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  1. After the king had been rescued, he showed me his crown.
  2. The police came to the rescue just before the situation became dangerous.
  3. She was lost. She was lonely. She needed help.
  4. Look, if you wanted to try again, you should have told me.
  5. When was the last time you took a dose of acetaminophen?
  6. He reached into the drawer and took two tablets of Tylenol.
  7. Ibuprofen can be taken every six to eight hours, but should not be given to children under the age of six months.
  8. Albuterol is used to treat or prevent bronchospasm.
  9. I told my doctor that I developed a sore throat last Sunday.
  10. Guaifenesin is a medication to break up mucus in the lungs.
  11. Advil should not be taken with alcohol.
  12. The doctor told me should start taking Crestor to help lower my cholesterol.
  13. The medication rosuvastatin is one of the most prescribed in the U.S.
  14. Allegra is the brand name for the drug fexofenadine, and can relieve allergies and skin itching.
  15. Ativan is an anti-anxiety medication.
  16. Zocor, which goes by the generic name simvastatin, is a medication that can be used to lower cholesterol.
  17. The medication Norvasc can be used to help control blood pressure.
  18. After I developed a fever, my doctor gave me a prescription of the antibiotic Amoxicillin.
  19. Zyrtec is the brand name for cetirizine, and is used to treat allergy symptoms.
  20. General Relativity can be abbreviated as GR or GTR.
  21. Jacob was feeling under the weather lately.
  22. “Stop him!” the man shouted, as the thief hopped in his car.
  23. While balancing a blueberry muffin on his head, Hugo then leaped into the air, did a backflip, and as he landed, caught the muffin in his mouth.
