Oct 15th, 2015
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  1. Belle
  3. >You lie inert in the pitch darkness
  4. >Your mind still fairly numb from the punch you’d taken earlier
  5. >It was no soft punch either
  6. >That fucker laid into you
  7. >Which might explain the relentless throbbing that’s lingered in your head for the past couple hours
  8. >And the dazed “half-asleep”, fuzzy brain feeling as well
  9. >You have no idea where you ended up afterwards, as you’d blacked out for a moment soon thereafter
  10. >But given the rough, inconsistent surface beneath you
  11. >And the… smell.
  12. >You can assume they tossed you in the dumpster
  13. >This cold, silent, eerie dumpster…
  14. >Maybe a more reasonable fellow would try to find his way out
  15. >Make an attempt to adequately pursue their will to live
  16. >But you were most definitely not that fellow
  17. >Your body has tossed in the towel at this point
  18. >After the events that played out tonight, you were quite content with being in this dumpster
  19. >What you saw
  20. >What they did to you
  21. >What they tried to do to you…
  22. >What they WERE doing to the others
  23. >Your stomach starts to feel nauseous again at the memories of what was seen
  24. >You knew the things people were capable of, but you never expected…
  25. >Never mind, don’t think about it
  26. >The guilt of knowing what little you did to help the others is too much
  27. >All you can do now is… well… die in this dumpster you suppose
  28. >A few more hours slowly pass, or what you assume to be hours
  29. >You can’t really tell in the dark
  30. >Your physical state hasn’t really improved much
  31. >You found yourself groaning here and there just to cope with the endless waves of pain
  32. >Though the groans seemed broken and scratchy, almost as if your vocals were shot
  33. >They did hold you by the neck pretty tight at one point…
  34. >You guess it doesn’t matter much now though
  35. >You won’t be needing vocals when the garbage truck comes to pick you up and squish you into a tiny trash cube
  36. >Which, if time continues to move as slowly as it has been, you assume to happen in about a decade
  37. >You couldn’t have been in here for more than 4 – 5 hours but it seemed like years
  38. >Not having anything but your thoughts makes time drag painfully slow
  39. >And slow is the worst kind of torture…
  40. >But, just as all hope seemed to be fading
  41. >The lid to the dumpster flew open to reveal a peaceful night sky above
  42. >The light so tame your eyes are hardly fazed by its presence
  43. >But before you could fully adjust your vision to the world being let in, you see a large, round, silhouette of a trash bag being tossed in above you
  44. >And with a moment’s notice, the bag lands directly on your face
  45. “Eep!”
  46. >O-ouch…
  47. >Was that your eep?
  48. >Goodness, that’s a noise you’ve never heard come from your vocals before
  49. >You take a second to regain yourself, the throbbing of your head now even more intense courtesy of the trash bag
  50. >A few long blinks and heavy breaths later, you redirect your gaze upward again to find the dumpster is still open
  51. >Not only that, but there’s a silhouette of a person staring down at you
  52. >Wait…
  53. >Oh no…
  54. >You reflexively curl yourself up in defense, your body entering an instant “fight or flight” at the sight of them
  55. >They came back for you
  56. >They aren’t done with you
  57. >You quiver helplessly and hide your eyes with your… forelegs?
  58. >Either way, it would hurt less if you didn’t see it
  59. >Or at least that’s what you made yourself believe
  60. >”Oh… my god.”
  61. >You hear it speak
  62. >Which only scares you even more
  63. >There was no will to retain your composure, you lost that long ago
  64. >So you freely allow pitiful squeaks and whimpers to escape your lips at the sound of its voice
  65. >You know it won’t deter them, but what else were you to do?
  66. >You were utterly helpless
  67. >You knew it, and so did they
  68. >And at this point you could care less
  69. >Just make it quick…
  70. >With your eyes still shut, you hear movement
  71. > Assuming they’re meant to hurt you, you embrace for impact, all the muscles in your body tensing as if to prepare for a final blow
  72. >But… it never comes
  73. >There is no pain
  74. >Instead, the feeling of two, warm arms slowly wrapping themselves around your body registers in your mind
  75. >Wait… W-wha..?
  76. >”ShhhhhhhShhhh, it’s okay, sweetheart.”
  77. >The arms then carefully begin to lift you from your spot in the dumpster
  78. >Like they were handling the most fragile artifact in the world
  79. >Who was this?
  80. >She was obviously female, but was she not here to hurt you?
  81. >Her voice was so... soft
  82. >Mesmerizing almost
  83. >You feel a hand rest itself atop your head, digging into your new lengthy hair and giving it a few gentle scratches
  84. >You can’t tell if this is a sick tease, or if this person is really here to help you
  85. >Either way, you can’t stop shaking, and your lips still can’t seem to conceal the whimpering
  86. >On top of all it, you feel a new wave of unwarranted tears running down your face
  87. >She seems to note your escalated distress, and pulls you closer to her, positioning you into a cradle
  88. >”It’s going to be alright little one, you’re okay.”
  89. >Her words of reassurance still not convincing you
  90. >As much as your body begs for you to calm, you just can’t
  91. >You’ve nowhere near enough energy to resist anything, so instead you weep like a child
  92. >You want her to put you back
  93. >You’d already accepted your fate in the dumpster
  94. >You were committed
  95. >But along comes her
  96. >Your worry is completely futile though, as she begins to walk away from the dumpster with you held securely in her arms
  97. >She’s taking you somewhere
  98. >God no, please
  99. >You’ve had enough for one night
  100. >Can’t they just let you die?
  101. >You watch fearfully as she walks only a few steps from the dumpster to sit down on a box
  102. >Her motherly cooing and calming strokes persist as she makes herself comfortable
  103. >”Poor girl, you must be exhausted. It’s been a long night for you, hasn’t it?”
  104. >That would be an understatement
  105. >And you’re certain she’s here to make it even worse
  106. >But before you’ve time to conjure more panic-inducing thoughts, she begins to hum a soft, motherly, tune
  107. >Much like a lullaby a mother would sing to her child
  108. >The melody so entrancing, you almost immediately find yourself succumbing to it
  109. >You thought you’d been putting up a good fight, but before long your quivering had almost completely ceased and your tears nearly dried
  110. >Keeping your eyelids open soon becomes an impossible task
  111. >And without much thought, your body begins curls itself up as its lack of energy finally calls for you to rest
  112. >Your instinct screams resistance, but your body begs for sleep
  113. >”Get some rest, little one. You’ll be safe, I promise.”
  114. >And with that very little bit of assurance, you gradually lower your eyelids
  115. >”That’s it, good girl.” She coos
  116. >Good girl?
  117. >You guess you can’t really expect her to know any better
  118. >Maybe if you were more conscious you’d care about correcting her
  119. >Or rather, telling her what happened to the “real” you
  120. >But all that matters now is closing your eyes an—
  121. >ZZZzzz
  123. ------
  126. >”Anon, hold still you fuckin… agh!”
  127. >They try to keep you pinned, but your squirming seemed to be doing the trick
  128. >Though you weren’t sure how much longer you could keep this up
  129. >”Guys, a little help!?” One of them pleads
  130. >Two other figures move toward you
  131. >You had the strength to hold off a couple, but any more would be challenge
  132. >Your energy was already running pretty thin
  133. >”Put him the fuck down!”
  134. >The reinforcements wrap their arms around you and shove you to the floor with brute force
  135. >Your head rings as it bashes against the concrete, stars flooding your vision
  136. >”Thank you… Jesus.” One says trying to catch his breath.
  137. >”What do we do with him?” Asks another
  138. >”Fuckin’ knock him out or something.”
  139. >”No.” A third voice responds from across the room, “I want this one to feel it.”
  140. >You’re too dazed to comprehend what he’s referring to
  141. >Instead, you try to roll to your stomach in an attempt to stand yourself
  142. >But as soon as you make the slightest movement, a foot is pressed against your chest, pinning you to the floor
  143. >The pressure squeezes the air from your lungs, rendering any potential efforts completely useless
  144. >Through your hazy vision you can see a figure approach your position on the ground, wielding what seems to be a large syringe
  145. >”Don’t move Anon, it’ll only make it hurt more…”
  146. >The figure then kneels down by your side
  147. >He grips one of your arms and lifts it up
  148. “I…”
  149. >You struggle to speak through your loss of breath
  150. “I… I thought we were cool!”
  151. >He then primes the needle, setting the tip lightly atop the skin
  152. >”I’m sorry Anon…”
  153. >And just before you could witness the needle being lunged into your skin, your eyelids dart open to reveal a world not conjured by your imagination
  154. >Deep breathes rapidly being taken to help satisfy your sudden, desperate heartrate
  155. >You look about worriedly, trying to scan the environment around you
  156. >But the light you’re met with is too much to focus on anything
  157. >You squint to try and make out your surroundings through the light
  158. >But before you have any time to focus on anything, you’re hoisted into the air by two alien appendages
  159. >”Goodness! Was someone having another bad dream?”
  160. >You seize up in mild shock
  161. >She really needs to stop grabbing you so suddenly after waking up from nightmares…
  162. >Familiar fingers brush themselves through your mane as she coos to calm you from your ritualistic panic attack
  163. >It works though, every time
  164. >Your heartbeat slows to a steady pace as your urge to breathe rapidly is soothed alongside it
  165. >It’s been a little under a week since the dumpster event
  166. >And you’d taken refuge in the female’s house
  167. >Somewhat against your own will, but you figured it was better than dying in the dumpster
  168. >She carts you over to the kitchen where, for the past few mornings, she’s fed you a nice breakfast and assisted you with drinking
  169. >Holding a glass with hooves wasn’t something easily done
  170. >But rather than sitting you on the counter-top as per usual, you’re gently plopped to the floor in the dining area, just outside the kitchen
  171. >Odd…
  172. >She walks out of sight for a moment before returning with a bowl and resting it in front of you
  173. >”Soooooo, I know you’ve had a little trouble with drinking, so I figured I’d leave a bowl of water out just in case you get thirsty while I’m gone!” She chirps with a nervous smile
  174. >You give her an unamused look in retort
  175. >Her smile collapses and she gives a defeated sigh
  176. >”Whaaaat?”
  177. “I told you, I’m not a pet.” You respond with a flat tone
  178. >”You know that’s not the message I’m trying to send, sweetheart.”
  179. “You want me to drink water from a bowl for christ sake!”
  180. >You direct your gaze slightly to the side to avoid eye contact with her, releasing a small sigh
  181. >A brief silence consumes the room as you look away
  182. >”Well that’s new.”
  183. “W-what?”
  184. >”You didn’t protest me calling you ‘sweetheart’ this time.”
  185. “O-oh yeah. I don’t know… I guess it’s kind of… comforting.”
