SCPSL Server rules

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  1. Owner Discord contact:Am Raccoon#0420
  2. Discord Server: <link=""></link>
  3. This is a North American Based Server.
  4. No Rasicm, discrimination, nsfw, mass and targeted tk, etc.
  5. Be chill. Toxic and annoying players will be banned.
  6. Mic spamming is allowed in some areas.
  7. Teaming is allowed as long if it does not hold up the round.
  8. Chaos/Mtf are encourage to cuff Class D/Scientists
  9. Do not kill cuff Class D/Scientist
  10. Moderators reserve the right to ban/kick/mute you. You can question it in our discord.
  11. Ban applies can be made in our discord.
  12. More information about the specific of the rules
  13. can be found on the discord or at the link
  14. Any questions feel free to contact!
  15. We have some plugins just letting you know!
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