Weighty Worries of a Zebra Part 3

Jan 26th, 2013
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  1. Weighty Worries of a Zebra
  2. Part 3
  4. **This is a shameless Fetish story, evacuate now if you don't want that.**
  6. **Contains: Belly expansion, Plot expansion**
  8. Zecora trotted across the main room of her abode, belly swaying all the while. She took as much care as she could, her gut and stature having both increased in size recently. It didn't stop her from trying to understand what happened last night, and acknowledge what took place a few hours before. It seemed she had been over every inch of her home that she could still explore, and she never found a clue. Her door and window's all remained locked, the cauldron which she had set aside showed no sign of use, and no matter how much time she spent investigating there seemed to be no trace of magic in her home.
  10. The entire time Zecora felt as though there was a constantly ticking clock she couldn't see. Her belly reminded her of it with every accidental brush with the floor or object, as it sent shivers down her spine, and more recently a quiet rumble that accented an emptiness within her. It wasn't going to be long, she knew that soon a wave of hunger was going to strike and her senses would be mulled again as she gorged until it was satisfied. Then the growth would begin again, and every indication pointed to a conclusion that left her too big for her own house.
  12. That would truly leave her without the knowledge of what caused this. Simply realizing this left her slightly deflated, and she took the time to sit; trying to ignore her gentle cheeks as they touched the floor. Zecora was grateful that her main room was a bit taller than her kitchen, so she could at least sit upright, but her stomach was truly prodigious. It seemed like she was expected to hold the foals of an entire extended family, a slight rumble across the surface made her moan slightly as her imaginary children rocked her gut gently. She couldn't help but give an idle stroke as her eyes wandered about her home, the sensation a small distraction from what was inevitable.
  14. She tried to think before her mind could be clouded again, one last time about the previous day. Anything about what could of happened before she went to bed that night, about what she might of eaten, but all she could remember was that concoction she had devoured. She thought of it, a terrible bland pudding that tasted like medicine, but she found herself concentrating more on its ugly blue hue and how it was once a more appealing brown. Then it hit her, what if it was supposed to be brown?
  16. She got up off her cloud-like plot, her stomach protesting the stop of her massages with a rumble that made her legs weak and her throat moan in response, but she continued to her mixing table. Her mortar and pestle sat where they had been placed the night before, the tools still slightly blue from what they contained. Then she scanned the shelves above, all manner of corked bottles and vials labeled neatly for her perusal. She noticed one atop the topmost shelf was tipped over, its cork missing, a blue stain leading from its place to where her tool's may have rested the night before. Zecora did her best to reach for it without disturbing the others, and barely managed to grasp it as she wished to. Eventually she got it in front of her face, and when she read its label of 'Joke's Desire' her mind almost froze.
  18. Joke's Desire was an experiment from her herb garden, an attempt to create something new. Something she usually performed safely, never ingesting anything until she understood its properties. She had no idea of this hybrid's properties though, it was mix of Poison Joke and Heart's Desire. The plan was to use it lightly in controlled experiments on other plants to discover what it could do, not accidentally ingest a vial filled with the juiced remains of more than a dozen of them.
  20. She tried to think of a way to undo this, her condition now known, but magic had a funny way of behaving; and the two parents of the hybrid held some of the strongest magic she knew. It might not even have the weaknesses of the former, even if she could eat a plant of truth while bathing in a bubble bath lake she had no way of knowing it would work. She was at a loss for a cure, but she wasn't done yet.
  22. Her mind kept returning to what the plant was trying to do. Based upon the parent's traits perhaps the Poison Joke was making her diet a ruin, adding on the pounds incessantly. It didn't add up however, it would do so regardless of whether or not she ate, and her gut would probably be covered in blue spots. The angle of Heart's Desire didn't work as well, it granted your greatest wish of talent, what you aspired to be. So that didn't make sense either, she didn't wish to be of gravid girth and immense plot.
  24. Unless... She thought of last night, how she believed that first pleasurable experience was all just a dream. It hadn't been the first time she had envisioned herself growing, her stomach reaching out to be caressed by gentle hooves, her plot gently massaged as she filled out to a lover's greater size. The thought of them sent such a rumble through her gut that she bit her lip, heart fluttering from the experience. A slight pang erupted deep in her stomach, but she was too deep in thought to give it notice.
  26. She blushed deeply as she realized what the plant might be doing. It did not make a joke of her, nor did it wish to fulfill her aspirations. Instead it had reached deep inside her mind and chosen to treat her to its deepest darkest desire; whether she realized what it was or not. She had unintentionally wished to grow, to eat, and be pleasured in ways she couldn't imagine. Her heart thumped heavily in her chest as she imagined her stomach rise and fatten, each inch of waistline gained feeling so real and incredible. A plot that would be so soft that any stallion would jump at the chance to love it tenderly, softly stroking her sensitive paunch all the while as she buried him in its sensitive surface. Her daydream's sent another rumble through her, and her mind felt like many hooves had just gently stroked her simultaneously.
