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  1. [7:01 PM]TEXAS: If you can't tell i'm insanely pissed right now[7:02 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   I was able to tell.[7:02 PM]TEXAS:  Good i'm trying to make it obvious  Currently trying to fix this whining sound with my headphones, considering leaving the teamspeak, considering quitting coh2 in general lot of things i'm considering    These guys are fucking hypocrites, i join the teamspeak Caldwell says Hey these guys play CoH2  I say oh cool i'll play a game with them eventhough i hate Spearhead, i end up playing with you Things are okay, then they play Arma 3 and shit and other games nobody cares about for like 3 days  and I tell them it sucks they aren't playing CoH2 and now they're back at playing CoH2  Ontop of this I am pissed because people are hating on my maps  and I don't know why    and that's pretty much it
  2. [7:06 PM]TEXAS: I was told by Caldwell that this group was playing CoH2 regularly and i started making maps and shit[7:07 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  I'm not even trying to reason, I'm just stating to you that we're not a group of people that stick to one game, at all.[7:07 PM]TEXAS:  I noticed
  3. [7:07 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  But we do play CoH2 at least 3-4 times a week.[7:07 PM]TEXAS:   Yeah not this week  they were playing CrusaderKings 2 for a long fucking time[7:08 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong: Yeah, ck2 is another favorite.
  4. [7:08 PM]TEXAS: then Arma 3[7:08 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   We just alternate games, that's all.[7:08 PM]TEXAS: Yeah i hate that bullshit   especially when i'm told by the guy who owns the server you guys play CoH2  I already got it explained to me by these guys  I know what's going on[7:08 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:    It's not really bullshit, we just enjoy a wide variety of games - And who was the 'owner'?  We alternate
  5. s bullshitCaldwellor whatever the fuck he said[7:09 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:    caldwell has never been an owner[7:09 PM]TEXAS: idc what hes been or not[7:09 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  but you stated you were told by the 'owner'
  6. [7:09 PM]TEXAS: the point is he convinced me to stay on the teamspeak cause you guys play CoH2  and he said he plays Spearhead and everyone else plays Spearhead and i said whatever, i dont like Spearhead but i'll give it a shot[7:10 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   Well that's between you and him. Not us at all -- We're just here to play with friends, on whatever game we feel at the time, one day, we'll do rts, another, shoot'em up, etc, etc, etc.[7:11 PM]TEXAS:    I really think its in my best interest to leave the teamspeak and not look back[7:11 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   Okay, dude. We're not stopping you at all. Do what you think is best.
  7. [7:11 PM]TEXAS: I never said you were   you would be dumb to stop me    I'd berate the ever living shit out of all of you   in the mood I'm in[7:12 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:    Simply for not playing CoH2 every single day?[7:12 PM]TEXAS:    I'm not gonna bother with that bullshit Its not just that dude, I had enough time to gather my opinions of y'all    Not all of em pleasant
  8. [7:13 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  Alright. . . . ? I mean, you're preaching to the wrong guy. Sorry but, I hardly hang out with them as well. I just stay in contact once in awhile since I got my own things going on.[7:13 PM]TEXAS:    I don't give a fuck what your weeb ass is doing[7:13 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   lmfao   Says the guy with an anime avatar as well. Cool.
  9. [7:13 PM]TEXAS: Yeah its a meme[7:14 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   uh - huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh[7:14 PM]TEXAS:  don't uh huh me moron   I'm not the cringelord with fucking nicolas cage on his artwork showcase[7:14 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  Ah, yes. From like 10 years ago. Yet I hardly care to change it.    So are you going to continue your tantrum?
  10. [7:22 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  So, I'm curious, you message me, only to enter into a tirade of the actions done by the people on this teamspeak. When I'm hardly involved and then tell me, later that you don't care for me actions of reason, etc, and shit -- What's the point then? Hardly angry on my end, just confused of the thought process to insult somebody taking time to listen?[7:22 PM]TEXAS:  Shut the fuck up[7:23 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  Alright, mister invective.[7:25 PM]TEXAS:   Get the fuck out of here SJW
  12. [7:38 PM]
  13. LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:
  14.     Dude i'll fuckin' break your face, don't play with me
  15.     [7:28 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  Dude, you're making me cry of laughter. Stop.[7:28 PM]TEXAS:    You shouldn't be laughing[7:28 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong: Well I am, shit is cringe, but hilarious[7:28 PM]TEXAS: I'm deadass[7:28 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   nigga straight deadass, aight
  16.     [7:28 PM]TEXAS: I'd fuck your world[7:29 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   lmfao[7:29 PM]TEXAS:    that's not a threat, its a promise[7:29 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:    if only, dude   i'd love to see it[7:29 PM]TEXAS:   Ain't nobody scared of your dumbass Idiots like you make ME laugh[7:30 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong: And why would I want to be the one doin' the scarin' when idgaf? I'm just chilling here, drinking a beer, and enjoying the show and watching this coh2 game[7:30 PM]TEXAS:  Yeah I'll smash that beer upside your fucking head if you wanna say i'm doing a tantrum Keep your fucking mouth shut[7:31 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:  i mean, all this counts as one, right?  you're like what, 16 at oldest with how you're acting?  its hilarious[7:33 PM]TEXAS:    Don't do it man[7:37 PM]LoadedGun[APM] #FreeHongKong:   Don't do what? Huh? What?
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