  24. Emma was was like other most other little girls in her class, except for one thing.
  25. However, her life was made difficult by the fact that she had five kidneys.
  26. Gabriel was unable to lift the rock to retrieve his lost marble.
  27. I’m not sure. I think it started last week, but it could have been the week before that.
  28. When I saw Emilia last she seemed very stressed.
  29. I am concerned her new job might not be going too well.
  30. Maria had worked too hard to allow the first rejection to stop her.
  31. We met up with Jose at the park, and then walked along the river until the sun set.
  32. Richard Stallman, the president of the Free Software Foundation, is sometimes referred to by his initials, RMS.
  33. The GNU Project was started in nineteen-eighty-three.
  34. He turned sixty-five last week.
  35. She has lived in New York City all her life.
  36. Mia knew it was going to be a bad the day the moment her car wouldn’t start.
  37. We met with Manuel last week, but it was not very productive.
  38. Mohamed told me he might be late, and that we shouldn’t feel the need to wait for him.
  39. My friend Youssef taught me how to knit.
  40. I went with Mustafa to the store to buy a new washing machine.
  41. Ali is was not happy when he saw that his experiment had failed.
  42. I woke up and saw that I missed a call from Hamza at three A.M.
  43. We haven’t spoken to each other after the fight.
  44. I met Meriem yesterday at the zoo.
  45. I have known Hasnaa since we were kids.
  46. We don’t know when Kenza will get her, but hopefully it will be soon.
  47. When will Santiago get here?
  48. I haven’t slept for two days and I can hardly walk.
  49. With Catalina eliminate, the final match will be between Florence and Lorena.
  50. How was I supposed to know that Sebastián didn’t actually know how to drive a car?
  51. I asked Bo if he could help me move the sofa.
  52. After running the marathon, Peng was so happy he almost cried.
  53. Did you know that Yousouf is a five time juggling champion?
  54. I am not sure if Xiaoyan has ever been to Colorado before.
  55. Rodrigo and Matej both managed to forget their I.D. today.
  56. Since Elizaveta became pregnant, she no longer liked eating her favorite food.
  57. I know that Rawiri will be a great teacher, since he always loved teaching his little siblings new things.
  58. Arlo asked me to come to his wedding in the summer.
  59. His wife Amelia is a hiker who has climbed almost every mountain in New Zealand.
  60. I found it a bit odd that he had a pet zebra.
  61. At the wedding, the bride and groom seemed visibly upset at each other.
  62. At the wedding, my cousin got drunk and started telling embarrassing stories about the groom.
  63. The priest’s car broke down, leaving everyone at the wedding wondering what to do.
  64. The minister’s car broke down, leaving everyone at the wedding in distress.
  65. The rabbi’s car ran out of gas on the way to the wedding.
  66. Before the ceremony, it is a Jewish tradition for the groom to sign a Ketubah.
  67. Buddhism began in India thousands of years ago and today has more than half a billion followers.
  68. There are different forms of Buddhism such as Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
  69. I was really embarrassed because I told my sister I would order flowers for the event, but I completely forgot.
  70. The cake was the best part of the meal.
  71. After the DJ started the song, everyone ran to the dancefloor.
  72. Tel Aviv is home to some some of the best museums in Israel.
  73. Vienna is the capital of Austria.
  74. I visited Bogota, the capital of Comoros.
  75. He is from Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  76. The museum’s collection is worth billions of dollars.
  77. He flew last week to visit his cousin in Mexico City.
  78. I was only in Moscow for a day, and missed out on seeing the iconic Red Square.
  79. The weather is twenty-eight degrees, with wind out the southwest at nine miles per hour.
  80. Sergey Sobyanin is the mayor Moscow.
  81. The flight was supposed to be about fifteen hours, but if you count the multiple delays, it took nearly twenty four.
  82. If you visit Singapore, be sure to also visit Merlion Park.
  83. The hotel costs seventy dollars a night.
  84. Checkout will be at three p.m.
  85. Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and has some interesting medieval architecture in some parts of town.
