining loud and clear when he starts to pat your exposed back end!
  1150. "I made a mistake! I was lonely without you and I... well it was an old guilty pleasure of mine seeing everyone out there that wanted me. Reading their comments, seeing that they'd pay just to watch... I was going to slip the money into our finances and never do it again, I swear"
  1151. >He listens quietly as you plead for your rear!
  1152. >His hand never once leaving the trembling flesh you wish so badly to save!
  1153. "I planned on telling you tonight, but you seemed so exhausted, I thought tomorrow would be better. I never meant to keep it a secret!"
  1154. >"So you know it was wrong?"
  1155. "Yes sir!"
  1156. >"And you were going to tell me just as soon as the time was right?"
  1157. "I-I know how it sounds sir, but please..."
  1158. >You whimper as he squeezes a handful of soft marshmallow pony!
  1159. >"If this was coming from Twilight I'd say she was just trying to get out of it, but I really want to believe you Rarity."
  1160. >Please do!
  1161. >You can't help but try and push yourself up a bit higher so the bottom of your cheeks aren't quite so exposed, but his other hand moves to hold you down!
  1162. >"You've been a model mare, and everyone makes mistakes..."
  1163. >I-is there hope...?
  1164. >"But I promised you I'd hold you to the fair standards of this house, and I'm not going to break my word to you."
  1165. >No!
  1166. >"If Twilight or Sweetie had done this how would you have responded?"
  1167. "I know I messed up sir, but-"
  1168. >A light slap tells you that's the wrong answer!
  1169. >"I'm proud that you're sorry, but don't avoid the question. What would you do?"
  1170. >Must you really say it...?
  1171. >You're already rump up over his knee after fetching your brush!
  1172. >You and him both know what you're in for so why make you confess!?
  1173. "I... T-They'd be disciplined sir. Please sir, please don't make me say it..."
  1174. >The shame and weight of your collar make you begin to shiver.
  1175. >Your old masters made you say things...
  1176. >Horrible things...
  1177. >They made you beg to be used and thank them for what they left in you...
  1178. >To your surprise though he doesn't.
  1179. >Instead of motivating you to obey he slips a hand underneath you and pulls you back up to sit on his lap.
  1180. >"Hey, you ok? Seemed like you were having a panic attack or something there."
  1181. >Are you ok!?
  1182. >Of course you aren't ok!
  1183. >You're about to be... Ugh, you can't even think the word!
  1184. >Still, he must have noticed you shutting down and his concern is genuine.
  1185. >You can't help but lean in when he pulls you in for a hug.
  1186. "I'm just... It's just some flashbacks to less kind masters. I'm sorry. I'll say whatever you-"
  1187. >"It's fine. You don't have to say it."
  1188. >You nod in his embrace.
  1189. >"I am still going to hold you to your word, but you don't have to say it. Understand?"
  1190. >Aka, you'll still be a very contrite mare in just a few minutes...
  1191. >Well, if there's no getting out of this perhaps you can face your fate with some dignity.
  1192. "Yes sir. I... I really was going to tell you-"
  1193. >He opens his mouth to interrupt you, but you return the favor with a hoof to his lips.
  1194. "But I didn't. Even if I had confessed before being tattled on, I know I'd be in some trouble nevertheless. I apologize. It's not my place to show off your property to strangers no matter how needy I'm feeling. If you think I should be... you know, then I understand."
  1195. >He rubs your back with both hands as the two of you continue to hug.
  1196. >"Well I'm sorry too. I bailed on you at the last minute and that's my fault. It doesn't excuse what you did, but I understand why you did it."
  1197. >Perhaps he'll go easy on you then?
  1198. >"I'm not as upset about you showing off what's mine-"
  1199. >He says as he slips a hand lower to grab your flanks once again!
  1200. >"-as I am with you for taking such a risk. Even if you cover your cutiemark and hide your face someone can still recognize you. What if some creep tries to track you down or somehow ties you to your 'influencer' accounts? It's a dumb risk for a cheap thrill and I thought you'd be better than that."
  1201. >That last bit stings the most.
  1202. "You're right sir. It was a mistake made by my haunches and not my head. I-I fully accept any punishment you deem necessary..."
  1203. >"There's the good girl I know."
  1204. >He says with just a hint of pride.
  1205. >Perhaps you can make him more proud if you...
  1206. >Instead of making him do it, you break the hug and climb back into position with your 'discipline slave here' spot up.
  1207. >You even flick your tail out of the way until it cascades down your back leaving your alabaster thighs and backside perfectly presented for his... consideration.
  1208. >"Very good girl..."
  1209. >He says, putting one hand on the small of your back and the other right where thigh meets cheek!
  1210. "I-I'll do my best sir, but don't expect me not to protest when..."
  1211. >When the lesson really starts to sink in!
  1212. >"Say whatever you need. Just know you'll get what you've earned no matter what."
  1213. >He says as his patting gets firmer and firmer!
  1214. >I-is he starting?!
  1215. "T-thank you sir. I know I don't deserve such kin- oh!"
  1216. >His slow cooking approach for your cheeks gets turned up a notch as his hand goes from pats to straight up swats!
  1217. "Oh sir, that's quite - Ah! That's quite firmmmmm!"
  1218. >With his pace and intensity slowly but steadily increasing it's really starting to sink in!
  1219. >He's really doing this!
  1220. >He's really punishing you!
  1221. >It's no horrible whipping or beating like some of your old masters would have done, but it's frightening nevertheless!
  1222. >You've seen Twilight's cheeks after he's finished with her and that was from their love making!
  1223. >Just how deep fried is your tush going to be after a real lesson!?
  1224. >He knows you aren't used to a blistered tail like the resident brat is, doesn't he?!
  1225. >Sure, he's put you over his knee once before, but that was a moment of passion after seeing what you'd done to his precious Twilight's cheeks.
  1226. >This is different! This is deliberate, planned, calculated!
  1227. >Making you fetch your own brush, making you admit what you've done wrong!
  1228. >"Of course it's firm Rarity, that's the only way you'll learn."
  1229. >The hand raining down on your behind doesn't take a break while he lectures!
  1230. >"What on earth were you thinking, shaking your ass for strangers like that?!"
  1231. "I'm sorry sir, I was truly - OH!"
  1232. >"I know you're sorry girl."
  1233. >He still hasn't given you a moment's break!
  1234. >Your hind legs start to kick involuntarily the darker pink your backside grows!
  1235. >"And I know you're going to be a lot more sorry by the time we're done."
  1236. >!!!
  1237. "Anon! Master! I - Owwww! Ow! Ow! Ow! Please sir, there's no need for-!"
  1238. >"There is a need-"
  1239. *Slap!*
  1240. >"And this is happening-"
  1241. *Smack!*
  1242. >"You've dealt with a misbehaving Twilight enough times to know this isn't even the main event-"
  1243. *Whack!*
  1244. >"And that there's no way I'll be stopping anytime soon."
  1245. *Slap slap slap!*
  1246. >How did you get yourself into this!?
  1247. >It's hardly been a few minutes and your well raised flanks are already on fire!
  1248. "Please sir! I'm not Twilight! I'm not used toooooo- MMMMmmm!"
  1249. >You try to shut your mouth and not cry out with minimum effect!
  1250. >"You're not Twilight, but you've acted just as bad!"
  1251. "I was going to - ohhhh!"
  1252. >You can't even finish a sentence without being cut off by his rapid fire ministrations!
  1253. >"And mare bottoms are more or less the same."
  1254. >He says as he marehandles yours!
  1255. >"Yours may be a bit larger."
  1256. *Whack!*
  1257. >"And a bit firmer."
  1258. *Smack!*
  1259. >Perhaps a compliment, but not one you really appreciate at the time!
  1260. >"But this still seems to be the best way to get a message into your pretty little pony heads."
  1261. >You really wish you could appreciate the sweet talk, but seeing as he's now moved from your lower cheeks to putting handprints all over your fat flanks you're quite distracted!
  1262. "I've learned sir, I swear!"
  1263. >It burns so much!
  1264. >With your forehooves connected to the floor to keep you from falling completely, all you can do is dance back and forth!
  1265. >"I'm proud if that's true, but we both know bad mares doesn't get off so easily. Don't we Rarity?"
  1266. >For the first time in what feels like hours, he stops swatting your stinging cheeks!
  1267. >You know he's waiting for a response, but it's all you can do to pant and wiggle you bottom in a vain attempt to cool it!