  28. When her mind returned to reality she realized a great feeling in her gut. The hunger was back, the pang already as great from before she had eaten the cupcakes. She almost panicked, this was it, the next cycle of growth had begun. She had to think of a way to slow it, to give herself more time, or at least limit what her new size would be in some way. Limit, that got her thinking, she looked around for a particular item she had brought back from Rarity's. She spied it on the floor just under her mixing table, the corset.
  30. She had to bend over to reach it, leaving her plot in the air. Just as she managed to get it another rumble shook her stomach, the sensation sent her mind into a hazy spiral as her plot slid down heavily against a wall. The combined feelings made her moan deeply right before a greater pang of hunger hit. She quickly swept up the corset once her senses returned, and knew she had to hurry; she was getting more sensitive by the second.
  32. Zecora was almost surprised by how large the corset was, she hadn't bothered to take note of its full size when she had first taken it. Yet it still seemed like it wasn't nearly large enough for her. Suddenly her nose picked something up, she could smell sweets and treats of all kinds, the little delectable treats just crying out to be eaten. She shook herself out of it, she was nowhere near the kitchen and could already smell it.
  34. She immediately began trying to fit the corset around her gut, barely able to get the thing around her peak. She doubted that it would fit around her, but as she pulled the three heavy duty ties around her back she noticed two things. How elastic this thing was, and secondly how easily her empty gut would give, although the pressure against it was driving her mad. However she managed to find herself clasping it behind her back, large stretched stripes became wrinkled as the straps sank deep into her flabby belly.
  36. Zecora wasn't entirely sure she had put it on correctly, but she had no time to inquire such. There was another pang of hunger, this time with no pleasing rumble. Her stomach wanted food, and it wanted it now. She couldn't allow herself to give into it, no matter how much she wanted to feel untold richness slide across her tongue and sink into her gut. She had to resist, she had to try. Another pang bit deeper, and she couldn't believe how empty she felt. It was horrid, like her body was trying to collapse in on itself to fill the void.
  38. Why am I doing this, she thought to herself as memory of all the wonder she had felt seemed to be rekindled in her mind.
  40. She sat there, holding her gut through the pain, looking toward the kitchen. The place where all the most wonderful smells in the world seemed to originate. She thought of the various sweets she had there, some chewy others soft. Each one landing solidly in her gut, slowly filling it out until she couldn't stand another bite. Then when it was over she would happily stroke herself, gently nap as her stomach would churn and groan in its work with a gentle warmth falling over her, and that was just the start of the fun.
  42. Zecora could hold herself back no longer, she bolted to the kitchen and stopped upon its threshold to gaze upon her stockade of food. So worked up that she was panting, mouth open with want. She could smell so much food, and wanted to feel it all trapped inside her gut so it could make her grow. She spotted the empty tray of cupcakes she had finished before, and memory of what was left within the cupboards above drove her hunger beyond compare. She wanted what was left and she wanted it now.
  44. She practically dove across her kitchen toward it. She opened the one closest to her, the one upon the end of a long row. Her nose teased her before her eyes affirmed it, she could see all sorts of treats, the cupboard filled to capacity. In any other household one might fine one layer of food across two shelves, but the entirety of Ponyville had given her so much Zecora had to improvise. Each cupboard in her home was filled to absolute capacity, food stacked upon food, containers of treats supporting other equally heavy gifts from guilty hearts. Perhaps the greatest thing of all about the horde before her was the fact that pony's tended to give such gifts with enchantments upon them, to keep the food fresh as the day it was made which allowed their food to be stored for years before it wore off.
  46. She was done sizing up her food, her head was soon within their confines and removing lids from containers. Breaking the enchantments by downing the delectable sweets whole. Her mind no longer cared about time or manners, as she felt frosting melt against her tongue, sweet baked goods were munched into oblivion before being cast down into her waiting gut. Strange and delicious treats she had never dreamed being real assaulted her senses in waves as she threw empty containers across the room. Each one more delicious than the last, her paunch slowly filling as she neared the end of her first triumph.
