Glimmy >rapes Anon (shitpost)

Jun 13th, 2017
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  1. >"Come on! Put your back into it!"
  2. >You pant and groan, but obey.
  3. >But it's kind of hard to do it with both arms pinned against the bed.
  4. >You simply thrust in sync with her slamming hips.
  5. >"Ahhnn~"
  6. >She's been riding your dick for at least an hour.
  7. >Her juices gushes once more, her pearl winking out of its shelter when you hilt.
  8. >This might be her third orgasm, at least.
  9. "Please, Starlight, I can't take it, please let me come!"
  10. >You beg for the Xth time, and she simply gazes down, grinning, the same way she did every time you begged her for release.
  11. >She bites her lip when she sees your broken grimace.
  12. >But she keeps the spell on your cock.
  13. >You're throbbing, your cum ready to erupt from your overused tip.
  14. "Please, glimglam, I'll do anything..."
  15. >You feel her insides clench around your cock when the words hit her, a high pitched squeal escaping her throat.
  16. >How she loves being in control...
  17. >"Oh~ mmh... o-okay, come, let out everything inside of me, I want to feel your seed fill me up~"
  18. >You groan when you finally feel the spell falter, your cock giving another expectant throb.
  19. >You're so close...
  20. "T-thank you, oh shit..."
  21. >"L-look at me! I want you to look at me when you come! Scream my name!"
  22. >Her hips go into overdrive when she screams that, hilting you with every meaty slaps echoing inside the room.
  23. >She takes hold of your face and dive down to give your lips an eager peck, before backing away, just an inch, just enough to keep her beautiful eyes into yours.
  24. >"Come on Anon! I want you to scream my name! Fill me up!"
  25. >You're just so close, your eyes nearly rolling over.
  26. >You grunt.
  27. "Yes, ahhhh-Mmmhhh! I LOVE YOU SUNSET"
  28. >You scream as you feel yourself explode inside of her, your throbbing tip painting her insides white.
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