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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 47: Northern Blues (Part 30)

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  2. [2013-07-31 13:28:37] <Kkat> 3Session begins soon.
  3. [2013-07-31 13:29:04] <Kkat> 3---
  4. [2013-07-31 13:29:13] <Kkat> 3Love.
  5. [2013-07-31 13:29:29] <Kkat> 3Magic comes in many packages, in many forms great and small.  From the horrors of necromancy to the pure delight in a baby’s eyes at the sight of her mother.  It has long been said that the greatest magic comes from friendship.  
  6. [2013-07-31 13:29:38] <Kkat> 3Not the flashy sorts of spells common amongst unicorns and spirits, but the invisible bond that connects and strengthens friends, making them more together than they are apart.  Stronger, more capable of weathering the world, and more capable of changing it.  The magic of a gestalt.
  7. [2013-07-31 13:29:45] <Kkat> 3And the greatest form of friendship is love.  
  8. [2013-07-31 13:30:26] <Kkat> 3Love is the most powerful of magics.  So great that even misdirected love was enough to give Chrysalis greater power than Celestia Herself.  So great that love cast out an army.  So great that it transformed and protected an entire empire.  
  9. [2013-07-31 13:30:59] <Kkat> 3So great that perhaps it could stop a war.  Or, at least, so the Princess who ruled here had hoped.
  10. [2013-07-31 13:31:28] <Kkat> 3It was not to be.  Here, in this place, something darkened and twisted love.  And a kingdom fell.  Those who remain wander the broken shards of the past with nothing but viciousness and pain left in their hearts.  
  11. [2013-07-31 13:31:36] <Kkat> 3But love still flickers.
  12. [2013-07-31 13:31:43] <Kkat> 3It still burns, even if dwingling, inside vast majority of the ponies here, held so long in slumber.   And friendship can still be found in the most unlikely of places – in descendents of zebra prisoners, in the occasional strange sprite-bot or computer gifted with the beauty of life by ponies long ago…
  13. [2013-07-31 13:31:51] <Kkat> 3…and in the group of strangers, friends all, who may be this broken kingdom’s salvation.
  14. [2013-07-31 13:32:36] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-Seven: Northern Blues (Part Thirty) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  15. [2013-07-31 13:32:47] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  16. [2013-07-31 13:33:33] <Kkat> 3Kid stood inbetween these two doors for a while. On the one side, a chance to just get shot again. On the other, leaving this awful building. Normally, this wouldn't take more than a moment to say "screw this" and leave, but, well. She got by the door with Sweetie-Brain behind it. She wasn't entirely sure even what to do. But, well. She guessed she had to see
  17. [2013-07-31 13:33:42] <Kkat> 3for herself.
  18. [2013-07-31 13:33:51] <Kkat> 3Kid frowns. "Breach on three."
  19. [2013-07-31 13:34:02] <Kkat> 3Kid inhaled, getting ready. "One.
  20. [2013-07-31 13:34:17] <Kkat> 3CopyCat stops her mental exploration and moves to join the others.
  21. [2013-07-31 13:34:26] <Kkat> 3"Two."
  22. [2013-07-31 13:34:34] <Kkat> 3Shatara checks over his weapons and joins with.
  23. [2013-07-31 13:34:43] <Kkat> 3Kid attempted to unlock the door and give it a good swing open to get her shotgun unimpeded. "Breach!"
  24. [2013-07-31 13:46:21] <Kkat> 3The room inside is dark.  The blackness is broken only by the rectangle of light on the floor extending from the open door, the scattered points of light from computers systems, and odd flickers of light moving about deeper in the room, producing no real illumination
  25. [2013-07-31 13:48:01] * Kid grabs her flashlight and clicks it on to get a better look around, keeping it in her mouth while her shotgun was slung around her side for swift access.
  26. [2013-07-31 13:48:26] * Get_Lost switches to night vision
  27. [2013-07-31 13:49:53] * Shatara pans his pipbuck lamp over the darkness.
