Half-Moon in Equestria 40

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  1. The power released by the elements is unlike anything you have seen before. The rainbow array of lights soars through the air before curving down and passing through the elements. From there, it courses over the townsfolk and into the crowns.
  2. Standing on the sidelines, you watch a layer of stone form over each pony, before the stone crumble and flow into the two glowing crowns.
  3. "WE DID IT!" Pinkie exclaims, shooting straight up in the air. Her joy starts to spread until an ominous cracking sound is heard. All eyes shoot to the crowns as cracks start appearing on their surfaces.
  4. "Sister, come, help me reinforce them." Celestia calls to Luna, and they begin channeling a shield around the crowns. For a moment, it holds and you and the Elements get everypony to safety. As the shields break from the strain, the crowns erupt into a swirling storm of chaotic energy.
  5. Luna and Celestia raise a shield around themselves, you and the elements, and you ask "Could the elements be used to force the energy into something else?"
  6. "Yes, they could be, but the crowns are broken and there are no other containers capable of holding that much energy." Celestia says, the strain of holding back the chaos starting to show.
  7. Glancing at the girls, you sigh "I know of something that will hold it."
  8. "Could that be what you...?" Luna starts and you nod. "But how are you going to get it there?"
  9. "Are you girls capable of firing the elements again?" You ask turning to them. While a little tired, they nod and you say "Force the chaos into me. I should be able to hold it down long enough to activate 'it'. Remember Luna, only me." She nods, opening a hole in the shield to walk through. The chaos rages around you, but at the same time it ignores you, being a non-magical creature. Turning back, you smile at the girls before pushing through the storm.
  10. The magic feels strange against your bare chest, almost like walking through a rippling tide. Breaching the other side of the storm is like popping a bubble, the pressure of the magic vanishing. Around the edge of the chaos, a faint glow can be seen as the Elements are charged. Taking a deep breath, you brace yourself for the coming magic.
  11. To say it hurt when the chaos was forced into your body would be like saying the Ishbal war was a minor scuffle. Your mind screams at you to run, every nerve in your body on fire yet your muscles were locked in place.
  12. As quickly as it had started, it stops, leaving you to collapse on the ground. "Anon!" The girls call, but they are held back by Luna and Celestia.
  13. Slowly, you lurch to your feet, muscles burn, you manage to say "Luna send me now." Everything twists as you are teleported out into the Everfree forest, causing you to void your stomach.
  14. Each step towards the circle feels like a mile,and you can feel and hear the chaos worming into your mind. 'Imagine the power we could share' It whispers 'Bending this world on a whim, getting everything you desire and deserve.' Images start appearing in your head, put there by the chaos. Celestia and Luna lying on your lap like dogs, their crowns resting on your head. This image is replaced by one of you on a throne, the masses bowing to you.
  15. You fight back with images of Twilight, Trixie and you. The first day of training, when you were stuck in the hospital...
  16. Holding of as best you can, you feel your body being slowly overtaken. 'Only ten feet left' You think,willing your body to move forward. Each breath feels like liquid fire being poured into your lungs, and every second feels like a month is being ripped off your life.
  17. Through the pain, you crawl forward, every motion resisted by the chaos coursing through your veins. Reaching the circle, it feels like a spike is shoved into your skull. 'Stop you fool. You think I will just let you get rid of me.' As your hands reach towards the circle, the pain intensifies and spreads.
  18. "I wont... I wont let you hurt them." You spit out, along with a mouthful of blood. With a final mental push, you reach the circle and pour your very  own life energy into it. Light surges forth, emblazoning a thirty foot circle into the ground. Lines start spreading through it like spiderwebs, forming a forbidden and ancient circle.
  19. The outer edge becomes a massive pillar of light, draining life from all within its borders. Burning through your veins, the chaos seeks an escape, but there is none. slowly feeling the last of your life slipping way, your final thought is a wish for the girls to forgive you.
  23. "Luna, wheres Anon?" Twilight asks, eyes full of worry.
  24. Looking out to the Everfree forest, you say "He is out thee, saving us all."
  25. The others look in the direction you indicated, and your sister says "Thats where our old castle was. There's nothing there now though what could he be planning?"
  26. "When we were coming here, we made a little side trip there." You say while drawing a transmutation circle on the ground "He made a circle like this but far more complex. He never said what it would do."
