POTW votings W1 le Nard

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  1. POTW le Nard's top 3:
  2. #3. Jean Paul's Endure Reversal Hitmonlee.
  3. Jean Paul was really behind at some point during this game until Hitmonlee came out. The endure reversal set made him come back by breaking through KZ's walls. Due to an unfortunate static paralysis Hitmonlee was robbed of a third kill. Did the static paralysis not happen, then this game would've been closer, but unfortunately Jean Paul was already too far behind at the beginning of the Hitmonlee sweep for this mon to truely pull through and reverse sweep.
  4. #2. le Nard's Throat Chop Linoone
  5. After Linoone Belly Drummed up, Linoone faced a semi-healthy Empoleon. Knowing that no move would kill Empoleon and anticipating the roar, le Nard went for Throat Chop, stopping Empoleon from phazing the +6 Linoone which would continue to sweep the remainder of Nedlio's mons.
  6. #1. Yetii's Normal Gem Explosion Landorus-I lead
  7. Ion brought a team of 4 stealth rock weak mons. Realising this, Yetii lead off with Landorus-I to get up his Stealth Rocks. Anticipating Ion to switch to his defogger Mew, Landorus-I went for a Normal gem-boosted Explosion killing off the Mew. Hazards would remain on the field throughout the remainder of the match hindering Ion greatly, while enabling Yetii to keep momentum on his side and playing out the rest of the game without too much of a problem.
  9. Honourary mentions:
  10. #4. Hazy's Yache Berry Acrobatics Gliscor
  11. When Gliscor stood face to face with a Mega Gallade, Gliscor took a Yache Berry-weakened Ice Punch and nuked Mega Gallade back with a boosted Acrobatics. Lux losing his Mega Gallade would later on proof to be lethal because of the lack of offensive pressure in the late game.
  12. #5. Soham's mixed Tectonic Rage Magmortar
  13. Nuking Alolan-Muk with a Z-Earthquake removed one of Magmortars 2 counters in his match versus Sky. By limiting switch-ins to the Magmortar, it went on to claim 3 kills in this game since switch-ins were non-existent.
  14. #6. Lord Zoroark's Perish Trap Azumarill
  15. Lord Zoroark lured a Kartana into being an offensive set, but due to Azumarill's sap sipper ability it received no damage from leaf blade, trapping Kartana in the process with Whirlpool. Azumarill went on to claim 2 kills with Perish Trap, which later turned out to be Lord Zoroark's only kills this game.
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