  28. [2013-07-31 13:49:57] * CopyCat answers the general thought of 'boy, it sure is dark in there' by lighting up her horn and shining it into the room.
  29. [2013-07-31 13:51:55] * Get_Lost is blinced by all the lights ans switches to normal iew again
  30. [2013-07-31 13:53:31] * Bookwright can see the room is plenty illuminated now. So he doesn't bother lighting up. Instead, he decides he merely wants to see better. His horn glows, and then his eyes... brighten.
  31. [2013-07-31 14:00:32] * Bookwright takes a good look around.
  32. [2013-07-31 14:01:31] * Get_Lost is trying to rub her eyes after the sudden flash, but she has no eyes! silly computerstuff!
  33. [2013-07-31 14:01:44] <Kkat> 3The room is ringed with large computer systems, filled with rows of lights that blink on and off in no discernible patterns.  In the center of the room is a circular maneframe topped with a glass dome about half the size of a pony.  The dome is filled with liquid, and resting within is a floating brain.
  34. [2013-07-31 14:03:59] * Kid grimaced slightly, not out of disgust, mind. Simply out of dread of actually stepping inside. She minded her step as she crept just inside. 'Keep th' door open. Make sure it won't close and lock behind us." She asked to the ponies behind her. "Hello?" She called out. No response please. No response please.
  35. [2013-07-31 14:04:29] * Bookwright tries addressing thin air too. "Erm... Sweetie Belle? Can you hear us?
  36. [2013-07-31 14:04:45] <Kkat> 3There are two exits on the far end on opposite sides of a sign reading "Advanced Securities Department".  Behind the maneframe, something is moving, its surface giving off flickers of colored light.
  37. [2013-07-31 14:06:10] * CopyCat tries to illuminate the moving something. "Hello?"
  38. [2013-07-31 14:06:23] * Bookwright starts walking in an arc, trying to see what is behind the maneframe whilst keeping the distance between himself and the unknown.
  39. [2013-07-31 14:07:03] * Shatara looks for cover that probably won't explode in the event of less-than-friendly things.
  40. [2013-07-31 14:07:33] * Get_Lost super coomputer... super... computer... SUPERCOMPUTER! the mare crosses the shortest path to the manewframe and starts studying it... not tochig stuff, for now
  41. [2013-07-31 14:10:09] * Kid frowns. "Bookie, Shatara, somepony, get t' fixin' that there thing. Copycat, 'yer with me f'r checkin' out that there door. Get... Uh." She couldn't bother someone looking that happy. "You uh. Ya'll stay over there 'till we need y' t' open up that there door. Bet y' anything it's locked."  She walked along and investigated the "Advanced Securities Department", eye caught on that weird light....
  42. [2013-07-31 14:10:11] * Kid ..."Shatara, what's that?"
  43. [2013-07-31 14:13:25] <Kkat> 3A light flickers on beneath the glass doom, illuminating the water and brain in a soft, soothing lavender.  Something hums, and a device on the ceiling comes to life, projecting a hologram of Sweetie Belle.  "Oh.  Hello.... I don't think you're supposed to be down here.  This isn't part of the tour."
  44. [2013-07-31 14:15:47] * Get_Lost "yeah but we noticed you had a couplee of problems with the hardware and we really wanted to help you with them. so... now be a good filly and tell miss Dr. what is wrong, okay? prtty doctor solaris will fix everything"
  45. [2013-07-31 14:16:34] * Bookwright grimaces. "Well, we wanted to see you, er, in person, as it were."
  46. [2013-07-31 14:17:01] <Kkat> 3Bookwright and CopyCat move to see what is lurking behind the circular maneframe.  They eyes fall on a strange creature, almost the size of a pony, covered in (if not made entirely of) crystals.  Not like the crystal ponies, but comprised of masses of jutting crystaline forms, some of which held strange phosphorescence deep within.
  47. [2013-07-31 14:18:14] <Kkat> 3In the manner befitting a scorpion, the creature lifts what could be loosely defined as a tail, the mass of sharp crystals on the end pulsing with an internal light.