  1268. >"Rarity? I'm asking you a question."
  1269. >It's impossible not to coo when a large human hand starts to rub your smoking flanks instead of punish them.
  1270. "I..."
  1271. >As shameful as it is to admit, you find yourself pushing your cheeks up just a bit to meet his soothing touch.
  1272. >What can you say to get him to stay at this stage?!
  1273. "This would just be a warm up for our dearest Twilight, but we're very different mares sir. I'm not as headstrong nor tough bottomed as she so perhaps... perhaps I've learned...?"
  1274. >Please Celestia please let this work!
  1275. "I-I could... I could even show you my contrition in other ways perhaps?"
  1276. >Supporting yourself on one foreleg is hard, but you do it anyway so you can reach back towards his...
  1277. >Enduring a spanking fit for 3 mares may be Twilight's talent, but it's not yours!
  1278. >Maybe if he'd let you use your own... 'unique' skills to apologize.
  1279. >Instead of finding his 'bit' though, he takes a hold of your questing hoof in his own hand and rubs it kindly.
  1280. >"Someone wouldn't be trying to seduce their way out of their well-earned punishment, would they?"
  1281. >He asks in a mirthful tone.
  1282. >How dare he find your offer humorous!?
  1283. >This is not joke!
  1284. "I-I'm merely offering an alternative sir. It was wrong of me to show others my body, so perhaps you could... you could reclaim what's yours?"
  1285. >To your shock, instead of laughing, the hand rubbing your apologetic cheeks instead grabs one and spreads it!
  1286. "A-Anon!?"
  1287. >You feel him lean over to look before laughing and letting it go.
  1288. >"Sorry."
  1289. >He chuckles again.
  1290. >"I just had to make sure you weren't Twilight in disguise."
  1291. >If he was looking for HER normal response to such treatment you're quite certain he didn't find it.
  1292. >"You're definitely not enjoying this too much though-"
  1293. >No you are not!
  1294. >"So I can actually believe your offer is real."
  1295. >Oh, why must he rub your poor worn seat so?
  1296. [spoiler] >It makes you squirm, wiggle, and coo in ways that are far from dignified! [/spoiler]
  1297. >"However-"
  1298. >Oh just get on with it!
  1299. >"Punishing with sex really isn't a precedent I want to set."
  1300. >You groan and whimper as the rubbing turns to patting!
  1301. >"Maybe some of your old masters did stuff like that, but I'd rather you enjoy our time together just as much as I do."
  1302. >That's actually very sweet, but if he's turning that offer down then that means...
  1303. "Please sir, there must be some other agreement we can come to!"
  1304. >You can't help but beg after feeling the first few pats of the brush!
  1305. >"Shhhh, just try and relax."
  1306. >Relax?! Easy for him to say!
  1307. >It's not his bottom feeling the cold hard wood sliding across heated flesh!
  1308. >"I know you aren't Twilight. I won't give you more than you can handle."
  1309. >He's trying to be comforting with both his words and his fingers running through your mane, but you can't take your mind off the tool about to be applied directly to your errant slave ass!
  1310. >"It won't be too much, but I want you to count them."
  1311. >Oh, come on!
  1312. >"Understand?"
  1313. >The taps motivate you to respond much more than his words!
  1314. "Y-yes sir!"
  1315. >"Good girl. It'll be over before you know it."
  1316. >You strongly doubt that, but what can you do but hope it's true?
  1317. >Against your better judgement you look back over your shoulder to see just how red Mt. Belle already is.
  1318. >You won't be going out without a dress for a couple days if those handprints are anything to go by, but that's not what makes your heart skip a beat!
  1319. >The camera!
  1320. >The little red light on the computer camera isn't off!
  1321. "Anon wait the cam-"
  1322. >*WHACK!*
  1323. "Ouch! Wait sir, please! The camer-"
  1324. >*SMACK*
  1325. "Ahhhh!"
  1326. >"They don't count if you don't count Rarity!"
  1327. >What?!
  1328. "Please please please, just wait a moment! I-"
  1329. >*CRACK*
  1330. >"There's no stopping til you get finished counting! That's zero!"
  1331. >*WHAP!*
  1332. "ONE! PLEASE-"
  1333. >*CRACK!*
  1335. >*SLAP*
  1337. >With how fast the brush is coming it's all you can do to count, much less protest!
  1338. >How does Twilight endure this thing?!
  1339. >*SMACK!*
  1340. "FOURRRR OHHHH!"
  1341. >How many humans did you sell these awful things too?!
  1342. >*SLAP!*
  1343. "FIVE SIR! I'm sorrrryyyyyy!"
  1344. >How many ponies did you doom to this very fate!?
  1345. >*WHACK!*
  1347. >You stand by a safe tool being for the best but-
  1348. >*CRACK!*
  1350. >But holy buck this hurts!
  1351. >You'll never misbehave again!
  1353. >A torturous 20 swats later, you can only moan and whimper pathetically with your now colorful ass in the air.
  1354. >Your cheeks are THROBBING and your makeup absolutely ruined!
  1355. >You know you made your own bed on this one, but did you really need to be thrashed so hard!?
  1356. >To his credit, as soon as your lesson was over he'd put the brush down and taken to massaging your remorseful hide as best he could, but still!
  1357. >"Shhh, it's ok. It's over now. You're a good girl again."
  1358. >A good girl?
  1359. >If you are you certainly don't feel it.
  1360. >Still, you'll take what comfort you can get.
  1361. >You unabashedly lift your dark red hind end as high as you can to meet the soothing caress.
  1362. >The needy maneuver makes him chuckle quietly and dig his hand into slightly swollen pony seat a bit more.
  1363. >At least he doesn't tease you about your eagerness to be soothed.
  1364. >Wait.
  1365. >Tease you? That's right!
  1366. "M-master the computer camera! The light's still on! I-It's still recording!"
  1367. >Surely you closed the stream right??
  1368. >Heavens above, if all your followers just saw you reduced to the naughtiest of slaves...!
  1369. >"Oh, so now you don't like being on camera?"
  1370. >What kind of question is that?!
  1371. >Of course you don't want others seeing your master taking a firm hand to you!
  1372. >Not only that, but you're stark naked for your punishment! There's nothing keeping your spanked diamonds or identity hidden!
  1373. >"Relax. I just turned it on to prove how dangerous it is. No one saw this but you and me."
  1374. >That bastard!
  1375. >You can admit you understand the idea, but to frighten you like that!
  1376. "A cruel twist sir..."
  1377. >But an effective one.
  1378. >"You're right, but I think it worked. Want me to fetch you some clothes to make up for it?"
  1379. >Clothes?
  1380. >So the other girls don't see your shame must be his thinking, but cloth clinging to your derriere right now is only going to make things worse.
  1381. "N-no sir. The open air cools best, but thank you for the offer."
  1382. >He pats your back in silent understanding with his right hand and continues to tend to the site of your discipline with his left.
  1383. >"Sure, your call. What about an ice pack? You look like you could really use one."
  1384. >Well yes, he made sure of that!
  1385. "That would be nice sir, thank you. Perhaps in a moment though..."
  1386. >You rather need the kind and soothing hand back there at the moment!
  1387. >You can't stay like this for too long though.
  1388. >You're still supporting most your weight on your firmly planted forehooves and they're getting quite tired.
  1389. >"If that's what you want. That position doesn't look too comfortable though."
  1390. >How attentive.
  1391. >You try and let out a weak laugh.
  1392. "Not physically or mentally sir!"
  1393. >Hearing that, the human hands quit what they're doing to slide underneath you and pull you up into a slightly more comfortable position.
  1394. >Your soft belly rests on his knees now instead of most your body hanging off the edge.
  1395. >"The lessons over now girl. You don't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, why don't you go lie down and I'll fetch that ice pack for you?"
  1396. >The bed does sound divine...
  1397. >"Can you walk?"
  1398. "Well, I should hope so."
  1399. >You joke as you slowly slide off his lap to the floor.
  1400. >Walking does feel a bit strange you admit, but it's nothing you can't handle.
  1401. >"You good?"
  1402. "Yes sir."
  1403. >You say, as you turn to inspect your ass in a nearby mirror.
  1404. "As good as I can be at least... An icepack would be truly appreciated though."
  1405. >He stands and walks over to look in the mirror with you.
  1406. >Your alabaster rear is absolutely covered with hand prints, brush marks, and an overall red and beaten appearance!
  1407. >To your surprise and embarrassment he doesn't just look though!