  186. >You can see a warm smile grow on her face from the edge of your peripherals
  187. >”Well, don’t expect it to stop anytime soon, little miss.”
  188. >You squish your eyes in a wince at hearing “miss”
  189. >You’d protest that one too, but it wouldn’t make her stop anytime soon
  190. >It’s probably one of those things where your unintentional cuteness rivals how you really wish to be treated
  191. >She then moves into the kitchen once more, exiting your field of view as you continue to look away
  192. >”So are you okay with the water bowl, at least just for now?” She asks from the other room
  193. “I… I guess.” You answer, unsure of what toll this new tier of degradation might actually take on you
  194. >”Good!”
  195. >She then strolls back into view with another, larger bowl
  196. >”Then I hope you don’t mind me doing the same with your food.”
  197. “Oh come on!”
  199. ------
  201. >”Are you sure you’ll be okay holding down the fort while I’m gone?”
  202. “Yes, Claire, I’m mo—“
  203. >”Ahem…”
  204. ”Err… yes MA’AM. I’m more than capable of doing literally nothing all day.”
  205. >”What’s with the tood, miss?”
  206. >You roll your eyes and turn around to walk off
  207. “Just leave, you’re going to be late.”
  208. >She gives a little huff before promptly shutting the door behind her as she scurries off
  209. >Today was her first day back to work since you’d woken up in this house
  210. >Which, if you’d been counting correctly, was a little short of 2 weeks ago
  211. >And as much as you wish you could say you were enjoying it, you were miserable
  212. >You can’t thank her enough for rescuing you from the dumpster and providing care until a solution was found
  213. >But that didn’t warrant absolute content on your end
  214. >You missed your old self
  215. >You missed your old life
  216. >Your friends
  217. >Your family
  218. >Your apartment
  219. >Fingers
  220. >Toes
  221. >Male… genitals
  222. >The only way to cope was to just not think about it
  223. >And in addition to your longing for your old life, the way she treated you was starting to drive you insane
  224. >Everyday it seemed there was some new test
  225. >Something more she could do to take another jab at your dignity
  226. >You weren’t sure if it was intentional or not, but either way it was getting old real fast
  227. >She’d always say things like “sweetheart, miss, good girl” despite knowing you weren’t actually a girl
  228. >And she had also started calling you “Belle” because for some weird reason you reminded her of her favorite Disney princess
  229. >You hated it so much but you figured fighting it would be useless
  230. >For all the help she’s given you, the least you could do was let her call you a few names
  231. >And they weren’t THAT bad… were they?
  232. >They were meant to be warm and comforting
  233. >She knows you’ve been through a lot…
  234. >And every time she called you a good girl…
  235. >You lightly knock yourself on the head with a hoof
  236. >No they definitely WERE that bad, you aren’t a sweetheart, you’re Anon, not some stupid mare
  237. >The same Anon that likes to waste away on video games with his stupid, edgy, neckbeard friends
  238. >The same Anon that likes fart jokes and getting wasted before blowing things up with fireworks
  239. >The same Anon that was… gaining weight from severe depression
  240. >Wait a minute…
  241. >You’re alone, right?
  242. >You haven’t really had much of a chance to fully see yourself yet
  243. >I mean, you’ve had glimpses here and there
  244. >But nothing beyond that
  245. >Mostly to keep yourself from freaking out
  246. >But it’s almost been 2 weeks...
  247. >Hmmm…
  248. >Without much thought, you trot yourself to the bedroom of your temporary female ‘roommate’
  249. >Upon entering, you raise a hindleg to gently kick the door shut behind you, revealing a full body mirror
  250. >With a deep breath, you mentally prepare yourself before turning around to face the mirror
  251. >….
  252. >D-damn
  253. >No wonder Claire couldn’t stop calling you sweetheart
  254. >You were… adorable
  255. >Turning your body to the side, you give yourself a full view of the length of your figure
  256. >And you were a skinny girl too
  257. >You’d expected ponies to have a little more padding
  258. >But then again you’ve not eaten much these past couple weeks
  259. >And you can’t say you really missed your beer-belly all that much either
  260. >You fall back to your haunches
  261. >It was so hard to believe you now looked almost identical to something you’d find yourself jacking off to 3 weeks ago
  262. >You had been terrified of seeing yourself in fear of losing your shit
  263. >But right now you were actually kind of…. Proud
  264. >I mean, if you’re going to be stuck as a mare, might as well be a cute one, right?
  265. >You felt a giant weight being lifted off your shoulders
  266. >A worry you couldn’t pinpoint was now suddenly gone
  267. >A sense of liberation
  268. >You turn back around to face the mirror one more time
  269. >And the pony staring back at you had a little smile on her face
  270. >Hehe
  271. >What a cutie~
  273. --------
  275. >”Belle! Did you use my computer?” Claire calls from across the house
  276. “Uhm, N-no! You told me not to!”
  277. >”Then why am I signed in to Anon’s twitter?”
  278. >O-oh shit
  279. >You forgot to sign out of your twitter!?
  280. >You fucking dumbass!
  281. >You’re fucked
  282. >You’re so fucked
  283. >You hear a few heavy footsteps before Claire rounds the corner, promptly stopping in the doorway to stare down at you
  284. >Naturally, you sink a little bit under her shadow, your ears falling to hide themselves
  285. >”What exactly were you doing on twitter, hm?”
  286. >Your mindless lounging suddenly became an interrogation
  287. >An interrogation you were sure to lose
  288. “I-I… uhm… f-funny pictures and… stuff…”
  289. >She lowers herself down to kneel at your height, placing a finger under your chin
  290. >”You’re lying, sweetie.”
  291. “S-so? Why does it matter? I-I’m not a pet, I have freedoms.”
  292. >”But you’re in my house.”
  293. “B-but tha—“
  294. >”Unless you’d like to sleep out in the cold, I’d start talking.”
  295. >You purse your lips as you’re given an ultimatum
  296. >Knowing she’ll be mad either way, you decide to go the route that likely ends in you not sleeping outside
  297. “I-I uh…”
  298. >”Yes?”
  299. “I sent your address t-to my friend. H-he said he could help change me back.”
  300. >”You what!?”
  301. >You wince as she raises her voice
  302. “I-I thought it would help! I don’t want to be like this forever!”
  303. >”How do you know he’s not lying? He could just be leading you on to lure into a kidnapping or something!”
  304. “B-but he won’t! I Prom—“
  305. >”Do you remember how beat-up you were the night I found you?”
  306. “I-I know but—“
  307. >”You were a mess! It’s a wonder you’re even alive right now!”
  308. “LET ME TALK.” You snap, stomping a hoof to the ground with a little ‘clop’
  309. >Her entire being ceases
  310. >The size of her eyes rivaling those of a tarsier
  311. >You hated confrontation
  312. >And for that reason you’d always been a rather quiet gir—p... pony…. Guy…
  313. >But this wasn’t an argument you were about to hand over
  314. >With the adrenaline of what you’d just done pumping through your bloodstream, you decide to roll with the momentum
  315. “Y-you don’t know what I w-went through!”
  316. >She raises a brow
  317. “Th-they were abusing the others, taking advantage of them! I-I threatened to rat them out for what they were doing, s-so they did it to me!”
  318. >Your body starts to quiver as your composure begins to lose its stability
  319. >Meanwhile Claire’s expression grows more worrisome with each word you speak
  320. ”Th-they beat me up! Choked me! Th-they turned me into this!”
  321. >You motion toward your body
  322. “And they made me feel EVERYTHING!”
  323. >Winded, you take a few seconds to breathe, your aggressive stance weakening
  324. “A-and… it… it was the most painful thing… I’ve ever felt in my entire life…”
  325. >”B-Belle… I—“
  326. “And STOP calling me Belle! You know that’s not my name!”
  327. >Claire is jolted a bit by the blow
  328. “I-I’m not this… stupid mare house pet you want me to be! I’m a human being!”
  329. >Claire doesn’t respond this time, but rather stares silently
  330. >A distressed look of unimaginable guilt on her face
  331. “I-I messaged my friend because he was THERE. H-he knows what happened, a-and knows how to fix it! So instead of trying to keep me cooped up for your own amusement, w-why don’t you actually think about someone else for once!?”
  332. >You take another brief pause to catch your breath
  333. >Still no verbal response from her
  334. >She just sat there, emotionless
  335. “J-just… leave.”
  336. >And with that conclusion, Claire abides, slowly standing herself and quietly exiting the room
  337. >A heartbreaking silence lingering soon thereafter
  338. >A silence that made you feel more alone than you ever had
  339. >You grip your now trembling lower lip tightly with your teeth, trying to hold back hysterics
  340. >You wanted to feel like what you did was right
  341. >But it wasn’t
  342. >A totally unwarranted outburst
  343. >Claire never did anything to ever harm you
  344. >But you kicked her down while she was vulnerable
  345. >You didn’t prove a point or win any argument
  346. >You were just being a bully
  347. >A bully that sought to cope by making others feel just as bad as they did
  348. >Completely undeserving of the care you’ve thought yourself entitled to
  349. >A large knot of guilt started building in your chest
  350. >Poor Claire
  351. >Feeling instantaneous regret for what you’d just done, you take a large sniff to force the tears back
  352. >You didn’t deserve to cry
  353. >Not right now
  354. >Someone else needed the tender loving care
  355. >And it sure as hell wasn’t naughty pony that were right now
  356. >With no hesitation, you trot to Claire’s nightstand and grab her hairbrush with your teeth
  357. >It takes a little bit of searching, but you eventually find her sitting on the floor in the living room
  358. >Trotting to her side, you gently rest the hairbrush down by her thigh
  359. >She raises her head, looking at you, then the brush, then back at you
  360. >You knew Claire had obsession with wanting to brush your mane
  361. >But you never let her because you were too afraid of the embarrassment it would entail
  362. >Fortunately, none of that mattered right now
  363. “Ahem… I-I think a certain pony’s mane is looking a little messy…” You quietly break the silence
  364. >A small grin grows on her face
  365. “I-I was hoping maybe someone could help her out...”
  366. >With a small chuckle, she gently ushers you into her lap, placing a hand on your side possessively while the other wields the brush
  367. >”I’m sorry for how I’ve been treating you, Anon.”
  368. “That’s Belle to you.”
  369. >She gives another sincere smile before running the bristles through your bangs
  370. >”You’re a very brave girl, Belle. You’ve been through more than I can imagine.”
  371. “Eh, things happen.”
  372. >The brush stops for a second as she gazes down at you
  373. >A finger finds itself under your chin and gives a soft little scritch
  374. >”Such a sweetheart…”
  376. -------
  378. >”Belle, you’re not getting out of this.”
  379. >You’ve got your rear planted against the door of the bathroom
  380. >Fearfully pushing yourself back with your forelegs, hoping the locked door might somehow magically open itself and let you out
  381. >”You haven’t had a bath since the night I brought you home. You, miss, are a stinky pony.”