  86. When I visited Damascus I walked along the busy Hamra Street.
  87. Lisbon is located  on the coast of Portugal.
  88. She had only been in Tokyo for a month, but she was fluent in Japanese.
  89. He moved to Shenyang after studying Chinese history for two years.
  90. We visited Jakarta for the weekend and had a great time.
  91. My friend grew up in a suburb of London.
  92. He is from São Paulo, but he has lived here for five years.
  93. She grew up in LA, but now she lives in SF.
  94. Hollywood is the center of the American film industry.
  95. He grew up about sixty kilometers from Bangalore.
  96. On my trip to Chicago the airline lost my bag.
  97. He went to school in Madrid.
  98. I am not sure, but I think he is in St Petersburg this week.
  99. I leave Hong Kong and will fly to Beijing in the morning.
  100. I spent last summer in Philadelphia.
  101. My manager is moving to San Antonio.
  102. San Diego is home to some great beaches.
  103. The airport in Phoenix was very busy.
  104. I met friend in downtown Houston, and then we drove to Dallas.
  105. I visited Las Vegas last week.
  106. My friend told me I should visit him in Detroit.
  107. The football game Seattle was very intense.
  108. We went to Baltimore for the conference.
  109. I visited a friend in Austin.
  110. I will move to Jacksonville next week.
  111. Denver is known as the Mile High City.
  112. Thomas is from Nashville, but he now lives in Memphis.
  113. Fresno got record-setting rains last Friday.
  114. The weather in Miami is not good today.
  115. New Orleans is a three hour drive from here.
  116. I have not been to Long Beach since I was in highschool.
  117. I went to elementary school in Oakland.
  118. The subway in New York was closed yesterday.
  119. Franklin Mountains State Park is in El Paso.
  120. San Jacinto Plaza was really busy last week.
  121. The fireworks show was spectacular to watch, but Sofia cried the whole time.
  122. Alice was knew she would never go back again.
  123. Jose, will you please grab my shoes from upstairs?
  124. Greg, can you grab my suitcase over there?
  125. Hey Gary, when was the last time you went to a baseball game?
  126. Hi Kathleen, how was your trip here?
  127. I left my phone on the desk last night.
  128. Sarah, will you go with Logan to the store?
  129. I went bowling with Richard last week, and lost by two hundred points.
  130. I went fishing with Isabel, but we did not catch anything.
  131. She has been struggling with depression after her father had a stroke.
  132. We need leave before sunrise if we want to get there on time.
  133. The mirror fell off the desk and broke into a thousand pieces.
  134. He must be luckiest person on the planet!
  135. The aliens did not seem very pleased with our gifts.
  136. I did not know you liked to cook so much.
  137. It is never good to keep secrets in these kinds of situations.
  138. Ethan opened the oven and checked to see if the brownies were ready.
  139. The giant teddy bear loomed over Canada Stadium
  140. Three boys played tennis on a cold day
  141. Two women stand with their backs turned clutching their umbrellas.
  142. The bride brushes here teeth while Judy helps her get ready.
  143. Two men stare up at their kites in the sky.
  144. A crowd of people board a boat in a crowded harbor.
  145. She spends the day at the beach because she sells sea shells
  146. Can a woodchuck really chuck wood?
  147. Peter Piper picked some potato peppers.
  148. Please pass the peppers.
  149. Another day and another long commute.
  150. That’s a really long way down.
  151. You want a slice of apple?
  152. I ain’t gonna live like this no more.
  153. Watch out for that truck!
  154. That’s one mean lookin’ motorcycle man.
  155. I’m livin’ the dream tonight.
  156. Wow, that was the best movie I’ve seen all year!
  157. I’m so sorry to hear about the letter.
  158. I hate to have to do this, but I really don’t have any other option.
  159. Oh dear, I’m afraid we are all out.
  160. Yo, what have you been up to?
  161. Hmm, that is one tough problem.
  162. Ouch! Be careful where you poke that thing!
  163. Well, in that case we may be able to make an appointment this evening.
  164. Aargh, I hate Mondays.
  165. And with a bang, the runners set off.
  166. Boy, you better watch what you say around here.
  167. Man, I didn’t think we would ever get out of there!
  168. Aargh, why does it always end up like this?
  169. Aargh, when will Roger ever learn to stop?
  170. Oof, that was rough.
  171. Whew, that was really close.
  172. With a loud boom, the old car became a giant ball of fire.
  173. The birds chirped on the cold spring day.
  174. Please try to cover your mouth when you cough.
  175. Just thinking of Thursday’s meeting makes me want to audibly groan.
  176. The dog growled at the visitor.
  177. I have had hiccups all day.
  178. Please don’t honk your horn for no reason.
  179. I think I heard someone knocking.
  180. The driver next to me revved his engine and looked over mockingly.
  181. The sizzling grill is my favorite sound of the kitchen.
  182. Judith snapped her fingers, and suddenly the little toy car began to grow.
  183. “Brr, it must be freezing” Connor said as he zipped up his jacket.
  184. A gave the thing a good whack, and it started working again.
  185. “Yee-haw,” the young cowboy said.
