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Jan 1st, 2014
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  1. >You are Minty
  2. >and you are feeling grumpy
  3. >you would not like anything else than to hang out with your best friend, Anonymous, but his daughter has become jealous of the attention Anon gives to you
  4. >and currently she is starring daggers at you from the other end of the couch as the two of you wait for Anon to fetch refreshments
  5. >You met Anon while he was walking home from buying groceries and offered to help him carry some of his stuff, since he seemed to be struggling and once you arrived at his house he invited you for some fresh ice cold homemade lemonade and you were not about to say no to your best buddy
  6. >even if his daughter hates you
  7. >Roxy looks at you with annoyance
  8. >Roxy, Anons satyr daughter. A healthy looking young child, with two-toned long straight hair, thistle that turns sky blue towards the tip of her hair, her tail being the same, and her pony lower body has a violet coat.
  9. “Why are you here?”
  10. >Roxy sounds as grumpy as usual
  11. >you sigh, but then Anon returns from the kitchen with his lemonade
  12. >Roxy’s face brightens to a happy smile, and even you can’t help but to smile a bit at how happy she is when her father returns to the room
  13. “Here you go Minty, Roxy, my homemade Lemonade. Best darn lemonade you can find in all of Equestria”
  14. >Anon sets three glasses down and sits on the couch, between you and Roxy
  15. >Roxy immediately climbs onto Anons lap, showing you her tongue and doing a little *bleeeh
  16. >you close your eyes and start to sip on the lemonade
  17. >It tastes so good it makes your antennae stand all the way up as you smile in delight
  18. >Anons hand moves on top of your head and he starts to pat your head
  19. “Aaaaww, look at how happy you are”
  20. >you can’t help but to give a slight squeal of delight as Anon keeps patting your head
  21. >Roxy gasps and quickly takes hold of Anons hand and moves it onto her own head
  22. >Anon gives a little laugh as he starts to pat Roxy’s head as she starts to giggle
  23. >you can’t help but to feel a bit sad, that pat felt really good
  24. >but then you notice Roxy digging something from one of the many pockets in her skirt as Anon is not looking
  25. >it’s a small led keychain light, which she flips on and quickly throws behind the couch
  26. >you can’t help but to follow the darn thing with your eyes and then jump after it lie a cat pounces on a red laser dot
  27. >as you come to you can’t help but to curse this child for finding out about your weakness to light sources. She’s been using that knowledge rather efficiently against you
  28. “Minty, where did you go?”
  29. >you quickly flip the light off and flutter up from behind the couch
  30. “What were you doing there?”
  31. >”oh, you know... umm... stuff”
  32. >Anon just shrugs and you flutter back down onto the couch
  33. “Haha Minty is so weird isn’t he daddy?”
  34. >you glare at Roxy as she looks smug while Anon laughs a bit with his eyes closed
  35. “Oh yeah Minty there was something I needed to show you”
  36. >Anon lifts his daughter off from his lap, which makes her give a small nooo in protest, and gets up
  37. “Follow me”
  38. >you trot behind Anon and give Roxy a smug look of your own, lifting your head up in victory
  39. >Anon makes his way towards his workroom
  40. “So as I was saying, I...”
  41. >Anons voice trails off from your focus
  42. >there is something on the wall that catches your attention, a large spot of bright light
  43. >it wiggles on the wall for a bit, hypnotizing you, and then shoots off to the side a bit, making you follow it with your head
  44. >Oh no, the movements are growing larger, it might go away!
  45. >you shoot at it to catch it, and crash to the wall
  46. >dizzily you gather yourself, only to notice Roxy silently giggling to herself while hiding a small flashlight into her black hoodies pocket while running up to her father who now comes to see what the noise was all about, hugging his leg and snickering silently behind him at you
  47. “Uhhh... you ok Minty?”
  48. >”Yeah, I’m ok”
  49. >you try to get up, but almost fall down right away due to the dizzyness, but Anon catches you in his arms
  50. “Whoa there Minty, here, let me”
  51. >Anon scoops you up in his arms and you can’t help but to blush a bit
  52. >Roxy looks absolutely shocked that her plan backfired
  53. >she starts tugging on her fathers trousers
  54. “Daddy me too, me too!”
  55. >Anon gives Roxy a stern look
  56. “Not now Roxy, Minty seems a bit hurt. I’ll carry you around after Minty can walk for herself”
  57. >Roxy seems a little sad at this and walks behind Anon as he makes his way to his workroom
  58. >this time you show your tongue to Roxy and go *bleeeh silently at her
  59. >Roxy seems angry at this and puffs her cheeks and stomps a bit angrily behind you and Anon
  60. >but then you can practically see a light bulb lighting up above her head ash her face brightens and she starts to rummage her pockets for something
  61. >before you can close your eyes she pulls out another led keychain light and flips it on, and you are tranced right away
  62. >and then Roxy takes off running away, and you shoot flying after her
  63. >you can’t help it, you need that light, it’s so bright
  64. >you are gaining on Roxy now, soon you can snatch that light from her
  65. >but then she throws it away from her, and you shoot off to catch it
  66. >just as you have it in your hoofs, it shuts off
  67. >you blink a few times, returning to your senses
  68. >more light
  69. >Roxy is holding another one of those things, and starts running off again with you in pursuit
  70. >you are gaining on her again, but she does her trick again and puts her hand into her pocket
  71. >but this time you are faster
  72. >you dust a bit of mothdust in her way, making her sneeze and drop the light before she has the chance to put it on and then you proceed to tickle Roxy with your antennae, making her giggle
  73. >then you hear footsteps and stop, and you and Roxy quickly pull of the best innocent faces the two of you can as Anon walks into the room
  74. “What are you guys doing?”
  75. >both of you response with “nothing”, neither wanting to admit that you were fighting for Anons attention
  76. “Ok... Anyway Minty, it seems that it’s getting really late so I’ll show you the thing tomorrow”
  77. >you agree and look at Roxy who seems victorious, managing to waste the little time you and Anon had
  78. >Your victory this time Roxy. This time...
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