  382. >Claire has been trying to lure you into taking a bath for the past week, but the thought of soaking your fur in water scared life out of you
  383. >You weren’t sure why
  384. >It was almost instinctive
  385. >Unfortunately for you though, today was the day she managed to capture you
  386. >She tempted you with mane brushies and asked that you follow her to the bathroom
  387. >Little did you know she’d conjured a more… devious plan
  388. >Being the mane-brushy addict you now were, you mindlessly waddled yourself into the bathroom before
  389. >SWOOSH
  390. >The door was swiftly shut and locked behind you
  391. >And now… here you were
  392. >A helpless little horse at the mercy of she who wished to lather you in the devil’s saliva
  393. >There was no escape
  394. >Her strength was easily superior to yours by almost 5 times as much
  395. >And opening the door with hooves would simply be an exercise of futility.
  396. >Do you submit?
  397. >Belle never submits!
  398. >”Belle, don’t make me come and get you…”
  399. >Hold your ground
  400. >She’s bluffing
  401. >”I’ll start counting.”
  402. >O-okay, maybe Belle sometimes submits…
  403. >”One...”
  404. >No no, you’ve got this, show her who the real boss is
  405. >”Two…”
  406. >Hold tight, she won’t do anything
  407. >She’s too weak!
  408. >”Three.”
  409. >Claire then promptly stands herself up and starts walking toward you
  411. >You push yourself more vigorously against the door, sinking as she draws nearer
  412. >She’s too close now
  413. >Just as she begins leaning down to grab you, you notice an opening between her legs
  414. >Seizing the moment, you quickly attempt to dart yourself through them
  415. >But she seems to be quicker, squeezing her legs together and catching you halfway through
  416. >”Nice try, girly.”
  417. >She then wraps her hands around what would be your ‘armpits’ and hoists you up, keeping a firm grip as you courageously squirm about
  418. >Condescending chuckles escape her lips as you try to fight your restraints
  419. >”Maybe if you ate more often, you’d have more strength to escape the big bad Claire.”
  420. >You huff from your snout, grunting as you continue to writhe in her grip
  421. >”Now this won’t take long, love. I promise.”
  422. “L-let me go! I don’t want to!”
  423. >”That doesn’t matter, silly. You have to.”
  424. >Kneeling beside the tub already full of water , she slowwwwly begins your descent into the lake of death below
  425. >Your squirming becomes less sporadic as your climbing heartrate only causes you to freeze up
  426. >The water below practically taunting you with its victory
  427. >You retract your dangling hindlegs as high as you could, delaying what you knew was now the inevitable
  428. >But before you’d any more time to worry, the tip of your tail is met with a lukewarm sensation
  429. >You naturally convulse a bit, your squirming still halfhearted from your internal panic
  430. >”Calm down Belle, you’re fine.”
  431. >The only response you can manage is a pitiful whimper
  432. >”You’re such a drama queen.” She snickers
  433. >And with little notice, your entire body is then hurriedly submerged into the tub below
  434. >The only part of you above the waterline being your head
  435. >You take a sharp gasp as you feel the liquid penetrate your outer fur, soaking deep into your coat as you can physically feel yourself become heavier
  436. >The warmth of the water calms your nerves a bit
  437. >Your squirming having completely stopped and your muscles now fairly limp
  438. >Okay… maybe you exaggerated a few things
  439. >”Attagirl.” She praises
  440. >Claire then grabs a little cup and dunks it into the tub to fill it with water
  441. >”Close your eyes.”
  442. >You obey, clenching them shut
  443. >She then pours the contents of said cup atop your head, drenching your mane and face
  444. >Her fingers find their way to your eyes before brushing your wet bangs away
  445. >”See, we’re almost done.”
  446. >With the shampoo bottle now in hand, she squirts an ounce or so into her palm, rubbing it around to cover either hand in the substance
  447. >”Will you sit super still for me?”
  448. >You nod
  449. >”Good girl.”
  450. >She then ferociously scrubs her fingertips into your scalp, producing a big bubbly blanket all across your mane
  451. >With how rough she was being, you’d think that it would cause some sort of distress
  452. >But you were actually enjoying it
  453. >It was like a real thorough head massage
  454. >You’d experienced something similar a salon before, but your old short hair never gave you sensations like these in the past
  455. >Taking note of your dazed expression, Claire giggles
  456. >”Enjoying ourselves?”
  457. >You nod weakly, still absorbed by the euphoria of her kneading
  458. >She continues to glaze your head in shampoo for a few more seconds before moving on to do the same with your body and tail
  459. >All the while you’re completely hypnotized
  460. >Your eyes drooping in relaxation
  461. >It seems like only milliseconds have passed before she suddenly stops
  462. >W-what?
  463. >You open your half-lidded eyes and look around
  464. >Spotting Claire rinsing the shampoo from her hands, you whine at her
  465. >”I’m all done ya dork. Now we just have to rinse you off.”
  466. >Puffing your lips in a pout, she grabs the cup again, dunks it, and pours it along your body
  467. >Repeat about 4 – 5 more times before she tosses the cup into the tub and gives you a victorious smile
  468. >”And done! Was that so bad?”
  469. >Grabbing a towel, she lifts you from your spot in the tub and wraps it around you
  470. >You’re then gently lowered to the ground before the towel is forcefully brushed all along your body, super-scrubbing to dry you off with haste
  471. >You were hoping this would extend your prior massage
  472. >But you couldn’t help yourself from bursting out into giggles
  473. >The towel is more ticklish than anything
  474. >And before long you’ve rolled to your back in uncontrollable laughter
  475. >Claire stares with little amusement at first, but soon falls victim to your laughing, watching as you wiggle about hysterically beneath her
  476. >She then leans in to playfully pin you against the floor, using a stray finger to apply even more tickles to the cute pony before ceasing it all with a small kiss to your nose
  477. >”Alrighty Belle, go get yourself ready. Tonight you’re helping me make dinner.”
  478. “Y-yes ma’am!” You chirp
  479. >You roll back over and raise yourself to all fours
  480. >Your head held a little higher than usual as you felt extra-confident for being a good girl for Claire
  481. >You then set course for the kitchen before suddenly stopping yourself
  482. >Your ears droop
  483. >What the hell is happening to you Anon..?
  485. ---------
  487. >You stare down at your food, emotionless
  488. >Sitting on the floor next to your bowl while Claire rests in her usual spot at the table
  489. >Your mind was completely consumed right now, and eating was last on your “priority list”
  490. >”Belle, honey. Are you alright? You’ve been awfully quiet since your bath.”
  491. >Her voice pulls you from your daze, your ears perking up as you reflexively look toward her
  492. “O-oh yeah, I’m fine.”
  493. >You nonchalantly divert your gaze from her following your reply, zoning off again
  494. >”I’m not convinced. Here...”
  495. >Claire leans down to scoop you up from your spot next to your bowl and plops you to your haunches atop the table
  496. >You look about, the unexpected contact startling you a bit
  497. >”Now, tell me, what’s on your mind?”
  498. “W-well it’s just…”
  499. >She rests her chin in her palm, listening intently
  500. “A-are you, you know, t-trying to make me stay?”
  501. >Claire looks a little surprised
  502. >”Pardon?”
  503. “Are you trying to make me want to stay here… like, brainwash me?”
  504. >”What prompted this?”
  505. “I just… I…”
  506. >You find it hard to formulate the words
  507. >The feelings are there but the means to convey them… not so much
  508. >”You just..?”
  509. >Spit it out Belle
  510. “I-I’m starting to… like being here.”
  511. >Claire’s look of surprise deepens
  512. “B-but I don’t like that I like being here… if that makes sense?”
  513. >She gives a little nod, but motions for you to continue
  514. “I feel like the way you’re treating me i-is to convince me to stay.”
  515. >”Belle, I know you have a life away from here, I would never try to keep you from that. I’m only treating you this way to make you comfortable until you can return home.”
  516. “B-but it seems like we’re not making in progress in finding a solution. It’s been a little over a month now…”
  517. >This one stumps her, and audible “Hmm” coming from her lips as she looks down in thought
  518. >”I suppose I’ve just fallen short on my hunt. Maybe we could set aside some time to do a little investigating, hm?”
  519. >You know this should reassure you
  520. >But instead you feel even worse
  521. >The thought of going back to your old life gave you a heart-wrenching knot in your chest
  522. >Jumping right back into all your responsibilities
  523. >Rewiring yourself to cope with the human world
  524. >Repairing your masculinity
  525. >...Being away from Claire
  526. >You knew it wasn’t right to feel this way
  527. >There was a life to be lived and as far as you’re concerned you’ve been given a surprise holiday
  528. >One you’ve had a lot of fun with, but the adult in you knows holiday can’t last forever
  529. >You needed to go home sooner or later
  530. >But what if…
  531. >What if you asked her if you could stay?
  532. >No…
  533. >No that would never work
  534. >You’d be a total leech
  535. >Asking for someone to completely take care of you would be such a burden
  536. >And you weren’t about to do that to someone you cared about
  537. >At that point you wouldn’t be any different from a pet
  538. >...H-her pet
  539. >You give Claire a small nod in response to her prior proposal
  540. >”Okie dokes, I’ll put it in the books.”
  541. >The words make your stomach ache
  542. >But you knew it was for the best
  543. >You were an adult
  544. >Acting like one has been long overdue
  545. >”Anything else on your mind?”
  546. >Yes
  547. >Ask her
  548. >For the love of fuck Belle ask her!
  549. “N-no, that’s all.”
  550. >You finish with a listless smile
  551. >”Good. I know it’s hard being like this, but just remember I’ll do anything I can to keep you happy until you’re back to your old self.”
  552. >And with that, any ounce of appetite you even somewhat possessed was completely gone
  553. >You’d not felt this depressed since you WERE your old self
  554. >Was that the life you really wanted to return to?
  555. >It didn’t matter anyway, you had no choice
  556. “I-I uhm… I’m going to head to bed now.”
  557. >”Are you sure? You still haven’t even touched your food.”