  27. A brilliant pillar of white light rises in the distance, about where you sent Anon. "Thats him! We gotta go help him princess." Twilight says, running over. The pillar narrows, before vanishing altogether in a vivid flash.
  28. Focusing all your remaining energy, you teleport everypony to outside the castle in the forest. The first thing noticed is the blood, both fresh and old on the path. Trixie and the Elements rush in, Celestia helping you as you stumble forwards. Inside, the ground where the circle was is now a crater filled with ash. Twilight and Trixie dig through the ash while the others look on sadly. A fain glimmer catches your eye, and you point it out to Celestia.
  29. It turns out to be a ring, stylized with two unicorns holding a red gem in their horns. "Princesses, I think I know what this is." Twilight says, floating the ring over. "I remember seeing something about this stone in his notes when I was copying them when he first arrived."
  30. "So what is it Twilight?" Trixie asks,but Twilight shrugs.
  31. "I don't know the specifics. All I know is its supposed to make alchemy easier." Looking around, she sees nothing more in the castle.
  32. "I'm sorry, but he did it for you." You say, barely able to stay awake. "He was willing to give himself up, body and soul for you two."
  33. Tears fall from their cheeks for a moment, before they share a look of determination.
  37. Standing before the gate, the True Gate, you give a wan smile. "At least I managed to do something important with my life." You mutter, staring at the near complete copy of you, sitting right in front of the gate.
  38. It creaks open slowly, shadowy hands reaching out to you and deranged whispers caressing your ears. The hands burn as they wrap around your bare flesh, yet you don't resist.
  39. Slowly, they drag you towards the gate, until you feel a force pulling you away from it. A pure white strand of magic is wrapped around your waist, rooting you in place.
  40. The door behind you, your gate, creaks and groans, as if being forced open from the other side. Cracks start forming along it, marring the formulas and equations covering its face. With a final mighty crack, it is ripped asunder and two intertwined tentacles of magic rip through the opening. Joining with the white one, they pull you back from the door.
  41. The two magics, one purple, the other blue detach from you and press against the dark powers from the gate. The white one pulls you away, and everything starts to blur. Just before everything fades, you see the dark hands consume the magic and lash out at you.
  42. Slowly, the black changes to white, before being replaced by colors. As your eyes focus, you see the concerned looks of Celestia, Luna, Twilight and Trixie. With a shaky voice, you say "What happened?" Before you can do anything more, your two special someponys wrap around you in a hug, and you notice something different. When you reach to hug them, instead of your arms, you have hooves. Unable to move much, the only exclamation you can make is "Huh?"
  43. Celestia gives you an apologetic look, and says "Girls, lets get him to somewhere he can rest, and we can explain everything there." The two nod and move beside you, helping you to your new hooves. To keep you from falling, they stand on either side, lightly pressed against you. The five of you head to your room while you were here, and you finally get a good look at yourself in a mirror.
  44. You are now a unicorn with a blue coat, similar in color to Luna, except your purple and light blue mane. Retaining their natural color, your eyes are a stark contrast to this, and you turn. A cutie mark, much like the pendant you had marks a silver half-moon on your flank.
  45. "I'm sorry. Without knowledge on your body's inner workings, there was no way to re-create your old one when we brought you back. Instead we made you this one..." Celestia says, ears pressed down. "We tried to incorporate everything we knew from your old body, so many things are the same, like your voice and eyes, as well as... well That." She says, with a glance at your stomach region.
  46. Twilight sits on one side of you, before saying "with that stone, we were able to combine its power with our magic to create the body, as well as bring your soul back to us. It may have cost us our magic, but having you is far more important than that."
  47. Trixie nods in agreement, and you give them both a kiss on the cheek. "To know you care this much, Its wonderful. We all may have lost our special skills, but we also gained a special bond. And besides, now you guys can teach me magic while I teach you Alchemy." The girls laugh at this, and Celestia and Luna make their way from the room.
  48. Before she leaves, Luna says "I will be seeing all of you again tonight. That is, if you're not to tired." With a wink, she steps out the door and closes it behind her. Stumbling to your feet, you unsteadily walk to the balcony, the two of them following.
  49. "This is going to take some getting used to, but as long as I'm with you two, I think everything will be okay." They both press against your side and kiss your cheek, and you all watch as the sun is lowered in a magnificent array of reds, oranges and pinks.
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