  186. Ha, I’d like to see you try that yourself.
  187. Yikes, that’s a nasty looking bruise.
  188. Yum, that was delicious!
  189. Yep, that will work.
  190. With a poof of blue smoke it disappeared.
  191. Yuck, this thing must be a year old!
  192. Dang, we need to be more careful.
  193. Dang, we got lucky.
  194. Duh, what else did you think it would be?
  195. Oops, I may have given you the wrong number.
  196. Oops, I think switched the tags.
  197. After the hike Albert reached for the bottle and downed the whole thing in one gulp.
  198. The Klingon warship approached.
  199. Drats, I got some mustard on my shirt.
  200. Be careful, it’s really hot.
  201. Yeah, just make sure you turn it off.
  202. Shh, the baby is sleeping.
  203. Gah, I forgot my binder again.
  204. Thanks, but I think I’ll do it myself.
  205. Yuck, throw that in the trash.
  206. Alas, it never worked at all.
  207. Gee, you could have said that this morning.
  208. Phew, we really cut that close!
  209. Congratulations on the promotion!
  210. Ahoy! Welcome to Brotterdam port!
  211. He is the protector of the Land of Andradorn.
  212. It was my first time visiting Sedona.
  213. We went biking near Lake Tahoe.
  214. He is a Carnadorian wizard.
  215. Ligonier is home to less than two thousand people.
  216. Leavenworth is beautiful town.
  217. Maysville sits along the Ohio River.
  218. Rhinebeck is a small New York town in the Hudson Valley
  219. Breckenridge, Colorado is beautiful when the snow covers the mountains.
  220. I visited this fabulous winery in Galena, Illinois
  221. The dwarves descended into the town of Bradenfeld.
  222. He now spends his days shouting gibberish at the windows.
  223. All hail the Mountain King!
  224. Whoops, I may have missed that.
  225. Thanks, this looks really yummy.
  226. Yeah, I think I’ll just walk.
  227. The train is always late.
  228. Google is a search engine.
  229. Apple is a computer hardware company.
  230. Coca-Cola is a beverage company.
  231. Microsoft is a computer software company.
  232. Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer.
  233. IBM stands for International Business Machines.
  234. Samsung is a large electronics manufacturer based in Korea.
  235. Mercedes-Benz is a German car manufacturers.
  236. GE is a multinational conglomerate which dates back to the nineteenth century.
  237. Millions of items a day are ordered on Amazon.
  238. BMW is a German car brand.
  239. McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast food brands in the world.
  240. Disney is an iconic entertainment brand.
  241. Intel is one of the largest manufacturers of computer chips.
  242. Oracle sells computer software and databases.
  243. Nike is a iconic sports apparel company.
  244. Louis Vuitton is a famous clothing brand.
  245. Honda is a Japanese car brand.
  246. SAP is a company which makes enterprise software.
  247. Pepsi is a famous beverage brand.
  248. Gillette is known for their razors and personal care products.
  249. American Express is a well known financial services company.
  250. IKEA is known for their furniture stores.
  251. Zara is Spanish fashion retailer.
  252. Pampers is known for their baby diapers.
  253. UPS is large shipping company.
  254. Budweiser is known for their beer.
  255. J.P. Morgan is a well known bank.
  256. Ford is a well known American car brand.
  257. Nescafe is known for their coffee.
  258. Hyundai is a Korean automotive manufacturer.
  259. Accenture is an Irish consulting firm.
  260. Audi is a German luxury automobile brand.
  261. Kellogg’s is a brand known for their cereal.
  262. Volkswagen is a German auto company.
  263. Philips is a Dutch company that works in healthcare and lighting.
  264. Canon is a company known for high quality cameras.
  265. Hewlett Packard is a well known maker of computer hardware.
  266. L'Oréal is a French company that makes things like perfume and makeup.
  267. AXA is a French insurance company.
  268. Citi is a well known bank.
  269. Porsche creates high-performance sports cars.
  270. Martín pulled up in his brand new Porsche.
  271. Allianz is a German financial services company.
  272. Siemens is a an industrial conglomerate.
  273. Gucci is an Italian company that is well known in the fashion world.
  274. Goldman Sachs is an American bank located in New York.
  275. Danone is a company in Paris which makes food products.
  276. Nestlé is a Swiss company which makes food and drink products.
  277. Colgate is a company known for their toothpaste and hygiene products.
  278. Sony is a Japanese electronics company.
  279. 3M is a well known producer of industrial products and consumer goods.
