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  1. dvesh (7/23/18 5:08:06 AM): Punches him in the face.-
  2. transfinite (7/23/18 5:08:29 AM): /Hirukos scorpion tail would get between the two, hoping the slash away the fist coming towards him
  3. dvesh (7/23/18 5:14:54 AM): //Watching the tail dart out from the bottom of his eyes, he panicked, even if his expression never changed. Mentally trigurring the Asura element into effect - draining the psychic energies of fear from him in order to transform it into darkness, which radiates from Knight's entire body to form a energy armor. Not only for defense, it enhances the physical force and kinetic energy of the punch supernaturally, aiming to rush through the tail and hopefully through the puppet itself.
  4. transfinite (7/23/18 5:19:33 AM): /as the tail swing goes into motion, it is easily deflected, quickly reacting hiruko would wrap the tail around the opponents arm, hopefully to halt its movements, simultainously from behind hirukos mask, sasori's true hand would reach out of it's mouth hidden behind the mask, rleasing a super pressurized stream of whater that would strike through his opponents mass pierxing straight through if unavoided, following that would be a sweeping movement with his hand, atempting to bisect Dvesh
  5. transfinite (7/23/18 5:23:25 AM): (water*)
  6. dvesh (7/23/18 5:32:26 AM):
  7. He couldn't help but notice the movements of the tail as it goes to constrict his arm, which allowed rage to manifest. Purposely activating the chakra variant of darkness, the two abilities combine and form a supercharged hybrid, drawing upon fear and fury to enhance the ability of the cloak even further. To put it simply - it got cold. This yami would shift into tiny dancing flames, forming streaks of black through their movements as he forces the punch through; which would nullify the ice as it freezes the water on contact to a darkened ice, as if icorrupted water had been frozen. This was no simple frost - the embodiment of the eight hells frost effect is capable of absolute zero temperatures.-
  8. (eight hells just really refers to eight levels of power)
  9. transfinite (7/23/18 5:37:12 AM): //As the tail wrapped around the mans arm, and his fist continued to push through Sasori used the momentum to yank the tail causing several abbrations of the mans arm, despite his chakra armor. Though probably not useful, poison would seep into the cuts from the blade that caused them, not having enough time to completely dodge, the left arm of the hiruko puppet would be knocked off as Sasori leaped backwards, withtracting his water stream, removing his hand from the mouth of the hiruko puppet, replacing his hand with the proper tool that was in the way
  11. Dvesh (11:38:03 AM):
  12. //What Sasori wouldn't realize is that, along with a physical effect, darkness provides its user with a substance akin to.. water. But durable, more like various forms of ice. The further his emotions fueled the Asura element, the more powerful it could become - and it didn't hurt that both of his energies combined fueled him with more options to further enhance himself. His chakra, in particular, had the radiation provided by a meteorite in the Hoshigakure - allowing him to sollidify chakra to the point that it is capable of deflecting normal metal weaponry with ease. Seeing how the chakra and gelel blend to enhance one another, the radiation mutating his chakra would allow the Knight to push the effect even further, from the weaker metals to strong - such as steel - with the use of the Asura element. Which is capable of enhancing the effects of any ability to supernatural levels - at the risk of... several.. fucking consequences for weakness in its use. That was said to say, while likely unable to power through the tail to smash the puppet with what little kinetic energy he had, the tail wrapped around his arm wouldn't be able to harm him. Especially after the free hand forms the Gemini seal, consisting of the index, pinky and thumb extended - with the middle and ring fingers folded into his palm - he would project additional gelel and chakra to form a more complete armor; one that wouldn't simply dissipate after the kinetic energy had been used up, which had been closing in. The additional ketsueki chikara provided him with an armor capable of deflecting his non-energy powered weaponry, so long as the physical force wasn't to excessive levels.
  13. Having never broken the seal, he feeds the chikara into a crystalline patch armoring the now freed right hand, "Ninpō, Kujaku 'Sensō Heiki' - Tate."
  14. The energies directed into the crystal would immediately be streamed to form a physical projection of a dome-type shield with a turtle-ish design of red hexagon lines, with its spaces filled with a dark lavender that was somehow.. transparent. It was large enough to cover his entire chest, and simply floats from the back of the arm, concealing his upper half.
