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  1. Wonderland Five
  3. 'Alice', a young girl who assumes leadership of the group, is an apparent Shaker with the ability to influence and decide what is 'normal' and 'real' within a certain space. Ordinarily this power would not seem tremendously threatening, were it not for its secondary aspect - it can nullify or amplify powers based on what she categorises as 'real', resulting in frighteningly potent Trump Null/Ten.
  5. 'White Rabbit' is a young Mover/Striker capable of traversing startling distances. She can apply her power to anything that is a door, doorway, portal, opening, or similar through touch - this results in their desired destination materialising within said doorway. WR can't just 'hop' anywhere, however - they can only travel to places they are familiar with.
  7. 'Bandersnatch' is the group's muscle, a hirsute and gangly Case 53 with a strong Brute core and a Changer ability that enables them to contort and warp their limbs to move at alarmingly fast speeds to traverse terrain rapidly and scale sheer surfaces. They display little in the way of emotion, making them virtually invulnerable to entreaties.
  9. 'Humpty Dumpty' - he himself prefers it shortened to H.D. - is a vain and prideful Master, perhaps Master/Stranger, who can exert a seemingly boundless authority over the definitions of individual words and implant those definitions into the minds of listeners, convincing them utterly that their meaning of a given word is absolute and incontrovertible.
  11. 'Cheshire' is a Changer/Stranger. On the surface, she is capable of altering her bodily structure to assume a more feline form. In this form, however, her secondary abilities emerge. Her feline form is vaguely glassy and spectral, divided into segments whose opacity she can alter, becoming more imperceptible in darker conditions. Consequently, she is a born infiltrator, taking a perverse glee in terrifying her targets by assuming the form of a floating, cattish face, framed in darkness, before carrying out her dirty work.
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