  1408. >Without warning he drops to one knee and turns to really inspect his slave's discipline!
  1409. "S-sir?!"
  1410. >You blush as he takes a hold of you with both hands and rubs a thumb over a particularly spanked spot!
  1411. >"Sorry. Just not used to seeing this ass like this. Twilight's lucky her coat hides a lot of the color huh?"
  1412. "Sometimes I think she was born for it sir. Others, like myself, aren't quite so lucky."
  1413. >You giggle slightly at the thought that pops into your head.
  1414. "I must say thought sir. I know you're quite fond of purple rumps, but I was hoping you'd be satisfied with hers and not try to make mine match!"
  1415. >He laughs, gives said rear a gentle pat, and actualls leans in to kiss it right on one of it's worse spots!
  1416. >"I like white too you've just gotta behave yourself!"
  1417. >You try!
  1418. >"Now go lie down. I'll be there in a sec."
  1419. >You nod.
  1420. >No need to tell you twice, you're practically dead on your hooves! [spoiler] Plus him kissing your sorry flanks has you rather embarrassed! [/spoiler]
  1421. >Exiting the office he goes one way and you go the other.
  1422. >Fortunately, your tattletail sister seems to be hiding so she doesn't get a view of your agonized rump sashaying down the hall.
  1423. >Oh how good it feels to lie down!
  1424. >You curl up on your side, careful not to put pressure on any sensitive areas.
  1425. >Why on Equus did you give him permission to discipline you!
  1426. >It's only right for you to be held accountable the same as the other girls, but a little special treatment never hurt anypony!
  1427. [spoiler] >Well, ok, that's exactly how mares get spoiled but still! [/spoiler]
  1428. >Perhaps you can renegotiate your terms with him sometime soon...
  1429. >It doesn't take long for him to show up with an amazing looking bag full of ice!
  1430. >"Do you want to or should I?"
  1431. >He asks, offering you the bag.
  1432. >Usually your pride would have you do it yourself and banish him from the room, but attitudes like that make for a naughty mare.
  1433. >Instead, you roll over onto your stomach and flick your tail out of the way for the second time today.
  1434. "Please."
  1435. >He brings the bag closer, but to your surprise, instead of putting it on your tormented tail he first grabs you by the hips and pulls said tushy closer to him!
  1436. >What on earth is he...?
  1437. >Oh!
  1438. >Oh, that's nice.
  1439. >With your legs partially over the edge of the bed your flanks are in the perfect position for a dual handed massage!
  1440. "Mmmm! Thank you sir. I must admit, I'm impressed by the aftercare. I can't seem to recall Twilight receiving such attention when she's in trouble."
  1441. >A hoof twitches in pleasure as he grabs your flanks and really works the sore flesh!
  1442. >"To be fair I'm usually balls deep in Twilight right about now."
  1443. "A-Anon!"
  1444. >He laughs and gives you a careful squeeze.
  1445. >"Sorry but it's true!"
  1446. "I know but..."
  1447. >Come to think of it...
  1448. >He has you laying on the bed with your hooves dangling off the side.
  1449. >With him standing directly behind you.
  1450. >With his hands working your backside and your tail tossed aside.
  1451. >Naughty boy...
  1452. >You did offer to service him as an alternative punishment, but that was mostly to save your frightened hide from a licking!
  1453. >You're as disciplined as they come now though and he's...
  1454. >Well, he's not really doing anything but his positioning...
  1455. >Perhaps you're reading too much into things, but you're quite sure this is how he takes Twilight after she's been reddened!
  1456. >A test maybe...
  1457. >You spread your hind legs slightly and turn up your hips.
  1458. >If he doesn't do anything different then you'll - oh!
  1459. >Just as quickly as you spread, his hands start to attend to your inner thighs as well!
  1460. >The abruptness takes you a bit by surprise and before you can think about it you've spread and angled yourself even more!
  1461. >His fingers move even closer to your...!
  1462. "W-wait!"
  1463. >Oh thank Celestia!
  1464. >He not only stops, but he removes his hands from your lower end all together!
  1465. "A-are we? I mean are you going to...?"
  1466. >He lays a gentle hand on your upper haunch and rubs gently.
  1467. >"All up to you. I thought I saw some signs, but I'm used to reading Twilight and we both know she's a little wild."
  1468. >A little wild indeed.
  1469. >You aren't like her though.
  1470. >Not that his hand doesn't feel nice, but he just got finished...
  1471. >In your contemplation you don't notice his hand being to wander until he's making small circles on your cutie mark.
  1472. >There's no denying it's soothing, especially since half your diamonds were in the, ahem, designated discipline zone.
  1473. "You know, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to seduce me sir."
  1474. >"Seduce you? Now why on earth would you think that Mrs. Rarity?"
  1475. >Mrs. Rarity is it?
  1476. >Back to being his slave handler now instead of his troublemaker?
  1477. >He did say you'd suffered your lesson and were back to being his good girl you suppose.
  1478. "Well sir, unless this is how you treat all your contractors then your hands on my - Oh!"
  1479. >You can't help but bite your lip and look back as he grabs quite the handful!
  1480. >"Just the pretty ones." he whispers as he leans over you.
  1481. >A hand besides your head supports his weight so he can lean down and...
  1482. >"Unless you'd rather I go. I just thought you'd feel better-"
  1483. >Scoundrel.
  1484. >Getting you all worked up then offering to leave.
  1485. >He probably gets some sort of pleasure hearing his mares ask...
  1486. "Hush you." you say, slapping his side with your tail. "You know what you've started and you'll darn well finish it."
  1487. >"Is that so?"
  1488. >He may be back behind you now, but you can hear his smug grin without even looking.
  1489. "I'm not Twilight though. Gently!"
  1490. >You command as he begins to silently position you!
  1491. "And don't you get used to this either! I never plan on being in such trouble again much less...."
  1492. >Much less having your hind legs slowly spread so he can stand between them!
  1493. "A-are you listening to me back there...? If you make me even the slightest bit less comfortable I'll - Ah!"
  1494. >Why is he putting that there?!
  1495. >The cool lubricating liquid he pulled out of who knows where is several inches north of where you were expecting him to be focused!
  1496. "S-sir?! That's not-"
  1497. >"Do you trust me?"
  1498. >Trust?!
  1499. >Of all the times to ask that he chooses now?!
  1500. >Of course you trust him, he's currently hot dogging your buns in a way you'd never allow someone you don't trust to, but still!
  1501. >You thought he'd...
  1502. >Well, not there at least!
  1503. >"Do you trust me? If you don't enjoy it we can try different things, but I think you'll like it if I'm careful."
  1504. >Even carefully a rod like that is really going to push your plot to it's limits!
  1505. >You're no stranger to males and their fascination with your wrong hole, but Dusty wasn't quite as large as Anon!
  1506. >So very meaty though...
  1507. >You bite your lip, and thank the stars he can't see you blush as he rubs your hot buns with a very different body part of his!
  1508. "V-very well... but if I say stop then - oh!"
  1509. >Prodding! He's prodding!
  1510. >You bite the bedsheet as his tip grows more and more insistant at your back door!
  1511. >It's so large!
  1512. >It'll never fit!
  1513. >It'll - Oh!
  1514. >Oh my! It's feels every bit as large as your eyes told you it would!
  1515. >"Mmmmmm! Good girl! Such a good girl!"
  1516. >You gasp and claw at the bedsheet as inch after inch of him slowly vanishes!
  1517. >You knew he was bigger than any stallion you've been with, but you don't remember him being this much to handle!
  1518. >Where does it end!?
  1519. >A heady mixture of pain, pleasure, shame, and desire fight for dominance as his hips suddenly accelerate to meet rather firmly with your once white ass!
  1520. "O-oh! Oh sir!"
  1521. >Not only does the hip spanking sting your bright red derriere, but you've never felt so full!
  1522. >You're thankful he stops to give you a moment to adjust, but you aren't sure you'll ever be equipped to deal with THAT dominating your tush!
  1523. >"Holy shit, it's just like I imagined! Very good girl! Just like that!"
  1524. >The lewd clenching you suspect he's referring to isn't entirely voluntary on your end, but you just can't help it!
  1525. >"You doing alright? You're awful quiet down there."
  1526. "Y-Yes, well, it's a bit hard to focus when- Oh, goodness!"
  1527. >If he wants coherent words out of you he's certainly not making it easy!