  48. [2013-07-31 14:19:55] * CopyCat starts to follow Kid, but the hologram captures her attention immediately. "Hello Sweetie Belle! We thought you might be lonely, since you can't contact your friend Butterfly anymore so we- Eek!" CopyCat spots the strange crystal creature. "Um, Sweetie Belle, is that another friend of yours?"
  49. [2013-07-31 14:21:06] * Bookwright eyes the unholy mixture of animal and mineral. "Sweetie Belle... Can you tell us what exactly that, uh, creature there is?"
  50. [2013-07-31 14:22:29] <Kkat> 3The computer itself seems to be in surprisingly good condition.  Although a look over a panel of alert lights suggests that many of the system's peripherials have not fared the years nearly so well.  
  51. [2013-07-31 14:23:52] * Shatara acks at the rather not-friendly looking critter stirring in the corner, searching the area for options.
  52. [2013-07-31 14:24:12] <Kkat> 3Connection outside the Stable-Tec facility has been completely lost, and many of the hologram emitters and monitoring systems within the facility itself are dead or dying.  The visitor's center tour looks to be the most functional set of peripherials...
  53. [2013-07-31 14:24:46] <Kkat> 3Without considerably better maintenance, it will maybe a generation before this Sweete Belle is trapped in a prison of darkness and silence.
  54. [2013-07-31 14:25:19] * Kid 's ear perks up. Her first instinct was shotgun, but she realized mid-draw that, no, she wasn't going to be spraying pellets in a room full of sensitive technology stuff. She instead drew her 45-70 revolver. "Gimme a reason not t' kill that creepy lookin' rock."
  55. [2013-07-31 14:26:35] * Kid said this, of course, in a soothing tone. Not going to alert a damn animal that it was about to die.
  56. [2013-07-31 14:26:53] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle blinks.  "S-Solaris?"
  57. [2013-07-31 14:28:49] * Get_Lost "yeah that's me. now relax while i try to figure out how to wire you to the outside world.... mh.... maybe we could salvage some of the communication systems around the place and build some omni-band broadcaster..."
  58. [2013-07-31 14:28:51] <Kkat> 3The creature bounds into the room, dipping its head(?) and raising its tail(?), which has begin to glow warningly.
  59. [2013-07-31 14:30:34] * Kid is grinning very, very cautiously. "Gimme instructions now." She was getting ready to dodge.
  60. [2013-07-31 14:30:56] <Kid> (tensely, sorry)
  61. [2013-07-31 14:31:15] * Get_Lost offers "try petting it? toss the thing some monz?"
  62. [2013-07-31 14:31:20] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie looks nervous.  "I'm not supposed to talk with Solaris ponies."  She seems unsure.  "Ewey!  Sit!"  At her command, the crystal creature crouches down and lowers its tail a bit, but manages to look no less hostile.
  63. [2013-07-31 14:31:23] <Get_Lost> *nomz
  64. [2013-07-31 14:32:00] * Bookwright "...Is that one of the 'crystal battle ewes' that Professor Paladin is always going on about?"
  65. [2013-07-31 14:32:29] * Kid recoils a little. Wait, what? This thing can take orders? "... Sweetie, if I put away my gun, will that thing stop looking creepy?"
  66. [2013-07-31 14:33:19] <Kkat> 3Pink-E swoops into the room.  "Sweetie!"  Then turns to Kid.  "Oh don't worry your pretty head!  Ewey's no more dangerous than a ravenous alligator without any teeth!"  She pauses, "Except with teeth."
  67. [2013-07-31 14:33:58] * CopyCat smiles at Pink-E. "Well that's a relief."
  68. [2013-07-31 14:35:08] * Get_Lost "oh dont' worry. everypony reacts like that. but then you learn that it's all about old gone stories. i mean... yeah, some solaris rifle still shoot boomerammos and you kill yourself if you miss the target, but hey... a lot of the victims are raiders!"
  69. [2013-07-31 14:35:54] * Shatara tries to relax a bit, but keeps himself as far from 'ewey' as can be feasably done in the space provided.
