Zuihou LN - Part 3 [Translated]

Apr 22nd, 2016
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  1. Zuihou LN - The Auspicious Seas, the Phoenix's Sky
  2. From
  4. 第3章 任務執行中
  5. Part 3 - Doing One's Duty
  7. 司令室外——
  8. Outside the Commander's Room——
  9. 首先映入眼簾的便是一望無際的大海。
  10. The first thing that came into view was the seemingly endless ocean.
  11. 只要做個深呼吸,就感覺肺裡充滿了潮水的鹹腥氣息。海浪拍打聲從耳邊流過。
  12. A single breath is enough ti fill you with the briny taste of the sea. The sound of lapping waves flowed past the ears.
  13. “嗯~果然還是海裡好啊……”
  14. "Mm~as expected, it's better on the high seas after all..."
  15. “您一直在陸上嗎?”
  16. "You've been on land this whole time?"
  17. 緊跟在我身後的加賀道。
  18. Following close behind, Kaga spoke out.
  19. 她按著被海風揚起的髮梢。
  20. She held down her hair as it fluttered in the wind.
  21. 那副模樣太過美麗,幾乎要讓人望得出神。
  22. That expression was far too beautiful - one could stare at it forever.
  23. 不過,看太久的話她又會生氣的吧。我把視線轉回到海上。
  24. But staring too long would maker her angry again. Better to look back at the sea.
  25. “在陸上呆了很久,因為一直在住院啊。”
  26. "I've been idling too long landside, since I was convalescing until recently."
  27. “……一有差錯,就又要返院了吧。”
  28. "...If something goes wrong, you'll go right back there again."
  29. “啊……是……”
  30. "Ah...yeah..."
  31. 是在說罰跑的事情吧。我也覺得自己太過勉強了。
  32. She's talking about the whole penalty laps business. In retrospect, I, too feel that I went a little too far.
  33. 總之我試著換了話題:
  34. Either way, I attempted to change the topic.
  35. “那就是工廠吧?”
  36. "So that's the factory?"
  37. 我指著巨大的龍門起重機,在其下方有著同樣用紅磚砌成的建築物。
  38. I pointed in the direction of a giant gantry crane, and the red brick structure directly below it.
  39. “對……請跟我來。”
  40. "Indeed...please follow me."
  41. 說著,她走到了我的前面。
  42. With that, she stepped in front of me
  43. 就這樣把我帶向工廠。
  44. and thus led me to the factory.
  45. 到近距離來看,果然是相當龐大的建築物。
  46. As we got close, it became obvious that it was a huge building after all.
  47. 一般來說,建造船隻的工廠,會大也是理所當然的……
  48. Normally, it would be normal for a shipyard or factory to be huge...
  49. 我看向加賀。
  50. I looked to Kaga.
  51. ——給艦娘建造艤裝,也需要這麼大的空間嗎?
  52. ——does building a shipgirl's rigging require this much space?
  53. “怎麼了嗎?”
  54. "Is something wrong?"
  55. “啊不,就是這裡吧?”
  56. "Ah, nothing, is it ehre?"
  57. 我推開沉重的大門,進入工廠。
  58. I pushed open the big heavy door to enter the factory.
  59. 工廠——
  60. The factory——
  61. 是昏暗的場所。
  62. was a dimly lit place.
  63. 從窗戶才照得進來一絲光明。
  64. Only a single thread of light reached through the window.
  65. 從放在角落的箱子之間的陰暗處,有無數微小生物的眼睛朝這裡盯過來。
  66. From the boxes placed in the dark corners scurried innumerable little creatures, darting in and out of sight.
  67. 我咽了口唾沫。
  68. I gulped.
  69. “餵,有什麼東西在啊!?有什麼東西在啊!?”
  70. "Oy, what are those?! Is something there?!"
  71. “……要是不在工廠裡了才是很不得了。”
  72. "...It'd be more alarming if they weren't in the factories."
  73. 說起來,艦娘的艤裝並不是人類造出來的啊。
  74. Now that she mentioned it, shipgirl rigging isn't man-made.
  75. 這裡到處都堆著裝滿了資源的木箱和鐵桶,其間構成的道路,彷彿迷宮一樣。
  76. All over the place were wooden boxes and metal drums full of supplies. The path between them was virtually a maze.
  77. 加賀催促我快些避開這些資源,前往垂有一條寫著『開發』的幕布的地方。
  78. Kaga hurried me past these resources, towards a curtained off area emblazoned with the sign "development."
  79. 在更深處——
  80. Even deeper——
  81. 豎有一塊看板。
  82. A standing sign.
  83. 上面畫了一個扛著錘子,戴著黃色安全帽的人。既然穿著裙子,我想大概是女性吧。
  84. On it was the figure of a fellow in a yellow safety hat, a hammer in hand. It's wearing a skirt——a female, probably.
  85. 加賀說明道:
  86. Kaga spoke:
  87. “提督,裝備就是在這裡開發的。”
  88. "Admiral, equipment is developed here."
  89. “你說的裝備,就是艦娘使用的武器吧?”
  90. "When you say equipment, you mean the weapons used by the shipgirls, right?"
  91. “正是。”
  92. "Precisely."
  93. 從木箱和鐵桶之間的陰暗處,能感覺到看向這邊的視線。
  94. I could feel countless eyes upon me, gazing from the shadows cast by the boxes and barrels.
  95. 我扶起帽簷,四處環視。
  96. I raised my cap and looked around.
  97. “技師不在的樣子啊?”
  98. "Are the engineers not here?"
  99. 再加上,也沒有看到工具。
  100. Additionally, I had seen no tools either.
  101. 雖然艦娘使用的武器並不是特別巨大,但要製造出來也應該要有必備工具才對。
  102. While the weapons used by shipgirls aren't particularly large, manufacturing them should require some advanced tools.
  103. 加賀也跟著我望向四周。
  104. Kaga was looking here and there with me as well.
  105. “沒見過那樣的人。”
  106. "I've never met anybody like that."
  107. “那到底是誰怎麼做出來的?”
  108. "Then who is it that makes it, and how?"
  109. 周圍刺過來的視線增加了。
  110. The gazes leveled at me appeared to increase
  111. “……那個,無論如何都要知道嗎?”
  112. "...well, must you insist on finding out, no matter what?"
  113. 我垂下視線,望著腳邊。
  114. I turned my gaze to my feet.
  115. 雖然是有興趣,但如果實在不好說明,或許就是不該知道的事情了吧。
  116. To be honest I was still quite interested; but if it was that difficult to explain, perhaps it was simply something I was not meant to know.
  117. 嘆了口氣。
  118. I sighed.
  119. 然後喃喃念道:“很久很久以前……”
  120. "A long, long time ago..." I murmured.
  121. “啊?”
  122. "Ah?"
  123. “為了感謝將自己從陷阱裡解救出來的恩人,仙鶴變化成女性的姿態,織出美麗的綢緞。但是卻沒人看到過她是怎樣織出來的。”
  124. "In order to repay those who had rescued her from a trap, the Crane took human form, weaving the most beautiful brocades for them. But nobody had seen how she had done it."
  125. “嗯?”
  126. "Hm?"
  127. “最後,恩人出於好奇心,偷窺了織布的過程,暴露了身份的仙鶴就此失去了踪影。”
  128. "In the end, those she had owed gave in to their curiosity and spied on the sneaking process. Her true form revealed, the crane disappeared without a trace, never to be found." (note: referring to
  129. “民間傳說嗎?”
  130. "A folk story?"
  131. 令我感到意外的是,從加賀的表情上來看,她還沒聽明白。
  132. Looking at Kaga's expression, I was surprised to realize that she did not understand.
  133. 看樣子她們艦娘沒聽過這些故事啊。
  134. It seems that these shipgirls had never heard that story.
  135. 為什麼突然要說這些呢,看來並不能好好說明。
  136. I would have to explain the sudden story after all.
  137. “嗯……總之,就是也會有些事是不該深究的。”
  138. "Hm...either way, there are some things that should not be examined too closely."
  139. 加賀點頭。
  140. Kaga nodded.
  141. 她繼續說明。
  142. She continued her explanations.
  143. “在這裡放置資源和開發資材,就能夠建造裝備。”
  144. "If we leave supplies and development materials here, equipment is built."
  145. “開發資材?”
  146. "Development materials?"
  147. “就像這樣。”
  148. "Just like this."
  149. 加賀從懷裡掏出齒輪,遞給我。
  150. Kaga reached into the fold in her robes, removing what seems to be a gear before handing it to me.
  151. 看起來像是普通的齒輪。
  152. It sure looks just like a normal gear.
  153. 不過仔細看的話,就會注意的那質感並不是金屬,而像是小麥粉烤製的餅乾一樣。
  154. On closer inspection, however, this texture and feeling isn't that of metal, but the crumbly texture of hardtack.
  155. “這個,是餅乾嗎?”
