SUGAR & SPICE form — @crybabyjoon

Apr 25th, 2017
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  2. ° username ; @crybabyjoon
  3. ° password ; password
  5. ━ SO SOUR!
  6. ° name ; Shin Ye Seul
  7. ° nickname(s) ;
  8. shiny - her family, because she's incredibly great on so many things
  9. sully - friends & members, because her favorite character (from her fav movie monsters inc.) is sully
  10. ° age ; 20
  11. ° birth date ; June 4, 1996
  13. ° height ; 165 cm
  14. ° weight ; 52 kg
  15. ° blood type ; AB
  17. ° birthplace ; Changwon, South Korea
  18. ° hometown ; Seoul, South Korea
  19. ° nationality ; Korean
  20. ° ethnicity ; Asian
  22. ━ SPICY!
  23. ° stage name ; Raine (pronounced rain)
  24. ° stage personality ; ye seul tends to only pay attention to what she's doing, it being dancing and / or singing. can come off as too serious. though, at times, she's very energetic and could hop from one side of the stage to the other if asked / she wanted to. when up on stage, she believes she's at her finest.
  26. ° slot ; SALT
  27. ° backup slot ; GLUCOSE
  29. ° sub unit ; SPICE
  30. ° faceclaim ; kwon jin ah
  31. ° backup faceclaim ; IU
  32. ° love interest ; kim namjoon (bts)
  33. ° back up love interest ; choi seungcheol (seventeen)
  35. ━ SWEET & SAVORY!
  36. ° personality ; ye seul is someone who rather keep her mouth shut than speak her mind, at least when it's not towards her or has anything to do with her in general. she's someone that doesn't like big, too noisy, and annoying scenes- it's something she despises the most. so, the fact that she's not payed enough attention doesn't bother her as much as it did before, knowing no one is talking badly about your opinions is better than your opinions being talked about badly. though she rarely gives her thoughts, she does talk among the members like your normal everyday girl. she chats away like no tomorrow, because during those times people are actually listening. she's very friendly and easy going, but fuck around with her and even if she doesn't speak any words, her cold glare will make you shiver in fear. the type of girl that, if you really deserve the revenge, she'll be the friendliest yet get you where it hurts when your guard is at it's lowest.
  38. ° appearance ; ye seul has very soft features, the way she smiles and the way she silently carries herself screams 'soft' & 'comfortable'. her long, brunette hair that goes well with her light skin tone looks silky as it falls effortlessly onto her shoulders. she's slender, standing tall with her average feminine height.
  40. ° languages ; Korean (100%), Japanese (100%), Spanish (100%), English (90%)
  42. ° background ; despite ye seul being someone who isn't given the most attention, she was actually given the most caring and loving attention from her parents and siblings. she wasn't the youngest nor the eldest, her siblings and herself were given the same amount of love, it being very strong to let ye seul know that she doesn't need another persons attention or love. she grew up with not always earning attention, but she still got it from those she truly trusted. of course, her smarts and talents were recognized by her teachers and higher ups, though she took the 'wuah's and 'omo's, she couldn't wait to get home to tell her parents how her day at school went as she ate homemade dinner. she adores her family and friends, only those that actually care for her and her only.
  44. ° relatives/family ;
  45. father / shin dae hyun / 50 / engineer
  46. mother / shin mi na / 50 / restaurant owner
  47. older brother / shin ye won / 24 / university student & waiter
  48. younger brother / shin ye hyun / 16 / high school student & waiter
  50. ° likes ;
  51. -monsters inc. movie
  52. -mango smoothies
  53. -those aesthetic moodboards on tumblr
  54. -raising plants
  55. -smol children that are too cute to be true
  56. -indie music
  57. -romcoms
  58. -her hard doings being noticed by those she cares for
  60. ° dislikes ;
  61. -kiwis
  62. -others butting into anything
  63. -grape flavored candies
  64. -those oddly healthy chips (like tbh wth???)
  65. -when someone overlooks what she's doing on her phone
  66. -when expectations are low on her
  67. -extremely loud, crowded places
  68. -people that are always too perky
  70. ° hobbies & talents ;
  71. -reading manga
  72. -cleaning around / keeping things tidy
  73. -scrolling through tumblr
  74. -low key cheering for her favs
  75. &
  76. -being able to easily answer mathematical questions
  77. -actually has a sense of style
  78. -very appreciative, knows how to cheer others up easily
  79. -can hold her anger in, depending on who it is
  81. ° dreams/goals ;
  82. -to make everyone question why they never gave her at least a second of their time
  83. -to meet her favorite idols coincidentally
  84. -give back to her family
  86. ° fears ;
  87. -any of her family members falling ill
  88. -falling off of anything high
  89. -spiders
  90. -accidentally hurting someone
  92. ° trivia ;
  93. -all her private social media is @holysully
  94. -all her public social media is @rainegongain
  95. —every morning when she wakes up, no matter what she has to do, she'll eat a cup full of any type of cereal
  96. -a huge fan of rappers!!
  97. -her favorite american slang is "yeet" or "oh no baby! what are you doin'?!"
  98. -only uses the slang when she's watching dramas by herself or when teasing her brothers
  99. -doesn't really have a favorite color but tends to like neutral colors best
  100. -thinks her lucky number is 5 or 7
  101. -can easily memorize a rap if it's really catchy
  102. -her role model low key jessi
  104. ━ AFTERTASTE!
  105. ° introduction ; "hello! running to your heart with all my nice! raine imnida!" (ok ew, wth rachel)
  107. ° requested scenes/events ;
  108. -ah, maybe, just maybe, they can all drop their defensive walls and have a small chatty get together?
  109. -yo yo yo, let this girl (tbh idc if it's my form chosen or not, just the slot) amaze everyone with themm barS BC SHES AMAZING NO MATTER WHaT
  111. ° requested songs ;
  112. -oMg every dreamcatcher song bc??? they're great
  113. -couselour by san e (for a / the rapper(s) of the group)
  114. -love paint by nu'est (I'm so sorry I barely stan girl groups, I'm horrible)
  116. ° requested fandom name ; seasons (ofc rAcHEL), or pies (??? can my existence get any sadder)
  118. ° songs/albums for each unit ;
  119. -ooh, you could divide blackpink's songs since they got like cute yet fierce songs(?)
  120. -butterfly by bts (i think this song is so precious for SUGAR unit)
  121. -every dreamcatcher song for SPICE tbh
  123. ° anything else? ; omg, nothing, ur amazing sweetie <3 <3 <3
  125. ° message to me! ; hi! hello! I might have seemed lazier in the end of this form but only because I rlly don't stan as many girl groups as you'd think... & bc it's legit almost 12 am anD OOPS IM GOT SKOOL TMRRW!! but who cares : ' )) I finished this, legit 3 whole hours bc I do too much at once. buT hopefully your af launches greatly and you get much more views!! take care : )
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