  70. [2013-07-31 14:36:00] * Kid 's tense, toothy smile turned into a frown near immediately. "Pink-E, just sayin', ya'll have th' worst way with words when it comes to dealin' with life 'er death situations." She slowly holstered her revolver, she almost felt wrong calling it a pistol.
  71. [2013-07-31 14:39:45] * CopyCat turns to Sweetie Belle. "You don't have to worry about Get_Lost, she' a friendly Solaris!"
  72. [2013-07-31 14:44:59] * Bookwright tries some logic out in his head. "No, I'm wrong. I'm sure I'm wrong. This isn't one of those 'crystal battle ewes' that Professor Paladin is going on about. This is one of the originals. Professor Paladin didn't make this one, did he. Stable-Tec did. Am I right, Sweetie Belle? Is Ewey here a defense instrument for you?"
  73. [2013-07-31 14:47:43] <Kkat> 3The hologram of Sweetie Belle nods to Bookwright.  "Yes.  Ewey is a home guardian ewe.  One of the first."  She adds, "They weren't supposed to look like that, but I think she's cute!"
  74. [2013-07-31 14:50:03] * Bookwright silently mocks Kid's policy of shooting first. "Ah, right. Um, I don't know how to ask this, but... Are you a complete copy?"
  75. [2013-07-31 14:50:15] * Kid sighs. Oh, great. It's a /prototype/ weird thing that wants to kill you.
  76. [2013-07-31 14:50:56] * Get_Lost "well, as long as you keep the lights down and look it from the wrong angle she is a beauty" starts looking around for a way to improve the situation "say... isn't there some sort of automatic maintenance for this place? you know... repairbots and such..."
  77. [2013-07-31 15:02:19] * Kkat 3"sitting" Ewey slides itself closer to Kid.
  78. [2013-07-31 15:02:56] * Kid frowns and looks over the sentient angry hunk of quartz. She wanted what was inside that security room. She backs off away from Ewey. "Yeah, I see you."
  79. [2013-07-31 15:03:12] <Kkat> 3Sweetie replies,  "There used to be.  But they broke."
  80. [2013-07-31 15:03:49] * Get_Lost "ah. nothing is really broken until i say so. point me at them. you'll be back to tull functioning in no time, filly."
  81. [2013-07-31 15:04:17] * Kid goes a bit slightly faster away from Ewey. "Hey, uh. Sweetie? Y' mind tellin' Ewey to stay?"
  82. [2013-07-31 15:05:31] * Shatara hmmms. "Could we fix them?"
  83. [2013-07-31 15:06:00] <Kkat> 3Sweetie considers this for a moment.  "The parts that the bad ponies didn't take should still be in the maintenance stalls."
  84. [2013-07-31 15:07:24] * Bookwright nearly trips on himself. "What do you mean by 'bad ponies', precisely?"
  85. [2013-07-31 15:07:30] * Get_Lost "seems a good place where to start... can you give me clearance to the area and tell me where it is? and yeah, to my friends too please"
  86. [2013-07-31 15:07:33] <Kkat> 3The hologram of Sweetie Belle turns to Shatara.  "If you know about robots.  There are spare parts in the lockers.  The bad ponies couldn't get at them because they're locked."
  87. [2013-07-31 15:08:26] <Kkat> 3Pink-E answers, "She means the Heartless."  The pink sprite-bot bobs.  "I know where the maintenance stalls are.  I could take you there.
  88. [2013-07-31 15:08:29] <Kkat> 3"
  89. [2013-07-31 15:09:46] * Get_Lost "will we have to fight our way to that place?"
  90. [2013-07-31 15:10:00] <Kkat> 3Pink-E warns, "But it's totally not at all on the tour."
  91. [2013-07-31 15:10:25] * Kid seems to be pacing around the room, if Ewey continues following her. "Does it eat? Can this here thing be appeased?"
  92. [2013-07-31 15:10:49] * Get_Lost tries petting the ewew on the head first time it passes near
  93. [2013-07-31 15:11:46] * CopyCat smiles at Ewey. "Look Kid, you've made a friend!"