  1528. >His final few inches work in and out in short thrusts making your flanks jiggle and sting in a way you suspect he deeply enjoys!
  1529. "I can't...! Gracious, please I - Oh! You brute! You absolute fiend! You'll ruin me!"
  1530. >If your time over his lap didn't clue you in, then the long deep thrusts absolutely having their way with your backside make it crystal clear! You're his!
  1531. >You're his, but it's different than your old masters.
  1532. >He disciplined you reasonably.
  1533. >He's taking you with consent.
  1534. >He's even looking out for your pleasure if that questing hand is going where you sorely hope it is!
  1535. >You may end this night hot on the inside and out, but you won't go to bed weeping as you have in the past.
  1536. >You'll go to bed loved.
  1538. Twilight Sparkle
  1539. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1541. >Ugh....
  1542. >Your head spins and body aches as you slowly stir.
  1543. >Just 5 more minutes, Rarity....
  1544. >If the light streaming through the window is any indication though, it's far past time for even YOU to get out of bed.
  1545. >The act of actually doing so though....
  1546. >Crap.
  1547. >You roll over to drop off the side of the bed like you normally do, only to be stopped by a tug at your muzzle!
  1548. >Are you...?
  1549. >Did they really not...?
  1550. >You tug once again to confirm it.
  1551. >Yep, that's a bridle.
  1552. >Anon usually takes it off when he's uhh... 'done' and tucks you in for the night, but Rarity's been extra tough ever since she found out you'd watched her little 'correction' session with anon.
  1553. >What?! It's not your fault the whole house could hear her getting her bottom broken!
  1554. >[spoiler] Or that her white backside marks so easily! Purple butt master race! [/spoiler]
  1555. >So yeah, you snuck a little tiny super quick peek. That's not a crime!
  1556. >Peeking isn't a crime, but apparently embarrassing the big mare is.
  1557. >In the end she took you to Anon's office so she could show you 'exactly what it was like' since you were apparently 'so curious'... Ouch.
  1558. >Of course, after that you were thrown in bed and really put through your paces until... yeah....
  1559. >Nothing you couldn't handle, but BUCK has she been all over you lately!
  1560. >The soreness is adding up and not the usual kind you're used to!
  1561. >With her Princess-appointed project to share pics of you and Anon still in effect, she can't leave too many marks on your hide. Otherwise she could easily end up sending the wrong message.
  1562. >Well, that's not entirely true. There's always illusion magic, and that goes a long way to cover the small stuff.
  1563. >So yeah, she CAN give you some quality time with the back of her brush. She just can't make it too bad so instead she... yeah, the bed and all.
  1564. >You briefly wonder what Sweetie thinks of her big sister metaphorically [spoiler] and literally... [/spoiler] riding purple flank lately, but right now you've got more important things to worry about.
  1565. >Like how to get out of bed with this bridle, hoof cuffs, and deviant outfit on!
  1566. >Where did she even get this leather monstrocity?!
  1567. >Wait, wasn't this your Halloween outfit last year?
  1568. >Ugh, how'd they ever get you out in public like this?
  1569. >You look like a total freak, though you're pretty sure this thing didn't include a tail tie the last time you wore it...
  1570. >A few minutes of wiggling only serve to show you just how good the two of them are at tying you down [spoiler] and make you feel a bit squirmy inside as a result. [/spoiler]
  1571. >You could just use your magic if you really need to escape, but that could damage your ring which sounds like a great way to get into even MORE trouble!
  1572. >Maybe you can just... no.
  1573. >What if you you... not that either.
  1574. >Ok you'll just have to... Oh!
  1575. >An unexpected tug on your tail takes you by surprise and sends painful yet... interesting... shockwaves up your dock!
  1576. >"My my my, what do we have here?"
  1577. >A hoof slowly slides up a bound hind leg all the way to your dark purple plot!
  1578. >"Is our little lazybones finally awake?"
  1579. >Of course you're awake, but it's a rhetorical question.
  1580. >She just wants to mess with you while you're powerless to resist [spoiler]unf,[/spoiler] but you won't give her the satisfaction!
  1581. >With what little control you have, you yank your tail out of her magical grip and whip it in her general direction!
  1582. >Only to be rewarded for your efforts with a firm slap to your 'slightly darker purple than the rest of you' plot! Oww!
  1583. >"Oh no no no no! Don't you take that attitude with me, young mare!"
  1584. >You can't help but shiver a little as the larger, stronger, and tougher mare climbs into the bed behind your purple plot to loom over your helpless body!
  1585. >"Forgotten last night's lesson so soon, hmm?"
  1586. >What is she...?
  1587. >"Our adorable little spitroast seemed so agreeable at the time...."
  1588. >S-spitroast?
  1589. >Does she mean like...?
  1590. >Oh goddesses, the memory is coming back! Anon at one end and Rarity....
  1591. >"Though perhaps you had other motivations to nod and behave at the time...."
  1592. >!!!
  1593. "R-rarity!"
  1594. >Or at least that's what you would have said if it wasn't for the huge bit in your mouth!
  1595. >Either way, miss big-white-and-mean lounges on top of you like you're some kind of warm wiggley pillow!
  1596. >"I'm sorry, what was that sweetheart?" She asks ever so sweetly.
  1597. "Qwit et!"
  1598. >"Darling, I can't understand a word! Enunciate! You know better!"
  1599. >Enunciate your fat purple flanks! She knows you've got metal between your teeth!
  1600. >Tutting, the white mare removes her head from resting on a hoof and leans over to take in the sight of you and your bridle.
  1601. >"Ah, that's right! I almost forgot what happens to sassy mares."
  1602. >Almost forgot, yeah, ok.
  1603. >Like she's not the one that did all this!
  1604. >"You do pull off the look rather well, I must say."
  1605. >She teases as she runs a hoof over your cheek and leather straps.
  1606. >You want to give her the evil eye, but the mixture of very conflicting emotions leaves you tossing your head and nickering instead.
  1607. >"Perhaps there's still time to put that adorable muzzle to - "
  1608. >DING DONG!
  1609. >People actually use the doorbell?
  1610. >Still, you aren't complaining since it serves to distract the other unicorn.
  1611. >"That had best not be more solicitors. Did you know I had to turn away two this month already? Phone calls are one thing, but why on earth do humans think that coming to my door is going to make me any more likely to patronize their company?"
  1612. >She's rambling and you're wiggling.
  1613. >You can almost....
  1614. >Just about....
  1615. >If you can just....
  1616. >The bit is almost out of your mouth when you both hear it.
  1617. >"Girls? Girls, can you come down?" A familiar male voice calls.
  1618. >Rarity, for her part, puts a hoof to her chin and humphs.
  1619. >"Well, I suppose that gets you off the hook, does it not?"
  1620. >Without waiting for an answer, she unties and undresses(!!!) you with concerning efficiency.
  1621. >"Come along, darling," She says as you're rolling across the bed from the high speed stripping!
  1622. >"It won't do to leave your master waiting."
  1623. >She winks with a knowing smile and stops your tumble across the bed with a hoof.
  1624. >A hoof she then gently pats your sore hide with!
  1625. >You grumble inaudibly about certain unicorns and their very 'hoofs on' policies....
  1627. >"Girls, are you - "
  1628. >"Cominggggg!" Rarity sings as she drags you to the front door with her.
  1629. >She'd pokes her head in Sweetie's room, but the filly's long gone. Probably already lapping at Anon's heels if you had to guess.
  1630. >What's he even want you two for anyway?
  1631. >No one important is just gonna show up unannounced like that, it's probably some dumb - Ahhhh!
  1632. >You shove Rarity out of the way so you can run up and jump into the Princess's loving embrace as quickly as possible!
  1633. >She may SEEM to be taken by surprise by the sudden flying purple pony missile, but everyone knows the Princess is all-knowing and simply acts winded for everypony else's sake.
  1634. >"Twilight!" She pants as her forehooves scramble to support you.
  1635. >You're a helpful little pony though, so you scramble onto her back to hug her neck from behind.
  1636. "Princess! You're here! It's been weeks! I know you have tons of important stuff to do, but I just never heard back and I didn't want to disturb you so - "
  1637. >"Shhhh..." She turns to meet your neck nuzzle with a proper face nuzzle. "It's ok now. I'm sorry for not keeping in better touch, but as you surmised I've been quite busy."
  1638. "What have you been working on? Who have you been meeting? Did you talk to AJ like we talked about? I'm sure she'd love to arrange something to - "
  1639. >A motherly kiss to the tip of your snoot makes you blush, and shuts your mile-a-minute yapper!