  280. Adidas is a known for their clothing and sportswear.
  281. Visa is a banking company and large credit card brand.
  282. Cartier is known for their jewelry and watches.
  283. Adobe is known for selling professional creative software like Photoshop.
  284. Starbucks is known for their chain of coffee stores.
  285. Morgan Stanley is a well known banking company.
  286. Thomson Reuters is a Canadian financial company.
  287. My cousin and I built a Lego house.
  288. We built a Star Destroyer out of Legos.
  289. Panasonic is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.
  290. Kia is a large South Korean car maker.
  291. I just got a package from FedEx.
  292. He rolled up on his new Harley.
  293. The Xerox printer is out of ink.
  294. My favorite soda is Sprite.
  295. I’ll take two bottles of Heineken.
  296. I keep some Jack Daniel’s in that closet.
  297. We accept money with PayPal.
  298. I pulled over at the Shell station to get some gas.
  299. John Deere is well known for their agricultural machines.
  300. I drank a Corona with my meal.
  301. MTV quickly gained fame after launching in the eighties.
  302. Tesla is known for their electric vehicles.
  303. Ralph Lauren is a well known apparel company.
  304. Harley-Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  305. I dreamed of visiting Hogwarts in real life.
  306. The Emerald City is a destination in the Wizard of Oz.
  307. Batman is a guardian of Gotham City.
  308. Peter Pan is a flying boy from Netherland.
  309. Rivendell is the city of the Elves.
  310. Pandora is a fictional planet from Avatar.
  311. The Simpsons live in the town of Springfield.
  312. He attended Haworth College in the sixties.
  313. San Fransokyo is a fictional town that mashes together San Francisco and Tokyo.
  314. Zootopia is about a city of animals.
  315. I honked my horn but the tailgater stayed a few inches behind me.
  316. He had a deep, boomy voice.
  317. I think my life could use a bit more pizazz.
  318. The man just oozes dishonesty and ilk.
  319. Please avoid fraternizing with the students.
  320. For generations the family was a master of silversmithing.
  321. The singer was so off-key it made me want to scream.
  322. Doing it this way sidesteps a painful ordeal in the future.
  323. This medication is useful but overdosing is common.
  324. It was a grotesque abuse of power.
  325. He moved into an upscale apartment down the street.
  326. Elijah is our new quizmaster and likes questions about geography.
  327. Hop on the bandwagon and let’s go.
  328. We were able to extract thumbprints from the CD.
  329. There are many subdialects to the language.
  330. The community seriously questioned the fruitfulness of the endeavour.
  331. I’m not so sure as the figure looks like an underestimation.
  332. He was an esteemed conjurer of the Dark Arts.
  333. I find that the result is unprovable.
  334. We joined up with some roughnecks out of Tennessee and got to work.
  335. We cannot allow such vulgarity in our publication.
  336. Do you hear that beeping sound coming from the cabinet?
  337. The company went through a rebranding last spring.
  338. The businesswoman was never late to a meeting.
  339. This device automatically syncs with your car to provide more information.
  340. The input form will only accept alphanumerics.
  341. The tigresses walked around the hippo looking for a chance to pounce.
  342. After The Great Shake it took years to repopulate the land.
  343. After messing up on laundry she was sad to see her favorite white shirt to come out bicolored.
  344. We found the authors claim to be alarmist, as the threat seemed so unlikely to occur.
  345. The swordsmen dueled with their newly forged scimitars.
  346. I took my pup to the vet for deworming.
  347. This sentence ungrammatical.
  348. The party holds a supermajority in both chambers of congress.
  349. She didn’t seem fazed by the reports that her organization was falling apart.
  350. This sentence does not grammar good.
  351. Please put this equipment in the autoclave.
  352. After the cancer began to progress quickly she had no choice but to receive a mastectomy.
  353. I don’t really like that pier as it just feels too touristy.
  354. The longbow was out of bamboo.
  355. A pregnancy can be divided into three trimesters.
  356. The slithering snake slid across the slimey shore.
  357. The YouTuber is known for their unboxing videos.
  358. I need a new windbreaker as the zipper on my old one broke.
  359. The Game of Thrones is a popular TV series based off books by George R.R. Martin.
  360. The walking dead is a TV show starring Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.
  361. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was born on November tenth.
  362. Jim Parsons is known for his role in The Big Bang Theory.
  363. Doctor Who is a long-running British TV show which features a time travelling device called a TARDIS.
  364. Vikings is a series featuring Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig.
  365. This Is Us is a comedy and drama that began in twenty-sixteen.
  366. House of Cars is a drama TV show that ran from twenty-thirteen to twenty-eighteen.
  367. The Office featured Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer.
  368. The Good Doctor is a drama which follows the character Shaun Murphy.
  369. Black Mirror is a episodic Netflix drama which explores some dark sides of tech.
  370. Friends follows a group young people living in NYC.
  371. The Theme song is “I’ll Be There for You”.
  372. Friends ran for several years and has two-hundred and thirty-six episodes.
  373. Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as the titular character.
