Make Today A Healing Day

Dec 11th, 2017
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  1. “Take time for healing. Take time for what soothes your body, your mind, your soul.
  2. Take a bath. Light a candle. Read a book. Take a walk. Get a massage. See your favorite healer if you desire. See a movie. Buy some flowers. Drink a cup of tea.
  3. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of doing something healing for ourselves. We’re too busy, too tired. But that is when we most need to take care of ourselves. Listen to your heart. What does it want? Listen to your body. What does it need? Trust what you hear.
  5. Make today a healing day.
  6. Then take some time and make
  7. every day a healing day.”
  9. Excerpt From: Melody Beattie. “Journey to the Heart.”
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