  1640. >"Relax Twilight, breathe." She gently admonishes as she trots over to the couch to lay on her stomach with you still on her back.
  1641. >"That's just the sort of thing I want to talk to you all about. That, and to ask Mr. Anon a favor," she says, turning to look at him.
  1642. >The rest of the household must have followed the Princess over to the sitting area at some point when you weren't paying attention.
  1643. >[spoiler] You're paying enough attention now to notice Sweetie sitting on Anon's armrest just to be close to him though....[/spoiler]
  1644. >[spoiler] Sure, Rarity's sitting directly on his knee, but that's different! [/spoiler]
  1645. >"Uhh, sure. What kind of favor?" he asks.
  1646. >"If it's about the social media campaign, Princess, I can assure you things are going just wonderfully!" Rarity also offers with a proud hoof to her chest.
  1647. >The princes waves a dismissive hoof. "No no, not about that Rarity, though I do thank you for your continued efforts. I've seen the stir you're creating already and it's just what we need."
  1648. >As long as she doesn't include any of the less-than-flattering pictures Sweetie keeps sneaking....
  1649. >Thinking back, you now vaguely remember thinking you heard the snap of a camera last night when you were, umm... occupied.
  1650. >"No, this is a different issue. One with which I hate to impose on your good graces, Anon, but I'm afraid I find myself with few other choices. Octavia?"
  1651. >Octavia?
  1652. >Octavia!
  1653. >A very familiar and uncharacteristically cheerful looking earth pony trots up to the door and pokes her head in!
  1654. >"Yes, Princess?" she asks with a slight bow, not before giving you a quick and grateful smile first though!
  1655. >"You may send her in, thank you," the Princess says then turns to you. "And before you ask, yes. I was in the market for a new assistant, and after what I'd heard from you about this lovely mare I decided to make her previous master an offer he couldn't refuse."
  1656. >An offer he couldn't refuse.
  1657. >Does that mean like, a good offer, or what? Because you straight up told her the awful things that man does.
  1658. >The more you look at her, the more you think it might be the latter.
  1659. >No other pony might notice it, but when she looked in the direction of Dr. Rogers house just now....
  1660. >Good. Buck that guy.
  1661. >You hope she put the fear of the heavens into him and then some!
  1662. >Octavia doesn't come back alone this time though.
  1663. >You hear them before you see them, but what you see takes you by surprise!
  1664. >Not AJ, not Fluttershy, not any of your friends, but somepony much bigger.
  1665. >Somepony much bigger, but not looking nearly as tall or intimidating as she usually does.
  1666. >Maybe it's the lack of armor or weapons, or maybe it's her whole demeanor, but either way Princess Luna looks... small.
  1667. >Not like physically of course, but the way she almost slinks into the house and then hesitates to come any further....
  1668. >"Anon, this is my sister, Luna. I'm sure you've heard much about her from my faithful student," That's you! "but this is her first trip to Earth proper. Luna may have had some 'involvement' with the human forces still occupying Equus over the years and, well, let's just say she's a bit of a controversial pony at the moment."
  1669. >Does she mean the whole 'working with the humans' thing or are they mad at her now too?
  1670. >You'd heard of her fighting off the human war machines from ponies in the Crystal Empire, but you figured those were either rumors or staged.
  1671. >"These are things that can be smoothed over in time, of course, but for that to happen we need somewhere out of the public eye so to speak."
  1672. >So does he want her to... like, stay here?
  1673. >You notice the lunar princess's bare collarless neck compared to her sister's tiny, but still present, golden chain.
  1674. >"Are we to understand you wish for her to stay here, Princess?" Rarity asks from her spot on Anon's lap.
  1675. >Celestia looks from them to her uncomfortable sister, then back. "Girls would you mind giving myself and Mr. Anon a moment? Perhaps you could show Luna around for a bit?"
  1676. >Rarity cocks her head a tiny bit, but nods and hops off the chair quickly enough. "As you wish. Sweetie?"
  1677. >Said Sweetie has already enthusiastically jumped down and run over to said alicorn to drag her away as requested. "Come on, Princess, you can see my room!"
  1678. >Rarity merely rolls her eyes at the overwhelming exuberance and falls in behind the pair.
  1679. >Not before giving you a wink and blowing you a kiss when you catch her eye though.
  1680. >Ugh she's just trying to embarrass you and it works....
  1681. >When you try to get up and follow them though, you find yourself instead hugged closer to your mentor's back by a golden glow wrapped around your barrel.
  1682. >Alrighty then, guess you're staying.
  1683. >"As Miss Belle astutely guessed, I am asking you to look after my sister for a time. I should think a month or two would suffice, but I can't say that for certain," the Princess says, as her purple snuggle bug (you) happily digs her face between the base of her massive wings.
  1684. >She even turns to nuzzle the top of your head in a way that makes you beam!
  1685. >"I mean, I guess I don't mind? We'd have to keep her hidden right? No going out and such?" Anon asks with a small smile as he watches the two of you.
  1686. >"That's correct," she quits nuzzling you to say. No, come back! "You'll of course be compensated for an alicorn's appetite and other housing needs, but her stay here needs to stay between us. She might also be a bit..." The Princess hesitates, picking her words carefully. "Truth be told I didn't choose here simply to keep her out of sight. Luna's perception of humanity in general is... not favorable. She formed alliances with some for what she viewed as the greater good, but on an emotional level she just doesn't understand how we could ever work together."
  1687. >Your 'the Pnd deposited into anon's open arms.
  1688. >Not that this isn't a spot you enjoy as well, but he's not nearly as soft.
  1689. >[spoiler] Stronger though. Well ok, Princess Celestia is probably actually stronger, but he just like feels stronger? [/spoiler]
  1690. >You roll back onto your stomach and tuck your hooves underneath you as he settles for a two handed scratching approach.
  1691. >One hand digging fingers into your neck and the other along your haunches.
  1692. >Careful there in front of the Princess though....
  1693. >"If nothing else, seeing the relationship you have with your mares should challenge Luna's preconceptions, if not show her outright that humans and ponies don't have to always be at odds."
  1694. >That's a very sweet sentiment that you 100% agree with.
  1695. >You and Anon get along well with each other all the time.
  1696. >Absolutely all the time.
  1697. >It's not like you JUST had to subtly use your magic to move his hand off your ASS IN FRONT OF YOUR PRINCESS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!
  1699. >"That makes sense. We're all pretty happy here after all. Right Twi?"
  1700. >He lifts your chin with scratches as he deliberately fucks with you.
  1701. >Oh, you'll get him for this....
  1702. >He wasn't just rubbing your plot because it's hella soft and plushy. He was rubbing them because he gets some perverse pleasure out of feeling the heat under the minor illusion spell you've been running on and off for weeks to keep your not-the-color-it-should-be behind out of Rarity's pictures!
  1703. >You're gonna rearranged his computer desktop for this.
  1704. >You smile though and do your best to play the part of doting marefriend in front of the Princess.
  1705. "Well... most the time, I guess...."
  1706. >'Tried' is the keyword.
  1707. >The Princess just smiles, giggles, and lights her own horn in response.
  1708. >You aren't really sure about the specifics of what she just did and holy crap do you not even care!
  1709. >All you know is it feels like the eternal fire in your hind end has been quenched and it's enough to make you moan and go limp in relief!
  1710. >The constant weeks-long sting is finally gone! You're free!
  1711. "Of course, I wouldn't dream of asking you to run your household any differently," she says as she slides off the couch and trots over to nuzzle her lolled out student.
  1712. >Sorry, Twilight isn't home right now. Please leave a message.
  1713. >"But you may find an alicorn a bit... different than a unicorn in that regard. It might be best to view luna more as a guest, an observer, rather than a participant when it comes to 'household order'."
  1714. >Wait what?
  1715. >"At the end of the day you are the master of your domain-"
  1716. >What?!
  1717. >Is she saying what you think she's saying?!
  1718. >"- but, as we said, good luck getting through to luna with the same techniques. You know I don't disapprove. Goodness knows I tried teaching her a thing or two the same thing way over the years, but with how resilient alicorns can be I was the one exhausted long before her."
  1719. >Ok MAYBE you're misreading this because your brain is kinda all mushy at the moment, but it sounds like she's talking about teaching alicorn plots the same way he teaches your -
  1720. >"Unlike with some other ponies...."