  156. "This, is this a cracker?"
  157. “像是由司令本部直接製造的,詳細不明。”
  158. "It seems like these are manufactured directly by headquarters. I don't know any details either."
  159. 特地從司令本部送過來的話,就是說在鎮守府裡是造不出來的吧。
  160. If they came from headquarters, they definitely weren't the products of the Naval District.
  161. “……一旦完成由司令本部下達的任務,就能夠得到補給。”
  162. "...we receive these when we complete tasks and missions assigned by GHQ."
  163. “看起來是貴重品啊。”
  164. "So these are valuables, then."
  165. 對獲取實績的部隊實行優先補給,就意味著這是十分值得期待的物品。
  166. A resource supplied specifically to units with real achievements: it sure sounds like something worth looking forwards to.
  167. 加賀指著我手中的齒輪道:
  168. Kaga pointed at the gear in my hand and remarked,
  169. “遠征的艦娘也曾發現過,但這種情況十分少見……總而言之,進行開發或是建造時,這都是必須的。”
  170. "Shipgirls on expeditions have found them too, but these are rare circumstances...whatever the case, these are absolute necessities for development and construction."
  171. “建造指的是?”
  172. "By construction, you mean?"
  173. “簡單來說,就是增加艦娘。詳細點的話,就請等下再講。”
  174. "To put it simply, we are increasing the number of shipgirls. I will give a more detailed explanation in a moment."
  175. 大概就是建造艦娘的艤裝吧——我猜測道。
  176. She probably means manufacturing the shipgirls' riggings, I surmised.
  177. 然後注意到了一點,我向加賀詢問道:
  178. Then, struck by a thought, I looked to Kaga.
  179. “稍微想問一下……能造出給我使用的艤裝嗎?”
  180. "Hold on for a second...could they make a rigging that I could use?"
  181. “提督是艦娘嗎?”
  182. "Is the Admiral a shipgirl?"
  183. “……嘛,果然不行吧。”
  184. "...Ehhh, it's impossible after all, huh."
  185. 雖然正如我預料的那般,但還是令人十分洩氣。
  186. While it was exactly as I expected, it was still disappointing.
  187. 總之想要建造裝備的話,這個開發資材——也就是齒輪一樣的東西與資源都是必要的,這一點我是明白了。
  188. At any rate, resources and these gear-like development materials were integral in the development and construction process, this much I understood.
  189. “工廠有決定好休息日嗎?”
  190. "Does the factory have any set days off?"
  191. “……怎麼了嗎?雖然我記得不管是什麼時候,只要擺上必要的資材,都會馬上就完成開發的樣子。”
  192. "...What? As far as I remember, you can set down the required components, and they'll immediately get to work."
  193. “真厲害啊!技師的榜樣啊!”
  194. "That's amazing! These are true engineers!"
  195. “但是,只能看心情去製作的樣子。不知道要耗費多少時間與資源,才能獲得真正想要的裝備呢。”
  196. "But, they kind of work based on their whims. There's really no clear range of how much time or resource is needed to obtain the desired equipment."
  197. 那算啥啊?比起技師更像是藝術家了啊!
  198. The hell? These aren't engineers, these are artists!
  199. “哪、哪怕再三請求?”
  200. "E-even if you keep begging them?"
  201. “……您要試便試吧。”
  202. "...Feel free to try."
  203. 我的前任肯定也在這裡試過,並且發現真的只能照著當時技師的心情去做了吧。
  204. My predecessor must have tried as well, and realized that she would have to abide by these engineers' whims and fancies.
  205. “那麼,如果拜託說想要高性能攻擊機的話呢?”
  206. "Well then, what if I were to request higher-capability bombers?"
  207. “如此詳細的訂單是做不到的。只要多放一些鋁土,就能造出飛機了。”
  208. "That kind of specific request doesn't fly. Just give them some bauxite and a plane of some sort comes out."
  209. 太隨便了吧。
  210. Isn't this way too whimsical?
  211. 真是頭疼。
  212. What a headache.
  213. 想充實軍備,看來很不好辦。
  214. It looks like upgrading equipment isn't going to be easy.
  215. 但是,只有在這裡才能建造艦娘使用的裝備的話,就只能聽天由命了。
  216. But if this is the only source of shipgirl equipment, I'll have to dance to their jig.
  217. “我明白了,那就拜託了。”
  218. "I understand. Well then, please."
  219. 我把那塊像齒輪餅乾一樣的開發資材交給加賀。
  220. I handed a piece of those gear-like, cracker-like development materials to Kaga.
  221. “……很難說能不能造出您想要的裝備,真的好嗎?”
  222. "...It is difficult to tell whether you will get what you want. Is this really alright?"
  223. “嗯,沒事的。”
  224. "Mm, it's fine."
  225. 加賀打開木箱,問道:
  226. Kaga opened a box and asked:
  227. “資源呢?”
  228. "What about the resources?"
  229. 我翻閱從司令室帶過來的資料。
  230. I thumbed through the data I had brought over from the Command Room.
  231. 鎮守府內儲備的鋁土並不多。
  232. The Naval District's bauxite stockpiles weren't large.
  233. 不過,300左右的分量還是能拿得出來的。
  234. But roughly 300 units could still be spared.
  235. 從前任的記錄來看,淨是在造大砲,飛機的開發次數並沒有達到足夠參考的地步,只有自己去試了啊。
  236. From my predecessor's records, it appears that she had focused on main guns. Her attempts to develop planes were far too few to provide any clear recipes. Guess I'm on my own.
  237. 我照著過去的記錄,告訴加賀要用的資源。
  238. Skimming over the records, I listed the resource investment to Kaga.
  239. “首先燃料30,彈藥30,鋼材30,鋁土100,這樣可以嗎?”
  240. "Let's start with 30 units of fuel, 30 units of munitions, 30 units of steel and 100 units of bauxite; is that acceptable?"
  241. “好的。”
  242. "Very well."
  243. 加賀取出資源,堆在看板前。
  244. Kaga removed the resources and put them on the table.
  245. 剛一離開看板,就從上方垂下了一面寫著「開發」的幕布,像劇場的帷幕那樣擋住了視線。
  246. Her hands had scarcely left the table when a curtain embroidered with the words "Developing" fell, covering the surface as if it were a tiny stage.
  247. 能聽到對面傳來的聲音。喀嚓喀嚓,就像是在吃餅乾一樣。
  248. Crunch, crunch: the sounds that came across the curtains sounded like munching.
  249. “那就是餅乾吧!?”
  250. "Are those actually crackers?!"
  251. “……誰知道呢?”
  252. "...Who knows?"
  253. 說起來,在西方的民間傳說裡,供奉餅乾是一件約定俗成的事?
  254. Speaking of which, aren't there Western Legends involving the dedication and breaking of bread as parts of rituals and agreements?
  255. 幕布的對面開始騷動。
  256. Movement, on the other side of the curtain.
  257. 咣咣的打鐵聲,咕咕的流動聲,還有轟轟的燃燒聲。
  258. Clang, clang, the sounds of metal on metal; glug glug, a flowing sounds; and the sound of explosions.
  259. ——到底發生了什麼啊?
  260. ——What the hell is going on back there?
  261. 我有一種掀開幕布看個究竟的衝動。
  262. I felt a sudden urge to grab the curtain and pull it open.
  263. 不過,這時候還是要忍耐才行。
  264. But I had to fight it, at least for now.
  265. 這世上也有許多事情不要知道比較好。我追求的只是裝備,能夠戰勝深海棲艦的高性能攻擊機而已。
  266. There are many things on this good earth that we are better not knowing about. I just want equipment, a plane that can defeat the high-performance torpedo bombers of the Abyssal airfleet.
  267. 幕布刷的一聲撤去。
  268. With a clatter, the curtains swung up.
  269. 放在那裡的是——九九式轟炸機。
  270. Lying there was——a Type 99 Dive Bomber.
  272. “哦哦!好厲害!真的造出來了!”
  273. "Wow! Amazing! They really amde it!"
  274. 簡直像是魔法一樣。
  275. That was some real harry potter shit.
  276. 不過,可能的話,我想要性能更好一點的。
  277. But, if I could, I wanted something higher-spec.
  278. 總之再試一次吧。
  279. Either way, I'll try again.
  280. 這次用了30-60-30-100,結果造出來的是九七式攻擊機。
  281. This time I used 30(Fuel)-60(Steel)-30(Ammo)-100(Bauxite) and produced a type 97 torpedo bomber.
  282. 雖然不太清楚製造過程,但是從成品來看,飛機上並沒有使用太多鋼鐵。
  283. While the manufacturing process is a mystery, it seems from the end product that the planes don't use all that much steel.
