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  1. FORM:
  3. "Stop eating the cake, Hoshi!"
  5. Name: Joo Key Ra
  6. Nicknames:
  7. Deer, Rinrin, Luvely
  8. Age: 19
  9. Height: 162cm
  10. Weight: 49kg
  11. Birthday: 22 November 1999
  12. Birthplace: Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  13. Nationality: Korean
  14. Ethnicity: Korean
  15. Nationality: Korean
  17. "Why can't anyone shut up for once?"
  19. Background: KeyRa was born in Gyeongsangnam-do. She had an older sister, they were very close, they would play together all the time. She wasn't close to her parents though. They always fight even if it's just a simple problem. When she was 12 years old, they divorced. Her mom commit suicide. So they moved with their dad. Her dad became very close to them, they usually draw on each other's face, play sports together, and more. Her sister was a Photographer while her father is a Chef.
  20. Personality:
  21. - Loud
  22. - Hype
  23. - Clean-freak
  24. - Scaredy cat
  25. - Gets annoyed easily
  26. - Cute but doesn't admit it.
  27. Trivia:
  28. - The others usually likes to annoy her because they thought she looks cute when she's annoyed.
  29. - She hates doing cute things but she does it all the time without herself knowing.
  30. - She scolds the others when they made a mess.
  31. - She's close with the Bakery Clerk because she's usually the one waking her up when she fell asleep
  32. - She's not close with the Manager because she's scared of her.
  33. - She's close with Woozi because they usually plays the guitar together and Seungkwan, Dokyeom, and Hoshi would sing.
  34. - She's not close with Mingyu because he's unhygienic.
  36. - Hoodies
  37. - Clean places
  38. - Playing guitar
  39. - Soccer
  40. - Volleyball
  41. - Reading
  42. Dislikes:
  43. - Messy places
  44. - Aegyo
  45. - Skirts
  46. - When people call her cute
  47. Face claim: Lovelyz  Kei
  48. Backup: Oh My Girl  Yooa
  49. Slot: Janitor
  50. Backup slot: Cake Decorator
  51. Slots she's close with: Bakery Clerk
  52. Slots she's least close with: Manager
  53. Why did they decide to work at a bakery?
  54. She wanted to have a job because she feel bad for her family, her sister and father is always busy, she wanted to make her proud.
  56. "wE'RE aLL iN tHIS tOGETHER!!"
  58. Love interest: Seungkwan
  59. Backup love interest: Wonwoo
  60. Scenes with love interests:
  61. - She was playing basketball with Seungkwan suddenly the lights turned off. They both screamed at the same time.
  62. Scenes with group:
  63. - just all of them singing together
  64. Love interest she close with: Woozi
  65. Love interest she's least close with: Mingyu
  70. Username: @DreamyTeapot
  71. Note to this potato aka me: HELLOOOO
  72. Anything I miss? -
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