  1721. >Wait hold on! Why are you just laying here?! What are they doing to you?!
  1722. >You sit straight up like a bolt of lightning between the two, pushing away both his roaming hands and her soothing magic!
  1723. >T-they were...
  1724. >You look from one to the other and find both sporting amused grins!
  1725. >They ARE talking about you!
  1726. >They were talking about you, and messing with you, and you were just lying there letting yourself be distracted by their soothing wiles!
  1727. >"Now Twilight. It's rude to interrupt the Princess." He laughs, "Weren't you taught better than that?"
  1728. >You aren't sure if he means 'taught' by the Princess or 'taught' by him, but you're fairly sure that's intentional!
  1729. >If he's gonna be like that then surely your mentor will have your back, right?
  1730. >What you don't expect is an odd, almost wistful, look from the Princess of light.
  1731. >"She always was a bit of a hooffull as a filly."
  1732. >F-filly...?
  1733. >"Oh, the nobles complained and complained about her manners and disrespect for their silly little protocols, but that I could overlook. Once she got in her head to learn about a new spell though..."
  1734. >Memories of the hoof of the sun landing on your cutiemark after you'd snuck into the forbidden section again flood your mind, much to your extreme mortification!
  1735. >"Truth be told, I'd expected the cruel life of a slave to have changed her completely. Yet here she is, just as full of life, energy, and trouble as ever."
  1736. "Princessssss!"
  1737. >She just smiles and pokes you in the nose with a golden hoof!
  1738. >"Don't you 'Princess' me little filly. You're lucky to still be dealt with in a safe manner and we all know it! You'll be an example for Luna these upcoming weeks, so do try to not let my healing go to waste too quickly, understand?"
  1739. >A-an example...?
  1740. >Does she mean Luna might see you... that is to say your...?
  1741. >You push the two of them aside and jump down to put some distance between yourself and the pair of bullies!
  1742. >The Princess! A bully!
  1743. >No one else ever saw her mischievous side, but you always knew it was there!
  1744. >You try to push the implication of Luna watching the cause what Celestia just healed out of your mind as you stare the two down.
  1745. >"Yes?" The Princess asks with a turned head and serene smile.
  1746. >Any biting remark you'd thought up dies in your throat as you look back and forth between the two of them.
  1747. >He's still sitting in his chair and she's...
  1748. >You didn't really notice how she was sitting before, what with your eyes were rolled into the back of your head. The large white alicorn's curled her forelegs up under her generous princess chest floof and laid herself down on one flank with the other....
  1749. >[spoiler] You're sorta getting a 'mom and dad' vibe, but at the same time her position at his feet like that with her 'sun' laid out... Lalala ignoring those thoughts now! [/spoiler]
  1750. "I uhh... I've gotta go do... the thing...."
  1751. >She's not laughing at you. The Princess just casually giggles sometimes...
  1752. >Still, you're sure she and Anon have many important things to discuss and would love some privacy so you hightail it out of there [spoiler] before you get picked on even more! [/spoiler]
  1753. >Maybe you can grab your laptop and have a few minutes' peace before all hell breaks loose. Again.
  1754. >You trot on up the stairs while checking your hoofphone, only to almost run smack into a dark blue alicorn!
  1755. >Why is she here?!
  1756. >"Ah, young Twilight. Your friend and her sister got caught up in a slight... disagreement, so we thought perhaps giving them a moment would be best."
  1757. >Yeah, you can hear them going at it about a room over....
  1758. >"We do hate to impose, but our sister insists, and well, our plans may have not been the best as of late..." She trails off, looking a tiny bit sad. "We hope things can be better. That we can do better."
  1759. >She seems genuine though.
  1760. >Maybe you can give her the benefit of the doubt despite all the craziness that's happened as of late.
  1761. >"We do have one question though...."
  1762. "Yeah?"
  1763. >"What is a 'Diamonds In the Rough' and why would such brush by labeled as a 'pony punishment device'?"
  1764. >Ughhhhhh!
  1765. >"Why, it even has your name on it. Though why someone would write 'Twilight's' on it is beyond us."
  1766. >Aaaaugh!
  1769. >"Well... it's certainly a bit uncouth, but I'm not sure I see much of an alternative? I love Twilight as much as you, but I think we both know where she'd fall."
  1770. >Ugh.
  1771. >You roll your eyes and flick your tail at the sound of Rarity and Anon talking about you.
  1772. >Can't even come downstairs for a popsicle can you?!
  1773. >Something something, no rest for the weary, hear you were talking shit, blah blah blah.
  1774. >You round the corner to find the two at the kitchen table [spoiler]scheming[/spoiler].
  1775. "Fall into what?"
  1776. >The purple maned mare and human look up from a table top of forms.
  1777. >"Oh, hello darling. You've heard about the new law yes?"
  1778. >No.
  1779. "Yes?"
  1780. >Go to keep them on their toes!
  1781. >When she gives you a knowing look though you backpedal a bit.
  1782. "Ok, maybe. Remind me?"
  1783. >You plop your plush pony plot into a chair and side over to anon's side.
  1784. >'Form for designation of pony employment type'
  1785. >What this?
  1786. >You were great at files and documents back in Equestria, but that was because Equestrian documents made sense!
  1787. >Human governments, on the other hoof, seem to go out of their way to make things as convoluted as possible.
  1788. >You're only part of the way through decoding the garbled mess when Anon speaks up.
  1789. >"Basically the government's classifying ponies by job now. It's supposed to be an overall positive thing since it lets them set certain rules for certain jobs, but like anything Uncle Sam touches, it's also a big hassle."
  1790. >Certain rules for certain jobs?
  1791. >You could see how that'd be good, but you can also imagine it being used for dumb stuff also.
  1792. "Rules like what exactly?"
  1793. >Anon leans back and runs a hand through his hair with one hand while holding a form with the other.
  1794. >"Well for example laborer ponies. Before, everything was pretty generic, but now they can't be made to work but so many hours if the temp is above whatever. At least that's the idea, I think."
  1795. >Stuff like this was never his strong suit either.
  1796. >Rarity though...
  1797. >"In theory at least. The trouble now is Master must pick a role for everypony to claim us on his taxes."
  1798. "So?"
  1799. >The other mare gives you a slightly amused smirk.
  1800. >"Well it's simple enough to put Sweetie down as a maid and myself as master's personal secretary..."
  1801. >You notice she's also marked herself as 'head pony'...
  1802. >"But multiple maids? For one home? Well, if we get audited, which with my side business isn't totally out of the question, then it'd be best to be truthful would it not?"
  1803. >Is she trying to say...
  1804. "So what? I can't be a maid too?"
  1805. >She gives a tiny giggle before sliding off anon's shoulder and rubbing up against your side instead.
  1806. >"Sweetheart, when was the last time you vacuumed, hmmm?"
  1807. >You blush a bit at the close contact, but you aren't gonna let her distract you.
  1808. "I... I mean it's been a while but I've cleaned before! Why? What else is there? I can tell when you're trying to butter me up for something, you know."
  1809. >You're gonna hate it.
  1810. >It's gonna be something dumb.
  1811. >You can already tell from her smirk and the knowing expression the two of them exchange.
  1812. >She slides you a paper from across the desk.
  1813. >L-41, comfort pony.
  1814. "No."
  1815. >No no no no no~
  1816. >"Now Twilight-"
  1817. "You are NOT telling the government that I'm a bed pony!"
  1818. >"Twilight, be reasonable-"
  1819. "He bucks you too! Why am I the only bed pony!"
  1820. >This is rude!
  1821. >This is rigged!
  1822. >"Darling, it's already in your paperwork, remember?"
  1823. >Bucking Gentlehoof!
  1824. >"I suppose we could apply to have you reclassified, but that's quite a few extra steps considering... well, the truth."
  1825. >She says the last bit with another smirk!
  1826. "Hey! I wasn't the one trying to suck the life out of him last night thank you very much!"
  1827. >"Twilight!"
  1828. >That, at least, makes her put a hoof to her chest in offense!
  1829. >Well, for a moment at least, before she quickly recovers and takes a moment to climb up into and recline in Anon's lap.
  1830. >Just jump up there like you own the thing why don't you?
  1831. >"If you want me to train that gag reflex of yours we can talk about it tonight."
  1832. >It's not THAT bad!
  1833. >"But let's focus on one thing at a time, yes?"
  1834. >You stammer a bit, the casual mention of 'training' your mouth isn't exactly the response you were expecting!
