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  1. Create table Bills
  2. (
  3.   BillNo INT NOT NULL,
  4.   MeterNo INT NOT NULL,
  5.   FirstDate datetime NOT NULL,
  6.   FirstDateReading INT NOT NULL,
  7.   CurrentDate as MAX(FirstDate) CurrentDateReadng INT NOT NULL,
  8.   LastDate as DATEADD(m,-1,CurrentDate) LastDateReading INT NOT NULL,
  9.   Usageinm3 as (CurrentDateReadng-LastDateReading),
  10.   Usageinlitres as (Usageinm3 * 1000), TotalBill as (UsageinLitres * 3) Primary Key (BillNo),
  11.   Foreign Key (MeterNo) References MeterReading(MeterNo)
  12. );
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