  94. [2013-07-31 15:13:12] * Bookwright starts searching. Maybe there's a terminal he can interact with that will tell him more about this incarnation of Sweetie Belle.
  95. [2013-07-31 15:14:40] * Shatara chuckles with a mix of amusement and nervousness at Kid and her new 'friend'. "Well, I think between the two of us, we should be able to manage..."
  96. [2013-07-31 15:16:40] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle looks confused for a moment.  "I don't know what it eats.  I'm always asleep when Ewey is eating."  Pink-E has a different answer, "It eats energy.  Mostly by nomming on cables."
  97. [2013-07-31 15:17:08] * Get_Lost "and this explains a lot....."
  98. [2013-07-31 15:17:43] * Kid winces. "Sparkle Battery. Somepony pass me a sparkle battery!"
  99. [2013-07-31 15:18:13] * Bookwright gives kid his last bulk spark battery.
  100. [2013-07-31 15:18:14] <Kkat> 3Pink-E notes, "Professor Paladin has big ones that are mean and will nom on poor, defenseless sprite-bots!"
  101. [2013-07-31 15:19:06] * Kid catches the bulk battery and then just tosses it ahead in front of her.
  102. [2013-07-31 15:19:11] * CopyCat covers her mouth with her hooves. "Oh no! That must be awful."
  103. [2013-07-31 15:19:41] * Get_Lost "okay, i think i can try and restore the cables here around and with those broken security bots i could shield them from more nomming..."
  104. [2013-07-31 15:19:52] <Kkat> 3Pink-E complains, "It totally is!"
  105. [2013-07-31 15:24:55] * Bookwright searches the room for interesting curious and relics.
  106. [2013-07-31 15:24:59] <Kkat> 3Ewey pounce-clomps on the spark battery and begins jabbing at it with crystal protrusions that flicker with light.  The battery pops and hisses as it is savaged.
  107. [2013-07-31 15:27:10] * Shatara hmms. "It might be a good idea to figure out some way to rig up a feeder for Ewey...so he's not chewing on vital conduits...."
  108. [2013-07-31 15:28:19] * Kid winces and stands her ground this time. Okay. "Okay, I gave you food. We're cool, right? Sorry for th' gun pointin', but ya'll don' understand that near everything else that moves wants us dead."
  109. [2013-07-31 15:34:22] <Kkat> 3Ewey finishes off the poor, defenseless spark battery, then bounds over to Kid like a puppy looking for another treat.
  110. [2013-07-31 15:35:32] * Kid blinks. Wait, what? "Since when do you like me?" She said in a soothing, high pitched tone, honestly surprised it was this easy to make friends.
  111. [2013-07-31 15:42:35] * Kid looks up at Sweetie. "Tell y' what. You let Ewey here come along, I bet you we can connect ya'll t' Fluttershy again." It occured to her right now how absurd her life has gotten.
  112. [2013-07-31 15:50:57] <Kkat> 3Sweetie frowns.  "I don't know... I've never been without Ewey.  Not that I can remember."  She pauses.  "But if Ewey can help you bring Butterfly back..."
  113. [2013-07-31 15:53:41] * Bookwright shakes his head at Kid. "You would deprive poor Sweetie of Ewey's company? How can you be so cruel? We don't need Ewey to fix these connections."
  114. [2013-07-31 15:55:45] * Kid frowns. "This ain't exactly th' place fer him t' be if ya'll need a pet. It's like a dog bein'... Well, not in the wide open. Just ain't the place fer 'em."
  115. [2013-07-31 15:55:52] <Kkat> 3Sweetie looks clearly relieved.
  116. [2013-07-31 15:57:55] * Bookwright turns to Shatara for succor. "You're skilled with tools, do you think you can fix Sweetie's connection to the clinic?"
  117. [2013-07-31 15:58:58] * Shatara nods. "Hope so. If it was Ewey chewing on something that broke it, it shouldn't be hard to splice the cables."
  118. [2013-07-31 16:02:09] <Kkat> 3Ewey bumps Kid.