  284. 稍微想想也是,機身大部分都是用鋁土做成的。
  285. Thinking about it, most of a plane's fuselage is made from bauxite.
  286. 鋁土嘛,就是比鐵密度更低的輕量合金的​​原料。
  287. Bauxite consists of metals lighter and not as dense as iron.
  288. 用上鋼鐵的只有引擎和槍砲這些需要高強度材料的地方。
  289. Only the engine and guns really need high-tensile materials like steel.
  290. 燃料對飛機來說也是必需品,製造的時候也有用到火的樣子,還是不要減少好了。
  291. Fuel, of course, is a necessity for airplanes, and it sounded like some fire was involved in the production process. It's best not to decrease that.
  292. 通過這樣的分析和預測,我再次告知加賀資源的使用量:
  293. With these insights, I provided a new measure to Kaga once more.
  294. “這次試試30-60-10-110。”
  295. "This time, try 30-60-10-110."
  296. “……明白了……不過,還請適當一點。”
  297. "...Understood...however, please control yourself."
  298. “啊、啊……好。”
  299. "Ah, uh...yes."
  300. 加賀再次取出資源。
  301. Kaga removed the supplies once more.
  302. 幕布也再一次降下。
  303. The curtain fell once more.
  304. 然後製造出來的是——我只在資料上看到過的飛機。
  305. And the result was——a plane I had only seen in the data.
  306. “該、該不會……是彗星吧!”
  307. "C-could it be...that's a Suisei!"
  308. 在這所鎮守府裡此前只有一架的轟炸機。
  309. In this naval district there was only one of these planes.
  310. 面對我的喜悅之情,加賀報以困惑的表情。
  311. In the face of my joy, Kaga could only show confusion.
  312. “不是更想要攻擊機嗎?”
  313. "Didn't you want Torpedo bombers?"
  314. “啊……雖然是想要,不過高性能的飛機多一點總是好事。”
  315. "Ah...yeah, I want those as well, but any high-spec plane is a good thing."
  316. “也是呢。”
  317. "That is true."
  318. “都是多虧了加賀小姐,太謝謝了。”
  319. "And it's all thanks to Kaga-san, thank you."
  320. 她露出一副哪裡值得高興了的表情。
  321. Her expression clearly said "there's nothing worth being so happy about."
  322. “……這是提督的功勞。前任提督並沒有在開發上投入過多資源,大部分都用於艦娘的補給和修理了。”
  323. "...This is the Admiral's work. The previous Admiral never committed such large quantities of resources into development; most of the resources went into maintaining and resupplying the shipgirls."
  324. “哦,是嗎。補給跟修理也是要資源的啊。”
  325. "Ah, is that so. Resupplies and repairs need quite a lot of resources too, huh."
  326. “因為很少能完成任務,比較缺乏開發資材……”
  327. "Due to our low success rate with our objectives, we're often low on development materials."
  328. 說起來,已經用掉三個了啊,看來是相當貴重。
  329. Speaking of which, I just used three of those. And it looks like they were valuable.
  330. 雖然拿到了彗星是很好,不過是不是沒有好好規劃呢?不……就這麼少的次數里就獲得了高性能飛機,應該是覺得運氣好才對。
  331. While it's great that I got the Suisei, were my actions a little imprudent? be able to receive a high-spec plane from so few attempts——this should be considered great luck.
  332. 加賀的表情看起來似乎也很滿意。
  333. And, looking at Kaga's expression, she was satisfied as well.
  335. 工廠的大門打開了。
  336. The factory doors opened wide.
  337. “提督,您在這裡嗎?”
  338. "Admiral, are you in there?"
  339. 傳來高昂的聲音。
  340. A high-pitched voice echoed through.
  341. 瑞鳳喘著氣跑進來。
  342. Zuihou ran in, breathless.
  343. “噢!”
  344. "Oy!"
  345. 一舉起手,她就朝著這邊過來了。
  346. As soon as I raised my hand, she ran over.
  347. “非常抱歉!我遲到了!”
  348. "I'm extremely sorry! I'm late!"
  349. “哦,總算來了啊。”
  350. "Ah, you're finally here."
  351. “因為有留下的字條。”
  352. "Well, there was a note."
  353. “哦。”
  354. "Ah."
  355. 本來想分別接見她們的,不愧是瑞鳳,準確地明白了我的意思。
  356. I had originally wanted to meet with them separately. Impressive of Zuihou, to understand my intentions.
  357. 她怯生生地開口道:
  358. She spoke up timidly:
  359. “那、那個……我要,接受怎樣的懲罰?”
  360. "W-well then...what punishment will I be receiving?"
  361. “你說什麼?”
  362. "What are you talking about?"
  363. “難道不是因為要負起輸掉演習的責任才……”
  364. "Didn't you call me over on account of losing the exerci..."
  365. “不是啊!”
  366. "Not at all!"
  367. 看來我的意思並沒有準確傳達到啊。
  368. Nevermind, she hadn't understood my intentions.
  369. 瑞鳳的肩膀無力地垂下來。
  370. Zuihou's shoulders sagged.
  371. “提督……我在演習裡……輸掉了……明明好不容易才開始期待空母的……一定很失望吧……”
  372. " that exercise...I be finally able to look forwards to the must be disappointed..."
  373. “不啊?”
  374. "I'm not?"
  375. “誒?但是……”
  376. "Eh? But..."
  377. “說到底,只憑空母的艦隊也贏不了的吧,本來就猜到了的。”
  378. "To be honest, I had kind of realized early on that carriers alone can't win a battle."
  379. “怎麼這樣!提督都沒有信任我們嗎!”
  380. "What?! Does the Admiral have no faith in us?!"
  381. 瑞鳳瞪大了雙眼。
  382. Zuihou's eyes widened.
  383. 看起來受到的衝擊不輕。
  384. It looks like the emotional impact was significant.
  385. 是我說的不對吧。
  386. Okay, I worded that poorly.
  387. “對不起,不是那個意思……艦隊呢,不是光用戰艦或者光用空母就能編成的,相互的協作也是必要的。”
  388. "Sorry, that's not what I meant...fleets aren't composed entirely of battleships or carriers; they must work together to succeed."
  389. “……但是……有強力艦的話,把她們集合起來不是更強嗎?”
  390. "...But...if we have strong ships, aren't they stronger if we group them together?"
  391. “最強的艦娘組成的就是最強的艦隊嗎?”
  392. "So a fleet consisting of the strongest shipgirls is the strongest fleet?"
  393. 一般來說是會那樣想。
  394. Taken on its own, that statement would normally make sense.
  395. 不過,如果只停留在這種層面上的話,就沒有我在這裡的意義了。
  396. But basing fleet operations solely on this paradigm would remove the need for me to be present altogether.
  397. 即便艦娘再怎麼善戰,也不是指揮的專家。正因如此才需要提督的存在。
  398. No matter how skilled shipgirls are in combat, they aren't commanding officers. It is because of this that the position of Admiral exists.
  399. “我跟你約好了,一定會讓你們活躍表現的。因為對這支艦隊來說,是必須的。”
  400. "I promise you that you all will have the chance to distinguish yourselves. After all, you guys are a necessity in this fleet as well."
  401. “好、好的……”
  402. "Y-yes..."
  403. 但是,瑞鳳的表情還是很陰沉。
  404. Zuihou's expression still looked crestfallen.
  405. 光是用說的,沒辦法讓她信得過嗎。也沒辦法,總歸會有一天能拿出戰果的吧。
  406. It looks like words alone wouldn't reassure her. It can't be helped, she would have her chance to shine one day.
  407. 這沉重的氣氛,總得做點什麼。
  408. But I had to do something about this heavy atmosphere.
  409. 不希望瑞鳳繼續這樣陰沉的表情——我突然注意到一點。
  410. I don't want Zuihou to keep showing that depressed expression——hm, that's odd.
  411. 我對她抱有什麼特殊的感情嗎?
  412. Do I have any kind of special feelings towards her?
  413. 不,怎麼會呢……只是希望部下能打起精神而已,作為上司是理所當然的。
  414. Nah, how would I...I just want my subordinate to cheer up. This is only to be expected of a superior.
  415. 我試著尋找別的話題。
  416. I looked for a change of topic.
  417. “嗯……說起來,瑞鳳的運氣很好的樣子?”
  418. "Mm...speaking of which, apparently Zuihou's luck is quite good?"
  419. “誒?是那樣嗎?”
  420. "Eh? Is that so?"
