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  1. The setting was definitely worth talking about. It was some sort of dystopian urban megastructure like the Costco from Idiocracy. The last scene before I woke up, I was on a bike carrying a steering wheel cover, trying to find a steering wheel that would fit it. Riding through all these crazy sections. Aisles with cars on display the way bikes are normally, aisles with  full grown trees for sale, delivered by back-ho to your apartment past the school that's all in the same building. I got stopped by security for cutting through the track behind the school and they confiscated my bike which was ass, but they were laughing about some of my older Google photos that like auto-populated some space around my head when they looked at me. We get to talking about how to protect yourself from privacy and they're all laughing at me for thinking I stood a chance. As this conversation is going down, a latino-esque family is walking by and this little shit daughter is just being an absolute nightmare to her mom. "I see them, I have eyes you moron." "Do you think I don't know what I'm doing in life? Do you think I need you around?" these types of things.
  3. I excused myself from the conversation with security to apologize to the mother for how I was about to treat her daughter. "Where are you going to college? What are you studying? Where will you live after that? Who would hire someone with your attitude? Do you think your skill base would justify putting your attitude next to others?" Just laying into her, and she can't handle it and starts to break down. But then I explain to her, "Right now, I'm riding- well, walking now that I got my bike taken- around looking for a steering wheel for my kiddo's first car. I'm trying to find it but I've been looking for hours and can't find them. You see that woman over there? She probably lost some of her dreams when you came around. She's been killing herself making sure you get to eat and sleep and learn everything you can. You haven't had the chance to do this for someone but she didn't have to do it for you, and she doesn't have to, but she still does. Why don't you go thank her instead of all this vitriol coming out of your mouth." At this point I realized that the rest of the family had continued on without her as I lambasting her in this aisle, and now her and I were on a mission to find them. We continued searching until we got to a bed section where she was too tired to continue searching and laid down for sleep.
  5. At this point, I notice that I have gone quite far from my home and the lights were starting to get turned off around me. So I picked up the pace and started running until I happen to run past the steering wheel section. Unfortunately, when I turned my attention to the daughter's ways, I set the cover down against the wall and never remembered to pick it back up. So I had no clue what size steering wheel to get, and I took a deep breath, leaned my head back, and screamed "WWWWHHHHYYYYYY" until I woke up in bed, out of the dream.
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