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Jun 7th, 2019
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  1. I was working on an open source project for school ( that we (4 members) submitted. Myself and another guy did 98% of the work the others contributed to the documentation (outside of the codebase). Class is over now for many months and nobody has touched the code but one other member and I wish to keep it going.
  3. Do we downgrade the other two non-contributors from owner to contributor and take over maintaining the project but give them initial project credit?
  5. Do we shoot the other two non-contributors an email and inform them of our plans with the risk of a confrontation, a no, etc? For context, one member felt slighted by the direction the project took initially as the consensus was that writing this application in Java was the wrong call.
  7. Do we fork it? We risk causing confusion, etc. as the current implementation has 15+ snap users now.
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