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  2. All this time crap is somewhat getting on the King's nerves, But at LEAST he can still sit in his castle without anything weird happening. The Koopas aren't baby-sized, the goombas still exist, and all the 'cool' black and red Bowser flags and insignias everywhere are hung where they're supposed to be. But that's not too important to him right at this moment in time, What's got his attention is the fact that he hasn't gotten off since all this odd stuff started happening. Man, He's not used to this, it's supposed to be him kidnapping the princess, mario kicks his ass, rinse and repeat. The Koopa groans as he finally makes it into his private quarters, locking the door behind him and slothing off toward his bed, letting himself fall right onto it. If it had been a normal bed It would've caved in due to his weight, but he had this one custom made after eh...8 broken beds. Nevermind that though! What's important is that big clawed hand of his, sliding down his stomach to calmly rub at his groin. It's release time, No annoying minions to come and barge in with dumb orders since he had put them all on guard duty for any intruders, It's him and just him.
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  5. (( i apologize if that's a bit hard to reply to
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  8. Well, him, /him/ and just him. The younger Bowser was STILL in the castle and of course, was relaxing in his bedroom. Just because the time's messed up doesn't mean home isn't home. However, he was currently taking a nap before the older Bowser flopped on the bed, waking him. He yawned quietly as he stretched a bit, slowly sitting up and blinking as he saw...well, something. The elder was currently rubbing himself, and the younger of the two blinked as he realized what was going on, clearing his throat a bit as he felt himself start getting a bit worked up "...coulda warned me or somethin..." He barely spoke louder than a whisper, as he was still a little shocked to wake up to find his older self masturbating...though he was kind of curious how much larger he was...
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  11. "mmmaahh..-"
  12. His eyes grew bewildered as he suddenly heard a voice other than his own, shooting his attention around the room for where it could possibly be while trying to cover up the erection that had started growing. "WH-WHO THE HELL IS HERE? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU GUYS TO STOP CREEPING INTO MY ROOM SO YOU COULD WATCH ME JERK OFF!" A hefty plume of fire growled out of him as he yelled as high as he could to try and scare off whoever this random intruder could be. It's only a little while before his eyes find and lock onto the smaller one here. "..J-Junior, What the hell are you doing here? W-We aren't doing that stuff anymore." He seems to have calmed down a lot, but his big red brows are still furrowing as he glares down at him.
  13. Junior? Why's he calling you that?
  14. 3/20/2017, 4:34:55 PM
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  16. He blinked a bit, huffing some as he flicked the elder's hand "Junior? Listen I might be younger but that's no reason to call me that!" He certainly did resemble the elder's spawn, though he didn't seem to be wearing junior's noticeable mask...and the spikes on his shell weren't nearly as sharp... "If your gonna jerk it at least give me a warning or something." He sighed a bit, of course resembling the other quite a bit...and not seeming to notice his own erecting shaft, the pink tip poking from his cloaca.
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  19. "Hey!- ..Oh man..Is this that rebellious phase i've been hearing about?" His brows pinch together as he cringes a bit toward the other. "And i think you're wearing your bandana the wrong way.." He reaches one of his hands down to try and pull it off so he could help his 'Son' put it back on the right way. "Y'know, You could almost look like me as a kid if you kept wearin' it around like this-"
  20. There was..There wasn't the usual mouth marking on the back.. .
  21. I swear, The Jeopardy theme could be playing as Bowser sat there quietly, brain piecing together what this all adds up to.
  22. 3/20/2017, 4:48:20 PM
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  24. He blinked a few times, not understanding what the HECK he was talking about, trying to pull back against the bandana "Ph-Phase? What are you talking about, did ya forgot about me or something? I'm YOU you numbskull!" He huffed hotly as he glared at his older self, little plumes of fire coming from his nostrils for a moment before he calmed down a small bit, honestly not seeing how the heck he could forget about this whole thing...
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  27. Ding.
  28. "No..No no no no NO. DAMNIT! I thought i was safe from this time garbage in here! Get the hell outta here! Don't you have your own baby castle or someth-" It was then that the Elder had noticed the little pink nub poking out from where things..usually poke out. His cheeks grow a bit pink, but he starts to interrogate..himself. ".... How the heck did you get in here in the first place, Huh?"