  119. [2013-07-31 16:02:30] <Kkat> 3Pink-E swoops over.  "Awww.  You've made a new friend!"
  120. [2013-07-31 16:03:25] * Kid blinks and pets Ewey a little, being sure not to cut herself. "Uh. Hi there." She looks up. "Anyways, uh. Shatara. You said that we should go to some place?"
  121. [2013-07-31 16:04:22] <Kkat> 3From somewhere in the rooms beyond, a churring noise starts up -- the sound of an elevator.
  122. [2013-07-31 16:05:40] <Shatara> "Well, we need to follow the pinkbot to where the maintinence bots are, and try to...what was that?"
  123. [2013-07-31 16:06:24] * Bookwright shrugs. "An... Elevator, I guess?"
  124. [2013-07-31 16:06:41] <Shatara> "...who's running it?"
  125. [2013-07-31 16:07:15] * Kid sneers. Aw, shit. "Lights off. Ambush sounds nice."
  126. [2013-07-31 16:07:23] * Bookwright "Um... Sweetie Belle, I... Oh. It's Heartless. "
  127. [2013-07-31 16:09:14] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle shakes here head.  "Nope.  That's just the security bots from the Advanced Securities Department coming back.  Something called them away earlier."
  128. [2013-07-31 16:09:51] * Shatara chuckles nervously. "Yeah, something..."
  129. [2013-07-31 16:11:09] * Kid exhales. "Any guns or whatnot in-" Idea. "Shatara, try t' get in there and get us an exception."
  130. [2013-07-31 16:11:19] * Bookwright "...anyways, where are these automated repair robots that aren't automated anymore? Let's get you hooked up to Fluttershy again, eh?"
  131. [2013-07-31 16:12:43] <Kkat> 3Pink-E bounds through the air.  "Okie Dokie Lokie!"  She whistles.  "For that, we have to go outside."  She notes with a boop, "No use going through Advanced Securities.  Not even the Heartless can get past those guns!"
  132. [2013-07-31 16:15:20] * Kid gets shot down, and recovers with another. "Then we should get into th' regular security t' see what we c'n pick up f'r th' road ahead."
  133. [2013-07-31 16:15:35] * CopyCat chuckles nervously. "Well we do have that the overmare let us borrow, maybe that would let us in?"
  134. [2013-07-31 16:16:33] * Shatara nods. "Definitely need the security to know we're here to help..."
  135. [2013-07-31 16:22:01] * Noble_Heart nods her head and looks around. "Where are the controls for the security robots? Would the Overmare's security pass allow us past them? We would not like to risk damaging them, or Ourselves."
  136. [2013-07-31 16:23:24] * Kid boops Ewey. "Who'sagood Ewey? Yiisyooare! Yiisyooare!" She noted how quickly her opinion changed on it once she played with it a little. "Yeah. Maybe we c'n find some extra batteries for Ewey."
  137. [2013-07-31 16:25:24] * Shatara ponders how to safely keep Ewey fed if she is staying here, wondering if a sciency pone like Bookwright or Get Lost would understand better how it feeds.
  138. [2013-07-31 16:29:19] * Kid is ready to head back up the elevator. "Let's get up there!" She exclaimed, she said, quite happily.
  139. [2013-07-31 16:31:11] * Bookwright cheerfully goes along with kid
  140. [2013-07-31 16:32:51] * CopyCat nods. "Yes, having the security know we're friends will be very helpful... we'll be back soon Sweeie Belle, and I'm sure Get and Shatara can fix up those robots!" She heads over to the elevator along with the others.
  141. [2013-07-31 16:37:51] <Kkat> 3Ewey stomps about in what appears to be happiness.
  142. [2013-07-31 16:40:39] <Kkat> 3From the other room the churrring stops and the group can hear doors slide open.  A moment later, the voice of a little filly bemoans, "Nobody was there to play with.  I haven't gotten to eviscerate anyone in fooooooreeeeever!"
  143. [2013-07-31 16:41:07] <Kkat> 3A second, identical filly voice agrees.  "Stupid boring drills are stupid and boring."
