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May 23rd Kancolle update

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Jun 6th, 2014
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  1. 1) New ship
  2. Destroyer Urakaze
  3. 2) Two new Kai Nis (no blueprints required)
  4. Haguro
  5. Ryuujou
  6. 3) New Map
  7. World 2, Map 2-5 Extra Operations Okinoshima Island Patrol
  8. 4) New BGM for furniture customization screen and 2-5
  9. 5) New voice lines
  10. Haguro Kai Ni
  11. Samidare Kai
  12. Suzukaze Kai
  13. 6) Four New Quests
  14. two Composition Quests, two Sortie Quests
  15. 7) Two New Equipments
  16. 20.3cm(no.2) Twin Gun Mount
  17. 12.7cm Twin High-Angle Mount (Late Model)
  18. 8) Type 2 Recon Aircraft is now obtainable through Development.
  19. 9) New Furniture (school desks, classroom blackboard)
  20. 10) A new wall-scroll to commemorate 2 million users will be available for free in the furniture store.
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