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  1. supportive_jj matt_nn damon_nn says_vb nobody_pn is_aux more_rb misunderstood_vbn than_in bestie_nn ben_nn affleckupdate_nn entertainment_nn industry_nn news_nn
  2. net_jj
  3. matt_nn damon_nn who_wp has_aux always_rb stood_vb up_rp for_in his_dt best_jj friend_nn ben_nn affleck_nn recently_rb said_jj that_cs there_ex is_vb nobody_pn who_wp is_aux more_rb misunderstood_vbn in_in the_dt industry_nn than_in the_dt latter_jj
  4. the_dt 44-year-old_nn actor_nn said_vb the_dt
  5. talented_jj kate_nn moss_nn turns_vb into_in interior_jj designer_nn entertainment_nn industry_nn news_nn
  6. net_jj
  7. after_cs leaving_vb a_dt mark_nn in_in the_dt entertainment_nn and_cc fashion_nn industry_nn kate_nn moss_nn is_aux now_rb set_vbn to_to make_vb aname_nn for_in herself_pn in_in the_dt world_nn of_in interior_jj designers_nn
  8. the_dt 41-year-old_jj model_nn has_aux now_rb turned_vbn into_in an_dt
  9. emma_nn watson_nn lambasted_vbn for_in dubbing_nn men_nn as_in best_jj feminists_nn entertainment_nn industry_nn news_nn
  10. net_jj
  11. emma_nn watson_nn who_wp recently_rb expressed_vb her_dt thoughts_nn on_in sexism_nn in_in hollywood_nn and_cc feminism_nn has_aux now_rb been_aux widely_rb criticised_vbn on_in social_jj media_nn for_in saying_vb that_cs some_dt of_in the_dt best_jj feminists_nn are_vb men_nn
  12. the_dt harry_nn
  13. tom_nn hanks_nn reveals_vb he_pn officiated_vbn at_in allison_nn williams_nn wedding_jj entertainment_nn industry_nn news_nn
  14. net_jj
  15. tom_nn hanks_nn recently_rb revealed_vbn that_cs he_pn officiated_vb at_in the_dt wedding_nn of_in actress_nn allison_nn william_nn
  16. in_in a_dt recent_jj interview_nn the_dt 59-year-old_nn actor_nn said_vb he_pn shelled_vb out_rp less_rb than_in 40_cd dollars_nn to_to be_aux trained_vbn to_in
  17. british_jj gas_nn mivatek_nn prodea_nn salus_nn uxp_nn systems_nn and_cc zipato_nn to_to discuss_vb smart_jj home_nn value-added_jj services_nn at_in connectionstm_nn europe_nn marketwired_nn
  18. dallas_nn tx--_nn marketwired_nn oct_nr 1_cd 2015_cd research_nn firm_jj parks_nn associates_nn will_md discuss_vb the_dt implications_nn of_in the_dt rollout_nn of_in smart_jj meters_nn across_in europe_nn during_in the_dt seventh-annual_jj connections_nn europe_nn iot_nn
  19. marketwired_jj
  20. editors_nn
  21. watch_vb matt_nn damon_nn james_nn corden_nn hilariously_rb reenact_vb the_dt actors_nn career_nn today_nr
  22. on_in the_dt one_cd hand_nn we_pn all_pn know_vb matt_nn damon_nn has_aux had_vbn a_dt long_jj and_cc varied_jj career_nn in_in the_dt movie_nn business_nn from_in the_dt movie_nn that_wp won_vb him_pn a_dt writing_nn oscar_nn 1997s'_nn good_jj will_nn
  23. chinas_nn friendlier_jj relationship_nn with_in hollywood_nn may_md not_xnot extend_vb to_in loosening_vb its_dt quotas_nn associated_jj press_nn
  24. despite_in deepening_nn ties_nn with_in hollywood_nn china_nn may_md not_xnot be_vb ready_jj to_to scrap_vb an_dt unpopular_jj quota_nn that_wp restricts_vb the_dt number_nn of_in foreign_jj movies_nn it_pn allows_vb into_in the_dt country_nn
  25. that_pn was_vb the_dt sobering_jj assessment_nn of_in at_in