  421. 瑞鳳睜大雙眼,雖然是從加賀那裡聽來的,看來本人並沒有察覺到。
  422. Zuihou's eyes widened. While I had heard it from Kaga, it seems like she herself had not noticed.
  423. “現在正好在開發艦載機,可以拜託瑞鳳來試一下嗎?”
  424. "I just happened to be developing carrier planes; does Zuihou want to try it out"
  425. “咦!?我來嗎!那不是應該秘書艦來……”
  426. "Eh?! Me?! But isn't that the Secretary Ship's..."
  427. “誒……不行嗎?加賀小姐?”
  428. " it not alright? Kaga-san?"
  429. 正好要確認下是不是所有艦娘都能來開發。再加上要讓她心情好起來,做一些沒做過的事情也……
  430. I was just about to ask whether all shipgirls could do development anyway. Plus, in order to cheer her up, doing something a little new is...
  431. 加賀臉上不帶一絲表情。
  432. There was not a shred of emotion of Kaga's face.
  433. 反問道:
  434. She spoke:
  435. “……意思是,要更換秘書艦嗎?”
  436. "...Do you mean to change the secretary ship?"
  437. “啊?不不不,不是啊!就是說,就現在讓瑞鳳來試一下。如果說要更換秘書艦才行的話,就不勉強了。”
  438. "Ah? Nonono, not at all! I just wanted to let Zuihou try it out now. If the secretary ship has to be changed for that, I won't push it."
  439. 雖然瑞鳳是個好孩子,但也沒有理由更換秘書艦。這點分寸我還是知道的。
  440. Zuihou's a good girl, but that's not a sufficient reason to change the secretary ship. I'm aware of that.
  441. 加賀沉默地思考著,點了點頭。
  442. Kaga silently ruminated. At long last, she nodded slightly.
  443. “……是嗎……試一下的話,也可以吧。”
  444. "...Is that so...if you're just trying it out, it should be fine."
  445. “好、很好!加賀小姐也同意了。那就來試試吧!”
  446. "Good, excellent! Kaga-san has agreed too, so try it out!"
  447. “我知道了!”
  448. "Understood!"
  449. 瑞鳳雖然有些緊張,但雙眼卻在閃閃發光。
  450. Though Zuihou looked a little nervous, her eyes clearly gleamed.
  451. “誒嘿嘿……其實很久以前就想試一試了。”
  452. " be honest, I've been wanting to try this out for a long time now."
  453. 總之,她的心情已經好起來了。這樣就已經足夠了。
  454. Either way, her mood seems to have brightened. That, alone, is enough.
  455. 我告訴瑞鳳要使用的資源量,把資源搬到了看板前。
  456. I told Zuihou about the needed resources, and she moved them onto the table.
  457. 屏住呼吸等著開發結束。
  458. We waited for baited breath for the development to finish.
  459. 飛機完成了。
  460. The plane was complete.
  461. 又是沒見過的機種!
  462. A new plane type, yet unseen!
  463. 我不由得叫出聲來。
  464. I involuntarily shouted its name:
  465. “是天山!”
  466. "A Tenzan!"
  467. 那是比九七式有著更高性能的攻擊機,對我來說是必需品。
  468. A torpedo bomber superior to the Type 97. For me, this is a necessity.
  469. 瑞鳳睜圓了雙眼。
  470. Zuihou stared, wide-eyed.
  471. “哇啊啊!?這、這很好吧!?”
  472. "Uwaaaahhh?! I-Is this really good?!"
  473. “是很好啊!真的很好啊!瑞鳳!幹得漂亮!”
  474. "It's great! It's amazing! Zuihou! Great work!"
  475. “誒嘿嘿~太好了,幫上忙了。”
  476. "Mhmhm~that's great, I helped out."
  477. 她那副高興的樣子,看上去如此純真。
  478. Looking at her smiling expression, it seemed as if she really was this straightforwards.
  479. 加賀嘆了口氣。
  480. Kaga sighed.
  481. “就因為這樣,是幸運艦嗎……算了,高性能飛機增加,總歸是件好事。”
  482. "It's this kind of thing that makes her the lucky ship, huh...well, whatever. Our high-performance airfleet has increased; it's a good thing."
  483. 看來,瑞鳳一發命中天山讓她很驚訝。
  484. It appeared that Zuihou's first-attempt success in developing the Tenzan had taken her by surprise as well.
  485. 我點了點頭。
  486. I nodded.
  487. “嗯,是啊。是件好事。”
  488. "Mm, yes. It's a good thing."
  489. 瑞鳳興奮地問道:“我還是第一次見到天山呢。對了,這個要怎麼處理?放到倉庫裡嗎?還是說交給赤城小姐?”
  490. "This is first time seeing a Tenzan," Zuihou exclaimed excitedly. "Oh yes, what should we do with this? Put it in storage? Or bring it to Akagi-san?"
  491. “……嗯……反正這麼難得,就給你拿著吧。”
  492. "...Mm...well, since it's so hard to get, I'll let you hold onto it."
  493. “咦!?真的嗎!?啊、是現在先保管在我這邊的意思吧?”
  494. "Eh?! Really?! Ah, you mean you're letting me hold onto it for now?"
  495. “不是啊,就是讓你拿著用。赤城的話很快就能造出來的。之後也拜託你幫忙了。”
  496. "No, I'm going to let you use it. We can make one for Akagi soon enough. I'll be counting on you from here on out."
  497. “好、好的!我一定會幫上忙的!”
  498. "Y-yes! I'll definitely be able to help!"
  499. 瑞鳳綻放出滿面笑容。
  500. Zuihou was positively glowing.
  502. 接下來,加賀給我說明了有關『建造』的事宜。
  503. Next up, Kaga explained to me the "Construction" process.
  504. 快到晚餐時間了,所以比較簡潔——
  505. It was nearly dinner, so the explanation was short and concise:
  506. 主要就是,投入資源與開發資材,增加艦娘的樣子。
  507. To put it simply, resources and development material goes in, shipgirl comes out.
  508. 投入的資源越多,造出強力艦娘的可能性就越高。只不過,具體建造出什麼艦娘,都和『開發』一樣要靠運氣。
  509. The more resources you invest, the higher the likelihood that a strong shipgirl comes out. In the end, however, the shipgirl that comes out, like the "development" process, is completely based on luck.
  510. 我很在意一點。
  511. For me, one point in particular caught my attention.
  512. “我說,不是造艤裝,而是造艦娘嗎?”
  513. "So you're saying that they're not making the rigging, but the entire shipgirl?"
  514. “……是的。”
  515. "...Yes."
  516. 艦娘去掉艤裝部分看起來和人類沒什麼兩樣,所以稍微有點意外。
  517. Without their rigging, shipgirls looked identical to humans, so this was a little bit shocking.
  518. 我望向加賀跟瑞鳳。
  519. I looked to Kaga and Zuihou.
  520. “你們……真的不是人類嗎?”
  521. "You guys...are you really not humans?"
  522. “……”
  523. "..."
  524. 加賀一言不發。
  525. Kaga said nothing.
  526. 瑞鳳歪著頭。
  527. Zuihou tilted her head to one side.
  528. “嗯……是怎樣的呢?或許有哪裡是不一樣吧……不過沒有仔細確認過。”
  529. " is it? Maybe it's a little different here or there...but I haven't really confirmed it."
  530. “原來如此。”
  531. "I see."
  532. “如果說,提督'無論如何'都想知道的話,要確認下嗎?光用看的話……”
  533. "If the Admiral believes that he 'must find out no matter what,' does he want to confirm it? If it's just looking..."
  534. “光、光用看的?”
  535. "I-if it's just looking?"
  536. “光用看的話……雖然有點害羞……”
  537. "If it's just looking...although it's a little embarrassing..."
  538. ——在說什麼啊!?到底是說要看什麼啊!?
  539. ——What is she talking about? What am I supposed to be looking at?
  540. 加賀一眼瞪過來。
  541. Kaga glanced over.
  543. “……駁回。”
  544. "...Rejected."
  545. 瑞鳳滿臉通紅,擺著雙手。
  546. Zuihou raised her palms, face red.
  547. “我、我當然是指,提督如果說'無論如何都想調查和人類的不同之處'的話,就不能'違抗命令'的意思啊!?”
  548. "O-of course I mean that if the Admiral says that 'I must investigate the differences between shipgirls in humans no matter what,' then we cannot disobey orders, you know?!"
  549. 加賀嘆道:
  550. Kaga sighed.
  551. “雖說艦娘生來就是要服從命令……但凡事也都要有個度……”
  552. "Although shipgirls are born to take orders...there is a point at which one has gone too far in all things."