  1835. >"So what do you think master? Comfort pony? She certainly is comfortable enough, I'm sure we can both agree about that!"
  1836. >She says with a wink as she gives your cutie mark a pinch!
  1837. >Ow!
  1838. >"Well..."
  1839. "Anon!?"
  1840. >"It's really not a big deal right? I mean it's just a tax thing. I think it's fine, what about you Twi?"
  1841. >You gasp and gawk for a few seconds trying to come up with an excuse.
  1842. >Is it a big deal?
  1843. >Not really, more than anything it's just another embarrassing reminder of your place in the world of humans.
  1844. >You've got people around you who care for you though, and it is JUST a form!
  1845. "Fine..."
  1846. >It may make sense, but that doesn't mean you've gotta like it!
  1848. >The day after you've mostly forgotten about yesterday's incident.
  1849. >Mostly.
  1850. >You'd given them both a bit of the cold shoulder in bed that night [spoiler]which sorta backfired when they got steamy with each other and left you awkwardly trying to pretend you couldn't hear her screaming for the princesses right next to you![/spoiler]
  1851. >Whatever, you're over it.
  1852. >They were right, even if it annoyed you a little, and you weren't going to dwell on it.
  1853. >"Twilight, dear, we leave in 10 minutes, alright?"
  1854. >Leave?
  1855. >Anon's long gone for work. Where in equestria does she want you to go?
  1856. >[spoiler]You've got shitposting plans![/spoiler]
  1857. "Leave for what?"
  1858. >"Why, the Vet of course! Comfort ponies have to be given a once over to be sure they're 'fit for service'!"
  1859. >What?!
  1860. >"We'll have to ask Mrs. Angie for the rest of the details, but I've also heard there are some... tests..."
  1861. >Why does she have to say stuff that way?!
  1862. >And with that devious smirk!?
  1863. >"Hmm, yes. Let's see here. Ah. The Sexual Endurance Annual Test? SEAT? Testing your seat? Someone must think themself quite clever."
  1864. >T-the what test?!
  1865. >She must be joking!
  1866. >This has to be a nightmare!
  1867. >No no no no no especially not from Mrs. Angie!
  1868. >No amount of shaking your head keeps her from wrapping around behind you and starting to shove you out the door by the plot!
  1869. >"Now don't be difficulttt - " She practically sings! "You wouldn't want Mrs. Angie to find you sore would you?"
  1870. >Why!
  1872. >You cross your legs nervously as Angie walks around to your other side.
  1873. >Stupid Anon.
  1874. >"Say 'aah' for me Twilight."
  1875. >Stupid Rarity!
  1876. >Stupid government forms!
  1877. "Aah..."
  1878. >You can tell Rarity is enjoying you getting poked and prodded a bit too much.
  1879. >She can try and hide it behind her magazine, but you know!
  1880. >Mrs. Angie holds you by the chin with one hand as she pokes around your mouth with the wooden stick.
  1881. >Vet visits are always so embarrassing. And this isn't even the bad part yet!
  1882. >"Alright. Eyes, ears, and throat all look good."
  1883. >But....
  1884. >"Cardio and respiratory are all healthy, too, so you're fit for duty as far as that goes."
  1885. >The term 'fit for duty' makes you blush hard given the context!
  1886. >"Now, I know you don't like the next part, but be a good girl, ok?"
  1887. >You grumble, but allow yourself to be guided into a standing position on the table with the veterinarian behind you.
  1888. >Everyone in the room knows what's coming next, and it's gonna Suuuuuck!
  1889. >It'll probably be even worse than a regular checkup since SOMEONE registered you as a legal bedmare!
  1890. >You bite your tongue as Angie flip up your tail, and widens your stand, a little.
  1891. >She has ways of restraining uncooperative animals, and you'd REALLY rather not fall into that category...
  1892. >That doesn't mean you can't whine though, and whine you do as the speculum starts to push against your lips!
  1893. "Mmmm..."
  1894. >"Shhh, it's ok. You're doing great, just relax."
  1895. >Angie whispers as pats and rubs your haunch with her free hand.
  1896. >You hate the vet! You hate it! You hate it! You hate it!
  1897. >All you can do is thrash your head though as inch after inch of cold steel disappears inside the registered bedpony in the room!
  1898. >She did grab the pony-sized one and not the horse one right?!
  1899. >After an eternity [spoiler]and far too many inches[/spoiler] the invasion finally stops.
  1900. >T-that's not the worse part though and you know it!
  1901. >*Click*
  1902. >No no no, you hate this part!
  1903. >*Click click click*
  1904. >The fiendish device leaves you silently gasping and collapsing to your foreknees as it opens wide!
  1905. >*Click click click click click*
  1906. >Just how far is it going to go?!
  1907. >Your eyes are practically bugging out of your head as the torture device opens you miles wide for the demented vet!
  1908. >"Good girl..."
  1909. >She coos as she scratches your embarrassingly presented dock!
  1910. >"I know it's not fun, but these forms require a thorough looking-over for everyone's safety. Just bear with me."
  1911. >Easy for her to say!
  1912. >She's doesn't have her insides on display!
  1913. >You can't help but claw at the table and groan in displeasure as she starts to probe around your deepest depths!
  1914. >"No pain during intercourse lately, right? Any discomfort at all?"
  1915. >Is now really the time for questions?!
  1916. "N-no!"
  1917. >"Great. And is he being nice to you?"
  1918. >Is that medically relevant?!
  1919. >Your legs tremble as she shines a light where it usually doesn't belong!
  1920. "Yes yes, he's great! Can't you please just... ugh...."
  1921. >You hear a click as she turns off and puts away the light.
  1922. >The pat on your cutie mark is probably supposed to be reassuring, but given the circumstances, it really doesn't make you feel that much better...
  1923. >"You're being a very good girl Twilight."
  1924. >Naturally.
  1925. >A sigh of relief escape as the fiendish device finally closes and is brusquely removed from your profusely plundered pony pussy.
  1926. >"I'm a bit surprised Anon's registering you, but it's probably for the best, right? You guys have been together for a while?"
  1927. >Do you really have to tell Angie of all people about your relationships?
  1928. "I guess it's been a while now..."
  1929. >You still suspect it was more Rarity's idea than his though!
  1930. >You try and shoot her an angry look, but she's still hiding behind that magazine like you AREN'T face-down ass-up on an exam table right now!
  1931. >Speaking of face-down ass-up, you try and stand now that she's done molesting you, only for a hand to slide down your back and hold you in place...
  1932. >"Nuh-uh, not yet."
  1933. "W-wait, why not? Aren't we - no... No no no no no!"
  1934. >You struggle against her grip as what she's planning sinks in!
  1935. >She can't!
  1936. >You won't let her!
  1937. >"You've been good so far Twilight. I know this isn't fun, but don't ruin all that now."
  1938. >Easy for her to say she's not - eep!
  1939. >You'll get Rarity for this, you swear it!
  1940. >Oh Celestia!
  1942. Rarity Belle
  1943. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1945. >To say Twilight is mad at you might be a teensy tiny bit of an understatement.
  1946. >You genuinely had her best interests in mind when you'd proposed all this to Anon, but it is all a bit... invasive.
  1947. >Not that she can't handle it mind you.
  1948. >You've stuck far more... 'demanding' things into Twilight with your own two hooves, and she's loved it!
  1949. >[spoiler]Well, in the end at least.[/spoiler]
  1950. >No, she's just a bit indignant at the handling of it all, which isn't unreasonable all things considered.
  1951. >You wince as cold steel slowly sinks into the other unicorn's plot this time.
  1952. >A pelvic exam is one thing, but even you are shocked to see the vet prying your friend's rear end open for inspection!
  1953. >The tell-tale *Click Click Click* of the device lets you know that Twilight's rather loud protests aren't wholly unjustified, as 'where the sun don't shine' is redefined for mare.
  1954. >You aren't sure what Angie could even be looking for back there, but, as much as you love Twilight, you weren't going to risk earning the vet's ire by questioning her methods!
  1955. >Especially if these are her methods!
  1956. >Twilight's no stranger to plot play, but that's far too unladylike for you!
  1957. >"I know, I know. I'm sorry sweetie, but if you're gonna be a bedmare I've gotta check everywhere!"
  1958. >Angie semi-apologizes as a probe passes through the speculum and into the quite unhappy purple pony's plot!
  1959. >"No no no no no! Ahhh! Mmmmmm!"
  1960. >You can't help but wince again as Twilight's eyes go wide and her mouth hangs open in a silent squeal!