  144. [2013-07-31 16:42:29] * Kid is significantly disturbed by this and proceeds to mash the "summon elevator" button.
  145. [2013-07-31 16:47:06] <Kkat> 3The elevator door folds open, the orange light coming on and a extremely non-offensive soft salsa music begins to play.  "Welcome to Stable-Tec."
  146. [2013-07-31 16:47:24] * Bookwright crowds into the elevator as fast as fast can.
  147. [2013-07-31 16:48:01] <Kkat> 3"Hey!" one of the filly voices says, "Did you hear something?"
  148. [2013-07-31 16:49:09] * Noble_Heart twitches one of her ears unhappily at the voices of fillies. She stepped into the elevator quite quick. Anything to not be here...
  149. [2013-07-31 16:49:43] * Kid gets in and tries to take Ewey with her. "C'mon, upupupupupup..." She whispers to herself.
  150. [2013-07-31 16:49:59] * Kid mashes the "up" button.
  151. [2013-07-31 16:54:59] <Kkat> 3Behind you here the holographic Sweetie Belle make coughing noises.  "nope  Just me..."  She doesn't lie well.
  152. [2013-07-31 16:56:28] * Shatara finds it mildly disturbing that the AI in charge of the place has to resort to making bluff checks...wills the elevator up faster.
  153. [2013-07-31 16:56:43] <Kkat> 3Ewey struggles to get into the elevator with everyone else, but simply doesn't fit.  At the sound of Sweetie Belle, Ewey turns and clump-bounces back towards the supercomputer just as Pink-E swoops into the elevator to float above Bookwright.  "oooh, I don't like them!"
  154. [2013-07-31 16:57:22] * Noble_Heart frowns. "Perhaps We can find another way to let Ewey out."
  155. [2013-07-31 16:58:02] <Kkat> 3A moment later, just as the first brainbot moves into view in the doorway, the elevator doors swing shut and the car begins to move upwards.  "...Everything's always wonderful at Stable-Tec."
  156. [2013-07-31 16:58:23] * Kid holds her hoof out at the door. She whimpers a little.
  157. [2013-07-31 17:00:57] * Noble_Heart pets Kid. "We doubt that they would hurt Ewey. It has been here for many, many years."
  158. [2013-07-31 17:02:18] * Kid feels her heart sink a little. "That there's th' only animal I ever got on friendly terms with."
  159. [2013-07-31 17:03:42] <Kkat> 3Pink-E smiles.  "Don't worry!  Hey maybe you can make it so Sweetie can zip-zip-zoom around just like me!  Then we could follow you and Ewey could follow all of us!"
  160. [2013-07-31 17:04:20] <Kkat> 3Pink-E demonstrates zip-zip-zooming around the interior of the cramped elevator.
  161. [2013-07-31 17:04:28] * Bookwright nods thoughtfully. "That would be the best solution, I think. It would be a lot of work though..."
  162. [2013-07-31 17:05:09] * Shatara gets clonked on the head by a zipping pinkiebot.
  163. [2013-07-31 17:06:03] * Noble_Heart ducks her head under the spritebot. "We are not certain how effective that would be. The machines which make her function are very complex..."
  164. [2013-07-31 17:06:16] * CopyCat chuckles... then also gets bonked.
  165. [2013-07-31 17:07:40] * Kid is too small to get bonked! "It's silly, I know. I knew him fer all o' five minutes, an' he spent most o' that runnin' away, but he got real cute when y' give 'em a treat.
  166. [2013-07-31 17:10:34] * Noble_Heart shakes her head, patting Kid. "Do not feel bad. We will find a way to help him."
  167. [2013-07-31 17:11:52] * Kid smirks. "I know. I guess I'm jus' bein' silly. Let's try t' get int' that security room. Maybe we c'n' find some loot."
  168. [2013-07-31 17:12:24] * Shatara winces. "Those...bots...will likely object to that..."
  169. [2013-07-31 17:14:38] * Kid shakes her head. "Not that security room! There's one upstairs with us."
