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  1. 1.  The name of the bookstore and the person who gave the taxi job is most probably Sarah, who was at the embracing. And seems to be the driving force behind our new existence, together with John etc.
  2.     Also Sarah's physical appearance, could be important in finding her.
  4. 2.  John Harley Matheson, the person who led us to the park where the group was embraced.
  6. 3.  Nathainiel Dubois, the person who led Louis to the club, present at the embrasing
  8. 4.  Lucas Gates
  10. 5.  Andrea Ouellette and her role at the embracing, and her taking away Edward. And her obvious unease with the way the event is going down, and her loathing of Lucas Gates.
  11.     This seems to be the woman with the writhing flesh and tatoo's and should be a bit more easy to track down with a description like that.
  13. 6.  Also Edward and his role in the whole evening, since we dont know anymore who he is.
  15. 7.  The name of the club they were in, DiDi's, could be something to find there, security footage, who booked Edward to play there, as that person could also be involved in setting this all up.
  16.     Maybe people at DiDi are involved more closely to this all.
  21. More specific stuff, mainly overheard when Jack was present.
  23. 1.  Sarah was at a party Brock's parents gave, which means they could already know her and able to maybe track her down.
  25. 2.  When we were barely conscious, the people who orchestrated our embracing made mention of an agreement and seemed to not want us hurt, except Lucas who didnt seem to care.
  27. 3.  John Harley Matheson mentioning about being afraid to overstaying his welcome in the city, suggesting he does not lives in the city, he offers Nathaniel a ride from the park, which Nathaniel accepts.
  29. 4.  Sarah and Andrea have an argument with Andrea saying she is taking Edward with her, Sarah aggressively disagrees and mentions an experiment. Andrea tells Sarah to back off, and seems ready to fight
  30.     Sarah. She mentions teaching him the coils herself. (seems pretty important, if only because it makes me curious with us being an experiment and all)
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