  553. 我慌忙搖頭道:
  554. I frantically shook my head and stammered:
  555. “啊啊不,當然不會下那種命令!不管你們多像人類,又如何有著不同,我都只把你們當艦娘指揮,這是理所當然的吧!”
  556. "A-ah no, of course I wouldn't give that kind of order! Regardless of how closely you resemble humans or where you differ, I will continue to command you as shipgirls! That's obvious!"
  557. 加賀點頭。
  558. Kaga nodded.
  559. 瑞鳳則露出略帶寂寞的笑容。
  560. Zuihou smiled a somewhat lonely smile.
  561. “啊……是啊。我是艦娘啊……又不是人類……”
  562. "Ah...yeah. I'm a shipgirl, after all...not a human..."
  563. ——怎麼?
  564. ——What?
  565. 明明沒有說錯,這感覺又是怎麼回事?
  566. She's clearly correct...but then what is this feeling?
  567. 不過,也不是什麼能具體說清楚的疑問,我暫時就藏到了心底。
  568. Then again, I can't quite phrase my concerns in a concrete form. I'll just keep it in mind.
  569. 總之,先試著建造艦娘吧。
  570. Either way, let's try to build a shipgirl.
  571. 從過去的記錄來看,我的前任曾經多次嘗試燃料250,彈藥30,鋼材200,鋁土30的建造公式。
  572. From the records, it appears that my predecessor often attempted a combination of 30 units of fuel, 30 units of ammunition, 30 units of steel and 30 units of bauxite in her constructions.
  573. “這資源量是什麼意思啊?”
  574. "What does this combination of resources indicate?"
  575. “……好像經過計算認為那是能建造出高性能驅逐艦的公式。”
  576. "...It appears that this was surmised to be a recipe that yielded high-performance destroyers."
  577. “哦哦……那麼,就照著這個來吧,交給加賀可以嗎?”
  578. "Ah, I see...well then, let's try this out. Shall I leave it to you, Kaga?"
  579. “嗯,那就試試吧。”
  580. "Mm, let us try it out."
  581. 加賀點頭。
  582. Kaga nodded
  583. 在建造看板前堆滿了資源。
  584. as she deposited the resources on the construction table.
  585. 和開發不同,建造到完成為止需要很長的一段時間。
  586. Unlike development, construction looked as if it would take some time to elapse.
  587. “……好了,看樣子需要等一陣子呢。”
  588. "...Good, it seems like this one will take quite some time."
  589. “必須要一直盯著這邊嗎?”
  590. "Do we have to keep staring at it?"
  591. “並不是。”
  592. "That is unnecessary."
  593. 那樣的話,留在這裡也只是浪費時間了。
  594. In that case, it would be a waste of time to dally here.
  595. 我們暫時先離開了工廠。
  596. We decided to leave the factory for now.
  598. 已經到了晚餐時間,瑞鳳去了艦娘食堂。
  599. It was already suppertime, and Zuihou left for the shipgirls' mess hall.
  600. 而我的用餐是在司令室裡。
  601. My meal was in the Command Office.
  602. 提督如果出現在部下的食堂裡的話,只會平添不必要的緊張感而已。
  603. The Admiral dining in the mess hall with his subordinates would only make them unnecessarily nervous.
  604. 再加上,上級的菜單太過奢侈,和部下坐在一張飯桌上的話,我自己也靜不下心。
  605. Moreover, the higher up's meals were rather luxurious; I would be self-conscious if I ate at the same table with my subordinates anyway.
  606. 上級和部下分別進餐是理所當然,也是最合情合理的。
  607. Separate dining accommodations for the superior and subordinate was both natural and logical.
  608. 雖然只有秘書艦加賀是和我一起。
  609. Even if it was just me and secretary ship Kaga.
  611. 回到司令室裡的時候,似乎已經有人在了。
  612. There appeared to be somebody in the command office when I returned.
  613. “嗯……給養員……不是吧?我記得你應該是……”
  614. " are the supply If I recall correctly, you should be..."
  615. 戴著眼鏡的黑髮少女,那副充滿知性的外表,正是輕巡洋艦大淀。
  616. Peering from behind a pair of glasses, this dark-haired, knowledgeable young woman was the light cruiser Ooyodo.
  617. “您辛苦了,提督。”
  618. "Thank you for your work, Admiral."
  619. “有什麼事嗎?”
  620. "Did something happen?"
  621. 穿著稍微有點奇怪的水手服,雖然這個有廣泛運用在女學生的製服上面,不過本來就是海軍的製服。
  622. She wore a rather odd sailor uniform. Though it was modeled after the uniforms used in countless girl's schools, it had clearly once been a navy uniform.
  623. 水手服的大衣襟能在後面豎起來,幫助收音。
  624. The back flap of a sailor uniform collar can be raised from the back to help receive sound (note: that doesn't even sound remotely plausible.)
  625. 是為了能在軍艦上及時聽到命令採取的改動。
  626. It was a modification that made it easier to hear orders on a warship.
  627. 至於軍服為什麼會變成女學生的製服呢——是因為某個國家的女王很中意這種設計,在巡航的時候讓王子穿上之後,就決定作為兒童服飾了。從而在女性之間也流行開來。
  628. As to how this naval uniform became the hallmark of girl's schools——well, the truth is that the queen of a certain nation (Note: Queen Victoria) had quite adored the design. Her son the prince went cruising, and so it entered into the realm of children's clothes. From there it caught on among women as well.
  629. 而在我國,則是因其女性時裝的身份,而被採用成女學生的製服了。
  630. My country adopted the uniform for girl's schools because they were popular at the time.
  631. ——正因如此,這並不是什麼學生製服,而是正規的軍服。大概吧。
  632. ——As such, this uniform isn't a school uniform, but a true military uniform. Probably.
  633. 但是,還是不太明白。
  634. I still don't really get it though.
  635. 為什麼裙子的腰那裡要開個洞,露出皮膚呢。
  636. Hell, why are there holes at her waist that show her skin?
  637. 實在是很在意,不過因為她們是艦娘,一定有什麼特殊的理由吧。
  638. It's really distracting. Then again, she is a shipgirl, so she must have some kind of special reason.
  639. 大淀說出了來由:
  640. Ooyodo spoke.
  641. “從司令本部向提督下達了命令。”
  642. "GHQ has new orders for you, Admiral."
  643. “哦?來電報了嗎?”
  644. "Ah? Was it wired over?"
  645. “不。我能夠直接與司令本部進行通信。”
  646. "No. I can communicate directly with GHQ."
  647. “那還真厲害啊。”
  648. "That's damn impressive,"
  649. 我望著大淀感慨道。
  650. I exclaimed as I glanced at Ooyodo.
  651. 她驕傲地挺起胸膛。
  652. Ooyodo proudly puffed up her chest.
  653. “畢竟我是作為艦隊旗艦進行了特化設計的新銳輕巡。艦隊的指揮與運營就都請交給我吧。”
  654. "I am one of the new model specially-designed flagship light cruisers, after all. Leave fleet Commands and Operations to me."
  655. “真可靠啊……不過,姑且不說指揮艦隊,組織運營……這不是秘書艦的事嗎?”
  656. "How reliable...but, putting together operations...isn't that the secretary ship's job?"
  657. “當然,作為秘書艦也會全力工作的!”
  658. "Of course, I would do my utmost as secretary ship as well!"
  659. 大淀的臉上浮現出光彩照人的笑容。
  660. A brilliant smile floated onto Ooyodo's face.
  661. 而加賀則冷冷地說道:
  662. In return, Kaga responded with an antarctic frostiness:
  664. “這裡決不退讓。”
  665. "I will not back down here."
  667. 以久經沙場的眼神瞪視著。大淀的微笑卻毫不動搖,真是開朗。
  668. Kaga glared with eyes that had seen many a battle. Ooyodo's smile, however, remained as cheerful as before.
  669. “哼哼……做決定的可是提督哦。”
  670. "Hmhm...the one who decides that is the Admiral."
  671. 她浮現出的柔和微笑,就是那麼讓人充滿安心感。明明正面對著極具震懾力的威壓感,卻還能露出這樣的表情,甚至反而向對方施加了壓力。
  672. She smiled a gentle smile that filled one with reassurance. Even under such overwhelming pressure, she could still smile like this——indeed, she had managed to turn the tables and put pressure on her opponent.
  673. 加賀向我瞪過來。
  674. Kaga looked over to me.
  675. “……也是……秘書艦的人選,是提督決定的。”
  676. "...that is true...the decision on the secretary ship is decided by the Admiral."
  677. “嗯……是吧,提督?”
  678. "Mmm...isn't that true, Admiral?"
