Piper vs Incitatus

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  1.     On boat forty, Piper collapsed. I rushed to help, but she pushed me away.
  2.     "I’m okay," she muttered.
  3.     "You are not okay," I said. "You probably have a concussion. You just worked a powerful bit of musical charm. You need a minute to rest."
  4.     "We don’t have a minute."
  5. ...
  6.     It was the size of a goodly apartment, with windows that overlooked the sea so the emperor’s prize shoes could have a nice view. In the middle of the room, a comfortable pair of couches faced a coffee table with a collection of exotic bottled waters, just in case you got thirsty and needed to rehydrate between putting on the left shoe and the right.
  7. ...
  8.     In the doorway stood a majestic white stallion, his head just clearing the top of the frame.
  9. ...
  10.     Piper looked stunned, as one does when encountering a talking horse on a shoe yacht.
  11.     She began to say, "What the –?"
  12.     Incitatus charged. He trampled straight over the coffee table and head-butted Piper against the wall with a sickening crunch. Piper dropped to the carpet.
  13. ...
  14.      Piper unmoving, blood trickling from her nose;
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