  1961. >It only takes the human a few minutes to finish her task, but you can see Twilight's every muscle tensed as she's put through the ordeal.
  1962. >When the tools are finally withdrawn, the mare visibly slumps into an exhausted pile on the exam table.
  1963. >Poor dear.
  1964. >"Good girl..."
  1965. >Angie reassures her purple victim with what you're sure is supposed to be some comforting pats on the haunches.
  1966. >In reality it's more than a bit patronizing, but you suppose in her current position it is the easiest thing for the woman to pat.
  1967. >You slide out of your chair to trot over and place a comforting hoof on the other mare's back.
  1968. "I must say, that was rather thorough. I assume she's done now? It seems she may need a few moments to gather her senses after all that. If that's alright?"
  1969. >"Well actually..."
  1970. >What is this?
  1971. >The human woman is usually so confident. You've never seen her look away and grimace awkwardly like so.
  1972. >"There is... a bit more..."
  1974. >Gracious!
  1975. >It's like a porno!
  1976. >You stand in mild shock beside the vet as a couple of her assistants marehandle Twilight into a VERY intimidating looking machine!
  1977. >"Let me go!"
  1978. >The strong young men do no such thing as she's forced to straddle the device!
  1979. >"You can't do this!"
  1980. >They clearly can as all four limbs are secured to straps on the side!
  1981. >"P-please! I can't!"
  1982. >But she soon will be, judging by the adjustments to the, ahem, 'testing apparatus' to line up with, well, her!
  1983. "And this is really a government-mandated test?"
  1984. >The woman's fingers start to scratch you behind the ears as the two of you watch Twilight be prepared for her 'endurance test'.
  1985. >"Yeah, lobbyists are weird. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of sex machine that failed to sell, so just a bit of repurposing and... yeah."
  1986. >You can see the worry in Twilight's eye as she looks over her shoulder at the device she's about to become intimately familiar with.
  1987. >The 'bit' is even a bit larger than Anon's by your estimation, and it is called an endurance test to boot!
  1988. >"Not to say the results aren't valuable though. It determines a pony's 'maximum capacity' as well as 'safe usage duration' so she's not worked half to death."
  1989. >Goddess!
  1990. >You can't help but bite your lip as the begging mare has her muzzle plugged with a shiny red ball gag!
  1991. "Is that an approved medical device...?"
  1992. >You just HAVE to ask!
  1993. >It's a ball gag for Celestia sake!
  1994. >"Well, no. But it's cheap and keeps the noise from upsetting other patients."
  1995. >"Mmmm! Mmmmmmm!"
  1996. >Strapped down, gagged, and soon to be 'tested'...
  1997. >You have to fan yourself for a moment as you struggle and fail to take your eyes off the positively deviant scene before you!
  1998. "When you say duration...? Well, I mean, I assume that's why it's called an endurance test, yes? How will it know when she's at her limit though?"
  1999. >Twilight's eyes once again go wide as her new 'friend' slides forward to touch the outside of her nervous bed-pony bits!
  2000. >She's frantically trying to wiggle her plot out of the line of fire, but with how securely she's strapped down it just looks like she's eagerly squirming for it!
  2001. >"Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, stuff like that. It's totally safe, and she's far from the first pony to get tested here. They actually send us two machines because they expect so many."
  2002. >You had noticed the identical machine, parallel to Twilight's, just on the other side of the room.
  2003. >Imagine two mares getting worked over side-by-side!
  2004. >Goodness gracious!
  2005. >"But she'll be fine, I promise. A lot of mares even end up enjoying it by the end. I mean, who can blame them, right?"
  2006. >She laughs a bit awkwardly and pats your side.
  2007. >"Why don't you just take your magazine and pull up a chair? I'm sure she'd feel more comfortable with you here and, uhh, to be honest, this may take a while."
  2008. >"MMMMMMMM!"
  2009. >Now that's a sound you're familiar with!
  2010. >Not one you thought to hear here, but that doesn't stop the moans from growing even louder as the machine picks up pace pounding away at your dear friend!
  2012. >The door closes behind you as Angie and her assistants exit the room, leaving just you, twilight, and the machine aggressively dilating her!
  2013. >This is.... You know it's at least a bit wrong, but at the same time...
  2014. >You can't help yourself as you bite your lip and trot over to the helpless mare.
  2015. >Her pleading eyes meeting yours stirs something within you...
  2016. >You lick your lips and lean in for a nuzzle with the squealing squirming mare.
  2017. "A good girl indeed, Twilight."
  2018. >You tell her, with a quick and careful peck to the forehead.
  2019. >"MMMMMMMM!"
  2020. "Oh, I know! It's just so wrong... and yet..."
  2021. >Running a hoof down her spine, you can't help but walk the length of the machine until you see.
  2022. >Unf!
  2023. >It's even thicker up close!
  2024. >And the way it's mercilessly drilling the bound mare!
  2025. >You can't help but rub a hoof on the adorably trembling plot as you watch the simulated manhood vanish into her over and over!
  2026. >Just how long can she last?
  2027. >You and Anon have been known to tag-team her plot for hours, but you'd like to think you were a bit more merciful than this!
  2028. >She's already lubricating well though...
  2029. >And the way she's tensing up?
  2030. >Why, you might say she's already starting to enjoy it if you didn't know better!
  2031. "Such a natural."
  2032. >You say as you slap the bound plot, causing the mare's whole body to spasm as you push her over the edge!
  2033. "And it's only been a few minutes!"
  2036. Twilight Sparkle
  2037. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2039. >You don't remember how you got home yesterday, but you do remember your burning need for revenge!
  2040. >Bucking Anon.
  2041. >Bucking government.
  2042. >And most of all, bucking Rarity!
  2043. >You continue to grumble your grievances to yourself as you furiously fill out the form.
  2044. >L-41b, part-time comfort pony application
  2045. >Just because she already signed herself up as a secretary doesn't meant she can't also admit she sucks dick to the goverment!
  2046. >Ohhhh you'll get your revenge and your revenge will be sweet!
  2048. >"No, no wait! Just what are do you think you're doing?!"
  2049. >The white mare's head whips back and forth as the same two assistants she chatted up the week before marehandle her into the machine!
  2050. >"Please, there must be a mistake! Twilight, tell them!"
  2051. >She pleads and whinnies as her hooves are strapped down good and tight!
  2052. >You know from personal experience she won't be getting out of those bindings no matter how much she struggles!
  2053. >A shrug is all she gets from you as her tail is tied up like yours was last week!
  2054. "I just turned in the paperwork, you know, all those forms."
  2055. >Your slightly maniacal grin must have tipped her off to the truth.
  2056. >"You! You did this to me! I swear to Celestia when I get my hooves on - Mmmmmm!"
  2057. >Now it's your turn to bite your lip as her pretty mouth is filled with the shiny red gag!
  2058. >The tests for a part time comfort pony probably aren't quite as extensive, but knowing what's about to drill her prissy plot is enough to make your clop your hooves together in excitement!
  2059. >Sweet sweet revenge, thy name is Twilight Sparkl - Woah!
  2060. >What the buck?!
  2061. >Your eyes were so busy being locked on Rarity, you didn't see one of the assistants coming around to pick you up by the midsection!
  2062. >Just what is he?
  2063. >Oof!
  2064. >In one lightning-fast motion you find yourself again straddling the padded machine!
  2065. >But you already did your time!
  2066. "W-wait what are you - Mmmm!"
  2067. >Angie herself gags you this time and runs a gentle thumb over your cheek.
  2068. >"Anon's a lucky fellow you know. Not one, but TWO cuties like you to hug and to hold! And the things you girls go through for him! Well, I'll be sure to talk to him and make sure he appreciates it all."
  2069. >Your heart sinks as you hear Rarity's device lurch to life and the mare loudly protest into her gag.
  2070. >I-is Angie seriously going to... again...?
  2071. >"Test number two for this one."
  2072. >She says to the assistant making you naturally wonder what exactly test number two is...
  2073. >She gives the man behind you a few more instructions and your eyes grow as large as dinner plates again!
  2074. >No!
  2075. >No they can't!
  2076. >You look up at the woman with pleading eyes [spoiler]as the sounds of Rarity indignantly taking test number one permeate the room.[/spoiler]
  2077. >"Be brave, Twilight-"
  2078. >No no no no no!
  2079. >"I know you can do it."
  2080. >Why does it always have to be the butt?!
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