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  31. "Wh-Whaddya mean? This is my...well I guess /our/ castle, why shouldn't I be here?" He huffed out, shifting some as he noticed the elder's gaze, feeling his own face heat up in embarrassment. He then turned a bit, his cock pushing out further and twitching softly, fully erect at four inches and covered in fleshy spines, the younger of the two not quite knowing how to feel about this... "t-takeapicture..o-orsomethin..."
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  34. "Well, G-Get outta here for a moment so i can finish what i was-... doing..." Bowser's eyes couldn't help but curiously peer down toward it once more, Seeing that it had grown in just that couple of moments since his last glance. "..." What's with these two and not noticing when they're getting erect?
  35. Bowser's own eight inches was slowly stiffening up as his mind quietly ran along.
  36. 3/20/2017, 5:15:33 PM
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  38. He blinked a bit after looking back to the elder, his eyes wide as he stared at his eight inch length twitching some, the younger Bowser swallowing some as he reached out to grip the head softly...this wasn't..THAT weird right? No he was just, jerking himself off...yeah that's it. "itssobig..." he mumbled to himself, looking up to the older as he huffed softly, his cheeks dusted red as his own shaft lightly twitches.
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  41. Bowser quirks a brow for a moment before taking a quick look down to his hardened length, cheeks growing red as he purses his lips and lets out a heated little huff as fire softly billowed in his throat.
  42. "..Well i knew i thought i was handsome but not that much.." just the smallest of laughs escapes him, wriggly smile appearing on his face. "..Okay, What's say myself out...if you know what i mean." it was then that the Koopa sat himself up and leaned back so his thick 8 incher was standing upright in front of his smaller self.
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  45. He softly shifted as he mulled over the idea, before he looked up to the elder, a mix of embarrassment and curiosity on his face as he slowly started stroking his...or rather, the elder's shaft, his own twitching at the nature of this situation, the younger of the two shifting some as he looked at the elder's tail, wondering if he'd be able to fuck himself...He sure was bigger than him, so size probably won't be an issue...For now however, the younger of the two sat on his knees in front of the elder, his own tip softly pressed against the others somewhat smooth skin "Y-Yeah whatever...Just don't think i'm gonna suck it or anything..."
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  48. "Well yeah, I don't think a pipsqueak like you could take any of this." He snickers a little bit but leans back a bit further to let out a soft and pleased growl. Big would be the best way to put it, I'm pretty sure if the Younger tried to suck it down he'd only be able to get the head and just the smallest bit of what's under that. One of the Taller's hands move behind the other to softly rub the back of his head to try and encourage him to do a bit more than /just/ rub.
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  51. He huffed as he continues rubbing his shaft slowly, shifting a bit as he was pushed a bit closer, sighing before dragging a tongue along his head, his tail twitching some as he moved a tad closer, shifting and attempting to press himself against the elder's asshole..why? Because he should be getting something out of this too, at least it seemed he should be...though the weird taste of his cock was certainly something unexpected...Regardless, he continues pumping the older's shaft, squeezing it a bit as he lightly rubbed his cheek against the tip, not wanting to put it in his mouth again...
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  54. You're in luck, He'd relaxed to the point where he's now laying on his back, That interesting little untapped tailhole now all the more accessible. "Don't hold back on the tongue.." Bowser groans, shuddering lightly and curling his toes as his tip begins to bead just a little bit of pre-cum. Usually it'd take a lot of stroking and squeezing to get himself this heated in the face and member, but various sick thoughts he had about the acts to follow after this had him already building up.
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  57. He huffed as he moved closer, pressing against his tailhole before oh so slowly pushing inside, huffing and muffling himself by sucking on the older's tip, swallowing the salty fluid and shuddering some as his own toes curl as it didn't take too much effort to hilt himself inside the other, the younger of the two circling his tongue around the tip as he shivered, the feeling of being inside the warm hole alone a little too much for him. He huffed softly as he shifted and sucked on the tip softly, lightly rocking his hips against the elder's ass as his tail twitched, his shaft pulsing inside the other as he exhaled hotly on the head.
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  60. Foreign feeling detected.