  16. transfinite (11:38:30 AM):  //It seemed that the opponents flesh wasn't pierced at all, successfully being able to react his blade, his left arm was still torn off due to the power of the punch causing it to carried away from sasori. this would activate its timly detonation. the monstrociety of an left arm probably went unnoticed by his opponent considering that he hastily formed a ninpou shield around himself, unknownly encasing the torpedo arm as well. In less than moments the torpedo arm would explode into hundreds of poison soaked sendon that would bounc off eachother, and the barrier, just to be thrown in the direction of Dvesh. Surely the surprise tatic coming almost instantly after a protective ninpou was casted would surprise even a ruthless demon
  18. dvesh (7/23/18 6:46:57 AM): The sound of metal scraping up against came into earshot suddenly. Suddenly, he was witness to hundreds of senbon heading his way, and all he could think was - Not in the dick! - as the handseal even still remains active, allowing him to mentally manipulate the shield, forming it more into an oval dome to protect most of his lower half. Simultaneously, he would recite the incantation, "Ninpō, Kujaku 'Sensō Heiki' - Shuriken.", quietly. Sāns! - The thought of the slicing breeze shot out of a twister came to mind as the ketsueki chikara forms a palm sized shuriken with outlines of violet, that change to malachite green as the thought changes the power of Gelel into wind. As the casting comes to an end, the left forming the seal would cause a visible cloak of air to blanket his hand, forming a shuriken as he finishes the incantation and breaks the seal. It would float above his hand, even as it was turned earthwards; but with the flick of his wrist, iit would be sent soaring - what little kinetic energy he had gathered by throwing his hand behind him and flicking his wrist provided a small boost to the elements speed, allowing it to curve towards the armored puppet ninja within four seconds - but behind, the left was still.. moving. If he could tell from such a distance away.-
  21. transfinite (7/23/18 7:39:38 AM): //moving away from his opponent after his survival of the torpedo arm "I hate to wait, so I won't keep you waiting" Revealing from his hand was a scroll with the kanji `third` written on it. masking his presence with a cloud of smoke, Watching chakra strings from the right hand of Hiruko, Sasori manipulated the puppet hidden beneath the smoke cloud, casting an Iron sand technique. quickly dispersing revealed a wall of black sand infront of him. It was a jutsu cast by tyhe third kazekage puppet, the most feared jutsu in the sand village "Iron sand!" Catching the shuriken within it's walls, the iron sand was launched at Dvesh with exceptional speed. "This is my fine art, my masterpiece" forming the handseal for Ram, the wall that Sasori intended to smash Dvesh with would have segments falling off turning into tiny senbon which would be launched towards Dvesh as well. "Iron Sand: Drizzle!"
  23. dvesh (7/23/18 8:03:20 AM):
  24. //With the left hand guiding the shuriken, he kept the constructed weapon in his peripheral vision while watching the massive puppet continue to dash backwards. This continued withdrawal made the Knight... nervous. Enough to instruct his index finger to form a forward slash motion so that the shuriken could take advantage of the speed boost the kinetic energy provided all at once and be shot straight for the puppet ninja. Hopefully interrupting the man in the midst of his his outwardly unknown schemes - for as it nears him, the left hand's fingers would curl inward to form a fist, but would quickly spring back out to form the knifehand gesture. "Zan!" He shouts immediately afterwards, causing the shuriken's energy to pull inwards, imploding into a Kijutsu disk four times the width of a typical shuriken - to Demon Wind proportions. The slicing wave combined with the normal slicing power of wind would provide the current capable of slicing through the smoke as it dashes towards Sasori.
  25. All the while, Dvesh is forming the Libra handseal; consisting of both index fingers crossing one another while their sides are pressed against the other hands knuckles, with their tips touching the base digit of the opposites pinkies. The pinkies tips would meet, as well as the prints of the thumbs to form double diamonds with his fingers. This seal would draw the darkness out of his cloak, into the shield and ultimately into the crystalline plate for storage. As this occurs, he absorbs the shield into the armor, providing him with a permanent boost to defense, allowing what senbon left to bounce off upon contact. Breaking this seal, he would weave the Gemini with his right hand...
  28. transfinite (7/23/18 8:09:54 AM): //Normally sand contians spaces of air between, but since this is a ninjutsu technique that known fact is easily changed, upon contact with the shuriken, any slicing power it contained would be halted instantly after intial conctact, by reducing the space inbetween teh sand and the shuriken indefinitely until movement ceased, alongside the projected senbon towards the entity Dvesh, the senbon wouldn't bounce upon contact, instead halt its movement on the entity continiously spreading around him. The iron sand wall containing the crushed shuriken would do the same attempting to encase the ninja. Slinging his right hand towards Dvesh the puppet of the third kakzekage moevd towards him releeasing the caparments hidden in his left arm revealing thousnads of hands, 10 hands would release kunais with wire around them towards dvesh, in such a way that it would wrap around his body pulling on him tightly, while six other hand deparments released a giant cloud of purple poison gas that would surround the area Dvesh stood in, just a single inhalation is all it would take to completely paralyze the ninja instantly.