  679. “誒!?雖然現在是知道大淀能幫上組織運營了,但我對加賀又沒有不滿,也沒想過要換。更沒有想過孰優孰劣之類的。”
  680. "Eh?! While I now know that Ooyodo can help in assembling operations, I have no reason to be dissatisfied with Kaga's performance and no intention of switching. And I most certainly have no intentions of deciding who is better."
  681. 是會生氣,還是會傷心呢。雖然我這麼想,但大淀只是稍稍吃了一驚,並沒有收起笑容。
  682. Would she be angry or hurt? Neither, it transpireds——though she seemed to have been taken by surprise, her smile never faded.
  683. “是嗎,我明白了。不過不管是什麼時候,想找我的話都可以過來哦。我會等著的。”
  684. "Well, I understand. But if you wish to find me, I will always be here, whenever you need me. I will be waiting."
  685. “哦、哦哦……”
  686. "Ah, ahh..."
  687. “那麼,現在就要傳達由司令本部下達的命令了?”
  688. "Well then, shall I read out the new orders from GHQ?"
  689. 說起來,就是為了這個過來的啊。
  690. Speaking of which, that was why we were here in the first place.
  692. 作戰名『亞號艦隊決戰』
  693. The operation would be called "The Operation Ah-go Decisive Battle."
  694. 全力擊破襲擊衝島海域的敵方強力機動部隊!
  695. Destroy the powerful enemy mobile task force located at the Okinoshima islands!
  696. 大淀道:
  697. Ooyodo recited:
  698. “十天后,將會實行大規模的輸送作戰。過去雖然也做過三次同樣的嘗試,但全部都因為途中遭到深海棲艦的襲擊,連同護衛艦在內的輸送部隊全部受損,導致作戰失敗。
  699. 雖然也考慮過迂迴戰術,但航線距離增長的話,被深海棲艦發現的可能性就更高,燃料消耗也會增多,變得更加麻煩。
  700. "In ten days, the fleet will be embarking on a large-scale transport operation. While we have attempted this operation three times in the past, our convoys have always been intercepted and assaulted by the abyssals en route, leading to grievous losses among both the transports and their escorts and the subsequent failure of the operation. A more roundabout route has been considered, but such a route would provide more opportunities for interception by the abyssals and greater consumption of fuel supplies, further complicating the situation.
  701. 這項作戰一旦失敗,可能就會導致生活用品供給的停滯。”
  702. Failure of this operation could lead to significant shortages in daily necessities among the populace."
  705. 說明結束後,我點了點頭。
  706. I nodded as the recitation ended.
  707. “原來如此,從海外進行輸送嗎。”
  708. "I see, so it's an overseas convoy."
  709. “是的。有部分物資在國內是沒辦法獲取的……比如燃料和橡膠的原料,還有部分醫療藥品。”
  710. "Indeed. There are a great many supplies and materials that cannot be locally sourced...examples include fuel and rubber, as well as many pharmaceuticals and medical supplies."
  711. 那些藥好像只能在海外生產,而需要它的人卻有很多吧。
  712. Many modern drugs and pharmaceuticals must be produced overseas, and are needed by large subsections of the populace.
  713. 燃料也是很重要的,雖然天氣已經轉暖,不過北部地區還需要暖氣供應。國內的物流和工廠也很需要燃料。
  714. Fuel is also important; while the weather is warming up, the northern municipalities will still need to stay warm. Local trade and industry are also highly dependent on fuel.
  715. 我國的資源大部分都要依靠海外供應,而能輸送如此大量物資的就只有海路。
  716. Our nation is heavily dependent on overseas imports, and the only way to move such resources in bulk is over the sea.
  717. 這次的輸送作戰成功與否,關係到無數人的生命。
  718. The success or failure of this operation could affect the lives of countless individuals.
  719. “作戰的重要性,我已經充分理解了。對命令沒有疑問。”
  720. "I am completely aware of the significance of this operation. I have no further questions or concerns."
  721. “是,那麼我將發出接受命令的報告。”
  722. "Well then, I send out the receival report."
  723. “十天后嗎……”
  724. "In ten days, huh..."
  725. 大淀行過禮,轉向門口。
  726. Performing the remaining formalities, Ooyodo turned towards the door.
  727. 在出門前,又轉過頭來,浮現出一如既往的微笑。
  728. At the door, she turned around once more to show her usual smile.
  729. “如果提督認為有必要的話,我就會作為艦隊旗艦站在最前方。因為我就是為了這個而進行了特化設計的新銳輕巡啊。”
  730. "Should the Admiral require it, I shall stand at the front as the fleet's flagship. After all, I am the new model light cruiser built for that purpose."
  731. 留下這句話之後,她離開了司令室。
  732. And with those last words, she left the office.
  734. “嗯……和足柄很像,是個很積極的人啊。”
  735. "Hm...a very...energetic individual. Kind of like Ashigara."
  736. 雖然戰意高昂是很好,不過考慮到資源,也得限制一下出擊的艦娘。真是頭疼啊。
  737. While it's great that fighting spirits are high, it's also important to limit the sortieing shipgirls in the interest of conserving resources. How troublesome.
  738. 加賀嘆道:
  739. Kaga sighed:
  740. “她那樣子,與其說是積極……倒不如說是……”
  741. "Rather than's more like..."
  742. “是什麼?”
  743. "Like?"
  744. “……責任感……或者說,是悔恨吧?”
  745. "A feeling of responsibility...or perhaps regret?"
  746. 有過什麼事情嗎。
  747. Did something happen in the past?
  748. 但是,對大淀的事情,加賀沒有再多說一句話。
  749. But on the topic of Ooyodo, Kaga said not a single word more.
  751. 加賀拿出了有關『亞號艦隊決戰』的目標地點,也就是衝島海域的資料。
  752. Kaga presented me with a dossier regarding the Okinoshima Waters, the target of the Operation Ah-Go decisive battle.
  753. “……這就是衝島海域。”
  754. "...These are Okinoshima Island Waters."
  755. “嗯?加賀,你的臉色很差啊?”
  756. "Hm? Kaga, aren't you looking kind of pale?"
  757. “……是……這次的命令……前任提督也接到過。”
  758. "...Yes...these orders...the previous Admiral had received them as well."
  759. “哦哦,從西南方進行輸送的話,這裡是必經之地啊。是片非常重要的海域吧。”
  760. "Ahh, the convoys will have to pass through here if they want to reach the southwest. These really are important waters."
  761. “……出擊艦隊在中途撤退……導致作戰失敗了。”
  762. "...The fleet was forced to retreat midway...leading to the failure of the operation."
  763. 加賀的臉上一片陰沉。
  764. Kaga looked somber.
  765. 我皺起眉頭。
  766. I raised my eyebrows.
  767. “撤退了?”
  768. "A retreat?"
  769. “前任提督採取了以戰艦為中心的編成。但是,中途有艦娘大破,即使敵方的核心艦隊就在眼前……也還是決定要撤退。”
  770. "The previous Admiral used battleships as the core of the fleet. Unfortunately, one of the shipgirls was heavily damaged en route. Even though the enemy main fleet was before our eyes...she decided to retreat."
  771. “是嗎……敵方陣容規模如此之大嗎……就是說對方也知道那裡是塊要地啊。當時出擊的記錄還有嗎?”
  772. "Is that the scale of the enemy deployment is that large as well...meaning that the enemy can also grasp how vital those bits of rock and sand are. Do we have the records on that operation?"
  773. “在這裡。”
  774. "Here."
  775. 加賀遞過來。
  776. Kaga passed over the dossier.
  777. 那是前任指揮過的作戰記錄。
  778. These were the previous Admiral's Operational Records.
  779. 我快速的掃了一眼。
  780. I skimmed over the document.
  781. “這樣啊……”
  782. "Is that so..."
  783. 以戰艦為核心,列出了火力與裝甲都較優秀的艦隊。
  784. With Battlewagons as the core, this fleet prioritized arms and armor above all else.
  785. 編成是長門、陸奧、愛宕、足柄、羽黑、大淀。
  786. The fleet consisted of Nagato, Mutsu, Atago, Ashigara, Haguro and Ooyodo.
  787. 一個疑問浮上心頭。
  788. A thought occurred to me.
  789. “我說,不能讓艦娘全體出擊嗎?雖然我知道之後補給會很麻煩……”
  790. "Hey, why don't we deploy all of the shipgirls at once? I know it'll be annoying to resupply afterwards, but..."
  791. 但既然是大規模的輸送作戰,就有如此做的價值在裡面。
  792. But given that this was a large-scale transport operation, it seemed worth it to pull out all the stops.
  793. “……出動艦隊在六人以上的話,就很可能會被深海棲艦的監視網捕捉到……在遙遠的距離就會受到敵方的空襲。”
  794. "...If the fleet deploys with more than six ships, it becomes easier for the abyssal scouts to detect us and locate us...we would come under heavy enemy air attack well before reaching the target area."