  61. "Wh- h-HEY! WHAT'RE YOU DOIN' BACK THERE?" His head shot up like a dart as he felt the other's little member rubbing against his inner walls. But at the same time he couldn't help but let out a little huffs and disgruntled noises of pleasure once his younger self had picked up the intensity with pleasuring his Elder self. "G-Get out of th-Aaangh-" It's a bit hard to let out a sentence when there's both fire and moans rising up in your throat.
  62. 3/20/2017, 6:15:04 PM
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  64. He huffed and forced himself a tad lower onto his older form's cock, swallowing as the tip threatened to enter his throat already, the younger of the two slowly drawing his hips back before pushing back in slowly, of course new to this feeling. Due to the fact he was getting to fuck himself, the younger of the two didn't really mind the cock in his mouth all too much, his own letting out a particularly hard throb and causing a muffle moan to come from the smaller king, his form shuddering for a moment.
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  67. Whatever, He'll get him back for this afterward. It's still a feeling that weirds him out though. He spread his legs out a bit further and planted his feet into the bed to keep himself somewhat anchored as he moved his hand up to the top of his younger self's head. ..He uh..Couldn't quite resist the urge to kind of mess with the little flame of red on top of the other's green dome..BUT BESIDES THAT, He began to just barely move his hips as not to strangle the pipsqueak but still wanting to feel like he has some control over this situation. The more that the smaller king's tongue tried to lap up all the pre, even more came in as the elder was coming very close to climaxing. Full on growls began to sound from him as he gritted his teeth, smoke fuming from his nose as he frustrated tried to get his mind off the feeling of the small spire pumping in and out of his actually made him clench just a small bit around it from time to time.
  68. 3/20/2017, 6:26:38 PM
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  70. He huffed and swallowed hard as he felt the hard squeeze around his cock from time to time, the feeling making his hips jerk hard against the hole, precum dribbling from his own shaft as he pants and huffs around the rod in his mouth, unaware of his older self's growing orgasm, but he found himself growing closer by the moment, soon slapping his hips a tad roughly against the king's own as he allowed the thick cock into his throat, breathing loudly and shakily through his nose as the heat from his own little puff of fire could be felt on the older's tip, the younger continuing to rut into his hole.
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  73. "Nnngh- Nnh- nnh-" In a matter of various twitches, shudders, and convulses, along with muffled noises that transformed into growls, He soon releases, Sphincter tensing hard around the other's member as his own spurts hot ropes of cum into the littler one's throat and mouth. A roar is heard out at the somewhat sudden release and overall expulsion of sexual tension is given out.
  74. 3/20/2017, 7:14:02 PM
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  76. The younger of the two was met with first the rush of cum down his throat, gagging and sputtering before feeling his hole squeeze his cock nicely, a shudder running down his spine as he came as well, pumping a decently sized load into the larger king, for one of his size, his eyes half-lidded as the rest of the seed filled his mouth with a spurt or two, the rest splurting from his lips and making a mess of his face, as well as his chest. He could care less however, hot, breathy pants coming from him as he dribbled out the last of his seed into the larger of the two, the younger king taking a moment to just relish in this wonderful euphoric bliss...despite being splattered with the other's thick seed.
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  79. Panting is heard from him as well, though not as heavy as his younger self's. He wasn't quite as satisfied and spent as the smaller king appeared to be, looking to him with furrowed down brows but at the same time a bit of an intimidating grin. ..His member was still standing upright as it leaked his thick spunk, Not showing any sign of backing down anytime soon. It may be the sight of such a small but rambunctious tyrant being covered in so much cum that's got him ready for another romp.."..m-My turn." He weakly mutters inbetween pants, almost to the point of it being inaudible. What was that? The younger may have not caught it.
  80. 3/20/2017, 7:25:35 PM
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  82. He pants as he blinks slowly, swallowing and tilting his head as he looked to his older self, slowly sliding out of his cum-coated insides and huffing softly at the feeling of withdrawing, a late little dribble dripping onto the other's asshole as he looks to him "Wh-Whatd ya say...?" He coulda sworn he heard something about his turn...but there was NO way he'd be able to fit that thing inside him, it was just too big! His tip and some...maybe...but right now the younger Bowser just wanted to take a little breather.
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