  31. dvesh (7/23/18 8:28:36 AM): When referring to the senbon, he means those that were still being fired from the discarded arm. The iron sand drizzle on the other hand, would be steadily eating away at the armor even as he continues to fuel it - up to the point where the colliding energies would meet a stalemate until a thought passes through the Knight's head. Plasma; from gas, to electrical currents generated by microscopic ice particles rubbing up against one another in a cloud, it was a formidible element. The appearance of the black sand meant that Dvesh had been fighting the Akatsuki's Puppetmaster, and that this jutsu was a product of Magnet Release. Magnetic fields are weak against electricity, right? He asked himself in mid visualization, but with no time to ponder his decision, he shouts, "Raiton: Shin Jidai!" in order to change the effect of the armor, to an element. The once blackened armor would now be converted into a stable yellow form, with the occasional arc of electricity streaming off of him. Having the thought of Lightning and not Star Plasma in mind, the electricity generated by these thoughts would stimulate his nervous system enough to give him a physical speed boost - which he took to immediately dash towards the other male, shield presented. Seemingly to bash the puppet.-
  32. dvesh (7/23/18 8:31:42 AM): {( Oh wait I forgot to add something )}
  33. dvesh (7/23/18 8:34:23 AM): The shuriken that had been thrown, was not metal or any mineral. It was purely energy, so on contact with another physical form of energy, the construct would destabilize, collect into a single point; which was the point of contact, and release an explosive wave outwards the same size as the shuriken once was. ] - Forgotten addition.
  37. transfinite (7/23/18 8:47:31 AM): //Because of the magnetic fields production was the result of the transmutation of chakr, opposed to the natural magnetic field genernation, Sasori is capable of manipulating the frequency at which the magnetic field stabilzies, the iron sand wall that was met with an explosion dispersed into a mist cloud of sand, instead of a singular form "Iron Sand Gathering Assault" The sand that was once dispersed would take form of giant high density shapes, triangular pyramids and square prisoms known as "Iron sand: Giant Spear/Giant Hammer". At this point the kunai rope would have wrapped around Dvesh, because his movement towards the puppet failed to actually provide a dodging motion. This as well as the cloud of poison smoke would would also ensnare the trapped Dvesh. "I'll be sure to deliver you a quick death" The giant shape would be launched towards Dvesh by the Third kazekage puppet as his hands reel in the kunai that surrounds him making the grip tighter.
  41. dvesh (7/23/18 11:07:15 AM):
  42. //And before he knew it, wires had coiled around the Knight's form to bind him; showing that even a minor error in sight could escalate the danger of a battle immensely. With few other options, the Knight releases the energy stored in the crystalline plate on the back of his right hand, fusing it with the lightning cloak - the electrical energy would pulse violently from the addition as the yellow shade shifted to a tarnished gold color. Seeing how metal is a conductor of electrical energy, Dvesh barely needed to apply any will to force the energy to flow straight into the puppet at great speeds. The vibrations of chakra and heat produced by these manifested atoms would allow Dvesh to set the Sandaime Kazekage ablaze in a chakra-fire that would disconnect the chakra threads as the puppet was encased in a massive fireball - slowly but surely, the weaker sections of preserved flesh and wood would begin to deteriorate into particles as the Kazekage plummets.
  43. However, as this went on, the cloak Dvesh managed to maintain would begin glowing as the threats were severed. Even if he had been engulfed in poison, the demonic knight's movements would find little resistance as he manages to weave the Horse handseal. Pooling Vāyu into this Yoroijutsu allows Dvesh to alter the effects as Lightning and Wind come to fuse, causing the pale white glow; so long as Sasori was incapable of using the leftover Iron sand to attack a certain way, the Knight would be given the three seconds required to combine opposing elements, and then would vanish - and any witnesses would watch as his body seemingly evaporates from where it once stood.
  46. transfinite (7/23/18 11:25:44 AM):
  48. //Once the current made its way onto the compartment holding the wire, quickly bursting into a flame. Hiruko moved his right hand, detaching The Third Kazekages left arm revealing a buzzsaw Safely leaving the multiple hands releasing gas and restraining the Demon, though soon those wooden appendages to be shocked with voltages and burned. Since his previously launched attack never ceased the Iron Sand: Gathering Assault Giant spear/Giant Hammer rushed towards the vulnerable Dvesh successfully crushing him. Because he thought this was the perfect opportunity to plan his escape he left himself wide open for the attack that was already launched towards him. The crushing caused by the highly dense Iron sand. Because of the Iron sands ability to easily destroy bedrock, it proved to be the most useful weapon against a strong Defense like Dveshs and the poison already seeping into his body ensured his demise if he wasn’t completely splattered across the pavement.
  50. transfinite (7/23/18 11:27:11 AM): (Since the attack was launched already, by the time you *needed* three seconds, you wouldn't have had it since the lightning never reached the puppets original arm, because of it's ability to detatch the left arm to increase mobility the attack never ceased, thus you never had enough time to escape the poison. Let alone the Iron sand)
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