  795. “這麼糟嗎。”
  796. "That's not good."
  797. “再加上,目前旗艦隻能領導兩支艦隊,也就是十二人。再多的話,就會無暇顧及。”
  798. "Moreover, the flagship is already expected to command two fleets, a total of twelve shipgirls. Any more and she wouldn't be able to keep track of them all."
  799. 還能把兩支艦隊合併組成聯合艦隊嗎。
  800. So I could still deploy two fleets as a combined fleet, huh.
  801. 不過,一旦遇上敵方空襲就……
  802. But then again, if we ran into an air raid...
  803. 我們的對空戰力還不太能讓人放心。
  804. Well, our current anti-air capabilities aren't exactly inspiring confidence just yet.
  805. “嗯……照目前鎮守府裡的資源儲備來看,就選六人的單艦隊比較好。被深海棲艦當作基地盤踞的島嶼也很近。”
  806. "Hm...based on our current supply stockpiles, a single six-ship fleet is more suitable. After all, the island the Abyssals use as an anchorage is quite close."
  807. 如果從島上有大量空襲隊襲來的話,就算出動鎮守府裡所有的空母,都很難招架得住。
  808. If the island mobilizes its entire air contingent, we'd be hard-pressed to hold them off even if I sortied the naval district's entire carrier wing.
  809. 畢竟那可意味著要和超巨型無敵空母正面交戰。
  810. Plus that could bring up the specter of fighting those giant invincible carriers in a head to head battle.
  811. 為了不讓深海棲艦發現,還是採用六人編成比較穩妥。
  812. In order to evade Abyssal detection, it'd be better to stick with a six-man fleet.
  814. 我再次翻看資料。
  815. I flipped through the data once more.
  816. 上面詳細記錄了長門等人的出擊戰績。
  817. The achievements of Nagato and the others were all listed.
  818. 遭遇敵方巡洋艦對,擊破。
  819. Enemy patrol encountered, defeated.
  820. 於敵方水上打擊艦隊,確認戰艦Ru級,並擊破……
  821. Next, an enemy surface fleet encountered, confirmed to be led by a battleship Ru-class, also defeated...
  822. ——戰艦Ru級!?
  823. ——Battleship Ru-class?!
  824. 我回想去過去那次,讓我失去了摯友的交鋒。
  825. My mind raced back to that moment, that battle where I had lost my closest friend.
  826. 那傢伙也在嗎!?
  827. That bastard is there too?!
  828. 不……戰艦Ru級這種深海棲艦,目前已經被確認有著複數個個體了,應該不會是那個。
  829. No...recent reports have confirmed that there are multiples of abyssals such as the Ru-class battleships; it shouldn't be that particular one.
  830. 我試著深呼吸。
  831. I took a deep breath.
  832. 加賀倒了杯茶。
  833. Kaga poured a cup of tea.
  834. “沒事嗎?”
  835. "Are you alright?"
  836. “嗯……”
  837. "Mm..."
  838. 用溫熱的茶水潤了下喉嚨,稍微有些冷靜下來了。
  839. I'm a little calmer now, having drank a few mouthfuls of the hot tea.
  840. 在過去的出擊中——曾經遭遇過敵方空母機動部隊,並與空母Wo級旗艦型交戰。此次戰鬥中,大淀發生大破。
  841. In that past sortie——they had run into an enemy Mobile Carrier Task Force and engaged a flagship Wo-class. In this battle, Ooyodo was heavily damaged.
  842. “這不是被空母擺了一道嗎?”
  843. Didn't they get defeated by a carrier?"
  844. “正是。”
  845. "They did."
  846. “那為什麼長門還會說出輕視空母的發言呢?”
  847. "Then why does Nagato put so little weight on our carriers' views?"
  848. “對方的空母相當特殊,尤其是其搭載的飛行器……是能在夜間飛行的高性能機種。”
  849. "The enemy carrier was quite unique, particularly in regards to its aircraft...these aircraft could lift off and operate at night."
  850. “唔……”
  851. "Mm..."
  852. 我確認了一下,資料上也確實記載著,對方使用的是特殊形狀的飛行器。
  853. Looking at the data, I confirmed that the enemy did indeed employ special aircraft.
  854. 通過更換裝備,能在戰鬥機、攻擊機和轟炸機之間自由轉換,如夢幻般的機體。
  855. By just altering their equipment, their aircraft could freely alternate between operating as a fighter, torpedo bomber or dive bomber——a dream fuselage.
  856. 再加上,我方的飛機在夜間無法飛行,而對方則沒有這點擔憂。
  857. Moreover, our side's airplanes can't operate at night; the enemy has no such worries.
  858. “關於敵方機種性能,有詳細的記錄嗎?”
  859. "Are there any precise records on the enemy planes' specs?"
  860. 加賀搖了搖頭。
  861. Kaga shook her head.
  862. 戰鬥記錄基本上都是憑藉艦娘的證言重現的。此外就是,通過通信設備觀察到現場戰況的提督作下的筆記。
  863. The Battle Records relied almost entirely on the shipgirls' testimony. The only other source of information would be any observations that could be gleaned from the observation module, provided the Admiral could write them down.
  864. 如果有和我方戰鬥機的交戰記錄就好了……
  865. It'd be great if we had the afterbattle records of our fighters.
  866. “為什麼前任提督沒有讓空母出擊呢?”
  867. "Why did the previous Admiral prevent the carriers from deploying?"
  868. “因為火力和裝甲都處下風。”
  869. "Because their firepower and armor are both subpar."
  870. “不過不是可以從敵方艦載機之下掩護我方嗎?”
  871. "But couldn't they protect our side from the enemy planes?
  872. “誰知道呢?比起我們的飛機,對方的性能更高不是嗎?”
  873. "Who knows? Compared to our planes, aren't the enemy planes superior in performance?"
  874. “使用像剛才開發到的那樣的高性能艦載機呢?”
  875. "What about using some of those high-spec planes we just developed?"
  876. “……並沒有試過。”
  877. "...We haven't tried it."
  878. “雖然我知道要在實戰才能檢驗……不過還有十天,總歸能先出擊幾次的吧?”
  879. "While I understand that experience can only be gained through real battle, we do have ten days. Can't we try deploying a few times first?"
  880. 想要更多數據的話,就要出擊更多才行。
  881. If we need more datapoints, we're going to have to sortie.
  882. 但加賀卻面露難色。
  883. kKaga's pained expression conveyed her thoughts.
  884. “……那比較困難。一旦前往深海棲艦出沒的海域,就會發展成連戰。資源的消耗遠非演習可比……長門陸奧出擊的資源消耗也是相當大的。再加上,一旦出現大破,修理也需要時間。”
  885. "...that would be rather difficult. Once we deploy to the Abyssal waters, we will be engaged in a series of battles. Compared to exercises, resource consumption on sortie is rather...well, Nagato and Mutsu consume quite a bit of resources. Moreover, repairs can take some time once a ship is heavily damaged."
  886. “哦……這樣啊……”
  887. " that so..."
  888. “記錄上也寫過了。”
  889. "That's written in the records."
  890. 我看了下資料開頭。
  891. I looked down at the beginning of the dossier.
  892. 的確,有寫到曾經撤退過。
  893. Sure enough, quite a few retreats were recorded.
  894. 補給需要消耗多麼龐大的資源,就連剛來鎮守府的我看了都能明白。
  895. The magnitude of resource consumption was not lost even on me, a newcomer to the nava ldistrict.
  896. 再加上修理所需要的時間,恐怕並沒有進行第二次出擊的餘地了。
  897. Add on repair time, and there'd be barely any time for a second sortie.
  898. 之後還要讓輸送部隊進入有強力深海棲艦出沒的海域……
  899. Afterwards the convoys would have to force their way through abyssal-held waters...
  900. 不管護衛艦隊再怎麼抵抗,也逃不過被擊沉的命運……
  901. The escorts could fight as hard as they could, but the end result would be the same...
  902. 很輕易地能想像出那副人間地獄般的慘狀。我拭去額頭滲出的汗水。
  903. It wasn't very hard for me to visualize that hellish scenario. I wiped the sweat off my brow.
  904. “……在距離敵方核心艦隊僅一步之遙之際……前任卻還是選擇了撤退嗎。”
  905. "...The fleet was practically in arm's reach of the enemy main fleet...and yet my predecessor chose to retreat."
  906. “下達了這樣的命令呢。”
  907. "That was the order she gave."
