2 orcs 1 pup

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  1. “Dogs don’t suck.” Sir starts, and something about the gravel in his voice sounds so much like a warning that Bug finds himself nodding on reflex. A warm palm cups the back of his head and urges him forward to Sir’s cock, so big and wet with beads of come that it makes Bug’s mouth water, has him whining happily when it breaches his lips. His tongue curls around the shaft instinctually, like he’s used to, but a firm tug on his hair reminds him of his role; he realigns his jaw and tries to breathe as high up in his nose as he can, and is rewarded with Sir sliding deeper, until he can feel the pierced tip against the back of his throat.
  3. Bug does his best to keep his eyes low, but he can’t help glancing up to check Sir’s expression. Sir is good at keeping his composure, but Bug knows that his deep breaths and the way he’s worrying his lip with a tusk are signs Bug is being good.
  5. Inspired, he inches forward of his own volition, swallowing more of Sir’s cock until his nose almost brushes the hair at his groin. It’s hard to inhale deeply with a full mouth, and he’d never wanna get caught doing it besides, but Bug does his best to breathe in the scent; the earthy, masculine musk of an Orc man, of /his/ Orc man, so familiar and so dreadfully exciting each time.
  7. “That’s it, baby.” Sir reaches his free hand to Bug’s cheek, tracing a path down to the corner of his mouth with a calloused finger. When he prods that finger past Bug’s lips, followed by another, Bug can’t help the little sound that comes out of him, needy and pliant. “Now, good puppies play nice with others, don’t they?”
  9. Bug can hardly nod, so instead he sucks in some air and releases it with a little high pitched sound, like a yappy little lap dog. Almost right away, there’s another presence in the room, almost as tall as Sir and just as wide. He recognises this one from other playdates – he likes to strike him across the face, Bug remembers, and his cheek tingles minutely at the memory of it. He’s been trying so hard to not think about his own need, but he can feel his dick pulse and leak where it’s trapped in the leg of his pants, and then once again as the second Orc takes himself in hand and lines up with Bug’s lips.
  11. “That’s my good boy.” Sir pets his hair sweetly as the second cock inches past his teeth, stretching his mouth until it burns from friction and he can feel drool running down his chin. “Just think of the treat you’ll get at the end.”
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