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  1. [9:13 AM] Trangar: Ok time to generate several tens of GB of images
  2. [9:13 AM] Trangar: I should probably zip this tbh
  3. [9:14 AM] Orvar: @Trangar what day are you on?
  4. [9:14 AM] Trangar: 10-1
  5. [9:14 AM] Orvar: @Trangar you should use some jpg/png library to save compressed images
  6. [9:15 AM] Orvar: zipped bmp will never be as small/fast/useful as png/jpg
  7. [9:15 AM] Trangar: I don't want to use libraries
  8. [9:15 AM] Orvar: Then I recommend a language called Cobol
  9. [9:15 AM] Trangar: Thanks, very helpful
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