  908. 艦娘撤退,就意味著輸送作戰的失敗。
  909. If the shipgirls retreated, the transport operation would fail.
  910. “如果說,即使有艦娘出現大破,也還要進軍的話,會怎樣?”
  911. "Theoretically, if the fleet were to advance while a shipgirl was heavily damaged, what would happen?"
  912. “雖然不能斷言……”
  913. "While I cannot be absolutely sure..."
  914. “只是猜測也沒關係。”
  915. "Just a guess will suffice."
  916. 她的回答,沒有用上太多思考。恐怕在此之前也思考過很多次,一旦繼續進軍究竟會發生什麼吧。
  917. Her response didn't require that much thought. It seems as if she had contemplated what would happen had they advanced many times before.
  918. “長門一行人或許能夠擊破敵方核心艦隊,迫使深海棲艦撤離衝島海域吧。”
  919. "Nagato and company may have been able to destroy the enemy main fleet and force the abyssals out of Okinoshima."
  920. “那樣一來,過往的輸送作戰或許就已經成功了。”
  921. "If it had occurred, the previous transport operation would have succeeded."
  922. “是的。這樣做也並非錯誤。不,倒不如說,這才是正確的選擇……”
  923. "Indeed. This course of action isn't wrong. No, it would have been the correct choice..."
  924. 話中有話的樣子。
  925. There were words in between the lines.
  926. 並非錯誤,但也很難說是正確。
  927. It wouldn't have been the incorrect choice, but it'd be hard to say that it was the right choice.
  928. ——和在那時決定撤退的前任提督如今已不在這裡有什麼關係嗎?
  929. ——Does this decision to retreat have anything to do with the previous Admiral's current absence?
  930. “……我再確認一遍,你說過我的前任和艦娘之間的關係沒有出現任何問題對吧?”
  931. "...Let me just confirm again: you said that my predecessor had no problems with the shipgirls, correct?"
  932. 她毫不猶豫地點了點頭。
  933. She nodded unhesitatingly.
  934. “是的。”
  935. "Yes."
  936. “也沒有像我這樣出現過要對自己進行處分的事吧。”
  937. "And she had never done anything like punishing herself."
  938. “是的。因為她是一位品行端正,很少出錯的人。”
  939. "Yes. She was a rather proper and upstanding individual who made few mistakes."
  940. “但是現在她卻不在這裡。還有比作為指揮艦娘的提督更為重要的立場嗎?不可能會有的,這裡是人類最後的防線。”
  941. "And yet she is not here. Is there a position more important than the Admiral in charge of the Shipgirls? There can't be, this is Humanity's last defense."
  942. “……或許是吧。”
  943. "...Perhaps that is true."
  944. “不顧如此重要的立場,甚至連找我接任的餘地都沒做,就意味著'不希望看到同樣的事情再次發生'吧。”
  945. "She abandoned such an important responsibility, and then refused to even take the time to search for me or another successor...all this gives off a feeling that she didn't want to see the same thing happen again."
  946. “……或許司令本部是這樣認為的吧。”
  947. "...Perhaps that is what GHQ thinks."
  948. “也就是說,前任提督被認為是'失敗了'的。這和艦娘之間的關係無關,和平日里的行為也無關的話,剩下的可能性就是戰果了。”
  949. "In other words, the Admiral's 'failure' was not in her relations with the shipgirls or her daily conduct. That leaves only her combat results."
  950. 加賀深深地嘆了口氣。
  951. Kaga sighed, deeply.
  952. 那是承認了的意思吧。
  953. A sigh of confirmation.
  954. 在短暫的沉默後,她點了點頭。
  955. After a short silence, she nodded
  956. 輕聲道:
  957. and spoke softly:
  958. “正如您所想的那樣……她沒有遵守命令,將讓大破艦娘無事歸還視作最優先。”
  959. "It is as you surmised...she ignored orders, and prioritized the safe return of her shipgirls above all."
  960. “就因為這個,才被革職了嗎?”
  961. "And this was why she was dismissed?"
  962. “……真相並不清楚,但至少……我們是這麼認為的。”
  963. "...The truth of it all is unknown...but that is what I believe."
  964. “因為讓艦娘歸港,使得作戰失敗了嗎……”
  965. "The operation failed so that her shipgirls would return to port..."
  966. “我們也能理解這項作戰的重要性。我想,她也一定很清楚,並且做好了覺悟吧。”
  967. "We, too, can understand the importance of this operation. I'm sure she was equally aware, and made her preparations."
  968. “……覺悟?”
  969. "...Preparations?"
  970. “在人事調動的通知下達之前,就已經收拾好了行李。”
  971. "Her luggage had been packed by the time the transfer order was given."
  972. 看來她也很清楚,撤退究竟意味著什麼。
  973. It appears that she had also been aware what retreat would mean.
  974. 即便如此,也還是選擇撤退。
  975. Even so, she had chosen to retreat.
  976. 保護已經大破的大淀平安回港。
  977. Protecting the heavily damaged Ooyodo as she returned to port.
  978. “如果繼續進軍的話,雖然可能能戰勝深海棲艦。但是已經大破的艦娘又會發生什麼?”
  979. "Let's say the fleet advanced, and the abyssals were defeated. What would happen to the heavily-damaged shipgirl?"
  980. “遭到損害的艦娘無法發揮正常水準的性能……就這樣繼續參戰的話,就連基本的迴避動作都很難做到……”
  981. "Damaged shipgirls can no longer operate at normal levels of performance...should they continue to battle, it may become difficult to conduct evasive maneuvers."
  982. 那樣的話,不就是純粹的靶子嗎。
  983. Wouldn't they just be targets then?
  984. 加賀咬緊牙關,一個字一個字地說道:
  985. Kaga's teeth were clenched as she forced out each syllable.
  986. “大淀一定會被深海棲艦擊中,從而沉沒。”
  987. "Ooyodo would definitely have been sunk under abyssal fire."
  988. “被擊沉……嗎……”
  989. "She'd be sunk...huh..."
  990. 空氣如此沉重,簡直就像整個房間都沉到了海底一樣。
  991. The air felt heavy. It was as if the entire room had sank to the ocean bottom.
  992. 呼吸都如此困難。
  993. Breathing was euqally difficult.
  994. 我整了整軍服的衣領,但是,這並不能改變什麼……
  995. I adjusted my uniform collar. Not that it would change anything...
  996. 腦海中迴響起剛剛還在司令室裡的大淀的話語。
  997. What Ooyodo had said in the Command Office floated into my mind.
  999. 如果提督認為有必要的話,我就會作為艦隊旗艦站在最前方。因為我就是為了這個而進行了特化設計的新銳輕巡啊。
  1000. "Should the Admiral require it, I shall stand at the front as the fleet's flagship. After all, I am the new model light cruiser built for that purpose."
  1002. 那並不是在索求旗艦或秘書艦的發言嗎。
  1003. She was not seeking to be the flagship, or teh secretary ship.
  1004. 她是在為了沒有進軍而悔恨吧……
  1005. She was attempting to atone for the failure to advance.
  1006. 她現在是怎樣看待前任提督沒有下令進軍的呢?因為自己大破而撤退,沒能擊破深海棲艦,使得輸送部隊被擊潰,導致作戰失敗,失去了大量重要物資。
  1007. How does she see the previous Admiral's decision not to advance right now? Because she was heavily damaged, the fleet retreated; because the fleet retreated, the abyssals were not defeated; because the abyssals were not defeated, the transport fleet was annihilated; because the transport fleet was annihilated, the operation failed and great amounts of men and materiel were lost.
  1008. 並且,還導致前任提督被革職。
  1009. Moreover, the previous Admiral was sacked.
  1010. “原來如此……責任感嗎,悔恨嗎。”
  1011. "So that's how it is...responsibility and regret, huh?"
  1012. 加賀是說不出來的。
  1013. Kaga wouldn't be able to say it.
  1014. 大淀的想法,只有她自己才知道。
  1015. Ooyodo's thoughts were hers and hers alone.
  1016. “提督會怎麼做呢?”
  1017. "What would the Admiral do?"
  1018. “嗯……”
  1019. "Mmm..."
  1020. 當有艦娘發生大破時——當一旦撤退就會導致大量的人喪命自己也會因此而被革職的時候,敵方核心艦隊就在眼前——
  1021. When a shipgirl is heavily damaged; when retreat would lead to the loss of thousands of lives and the loss of your rank; when the enemy main fleet is right before your eyes ——
  1023. “提督會選擇'進軍',還是'撤退'?”
  1024. "Would the Admiral choose to 'Advance', or to 'Retreat'?"
  1026. 我沒能作出回答。
  1027. I don't have an answer.
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