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  1. Enjoy this list of interesting this or that questions with your loved ones:
  3. β€” A 99% chance to win $100,000 or a 50-50 chance at $10 million?
  4. β€” A life full of ups and downs or a monotonous life?
  5. β€” A live-in massage therapist or a live-in chef?
  6. β€” A million Instagram followers or 100,000 dollars?
  7. β€” A month without your car or a month without the internet?
  8. β€” A pet pig or goat?
  9. β€” A pound of quarters or a pound of dimes?
  10. β€” A pregnant teenage daughter or a junkie teenage daughter?
  11. β€” A successful career or a happy family life?
  12. β€” Adopt a puppy or a baby?
  13. β€” Adult mind in a child body or a child mind in an adult body?
  14. β€” Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?
  15. β€” Ancient Greece or ancient Rome?
  16. β€” Apartment or House?
  17. β€” Aquarium or Zoo?
  18. β€” Attend Hogwarts or Ilvermorny?
  19. β€” Attend Hogwarts or Xavier’s School?
  20. β€” Batman or Superman?
  21. β€” Be 4 feet tall or 8 feet tall?
  22. β€” Be a celebrity or be a regular person?
  23. β€” Be a cyborg or completely human?
  24. β€” Be a dragon or Unicorn?
  25. β€” Be a famous musician or actor?
  26. β€” Be a friend or a lover?
  27. β€” Be a genius or be wealthy?
  28. β€” Be a hammer or a nail?
  29. β€” Be a heartbreaker or the one that always gets your heart broken?
  30. β€” Be a hero or a villain?
  31. β€” Be a ninja or a samurai?
  32. β€” Be a poet or a scientist?
  33. β€” Be a police detective or an FBI agent?
  34. β€” Be a psychopath or sociopath?
  35. β€” Be a Ruler or be a follower?
  36. β€” Be a Russian or American?
  37. β€” Be a Soviet soldier or Nazi soldier?
  38. β€” Be a superhero or a supervillain?
  39. β€” Be a thief or a liar?
  40. β€” Be a vampire or a werewolf?
  41. β€” Be able to fly or teleport?
  42. β€” Be able to play 10 different instruments beautifully or speak 10 different languages fluently?
  43. β€” Be an FBI agent or a police detective?
  44. β€” Be an honest asshole or a sweet liar?
  45. β€” Be an introvert or an extrovert?
  46. β€” Be an ugly genius or a hot moron?
  47. β€” Be born in the future or the past?
  48. β€” Be born white or black?
  49. β€” Be broke or dead?
  50. β€” Be cute or beautiful?
  51. β€” Be fat or ugly?
  52. β€” Cats or dogs?
  53. β€” Chocolate or Vanillaw?
  54. β€” Choose how you die or when you die?
  55. β€” Cinema or Movie at home?
  56. β€” City or Country?
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