  170. [2013-07-31 17:14:44] * Bookwright "Doesn't mean it's not worth trying to do though, Noble_Heart. Maybe not something like Pink-E, but certainly something like those brain-bots that we've seen outside."
  171. [2013-07-31 17:15:48] * Kid scratches her mane. " But how d'we get that jar into a brainbot thing and... Uh." Wow, she felt nerdy.
  172. [2013-07-31 17:16:11] * Bookwright nods again. "Like I said, complicated."
  173. [2013-07-31 17:16:12] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates. "It might be possible, perhaps, to set up some form of broadcaster to one of the black security bots. We deactivated one in the upstairs hallway, yes? Perhaps it could be salvaged for such a purpose."
  174. [2013-07-31 17:17:49] * CopyCat tilts her head. "I'm sure we can find some way to help her. Sweetie being cooped up in here with the machines slowly dying is just wrong."
  175. [2013-07-31 17:26:34] * Kid realized that the situation was grave. That she was saving the sort-of-life of a sort-of celebrity from a long time ago. That didn't mean she didn't giggle a little at 'Sweet-E'.
  176. [2013-07-31 17:27:42] * Noble_Heart smiled a bit at that. "I believe she has always been a sweety. But yes, perhaps it is something which might be done."
  177. [2013-07-31 17:32:26] * Kid shook her head. Okay. "How can we make it happen? What needs doin'?"
  178. [2013-07-31 17:36:19] * Noble_Heart taps her chin thoughtfully. "We are not certain. We know We will need a broadcaster of some kind. And to connect it to the Sweetie-AI. We will also need to spend some time creating a proper Arcanotech interface controller, though We would expect the Sweetie-AI to have something which might be adapted already." She frowned. "The mechanics of their construction are unfortunately
  179. [2013-07-31 17:36:20] * Noble_Heart outside Our expertise."
  180. [2013-07-31 17:37:03] * Kid points at Shatara. "What could we use t' get that stuff made?"
  181. [2013-07-31 17:39:18] * Shatara hmms softly, pondering what parts would be needed. "I'm guessing the parts would be around here somewhere. This does seem to be a robot factory, after all..."
  182. [2013-07-31 17:41:05] <Kkat> 3Pink-E begins humming with (sort of) the elevator music.  She barely gets out a few bars before the elevator stops with a shudder, the light above winking out then back on.  The music cuts out abruptly and the doors hinge open.
  183. [2013-07-31 17:41:51] * Noble_Heart blinks. "That is worrying..." She steps off the elevator cautiously.
  184. [2013-07-31 17:43:15] * Bookwright follows Noble_Heart out of the elevator.
  185. [2013-07-31 17:44:07] * CopyCat looks around nervously. "That's... not good."
  186. [2013-07-31 17:44:55] <Kkat> 3Ex-Overmare Innocence's office appears exactly as they left it.
  187. [2013-07-31 17:49:28] * CopyCat holds the Overmare's ID badge in front of her like a talisman that can ward off all evil. It makes her feel a little better.
  188. [2013-07-31 18:00:29] * Bookwright tries the key he found in the Security door.
  189. [2013-07-31 18:13:41] <Kkat> 3The security robots seem to have vacated the floor, leaving it almost eerily empty.  The debris and junked robots from the battle litter the floor.
  190. [2013-07-31 18:14:17] <Kkat> 3The found key does not, unfortunately, open the Security door.  It must be to something else.
  191. [2013-07-31 18:18:31] * Kid folds her front legs, unsatisfied with this turn of events. "Well, where /does/ this go?"
  192. [2013-07-31 18:21:25] * CopyCat shows the door her badge. The door does not seem impressed.
  193. [2013-07-31 18:22:56] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "The overmare's carriage, We imagine. It might be outside."
  194. [2013-07-31 18:24:39] * Bookwright wonders aloud. "Do you suppose it goes by itself?"
  195. [2013-07-31 18:26:16] <Kkat> 3Pink-E giggles.  "Of course not.  You need the key!"
  196. [2013-07-31 18:34:49] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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