  558. “Y-yeah…”
  559. >She sighs, but acknowledges
  560. >Picking you up from the table, she gives you an empathetic look before gently resting you to the floor
  561. >You hang your head, tightly tucking your tail between your hindlegs as you slowly trot off to your bed
  562. >Or rather, the big dog pillow-bed you’d been sleeping on in Claire’s room
  563. >You can’t seem to shake the morbid aching in your stomach
  564. >Maybe some sleep would do you some good
  565. >And if you were lucky… maybe you wouldn’t wake up
  567. ------
  570. >A little over a day has passed since your dinner conversation with Claire
  571. >And you’ve not been very lively since
  572. >Your heart wept at the somber thoughts that had hadn’t stopped occupying your mind
  573. >It was one of those situations where you knew you shouldn’t let it get to you, but you let it get to you
  574. >Think a breakup
  575. >Something like that
  576. >You were currently snuggled up on the living room sofa
  577. >Silently staring at a TV that lacked power
  578. >Lost in your mind
  579. >Wallowing in the depression you refused to fight
  580. >Claire had obviously taken notice of your change in character
  581. >But despite her persistence, you refused to tell her about the thoughts that had you acting so lifeless
  582. >A little part of you hoped she’d pick up on it, without you having to verbally tell her
  583. >But the guilt you’d feel from that sort of selfishness would be too grand for you to feel welcome here anymore
  584. >You can’t imagine her saying no to a cute pony companion
  585. >But would it be out of reciprocated emotion or obligation?
  586. >Ugggh…
  587. >You drape your forelegs over your eyes
  588. >Why
  589. >Why did this all have to happen
  590. >Stupid dumpster...
  591. >No more than a few minutes pass before you hear Claire walk into the living room and plop herself onto the sofa beside you
  592. >She sits wordlessly, making the silence less of a luxury or more of an awkward torment
  593. >Was she going to turn the TV on, or..?
  594. >More time passes, still no sound
  595. >Is she expecting you to talk?
  596. >You couldn’t see her as your eyes were still concealed by your hooves
  597. >So there was no visual aid to help deduce her intent either
  598. >Do you just wait or..?
  599. >....
  600. >....
  601. >Screw it just talk
  602. “U-uhm… Claire?”
  603. >”Yes, dear?”
  604. >Do you… ask her?
  605. >Maybe you could just pick her mind a bit
  606. >Yeah, do that
  607. >Be subtle
  608. >Don’t give yourself away too fast
  609. “H-have you uhm… ever thought of like, renting your guest room out to a roommate before..?”
  610. >”Oh goodness no. I can’t bear the thought of having roommates again.”
  611. >Your ears fall
  612. >Well you tried...
  613. >”Though, I’ve always wanted to have a… small companion around the house. But cats were always too dependent for me, and dogs… too obnoxious.”
  614. >Your ears perk back up, your head tilting a bit
  615. >Claire faintly wears a knowing grin
  616. >”But... I’ve yet to find a happy medium.”
  617. >Wait
  618. >W-what’s she getting at?
  619. >Before you can muster any sort of reply, she ruffles your mane and stands herself
  620. >”So I figured since I had today off, we could carve some pumpkins for Halloween~? Are you game? Or does the pouty pony want to pout some more?”
  621. >Sure you had valid reason to mope
  622. >But why were you spending what potentially little time you had left here being sad?
  623. >Might as well make the best of your time with Claire
  624. >You nod
  625. >Pumpkins it is
  626. >The process is a lot more difficult than you’d anticipated
  627. >Not having any appendages to adequately handle cutlery, Claire let you choose the designs and she’d carve them instead
  628. >But to keep you from just spectating, she assigned you the duty of cleaning the seeds from the pumpkin’s innards
  629. >The task was quite messy
  630. >You clumsily held a spoon with your teeth and shoved your muzzle through the hole Claire cut at the top
  631. >Which naturally caused your entire snout to be covered in orange pumpkin guts
  632. >It was tedious, but you managed to clear the majority out, Claire helping by picking a few away with her fingers here and there
  633. >It felt more like work than recreation, but you were happy
  634. >Just being in Claire’s vicinity was fulfilling
  635. >The feelings weren’t romantic or anything
  636. >You just felt… drawn to her
  637. >Like your world would be incomplete were she not there
  638. >A… dependency
  639. >Yes you’d been physically dependent on her for quite some time now
  640. >But now you were... emotionally too
  641. >When she’d left for work you’d noticed a drop in your mood
  642. >And upon her return home, though you didn’t show it to preserve some dignity, you wanted to jump and down in excitement
  643. >You hate hearing the word
  644. >Even in your own head
  645. >You’ve tried to avoid it
  646. >But everyday here you’re becoming less of a guest and more of a...
  647. >A pet
  648. >But you weren’t a pet
  649. >You were NOT a pet
  650. >You’ve never been a pet
  651. >And as far as you’re concerned, you’re never going to be a pet
  652. >Despite what your emotions tell you
  653. >You knew logically you’d have to leave someday
  654. >Whether it be sooner than later
  655. >It didn’t matter
  656. >You had to stop letting your feelings tease you like this
  657. >”Belle..?”
  658. >You shake your head to escape your thoughts
  659. “U-uhh.. y-yes?”
  660. >”You all there? You keep zoning off.”
  661. “J-just lost in thoughts again, sorry.”
  662. >”No worries, love. Can you finish up the last pumpkin so I can carve it?”
  663. “Yes ma’am.”
  664. >Just keep it from your mind Belle
  665. >You’ll survive
  667. ------
  670. >It’s the day before Halloween
  671. >And Claire has desperately been trying to convince you to dress as Belle from beauty and the beast
  672. >Obviously it would be fitting as your name derived from the character in the first place
  673. >O-or rather, your ‘nickname’
  674. >But there was a lingering obligation to retain at least some of your masculinity
  675. >At this point though, you’re not sure if it would make much of a difference
  676. >Being the “cute little pony” had progressively become second nature
  677. >You were comfortable like this, and the love and attention you received just for being this way made you happy
  678. >You were a very happy girl
  679. >You couldn’t say the same about human you
  680. >Any and all pros that came with being your old male self were quickly being outweighed by the life you were living now
  681. >Being a guy was starting to feel… alien
  682. >You could be cute without worry
  683. >Just your face would often make Claire audibly “d’awww”
  684. >And behaving dainty and fragile just felt natural
  685. >You never were much a tough guy
  686. >You always sort of just followed the crowd to fit in
  687. >Falling under the radar to get by without hassle
  688. >But in this environment, it almost felt like you had more potential to be yourself than you ever had in the past
  689. >Something you won’t have upon returning to your old life
  690. >.........
  691. >You really need to stop giving yourself reasons to dread going back home
  692. >”Belle! What about this?” Claire asks, strolling back into the room with her phone in hand
  693. >She lowers the phone in front of your eyes to show you a drawing of a pony with your colors wearing Disney Belle’s dress
  694. >”It would look just like this, minus the horn.”
  695. >It… It did look really cute...
  696. >But you couldn’t
  697. >Getting all dressed up for Claire would make you feel awful
  698. >There’s no way you could ever have this sort of fun as a guy
  699. >No, Belle, stop
  700. >Stop thinking about it
  701. >”So, what’dya think?”
  702. “I love it, but I shouldn’t…”
  703. >Claire gives a large defeated sigh before falling to her back on the bed
  704. >”You’re killing me Belle. You would look so adorable it hurts.”
  705. “I-it’s not that I don’t want to! I just, y’know… couldn’t ever do it again once I turn back.”
  706. >Claire raises a brow before perking up to look at you
  707. >”What do you mean?”
  708. “W-well, what if I love it so much that when time comes for me to go back home, I could never be that happy again?”
  709. >”Belle, happiness isn’t dresses and makeup.”
  710. “No, but being content plays a role…”
  711. >There’s a brief pause after your reply
  712. >”Are you... saying you’d never be content again?”
  713. >A figurative nail in your mind was just struck squarely on its head
  714. >Without any prepared response, you direct your eyes to the floor and remain silent
  715. >It seemed Claire didn’t know what to say either as life in the room quickly succumbed to an eerie stillness
  716. >Whoops...
  717. >Before another word could be spoken, the doorbell rang from outside the room
  718. >Claire furrows her brows
  719. >”Odd… I’m not expecting anyone.”
  720. >She raises herself from the bed and makes her way toward the source
  721. >Curious as well, you fumble yourself to the floor and follow suit
  722. >You hide yourself behind one of Claire’s decorative bushes to keep out of sight
  723. >Claire opens a door only about a 4th of the way, unintentionally keeping the visitor from your vision
  724. >”Hi, can I help you?”
  725. >”Yes, hi. I’m a friend of Anon’s, I was wondering if this was the correct residence?”
  726. >What?
  727. >He’s looking for Anon?
  728. >Wait...
  729. >Max?
  730. >MAX!
  731. >You dart from your hidey-spot and nudge through Claire’s legs to greet your friend at the door
  732. “M-Max!”
  733. >Your sudden appearance jars him a bit as he jolts back in shock
  734. >”Holy shit, haha! Anon, is that really you? Damn dude, they really fucked you up.”
  735. >Your smile dims a bit
  736. >Y-you didn’t feel fucked up...
  737. >”O-oh so you’re Anon’s friend?” Claire asks, her demeanor slightly off-put by this sudden arrival
  738. >”Yes ma’am, he messaged me on twitter a couple weeks back with your address and told me to come by if I ever found a solution.”
  739. >”O… Oh! H-how exciting! Please, come in.”
  740. >Claire moves aside to allow Max entry
  741. >She offers him a beverage and goes through the binary formalities before you’re all ushered into the living room
  742. >Max makes himself comfortable on the sofa while you sit next to Claire’s feet as she continues to stand
  743. >”So, Max, what brings you here?” She asks
  744. >”Well, I just so happened to get a hold of the stuff needed to turn Anon back to his good ol’ self. Which by the way, I’m sorry it took so long dude.”
  745. >Max’s turns his attention to you
  746. >”It was hard to get this shit. Especially since I had to haggle with the dickheads that did this to you.”
  747. “I-It’s fine.”
  748. >”No it’s not dude, this is fucked up. You were only supposed to be like this for one night, but you really ticked them off so they fuckin tossed you. I would have beat the shit out of them if I weren’t outnumbered.”
  749. >”Sounds… violent.” Claire contributes
  750. >”Oh you have no idea, these guys are total freaks. I can’t imagine how much it sucks being stuck as some cartoon mare.”
  751. >Max looks back at you
  752. >”You’re more of a man than I’ll ever be, that’s for sure.” He finishes with a gravelly chuckle
  753. >You return a halfhearted grin
  754. >Th-there wasn’t anything wrong with being a mare
  755. >”So like, how does it even feel? Walking on four legs? The high pitched voice? Oh! Are your senses more intense?”
  756. “W-well it’s uhm… not… awful. My hearing and smelling are definitely amplified. And four legs was easy after about a day.”
  757. >”Can you eat meats?”
  758. “I-I have no idea, they haven’t sounded appealing at all.”
  759. >”That’s so crazy! You’ll have to tell me and the guys all about it when you’re back home. We’ll take you out for a beer or something.”
  760. >He then leans down to grab his backpack, bringing it up to set it on his lap
  761. >”So buddy, you ready to go home?”
  762. >You freeze
  763. >You weren’t sure how to answer
  764. >No, you weren’t ready
  765. >In fact, you don’t think you’d ever be ready
  766. >You knew you had to do the right thing
  767. >But you weren’t sure what that was...
