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  2.     A sword clattered to the floor as two bodies pushed against one another, the momentum carrying them into the solid inner wall of Laz's fortress with a slam. A man grunted as his back hit the solid metal, but rather than feel pain, all he could focus on was the heat at his mouth. Lips and tongue furiously occupied by the mouth of the merfolk pinning him against the wall. Their breaths mingled, hot and heavy, as Laz's tongue slithered deeper into Haar's mouth. Tangling wetly as his hands held onto the back of the vampire's skull. Webbed fingers taking Haar's soft, white hair into a fist. Keeping him still during that overwhelming, sensual onslaught. Haar didn't struggle. Not because he couldn't, but simply because he did not want to. It had been a recurring event recently. After the battle with Kalitas, Laz seemed to delve deeper into an unfamiliar state of being. Vibrant scales growing pale, eyes hardened, his charming smile more of a sneer. It was dark, it was dangerous, and it made for a very passionate lover.
  4.     Passion was putting it lightly. Laz's erotic intentions left Haar sore and sated every night they had the chance. At times he was like a madman, pushing and pulling him to his will and Haar was helpless to bend. Afterall, The Chad Ob Nixilis could never be outmatched by The Virgin Nicol Bolas. The pair had come a very long way from their first meeting. Yin and yang. Two sides of the same coin. But although their previous romantic endeavors had been more of a give and take, Haar would usually find himself taking more than giving in recent weeks. Not that he minded, oh no. It was fucking hot.
  6.     Laz's mouth seemed to be on a warpath to claim everything Haar had to give. Sinking his teeth into the vampire's bottom lip with a swift bite, swallowing the gasp of pleasure that followed. Occasionally, Laz would tempt fate by allowing his tongue to sweep across the sharpened teeth within his friend's mouth. A light growl pouring into the male's mouth when Haar shuddered with restraint. -Daring- him to pierce flesh, to give him a reason to punish him for giving in to those disgusting vampire urges.
  8.     A faint, delirious laugh trickled in the back of his mind in sheer amusement of his situation. Shoving his tongue down the throat of a creature he had taught himself to despise. The duality of hating someone for what they are, but loving them for -who- they are. When he realized he was gripping Haar's hair too tightly, his hand softened, palming the back of his head and pressing him firmly into the wall as their kiss progressed. The heat of their passions filling in that feeling of emptiness that had settled deep inside of him ever since their last battle. No hatred for Drana, no worry about the Eldrazi, just Haar's warmth in his arms. His scent in his nose. The firm, desperate presence of Haar's erection pressing against Laz's groin.
  10.     With a smirk, Laz's mouth parted from Haar's while reaching for the vampire's belt. Heat so intense in their gaze, irises shimmered.
  12.     "Hey, Laz? Have you seen---gods and demons!" Hiccup charged into the fortress with a little bounce in his step and a curious smile on his lips that immediately changed to a look of surprise. Then a reddened fluster, nervous sputter, and eventually turning heel and darting right back out. Apologizing profusely. As the boy vanished, the flimsy tarp covering the entrance to Laz's fortress flapped back and forth.
  14.     "Geez, we...really need to get a new door for that." Haar chuckled, arms still wrapped around the merfolk, who had groaned silently and rested his forehead against the wall over Haar's shoulder. Erection flagging. The vampire blinked in surprise, lightly patting Laz's back.
  16.     "Laz...? Buddy......?"
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