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  1. Hello, everyone who contributed to the website project. This is Emmi, and I am going to give you all an update on what is going on with the website and why it is taking so long to get the website up and running. Here is what we have done so far.
  3. **Graphically, the website is fully designed, minus smaller pages such as "About" and "Contact".
  5. **The server is completely set-up, the software we need is fully installed.
  7. ** We have aggregation proposals with multiple independent news companies about aggregating their content hassle-free. They're all on board.
  9. **We have someone to provide free legal support and accountants.
  11. **We have a third party shop picked out and ready to go. We just have to weigh the benefits of the additional shipping options. We have created a store design, but we really have to find out how it plugs in to see how customizable the look can be.
  13. Here is what we have left
  15. ** We need to create an LLC and open a bank account in the LLC's name. We are trying to find a community bank with business support if we can, but welcome to company life... we may get stuck with an international financial retard corporation.
  17. **Finish coding the site. (requires payment, which I will get to in a minute)
  19. **We have to populate the site with news. We need 8 stories for each category before launch. We have 8 categories:
  21.      human rights
  22.      activism
  23.      security
  24.      privacy
  25.      net freedom
  26.      environment
  27.      opinion
  28.      lulz
  30.   Also, undetermined number of videos needed... but all of these are really easy to find.
  32. **We have to train people on how to post to the site. We are in the process of writing up a manual for those who will have access to post.
  36. The reason that this website is taking so long to launch. We are dealing with an issue of a cashier's check being lost/stolen from the United States Postal Service. We realize that this form of sending payment was extremely stupid on our parts, especially because we did not certify it. We are newbs. We are learning as we go. We have cancelled the check and are waiting on a report to come in so that we may figure out what is going on. Once this report is in, we will be back on track and we have figured out an alternate, more secure means of paying our programmer who has graciously spent their time putting our requests for this website into hard code. We all should appreciate their efforts, and they will be paid as soon as the report comes in.
  38. As for incentives. We currently are residing in a home with several rooms full to the brim with BOXES. Lots of boxes, full of all of your things that are waiting to be sent out. We have been bottlenecked by USPS on packaging, getting 1000+ envelopes/boxes is NOT as easy as it sounds and we have been unable to this point to go the amount of USPS offices to collect these. We have several hundred things packaged up, but those of you who contributed know that thousand(s) of orders were placed and we are playing catch up. If you have any issues, or requests concerning your incentive, please talk to me on @EisMC2 and if I am not following you, I will so that we can speak in DM.
  40. If you are patient, I can get a more precise run down of funds, but here is what I know so far:
  42. We have spent over $10,000USD on incentives, more like 13, or 14,000 to be precise. Shit is expensive, and we decided to go with a shirt/sweatshirt printing company that is local and aligns with our causes. Because they were un-used to the volume that we asked of them, just getting these items took nearly a month.
  44. We have spent several thousand dollars, the exact amount I am unsure of, getting the server space, software for it, and DDoS protection that will be required to handle a site where we expect nearly a MILLION hits a month. We want to make sure that we have the least amount of downtime probability as possible.
  46. I said, and I will say again, if you are patient I can gather a more precise run down, I personally have not been handling that side of things, but I will now be taking on the role of Support. If you need something, and it has to do with the website, find me on Twitter and talk to me. I will try and get your issues resolved.
  48. ---> Estimated Time, after we have paid our programmer:
  50. **1-2 weeks, this is an ESTIMATE.
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