  768. >Max stares, awaiting a reply
  769. >But you still can’t seem to conjure one
  770. >”Anon...?”
  771. >No
  772. >No you weren’t
  773. >You dreaded the thought of going back
  774. >You weren’t ready
  775. >And there’s no way you could cope with just leaving Claire
  776. “I…”
  777. >You weren’t sure what to say exactly
  778. >You couldn’t just not go home
  779. >Nor could you remain a fictional creature
  780. >But you couldn’t think of anything else you’ve ever wanted more
  781. “I… uhm…”
  782. >You look up at Claire who’s intently looking down at you
  783. >You then look back at Max, then back at Claire, then back at Max
  784. “I…”
  785. >Emotion and logic were at war in your head
  786. >Every outcome seeming to be the end of the world no matter which route you chose
  787. >A decision had to be made
  788. >But how?
  789. >Flip a coin?
  790. >Or...
  791. >How’s about you try something you haven’t ever really done before?
  792. >Just follow your damn heart
  793. “I… c-cant.”
  794. >The both of them raise their brows
  795. >Max’s eyes widening a bit
  796. >”P-pardon?” Max inquires
  797. “I can’t do it. I can’t turn back.”
  798. >He looks side to side in question before looking back at you
  799. >”Annnnd, why not?”
  800. “Because I… I’m Belle.”
  802. --------
  804. >Your head shook a bit as you limply rested it against the door
  805. >Lying lifeless in the passenger seat of Max’s car as he begun the 5 hour trek home
  806. >No muscle in your body had the heart to move
  807. >This is the position you would remain in for as long as you were conscious
  808. >Because consciousness was the last thing you wanted right now
  809. >You just felt… broken
  810. >”Uhm… Anon… y’okay?” Max asks in concern, taking a couple quick glances away from the road to look at you
  811. >You don’t answer, there was no reason to
  812. >”Look, buddy. I know it’s tough, but she has a life too, y’know? Maybe this was for the best. Just being home could give you the drive you need to be human again. A month away from the real world can really mess with your head.”
  813. “I was happy…”
  814. >”Yeah, but…”
  815. >He stutters as he tries to retort but instead hushes himself, releasing a sigh
  816. >The car quickly succumbs to the white-noise of tires on the road
  817. >You can tell the silence has got him a bit finicky, but you could care less
  818. >It’s not long before he tries to ease it with small talk
  819. >”Soooo… being a mare. That’s gotta be…. fun? Since you don’t wanna change back and all.”
  820. “It’s… good I guess.”
  821. >”Do you like, do girl things now? Like, bows and hair brushing and makeup?”
  822. >You feel a sharp stabbing in your heart as he mentions hair brushing
  823. >Y-you absolutely adored mane brushies....
  824. >There’s an unintentional sniffle as you strain to keep yourself from sobbing
  825. >”H-hey whoa, what’s wrong? Did I say something bad?”
  826. >You turn your face from him to hide your eyes, weakly shaking your head “no” in response
  827. >”Listen, Anon, things are gonna be just fine, alright?”
  828. >You wince at being addressed as Anon
  829. >For all this time, you tried so hard to cling to your humanity
  830. >To keep it within safe reach should this day ever come
  831. >But the moment you needed it the most, it was all gone
  832. >You weren’t Anon anymore
  833. >Every part of you knew it
  834. >You were Belle
  835. >You loved being Belle
  836. >And you would rather die than be anyone else
  837. >Be it a month or a week, the moment you allowed yourself to accept this body was the moment you fell in love with it
  838. >You fell in love with being you
  839. >But a portion of your complacency now lied within presence of someone else as well
  840. >Like you had unintentionally extended that aspect of yourself into a 3rd party
  841. >You… gave yourself to her
  842. >And the entire time you had no idea you were doing it
  843. >Knowing she was no longer within trotting distance made you sick to your stomach
  844. >Another few sniffles escape your snout as you take quickened inhales
  845. >”Anon..?”
  846. “Belle, p-please.” You beg
  847. >”Sorry… Uhhh… Belle. You need me to pull over for a moment?”
  848. “N-no…”
  849. >You raise a fetlock to wipe the the tears from your dampened face
  850. >Usually you would put more effort into retaining your composure
  851. >But what else do you expect to happen when you take a little mare away from her...
  852. >Her uhm...
  853. >O...
  854. >O-Owner…
  855. >To hell with it, you belonged to her
  856. >You were her “little companion” whether you liked it or not
  857. >Maybe it was just your pony mind doing this to you
  858. >But you were Claire’s pony
  859. >No amount of logic could keep you from the fact
  860. >And though you may have been coaxed into returning home, you will never accept being your own ‘free-willed’ self again
  861. >You were someone’s possession
  862. >They just didn’t know it yet
  863. “I… I want to go back…”
  864. >”Ano-- Belle… You know we can’t do that.”
  865. “I NEED to go back.” You shakily mutter through your weakened sobs
  866. >”Why?”
  867. “B-because I’m her pony.”
  868. >His expression displays disbelief as the words register in his mind
  869. >”W… What?”
  870. “I-I’m her pony. I… I need her.”
  871. >Max then slowly presses on the brakes and pulls off to the side of the road before stopping to glare down at you
  872. >”How fucked in the mind are you, dude?”
  873. “I…”
  874. >”Did she brainwash you or something?”
  875. “N-no! She would never!”
  876. >”Then what is it? Why are you so obsessed with her?”
  877. “B-because she loved me and cared for me and I b-became hers… I-I’m loyal to her…”
  878. >”Sooo… her pet?”
  879. >You look down
  880. >”Am I right? You’re her pet now?”
  881. “N… Not officially.”
  882. >”So you’re her pet... and only you know it?”
  883. >You nod at him shamefully, realizing how stupid you sound
  884. >Max releases a drawn-out groan as he rubs his temples
  885. >”An-- Belle, I don’t know what to do man. Your mind is totally messed up.”
  886. “N-no it’s not…”
  887. >”Yes, it is. Would you have asked to be someone’s little cartoon mare pet 6 weeks ago? No, no you wouldn’t have.”
  888. “That’s because I d-didn’t know yet.”
  889. >”Anon! Listen to yourself! You’re a FICTIONAL CREATURE that’s suffering from an extreme case of Stockholm's Syndrome. You’re not anyone’s pet!”
  890. >Your ears fold back in unintentional submission
  891. >His sudden aggression bringing a feeling of vulnerability you haven’t felt since the night you were transformed
  892. >A tear finding its way down your face as you were, simply put, scared…
  893. >He notes your abrupt fear and calms himself with a sigh
  894. >”Look, I’m sorry. But you have to see where I’m coming from.”
  895. “Th-then why not do the same for me?”
  896. >”Because you…”
  897. >He stops
  898. >His eyes trailing off for a moment
  899. >”Here, how about this. She gave me her number, so when we’re home I’ll give her a call to let her know what’s up, okay? Will that ease your mind?”
  900. >You nod
  901. “M-maybe a little…”
  902. >”Now if I do that, do you promise to not be a mopey pony the entire ride home?”
  903. “I-I’ll try…”
  904. >”Good, the silence was really wiggin me out.”
  907. ----------
  910. >Your arrival home was just about as monotonous as you figured it would be
  911. >With all the time you spent away you expected to maybe feel at least some comfort upon returning
  912. >But the mere sight of your apartment building made you want to throw up
  913. >The last thing you wanted was another thing to solidify your life away from Claire
  914. >Or rather… a life away from Claire in general
  915. >Since you had no belongings, the only cargo Max had to haul up to your third floor sanctum was a little pony wrapped in a coat to keep her hidden
  916. >With a few knocks to the door, he attempts to summon your roommate
  917. >You both wait quietly in the hall for him to appear grant you access
  918. “C… Can you stay the night tonight?”
  919. >”I would, but I can’t tonight. Since Ali and I broke up I’ve been trying to get my shit outta her place as fast as possible.”
  920. “B-but I don’t want to be here alone…”
  921. >”You won’t be alone. You have Ty, right? We’re all horsefuckers, it’s not like he would just shun you from your own apartment.”
  922. “Y-yeah b-but…”
  923. >”You’ll be fine. If you need anything, just give me a call and I’ll be right over. Whether it be an hour from now or 3 in the morning. Okay?”
  924. >You give him a little nod
  925. >It definitely eased your nerves a bit
  926. >But this constant feeling of defenselessness and vulnerability made having to fend for yourself torture
  927. >Your dependency on other people was pathetic really
  928. >But by this point, you really just couldn’t help yourself
  929. >It was already programmed into that pony brain of yours
  930. >With little notice, the door swings open and you’re eyes are met with your roommate Ty, staring down at you with an amazed grin
  931. >”No… Fucking… Way.”
  932. >”Save it Ty.” Max interrupts, nudging past him as he walks toward your bedroom with you in tow
  933. >”Is that really Anon though?”
  934. >”Yes, living and breathing.”
  935. >”Oh my god! I thought you were fucking with me at first! This is insane!”
  936. >”I’m sure she’ll want to tell you all about it when she’s had some time to sleep.”
  937. >”...’She’?”
  938. >”Yes, she.”
  939. >”But I thought…”
  940. >”Things can change.” Max finishes as he rounds the corner into your room, shutting the door behind him
  941. >This impetuous protection from Max was… nice
  942. >Your heart warmed a bit as he seemed to almost instinctively fend off your roommate to keep you safe
  943. >Y-you were a little thing, after all...
  944. >You feel the warm embrace of your bed consume your slender horse butt as Max sets you down
  945. >He takes a few moments to fluff up your pillows and prep your sleeping area for the night
  946. >”Alright, you all good?”
  947. “W-well…”
  948. >”Nevermind, don’t answer that. Remember, if you need me, call me. Got it?”
  949. >You nod at him
  950. >”Good. Now get some sleep. It’s late.”
  951. >You nod again, crawling back to your pillows and slithering yourself under the covers
  952. >A big pony lump forming as you hide the entirety of your body beneath the bedspread
  953. >There’s a small, muffled chuckle from outside your covert sleeping haven
  954. >”You really are a pet now, aren’t you?”
  955. >This should feel like an insult
  956. >But you couldn’t help yourself from smiling as your mind most definitely perceived it as a compliment
  957. >You were a pet
  958. >The best pet
  959. >”Sleep tight Belle. I’ll be back in the morning.”
