kpop oneshots form [1]

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  1. GROUP ∥ The Boyz
  2. MEMBER ∥ Ji Changmin
  3. MEMBER'S L/I ∥ Melanie Lee Taeyeon (you know who)
  5. GENRE ∥ F L U W U
  6. BRIEF DESCRIPTION ∥ KYAHHHHHH so basically there's going to be a school performance to celebrate the school's 10 (totally didn't just add up all the numbers in 0325 to get that) year anniversary. Melanie is a part of the main dance item BUT she's struggling with the choreography. OUW CHANGMIN HELPS HER WITH THE CHOREOGRAPHY AND THEYRE SO CUTE SORRY HAHAHHA- *ahem* so then on the day of the performance ouw they confess and ouw I can't take it >.<
  8. EXTRAS∥
  9. » Ily xdddd
  10. » Melanie and Changmin were just idk acquaintances but after than one day that he helped her, they became close friends and started having more random practices together and hanging out.
  11. » sorry for the bad form prez I'm not a good fluwus member xd
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