  26. katy_nn perry_nn gets_vb groped_vb by_in fan_nn on_in stage_nn during_in concert_nn fox_nn news_nn
  27. katy_nn perry_nn got_vb to_in second_dt base_nn with_in a_dt fan_nn in_in rio_nn de_nn janeiro_nn
  28. a_dt fan_nn got_vb touchy-feely_nn with_in the_dt pop_nn star_nn after_in perry_nn invited_vb her_pn up_rp on_in stage_nn at_in rock_nn in_in rio_nn on_in sunday_nn night_nn in_in brazil_nn
  29. kanye_nn west_nn banned_vbn from_in giving_vb advice_nn to_in obama_nn fox_nn news_nn
  30. kanye_nn west_nn and_cc president_nn obama_nn will_md likely_rb cross_nn paths_nn at_in an_dt oct._nr 10_cd democratic_jj national_jj committee_nn fundraiser_nn in_in san_nn francisco_nn but_cc according_vb a_dt report_nn kanye_nn better_rb keep_vb his_dt distance_nn
  31. entertainment_nn industry_nn news_nn
  32. net_jj publishes_vb news_nn releases_vb for_in the_dt entertainment_nn industry_nn every_dt single_jj day_nn
  33. michael_nn jacksons_nn nephews_nn have_vb new_jj show_nn say_vb they_pn do_aux nt_xnot go_vb a_dt day_nn without_in feeling_vb his_dt loss_nn fox_nn news_nn
  34. los_nn angeles_nn for_in michael_nn jackson_nn nephews_nn and_cc tito_nn jackson_nn sons_nn taj_nn taryll_nn and_cc tj_nn there_ex is_vb no_dt such_dt thing_nn as_in living_vb their_dt lives_nn out_rb of_in the_dt limelight_nn
  35. so_rb they_pn decided_vbn
  36. dr._nn ken_nn jeong_nn says_vb medicine_nn can_md be_aux professionally_rb unfulfilling_nn but_cc he_pn misses_vb patients_nn fox_nn news_nn
  37. cast_nn member_nn ken_nn jeong_nn laughs_vb at_in a_dt panel_nn for_in the_dt disney-abc_nn television_nn series_nn dr._nn ken_nn during_in the_dt television_nn critics_nn association_nn cable_nn summer_nn press_nn tour_nn in_in beverly_rb hills_nn california_nn august_nr
  38. ncis_nn recap_vb gibbs_nn gets_vb close_rb to_in the_dt case_nn fox_nn news_nn
  39. spoiler_nn alert_nn the_dt rest_nn of_in this_dt story_nn contains_vb spoilers_nn for_in ncis_nn
  40. while_cs abby_nn is_aux showing_vb gibbs_nn fisher_nn photo_nn on_in the_dt computer_nn because_cs of_in her_dt strained_jj fingers_nn
  41. christie_nn brinkley_nn talks_nn staying_vb sexy_jj at_in 61_cd fox_nn news_nn
  42. at_in 61_cd christie_nn brinkley_nn beauty_nn is_vb timeless_jj and_cc now_rb she_pn sharing_vb her_dt beauty_nn secrets_nn
  43. when_cs you_pn turn_vb 60_cd the_dt key_nn is_vb to_to not_xnot stop_vb moving_nn brinkley_nn told_vb
  44. zelda_nn williams_nn says_vb shes_nn heartbroken_jj over_in jim_nn carreys_nn exs_nn death_nn fox_nn news_nn
  45. pieta_nn house_nn a_dt suicide_nn prevention_nn treatment_nn center_nn in_in ireland_nn
  46. zelda_nn shared_vb the_dt link_nn in_in honor_nn of_in white_jj who_wp hailed_vb from_in tipperary_nn ireland_nn
  48. popular_jj topics_nn in_in the_dt entertainment_nn industry_nn sector_nn of_in industries_nn news_nn
  49. net_jj include_vb latest_jj developments_nn politics_nn business_nn industry_nn leaders_nn company_nn directors_nn human_jj resources_nn impact_nn on_in the_dt entertainment_nn industry_nn by_in the_dt economy_nn and_cc government_nn regulation_nn
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