  960. >You hear the rustling of Max making his way out of your sleeping quarters before the door opens and shuts once more
  961. >A comforting silence follows shortly thereafter
  962. >This one didn’t feel lonely and heart wrenching like the many you’d experienced in the past
  963. >But rather, reassuring
  964. >Max would be back for the sole purpose of making sure you were okay
  965. >Despite disagreeing with your decision to stay this way, he was doing what he could to keep you happy
  966. >And the thought alone was enough to keep you sane amidst the chaos that was your life right now
  967. >With these warm thoughts swimming about your mind, it isn’t long before you succumb to your longing for sleep
  968. >The blissful void of black slowly consuming your consciousness as the words “good girl” echo throughout your head
  969. >You were a good girl~
  970. >But even good girls needed their beauty sleep
  971. >And with that, your body retires for the night
  972. >.....
  973. >.....
  974. >Your eyes dart open
  975. >Your slumber being interrupted by the creaking of an opening door
  976. >Footsteps following suit as you hear the door bump against its stopper
  977. >Your ears perk up at the noise
  978. >Max?
  979. >You shake your head to rid yourself of sleepy-haze before trying to crawl yourself from the covers to see what’s up
  980. >But before you’re able to, they’re abruptly yanked from above you, exposing you to the cold, night air
  981. >You wince from the aggression, your body naturally tensing into a defensive “ball” as your heart rate jumps
  982. >A silhouette of a man towers over you
  983. “M-Max…?” You call out tentatively
  984. >”Good god, you look absolutely spot on…” The figure vocalizes
  985. “T… Ty?” Your voice shakes with fear
  986. >”Shhh, you’re fine.” He tries to reassure, his breath reeking of alcohol
  987. >Your mind simply couldn’t believe it
  988. >The voice was undoubtedly Ty’s
  989. >But you never expected something like this from him
  990. >He was just some chill guy that spent his free time playing video games and drinking beer
  991. >Never once did he ever give you any indication that he could be so… violent
  992. >You make a meager attempt to crawl yourself further from him but a hand presses down on you, pinning you to the bed
  993. >You release an involuntary squeak as the air is squeezed from your lungs
  994. “S-stop!” You beg
  995. >Your body sounding the alarms as it enters instantaneous fight or flight
  996. >But you were unable to do either as your lack in strength rendered you useless
  997. >Your size did you no favors
  998. >”Did I hear Max call you a pet earlier?” He inquires
  999. >You don’t respond, but instead squirm with vigor
  1000. >Small, helpless pants escaping your muzzle as you gave everything you had to try and slip from his grasp
  1001. >He attempts to cease your efforts by clamping down even harder
  1002. >”Answer me.”
  1003. “N-no, he didn't!” You whimper
  1004. >You continue to writhe about under his strength before you freeze as a ringing stuns your senses
  1005. >A tingling on your face slowly making itself known
  1006. >Its progressive transformation into a throbbing burn confirming that you’d just been...
  1007. >He just… struck you
  1008. >Instead of continuing your struggle, you sit frozen
  1009. >Your lower lip quivering as you feel tears work themselves to your eyes
  1010. >W-why did he hit you?
  1011. >”Don’t, lie to me.” He demands
  1012. >To avoid another strike, you obey
  1013. “M-m-maybe as a j-joke…”
  1014. >”Mmm, that’s what I thought. Pets like to be good, right?”
  1015. >It’s hard to speak past the barrier of uncontrollable sobs, but you manage
  1016. “S-s-sometimes… I-I think….”
  1017. >”Then be good for me, and don’t move.” He asserts before gripping the base of your tail
  1018. >Your body quivers from his cold grasp
  1019. >Submitting to his superiority as you lie dormant
  1020. >Fighting would be useless
  1021. >And Max isn’t here to help you
  1022. >Leaving you with literally no other alternative
  1023. >You were just a pathetic little toy to the world around you
  1024. >Your stupid tiny body unable to fend for itself in any scenario you faced
  1025. >An aesthetic for people to “ooh” and “awe” at
  1026. >You feel a finger press itself into your flank
  1027. >Rolling in small circles around the area a cutie mark would reside before trailing further south
  1028. >”We’re both horsefuckers, right?”
  1029. >You remain still, the instability of your rapid, shaky breaths being your only means of response
  1030. >His finger glides beneath your tail as his other hand raises its base, exposing the area of your body you still had yet to fully acknowledge
  1031. >”Surely you’d do the same…”
  1032. >You wanted to buck him right in the face
  1033. >But doing so would only earn you another bruise
  1034. >The helplessness of the situation only further emphasizing how fucking worthless you were
  1035. >You were just letting him have you, because you knew that was all you could do
  1036. >Your conscience screamed... BEGGED for you to fight
  1037. >But this was a battle already lost
  1038. >Help wouldn’t arrive until morning
  1039. >And by that time he will have already had his way with you
  1040. >The only thing you could freely achieve without repercussion was cry
  1041. >And so you did
  1042. >Tears falling briskly down your face as your fur was almost completely soaked
  1043. >You jolt a bit, a distressed gasp escaping your muzzle as the tip of his rugged finger slid along the outer ends of your entrance
  1044. >Your breaths increasing in pace as the reality of his intentions settled in your mind
  1045. >Y-you didn’t want him to do this
  1046. >You didn’t want anyone to do this!
  1047. >Th-this was your body
  1048. >And he was making it his...
  1049. >S-stop...
  1050. >You convulse again as he tests you by inching closer
  1051. >He notes your sudden movements and attempts to conceal them by applying more weight to his pin on you
  1052. >S…. stop….
  1053. >You try to seize up as he prods at the edges of your slit
  1054. >But his handle on you keeps you still
  1055. >Stop...
  1056. >He then maneuvers the filthy appendage to sit just within your folds
  1057. >Leaning down to next to the side of your head to speak, the warmth of his breath caressing your ear
  1058. >”You like it?”
  1059. >You refuse to grant him the luxury of an answer
  1060. >”Because you will…”
  1061. >In one swift motion, he attempts to slip his finger within you, but the sudden feeling caused an unintentional tensing you couldn’t control
  1062. >Your hindleg shot out from under you in some sort of miracle strength as you reacted to the stabbing sensation elicited by your innards, decking him right in the head
  1063. >You could her a crunch as his face was mashed under your hoof
  1064. >Wincing as your leg vibrated from the force
  1065. >You clench your eyes shut as you embrace for another disciplinary blow
  1066. >But… it never comes
  1067. >Instead, a few tense seconds silently pass before you hear a body tumble to the floor below
  1068. >You open your eyes and turn around to catch a glimpse
  1069. >H… holy shit
  1070. >You...
  1071. >You knocked him out
  1072. >You stare in amazement
  1073. >A brief, victorious confidence boils in your chest as his body lies there, motionless
  1074. >Th-that’s right
  1075. >You stupid... fucker
  1076. >Stupid… dumb… dumby fucker
  1077. >You wanted to kick him again
  1078. >And again
  1079. >And again
  1080. >Until he stopped breathing
  1081. >But you elected to hold off on your bestial urges
  1082. >A fetlock raises to wipe the tears from your face with a few sniffles
  1083. >You knew that right now you needed to call Max...
  1085. ---------
  1087. Max’s POV
  1089. >It’s been a good 45 minutes of waiting, and the bastard is still sprawled out on the floor like a fucking rock
  1090. >The punt delivered by Belle had him snoring like a baby
  1091. >Only thing missing was his thumb in his mouth
  1092. >But the little red marking of a hoof spread across his face was a good substitute
  1093. >You chuckle at the sight, taking another sip of the beer you’d stolen from the fridge
  1094. >Hopefully this fuckwit wakes up soon
  1095. >Kicking his ass while he’s asleep wouldn’t be much of a punishment, now would it?
  1096. >He’s probably still too drunk to tell the difference anyway
  1097. >But there’s satisfaction in knowing he’ll be conscious while you have your way with him
  1098. >So you elected to wait
  1099. >It couldn’t have been more than another 5 minutes before you began to hear broken groans as the body slowly started to writhe about on the carpet below you
  1100. >Finally
  1101. >Let’s get this over with
  1102. >You set your beer down and saunter over to the half-conscious beast moving about like a sloth pinned to the ground
  1103. >Grabbing him with two firm fists, you lift him up by his arms only to set him down on a chair
  1104. >It takes a few lazy blinks before he’s conscious enough to note your presence
  1105. >He jumps a little in surprise as he makes out your face
  1106. >”M-Max?” He inquires “What are you doing her--”
  1107. “What the fuck is your problem, Ty?”
  1108. >Your instantaneous aggression jars him a bit
  1109. >”P-pardon?”
  1110. “What business did you have touching her?”
  1111. >He blankly stares at you in legitimate confusion for a few seconds before it clicks in his mind
  1112. >”H-her? Oh, you mean Anon?”
  1113. >You nod
  1114. >”Dude, it’s fuckin’ Anon. He would have done the same.”
  1115. >His arrogance reflexively causes your fists to tense
  1116. “You know that’s fucking bullshit.”
  1117. >”Speaking of which, where is he anyway?” He disregards your response, looking about the room
  1118. “Far from you.”
  1119. >”Huh, well that’s a shame.”
  1120. “What the fuck is wrong with you dude? I’ve never seen you like this.”
  1121. >”I dunno. I was drunk and horny... and there was a living pony in the other room. I did what any rational person would have.”
  1122. >You sigh in disbelief at how unfathomably stupid this fat pig really is
  1123. “You’re fucking deluded, aren’t you?”
  1124. >He burps, chuckling at himself
  1125. >”And still drunk too.”
  1126. “Listen to me. If you ever so much as look at hi-- her again, you’ll lose an arm, got it?”
  1127. >Ty widens his eyes and raises his hands in a sarcastic “don’t shoot” pose
  1128. >”Whoahoho. White knight Max, gettin’ all protective over Anon. You two love birds now or somethin’?”
  1129. “What? No.”
  1130. >”Can’t cope with Ali breaking up with you so you resort to a horse?”
  1131. “Shut your fucking mouth.”
  1132. >”Like, you couldn’t handle real women so you needed an animal that wouldn’t bitch at you all the time like your cunt girlfriend?”
  1133. >And with that, any will you’d made to retain your composure had been torn
  1134. >You raise a tightened fist and thrust with an ungodly force toward his head
  1135. >Your knuckles meshing with the bones in his face, the fat of his cheeks consuming the space between your fingers
  1136. >The momentum throws him from his position on the chair
  1137. >Helplessly toppling to the floor on his side
  1138. >You forcefully lift him up and set him back down on the chair again
  1139. >The adrenaline running through you causing your lungs to quiver
  1140. >Shaky breaths being taken through your nose as you can hardly believe what you’d just done
  1141. >”A-aaagh! What the fuck was that Max!?”
  1142. >Before sanity could be reached to muster a reply, you find yourself swinging once again, drilling another powerful blow right into his skull
  1143. >This one knocks him cold, sending him to the floor for the third time tonight
  1144. >You heave heavy breaths to calm yourself
  1145. >A glance down at your hands revealing some blood on your knuckles
  1146. >You weakly rub it off on your jeans as your hands tremble
  1147. >The numbness sustained from your punches making them tingle
  1148. >The fucker had it coming
  1149. >But you never thought you had THAT in you
  1150. >You were intimidated… by yourself
  1151. >What the fuck caused you to lose it that bad?
