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  1. Answers Below Questions
  3. 1. What is your in-game-name? Your in-game name must be mentioned on your forum profile:
  5. 2.When did you register on our forum? (Make sure you meet the time requirements as stated above. If you do not meet the time requirements, then your application will be denied automatically.)
  7. 3. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, please provide your username.
  9. 4. Do you have a Discord account? If yes, please join using the link on the navigation bar (top of the page), if not, please make one. (This is required as it will be used for verifications).
  11. 5. Do you have a Skype account? Only answer yes or no. Please do not mention it here. This is for your own security.
  13. 6. What skills do you have that you can use to contribute to our server? (Security expert, Developer, Builder, Redstoner, Video-producer etc...)
  14. NOTE: Having a skill is not mandatory. It will not affect your chances of achieving administrator status. Therefore, you don't need to lie.
  16. 6A. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you know the server commands (UnraveledMCMod commands)?
  17. ->
  18. 6B. Answer the following questions:
  19. 6a. Command to ban an online player:
  20. 6b. Command to ban an offline player:
  21. 6c. Command to forcefully kill a rule-breaker with lightning:
  22. Assistance: All the necessary commands can be found here: tf.madgeekonline.com:28966/help (Super Admin Commands)
  24. 7. Have you read and memorized the server rules? An administrator will be testing your knowledge of the conduct policies if your application gets approved.
  26. 8. State the names of administrators who have recommended you. (If you do not have a recommendation, then you must have 15 days of forum membership to apply. If you have a Super administrator recommendation, then you can apply with forum membership of 10 days. If you have a Telnet administrator recommendation, then you can apply with forum membership of 5 days. If you have a Senior administrator recommendation, then you can apply at any time. If you don't meet the time requirements, then your application will be automatically denied:
  28. 9. Are you a part of any admin crew? Its recommended that you join a crew first before applying for admin.
  30. 10. Have you ever been sanctioned on our forum/server? If yes, when and why.
  32. 11. What is the time-zone where you normally use Minecraft. Please go to whatismytimezone.com and copy the timezone name and GMT offset and paste it here.
  34. 12. How often will you be administrating on the server? (state - Daily, twice a week, 3 times a week etc..)
  36. 13. In becoming an admin and a rule enforcer, you are at increased risk of DDOS/DOX by griefers/hackers who might not appreciate you enforcing the rules. Do you accept this risk? For more info about DDOS, see UnraveledMC.boards.net/thread/197/response-attacks-blocking-skype-resolvers and if you don't know what DDOS is, please view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhA9PAfkJ10 and for DOX, view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhwY7YgcQ9o
  38. 14. Do you have any family members that use minecraft and play on the server? (If yes, you're responsible for anything he/she does. You have been cautioned.)
  40. 15. Can you administrate without affecting your school grade? UnraveledMC is not responsible for your real-life problems. Please make sure that you can administrate on the server without it negatively affecting you in real life.
  42. 16. Will you respect, be fair and honest towards administrators and other players on the server?
  44. 17. Are you an administrator on any other associated servers? (FOP, TF etc.?) If yes, which one and how long have you been an admin on that server.
  46. 18. Have you ever filed a griefer report?
  48. 19. What languages do you speak fluently (English, Greek, Spanish, etc..)
  50. 20. Have you voted for our server? (http://unraveledmc.com/vote)
  52. 21.  How would you stand out from all of the other staff members?
  54. Answers:
  55. 1.IGN: Dexon4899
  56. 2.Joined: 1/28/17
  57. 3. No
  58. 4: Yes
  59. 5. Yes
  60. 6: Video Development, and Security Expert
  61. 6A: I must know the plugins, but otherwise 8
  62. 6B:
  63. 6a:/tban [player] [why] {ban for 5mins} /permban [player]{forever ban} /tempban [player] [time] [reason]
  64. 6b:/tempban /permban
  65. 6c:/smite [player]
  66. 7: Yes
  67. 8: No
  68. 9: No, but applying
  69. 10: No
  70. 11: Eastern Time Zone
  71. 12: 3-7 times a week
  72. 13: Yes
  73. 14: No
  74. 15: Yes
  75. 16: Yes
  76. 17: I own a server Ip:witheringfactions.mcph.co
  77. 18: Yes
  78. 19: English
  79. 20: Yes
  80. 21: I excel in what I am good at and can come one the server frequently if needed.
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