  374. The fictional planet Krypton is the birthplace of Superman.
  375. “Peaky Blinders” stars Cillian Murphy.
  376. “How To Get Away with Murder” is a TV series that began in twenty-fourteen.
  377. “Modern Family” is a comedy that features Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara.
  378. “Breaking Bad” is a TV show that stars Bryan Cranston playing the character Walter White.
  379. The Godfather is a classic and highly rated film.
  380. The Dark Knight is well rated film directed by Christopher Nolan.
  381. Christian Bale plays the superhero Batman in this new series.
  382. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released in two thousand and three.
  383. The characters Gandalf and Aragorn are found in The Lord of the Rings.
  384. Schindler’s List takes place in German-occupied Poland.
  385. Schindler’s List was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Liam Neeson.
  386. Fight Club was directed by David Fincher.
  387. Forrest Gump stars Tom Hanks as was released in nineteen ninety-four.
  388. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a drama directed by Milos Forman.
  389. Interstellar is a sci-fi flick featuring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.
  390. Saving Private Ryan features Tom Hanks and Matt Damon.
  391. It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic movie released in nineteen forty-six.
  392. The Prestige is two-thousand and six film starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.
  393. The Pianist tells the sad tale of a Polish Jewish musician during the Holocaust.
  394. The Lion King is a classic Disney animated movie which was influenced by Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  395. Casablanca is a film released in nineteen forty-two.
  396. The leaders gathered to commemorate the centennial of World War One.
  397. It sold over thirty million VHS tapes.
  398. Jaws tells the tale of a killer shark.
  399. The Terminator is about an evil android played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  400. Groundhog Day is comedy about a weatherman who is forced to live the same day over and over.
  401. Pirates of the Caribbean stars Johnny Depp who plays the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.
  402. The Bourne Ultimatum follows C.I.A. agent Jason Bourne on an action-packed adventure.
  403. La La Land was directed by Damien Chazelle.
  404. The Grapes of Wrath is set during the Great Depression and follows a family from Oklahoma.
  405. Rocky is about a boxer named Rocky Balboa who is played by Sylvester Stallone.
  406. Monsters, Inc. is an animated film produced by Pixar.
  407. Catch Me If You Can is directed by Steven Spielberg and features actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  408. The Little Darkness is an unreleased film directed by Mark Patrickson.
  409. Finding Nemo has runtime of one-hundred minutes.
  410. Mary and Max is a two-thousand and nine film directed by Adam Elliot.
  411. Shutter Island is a two-thousand ten thriller directed by Martin Scorsese.
  412. How many points did the Buckeyes score last night?
  413. When do the Rangers play next?
  414. When is the next Chelsea game?
  415. How many yards did the Giants get last night?
  416. Who did the Patriots play last week.
  417. When does Liverpool play next?
  418. Are the Jets going to the playoffs?
  419. Did the Miami Heat play yesterday?
  420. The San Francisco 49ers scored twenty-one points.
  421. When does FC Barcelona play next?
  422. How many times have the Steelers won the Super Bowl?
  423. When does Arsenal FC play next?
  424. Are you a Red Sox fan?
  425. Who do the Cowboys play next?
  426. Are the Yankees going to the world series?
  427. How many points did Manchester United score yesterday?
  428. She used to played Volleyball, but after her injury has not played for many years.
  429. The Water Polo match begins in three hours.
  430. Mark Spitz is the winner of nine Olympic gold medals.
  431. Usain Bolt is the superstar of the hundred meter race.
  432. He was the champion of the pommel horse event.
  433. She did a backflip on the balance beam.
  434. Sun Yang is a gold medal-winning swimmer.
  435. Tennis player Novak Djokovic arrived last night.
  436. Serena Williams is one of the most known tennis players.
  437. The twenty twenty-two FIFA World Cup will take place Qatar.
  438. Derrick Rose is a basketball player born in nineteen eighty-eight.
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