  1152. >Sure you expected to beat him around a bit
  1153. >But you hadn’t planned on sending him to another fuckin dimension
  1154. >It’s whatever now
  1155. >Just let it go
  1156. >You need to go take Belle somewhere safe
  1159. ---------
  1162. Belle’s POV
  1164. “S-so… what exactly did you do to him?” You ask tentatively
  1165. >”I don’t think you want to know.” Max answers flatly
  1166. >His attention was completely fixated on the dark road ahead of him
  1167. >A mild hint of annoyance written in his expression
  1168. >Whether it was directed at you or the man you assume he just beat the life out of… you’re not sure
  1169. >He was currently driving back to his place to keep you away from your apartment
  1170. >The clock had hardly passed 2am by this point
  1171. >So you figure his lack of sleep only furthered his agitation
  1172. >Summoning him so late at night to come and save you... again...
  1173. >After calling him in a panic about the, incident...
  1174. >He raced over to your place before Ty had woken up and hid you in his car
  1175. >You spent a good 15 minutes drenching his shirt with your tears before he told you to wait patiently while he went back up to “have a word with Ty” once he came to
  1176. >You can only imagine what type of conversation they had
  1177. >Especially given the… ‘blood’ on his knuckles…
  1178. >But give or take an hour or so, he returned and now here you are
  1179. >Riding in the passenger seat
  1180. >Helpless yet again, relying on someone to cart you somewhere safe as per usual
  1181. >Maybe…
  1182. >Maybe being a mare wasn’t worth the hassle
  1183. >Sure you felt at home with yourself
  1184. >But the people around you were burdened by your inability to literally do anything
  1185. >You legit felt like a toddler-esque liability
  1186. >Entitled to endless help because you always seemed to be a “damsel in distress”
  1187. >Sigh…
  1188. >To keep from loathing yourself any further, you attempt disrupt your thoughts via some more conversation
  1189. “A-are you… mad at me?”
  1190. >He raises a brow in confusion, looking away from the road for a moment to glance at you
  1191. >”What? No. Why would I be mad?”
  1192. “Because I woke you up and all…”
  1193. >”It’s not your fault that drunken ape put his hands on you.”
  1194. “B-but it’s my fault for staying this way…”
  1195. >”So you wanting to be yourself warrants you being raped?”
  1196. >His words resonate in your mind
  1197. >Huh.
  1198. >That was… heartwarming
  1199. >He’s standing up for you even against your own self-doubt
  1200. >”I didn’t agree with the decision at first, but if you’re happy then that’s all that matters. I’m your best friend, I’ll support you through whatever.” He asserts reassuringly
  1201. >You subtly shift your head to conceal any potential blushing
  1202. >Not that it could be easily seen in the dark, but… precautions. Right?
  1203. “Do you uhm, see me differently?”
  1204. >”I guess it depends. Do you want me to?”
  1205. “W-well… I am a girl now.”
  1206. >”I figured that much.”
  1207. “B-but do you still see… Anon?”
  1208. >”I see who Anon needed to be, yes, and her name is Belle.”
  1209. >Your heart skips a beat or two
  1210. >The airflow to your lungs being ceased as a flame consumes your chest
  1211. >Did he…
  1212. >Did he really just say that to you?
  1213. >There’s absolutely no way this is the same Max you once knew
  1214. >The Max that initiated countless arguments to give you shit about your stalemate of a life
  1215. >All the rants about your gaining weight and how being a fatass would only kill you in the end
  1216. >The times he’d yell at you for not following through with opportunities
  1217. >He always seemed like some hardass that hated having you around
  1218. >But… now that you thought about it
  1219. >In the past it may have seemed like mindless bullying
  1220. >But thinking back… he was really just looking out for you
  1221. >Almost in the way a big brother would look out for his fuck-up of a sibling
  1222. >He was just being a bro
  1223. >And now that you’d taken a more delicate turn in life, maybe he’d done the same?
  1224. >Might not do you any good questioning it
  1225. >You enjoyed this new lighthearted Max
  1226. >In fact you even sort of…
  1227. >Nah
  1228. >No
  1229. >Nope
  1230. >He’s your best friend
  1231. >Get those thoughts out of here
  1232. >”So uhm…” He starts up, drawing your attention again “Since I’m in the middle of moving out of Ali’s place, things have been a little... tense.”
  1233. >You reflexively tilt your head in question
  1234. “Y-yeah?”
  1235. >”So naturally, she hates having me around, and I’m certain she won’t be too thrilled about some mythical, talking, crayola horse being there either. But I don’t really have anywhere else to sleep yet.”
  1236. “O-oh…”
  1237. >”So if you wouldn’t mind putting on the puppy eyes when she sees you? It might make both of our lives easier.”
  1238. >You stifle a small giggle
  1239. “I-I’ll do my best.”
  1242. ---------
  1245. >It’s the morning of Halloween
  1246. >You and Max are perched at Ali’s dining room table munching on some Saturday morning cereal while the white-noise of forgotten television persists in the background
  1247. >It was an odd feeling sitting AT the table again
  1248. >For the past month you’d grown fond of being on the floor below
  1249. >It almost didn’t feel right…
  1250. >But then again, neither did being in someone’s ex-girlfriend’s house
  1251. >Luckily when the two of you arrived last night Ali was still sleeping
  1252. >So you both set up camp in the living room
  1253. >Max taking the sofa while you constructed a little mare nest out of pillows and blankets on the floor
  1254. >Your new size made sleeping a lot more… tolerable
  1255. >You could easily make any situation nice and cozy~
  1256. >Your old, lengthy human self never had this luxury
  1257. >It used to be impossible to rest comfortably for more than 40 minutes
  1258. >But now you could just curl up into a little fluffy ball of warmth and lie motionless for hours
  1259. >A faint yawn is made known from Max’s end of the table
  1260. >”So Belle” He starts up “It’s Halloween, you wanna do anything?”
  1261. >He lazily scratches the newly grown stubble on his chin while he waits for your reply
  1262. >To be honest, you hadn’t planned on anything
  1263. >Considering you didn’t necessarily WANT to do anything
  1264. >Knowing Claire had originally planned to dress you up like a pretty Disney princess pony made all other potential options seem... mundane…
  1265. >Being away from Claire made life seem mundane in general
  1266. >Good god your bond to her is just pitiful
  1267. >You legitimately are at half capacity when you’re not with her
  1268. >Sure you’ve already accepted the fact
  1269. >But your sheer dependency on a single person still kind of freaks you out
  1270. “W-well, I uhm, I don’t know.”
  1271. >”We could just watch movies and get drunk or something.”
  1272. >Drunk?
  1273. >Huh…
  1274. >Alcohol hadn’t been something you’d thought of since changing
  1275. >Mainly because all that time spent at Claire’s was spent sober
  1276. >Could your little body even handle it?
  1277. >Maybe you were just a super lightweight now
  1278. >You figure if you kept your intake proportional to the size of your body you would probably be just fine
  1279. >Hell, it might take away some of the edge from all your “dependency issues”
  1280. “U-uhm… sure. I’d like that actually.”
  1281. >”Getting fuckin’ shithoused?” He snorts sarcastically
  1282. >You snicker
  1283. “Always~”
  1284. >The both of you return to mindlessly snacking on your breakfast
  1285. >A few quiet minutes passing before a gasp is heard from behind you
  1286. >”M-MAX!” A voice screeches
  1287. >Max idly draws his attention from the phone in his hands to look up at the source
  1288. >”Oh, hey Ali.” He mutters halfheartedly
  1289. >”Wha- What is that!?”
  1290. >You assume she’s referring to you as she still remains from your vision
  1291. >”It’s just a pony, jesus Ali.”
  1292. >”A what!? Like.. a dog in a costume or something!?”
  1293. >”No, a real pony. Belle turn around.” He commands
  1294. >You naturally abide and adjust yourself in the chair to face toward Ali
  1295. >”See? A pony.”
  1296. >”A.. I… Y-you know those don’t actually exist! Is this a prank Max!?” The frustration in her voice growing more frantic
  1297. >”Not at all. Belle, speak.”
  1298. >Speak?
  1299. >What are you a pe--?
  1300. >Oh yeah right
  1301. “H-hello~” You murmur innocently
  1302. >Her eyes widen to rival the china being showcased on the shelves behind her
  1304. >She’s practically screaming by this point
  1305. >”Remember Anon?” Max asks
  1306. >Ali raises a brow in confusion, but nods
  1307. >”Well Anon became a cute little mare and now her name is Belle.”
  1308. >Cute~?
  1309. >Th-thank you Max~
  1310. >”Isn’t that right Belle?”
  1311. >You raise your snout to the air and nod confidently
  1312. >”That’s… that’s impossible.” Ali voices in disbelief
  1313. >”And so were the Wright brothers and their silly flying machine. Now sit down and have some breakfast.”
  1314. >Ali stands idle for a few moments lost in thought before cautiously moving to sit herself at the table between you two
  1315. >”I… I still want you out by Tuesday Max…”
  1316. >”Aww, I thought my cute pony would persuade you.” He teases
  1317. >A small, butchered snort escapes your muzzle as you attempted to suppress a giggle
  1318. >You may not be with Claire, but you could tell today was going to be entertaining
  1320. ------
  1322. >A couple days have passed since your mildly entertaining Halloween experience
  1323. >You were tempted to take Max up on his offer to get wasted that night
  1324. >But you decided to pass and instead wasted away on the iPad Ali let you borrow
  1325. >She said she was going sell it but figured the poor little pony with nothing to do might enjoy having it around, so she loaned it to you
  1326. >It was fairly easy to use, the screen was receptive to your nose so you just used that to navigate
  1327. >And you can confidently say that it’s served its purposely fairly well so far
  1328. >The only thing you’ve done for the past couple of days to pass the time is play around with the collection of apps she had installed
  1329. >Normally you wouldn’t have paid any mind to gimmicky little mobile games
  1330. >But now for some reason they had you completely immersed
  1331. >Which was ironic because you always used to make fun of how obsolete tablets were
  1332. >Maybe it was just a way of coping?
  1333. >Who knows
  1334. >Max has been in and out moving stuff from Ali’s house to his parent’s, so you haven’t had much chill time with him since Halloween
  1335. >He was actually supposed to be out of here by today
  1336. >But that fell through fast
  1337. >Given that he had nowhere else to take you
  1338. >He didn’t want to risk letting you stay at his parent’s
  1339. >Said they were kind of “psycho” and that he didn’t want you in that environment
  1340. >So… with Ali it was
  1341. >You look up from your very engaging game of Candy Crush to glance at the clock near the TV
  1342. >1:36
  1343. >Uuuuuuuugh
  1344. >You roll over with an annoyed groan and lie inert on your side
  1345. >The days have been so agonizingly slow
  1346. >And the only thing you had to look forward to was...
  1347. >Well nothing
  1348. >Aside from Max returning to provide some meager entertainment
  1349. >A-and… maybe call you cute
  1350. >But since his absences became more frequent
  1351. >Your agenda was iPad and quiet time
  1352. >Luckily it isn’t much longer before you catch the sound of Max’s car pulling up the driveway again
  1353. >Hopefully meaning some brief conversation to help alleviate your boredom
  1354. >Or maybe you could watch a quick episode of something on neflix with him before he went back to packing
  1355. >Either way, it was better than being alone
  1356. >The lock to Ali’s front door starts to clatter as he unlocks it and grants himself entry
  1357. >Your ears flip up as you reflexively raise yourself to a “polite pony” sitting position for him
  1358. >Though you’re caught a little off guard as he enters a lot more hurriedly than usual, slightly out of breath
  1359. >You tilt your head
  1360. >This is strange
  1361. >”A-am I too late?” He asks in desperation
  1362. “Too uhm… too late for what?” You question
  1363. >”Like, is she here? Did I miss it?”
  1364. “Who? Ali?”
  1365. >”No I… No one.” He hushes himself with a guilty smirk
  1366. >That’s… odd...
  1367. >”So uhhh, Belle. Have you been… doing okay?”
  1368. >What’s with all of this?
  1369. >You raise a brow in suspicion
  1370. “Yeeaaaah. Everything's good. I haven’t died yet.”
  1371. >”Sweet. Good. Yes. Very… awesome…”
  1372. >His attention drifts as he peeks through the window overlooking Ali’s driveway
  1373. “Max, what is even going on?”
  1374. >”She should've been here like 10 minutes ago…” He mutters to himself, completely disregarding your question
  1375. >Who is he talking about?
  1376. >You’d be a little more persistent on seeking an answer but you were naturally quiet
  1377. >Prying just wasn’t in your nature
  1378. >Plus, no one likes a nosy pony
  1379. >So instead you sit quietly and observe Max’s s fishy behavior from where you reside
  1380. >It’s kind of cute in a way
  1381. >He didn’t seem distraught or anything
  1382. >It was almost like a kid waiting for a package to arrive
  1383. >Maybe that’s---
  1384. >”Oh! Oh! She’s here!” Max chirps
  1385. >You resist the temptation to hop over to the window to peek and instead continue to sit firmly in your spot
  1386. “W-who’s here?”
  1387. >”Just uhm… just stay right there.” He demands
  1388. >Being the good pony you were, you nod and sit still
  1389. >You and Max rest wordlessly for a brief period before knocks at the door are heard
  1390. >Max strolls himself over to the house's entry and grips the handle, keeping himself from view of the doorway
  1391. >Flashing you a knowing smile, he opens the door to reveal the mysterious visitor
  1392. >It’s kind of hard to make out any features as the light from behind them has rendered them a silhouette
  1393. >But with some formal beckoning from Max, they take a few steps inward to reveal...
  1394. >T-to… reveal...
  1395. >Your heart suddenly feels as if someone just lathered it in gasoline and lit a spark
  1396. >Your stomach sinking as you can feel your entire chest numb from the burning
  1397. >...C-Claire?
  1398. >”Belle, honey?” She inquires
  1399. >C-Claire!
  1400. >Without a spoken word, you fumble yourself clumsily across the wood floor to meet your face with her lower leg, burrowing it vigorously
  1401. >All the while pitiful little whimpers escape your muzzle uncontrollably
  1402. >You know those videos of dogs that see their military owners for the first time since they’ve been deployed?
  1403. >Yeah, basically you right now
  1404. >There was a part of you that felt embarrassed as Max witnessed you clamber up to Claire’s feet in submission
  1405. >But the better portion of your conscience didn’t care, you were her pony, and her pony was happy right now
  1406. >”O-oh my goodness!” Claire squeaks in an innocently surprised tone “Someone really missed me!”
  1407. >You feel two familiar hands wrap around your barrel and hoist you into the air above
  1408. >They flip you around and pull you snuggly against her stomach to position you into a little cradle
  1409. >She then runs a palm gently up and down your belly to calm your wiggly excitement while her other arm holds you in place
  1410. >”It couldn’t have been more than 5 days, sweetheart. Surely that sort of welcome would require more time apart?”
  1411. >You ignore her
  1412. >Mindlessly nuzzling your muzzle into her tummy to take in her scent
  1413. >Every nerve in your body easing for the first time since leaving her
  1414. >”Yeah Belle, that was... quite a sight.” You hear Max snark sarcastically from behind
  1415. >Claire giggles in response before you’re gently rested back to the floor
  1416. >There’s a small ounce of discontent as you’re forced from her arms, but you figure there’ll be more to come
  1417. >”Alright” Claire starts up “I have a surprise for you Belle.”
  1418. >Your head tilts
  1419. >A surprise?
  1420. >”Can you be a good girl and sit right there for me while I grab it?”
  1421. >Uhm, duh
  1422. >As if you were anything but
  1423. >You nod
  1424. >Claire then maneuvers her purse around to her stomach allowing herself to dig about
  1425. >She eventually finds the object of interest, but before pulling it out she moves forward to kneel in front of you
  1426. >”Are you ready?”
  1427. >You nod with a little more vigor
  1428. >Without another word, she teasingly begins to raise her arm at a painfully slow rate
  1429. >The anticipation of what could possibly emerge making you tremble restlessly
  1430. >That or the adrenaline from your warm welcome was still coursing your bloodstream
  1431. >Either way, you can only assume you looked like a timid chihuahua or something
  1432. >It isn’t but a few more painful seconds before the artifact begins to loom over the side of her purse
  1433. >At initial glance the appearance was very vague, but its shape resembled a circle
  1434. >You were able make out some stitching and possibly a purple tint?
  1435. >Soon enough the item is raised to expose its entirety
  1436. >It… was a collar
  1437. >A gorgeous purple collar
  1438. >With a tag already attached that read “Belle”
  1439. >And beside it a small ‘bell’
  1440. >One you might find on a cat’s collar
  1441. >The reflection of the light leaking through the windows glistened off the metal of the tag
  1442. >Your tag
  1443. >After giving you some time to examine it, she unlatches its hinges and silently asks you for permission
  1444. >Were you… really about to do this?
  1445. >Sacrifice every ounce of free will you had to become someone’s possession?
  1446. >Give up any future you’d any potential of freely achieving to be nothing more than mere property?
  1447. >Allow someone to own you on the same tier as a dog?
  1448. >Your entire being no longer being ‘yours’, but hers...
  1449. >No longer able to call your own shots as every ounce of the way you lived would be dictated by a third party
  1450. >You would be someone’s
  1451. >You would be owned
  1452. >And the moment this collar were to latch itself around your neck
  1453. >Belle’s neck
  1454. >You would be… a pet
  1455. >Claire’s smile dims a bit as she assumes your prolonged silence was a subtle declination
  1456. >But before her arms had the chance to retreat
  1457. >You take a large inhale and raise your snout to the sky to expose your neck
  1458. >Your heart racing as you knew this was the last thing you’d freely do before becoming the equivalent to someone’s housecat
  1459. >Claire releases a relieved little giggle as she brings the collar up to you
  1460. >You feel the fabric slowly brush against the fur on your neck as she works it around
  1461. >The ears atop your head folding themselves back as you’re met with the bliss of committing to a rightfully made decision
  1462. >Finally, you hear the “click” of the collar being latched together
  1463. >And that was it
  1464. >You were officially hers
  1465. >A pet
  1466. >Her pet
  1467. >And the only thought you were able to wield was not one that worried about your loss of freedom
  1468. >Nor ones of sacrificed dreams and forgotten aspirations
  1469. >It was one of excitement
  1470. >You were finally Claire’s pony
  1471. >And the happiness that brewed within from the fact was almost enough to render you unconscious
  1472. >All you were tasked with now was being the best little mare you could for Claire
  1473. >And in return you’d receive something you can’t say you’ve ever had the liberty of experiencing before
  1474. >Purpose
  1475. >.... and maybe some more mane brushies
  1476. >Before your mind could frolic in the wonderful thoughts of your life as Claire’s pony, you’re whisked into a big hug as the life is squeezed out of you
  1477. >”I’m so sorry I let you leave Belle” Claire continues “I knew almost instantly I’d regret it…”
  1478. “I-It’s alright.”
  1479. >”I was just doing what I thought would be best for you.”
  1480. “B-but the best thing for me is being with you…” You murmur
  1481. >She wears a warm smile and gives you another loving squeeze
  1482. >”What do you say we go home?”
  1483. >You feel giddy as she says it
  1484. >Home
  1485. >You give her an anxious nod
  1486. >She acknowledges and snatches you back into her embrace, raising herself again in preparation for her departure
  1487. >But amidst the blind excitement of your reunion
  1488. >You catch sight of Max watching with a halfhearted smile from across the room
  1489. >Your smile fades a bit
  1490. >Feeling slightly guilty at having completely forgotten his presence
  1491. >You weren’t too keen on never seeing Max again
  1492. >But not living with Claire was out of the question
  1493. >”Alright little miss, let’s get a move on.”
  1494. “W-wait!”
  1495. >She freezes
  1496. “M-Max… I uhm...”
  1497. >”Ahhh don’t worry about it” He interrupts “It’ll all be fine. Do what your heart tells you.”
  1498. “I just uhm… Will I ever see you again?”
  1499. >”Surely someday.”
  1500. “Would uh…”
  1501. >You look up at Claire then look back at Max, both staring back intently
  1502. “Would it be alright we chatted.. like… online maybe?”
  1503. >There’s a brief pause
  1504. >”I don’t see a problem with it.” Claire chimes in
  1505. >”I’d love to. Actually, wait…”
  1506. >Max halts for a moment as he looks about for something in the room
  1507. >”Here” He states as he lifts the iPad from the floor “Take this with you.”
  1508. “O-oh, isn’t this Ali’s?”
  1509. >”Yeah, but who cares. She hardly knows it exists.”
  1510. “I-I don’t want you to get in trouble…”
  1511. >”Worst case, I’ll pay her for it.”
  1512. >He tucks the iPad into Claire’s purse in respect to her restricted arms and your inability to hold things
  1513. >”Take care Belle…”
  1514. >Max retreats a bit, creating some distance before giving you a timid wave goodbye
  1515. >”Thank you so much Max for keeping good care of her. You feel free to visit any time.”
  1516. >And with that, Claire turns to face the door
  1517. >”Let’s get you home~”
  1521. The story continues as prose in the second part that can be found here:
  1524. .
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