  48. With a slight burp she had the cupboard finished, and her gut rumbled tremendously in response. It was grateful for the added fuel, and her mouth yawned into a deep moan at the reward of what felt like so many tiny hooves messaging her from the inside out. Her plot surged with goosebumps, wanting to greet her excellent work with a reward of its own. The feelings drove her to the floor, body writhing against her gut as she let herself be overcome with the intense sensations. As they slowly dimmed she realized she hadn't grown at all, with the exception of the size and weight of food within her. It seemed her body was rewarding her good behavior, and she wanted it to do so again. She eyed the several remaining cupboards, each as filled as the first, and began again.
  50. The second was much like what she began with, foods even more delectable and exotic than the first graced her senses. What she really wanted though was to fill herself as fast as possible, wondering what would happen when she finished this time, wanting to please her gut with a need most tremendous. Container after container slowly piled up across the room, the weight in her gut growing even more as the last morsel was finally within her.
  52. With the cupboard finished she stood and waited, wanting to experience every moment of what was to come. It began with a slight shiver, goosebumps across her body as warmth overtook her. The rumble started deep, slowly spreading out to kiss the surface with a hundred willful caresses until it reached to a place in the crease of her plot. A moan escaping her lips as it began to once again tingle with an electric buzz all its own. She fell to the floor, slowly twisting as the rumble continued to work its way across her stomach, her plot feeling tight and loved ever so slowly all the while.
  54. She pushed and pulled at her gut, the sensation being intensified and relieved when she did so. While her plot was shifted about from her legs freely moving to and fro, the motion igniting a pleasure like she couldn't believe. Slowly though it faded and Zecora eventually recovered just as a thought crossed her mind. If that was the feeling from just one cupboard, what if she could finish two before the next one arrived? She eyed her next two targets, her nostrils pulled deep their fragrance, and her belly surged with need to have them.
  56. Zecora practically tore the doors off as she started in on the third cupboard. Barely missing a crumb as she burned through pile after pile of baked goods. She was surprised by a few bottles of cream, but each one was thick and delicious as it helped her down heavy loaves of sweetened bread. The liquid dragged its way through the growing weight in her gut to rest at the bottom, making it sag ever lower. Eventually she finished the third one, and quickly made a move on the fourth, determined to comprehend the joy she'd experience from so much excess.
  58. Though there was a problem, her belly was getting heavy. Before her plot bearing legs capable of holding more than enough of its weight, but now they needed help. She couldn't let up though, the feeling was starting to well up again and she had to finish before it began. There wasn't much left but her legs were trembling to keep up the effort, but all she did was focus on the weight in her gut, how she could feel it starting to touch the floor. The sensation that her paunch was already larger than she could believe driving her to dig deeper into the cupboard, doing so forced her legs to give out. Yet Zecora did not receive what she expected.
  60. Her heavenly plot was drifting apart as her legs lost footing, and it drifted down until she felt the crease of her plot filled by a wonderfully soft mass. The sensation of something pressing into such a wonderful area dragged a moan out of her as she caught herself. It seemed that the bottom of her gut had distended so much that it had not only began stretching out behind her to make room, it had also tightly wedged itself into her plot in just the right spot. She felt the rumble building, and quickly finished what was left in the fourth cupboard before it hit, but she didn't have time to get her footing back. She lay on top of her stomach, the bottom of her gut was still forcing her legs apart, pressed against her sensitive area.
  62. The shiver began and the warmth returned. This time however the rumble didn't start slowly. It raced out across her gut, so many unknowable hooves making their mark as they stoked her pleasure. They reached up toward the top of her belly in a gentle kiss, it raced around the belly's edges in a maddeningly slow stroke that made her groan for more, and then reached down to the bottom wedged between her legs with a sensation that left her breathless. Her plot was awoken as the space between her legs was rubbed in such a way that the tingling had fired up to a new high. Aided by her own will as she used her plot to pinch and stroke her own belly with her legs as best she could, slowly feeling the soft girth rub against her tight downy rump. The fire in her belly felt unlimited, as she continued to stroke herself until a long moan couldn't bare to be held in any longer.
  64. Slowly, as the feeling escaped her she moved her legs so that her gut could be free. Even with its size she was still hungry, only stoking her want for more. Yet there was something wrong, a tightness in her gut as though there was no room. She couldn't understand it, how was she hungry with no room left. She gazed down at her swollen joy, eager to make it larger, when she noticed the peculiar straps upon her back as some article of clothing seemed to be holding her stomach close against her.
  66. Then it came flooding back, for a moment Zecora was herself. How she had wanted to stop this from happening, how this was the chance to limit herself from the next growth. Then she remembered how much she loved it, even though she was not entirely herself when it happened. She knew that those moans were her, the pleasure so great she would feel her eyes flutter with her heart. This was just her body showing her what she enjoyed so much, and she fought it every step of the way.
  68. “No more.”
  70. She reached onto her back and undid one of the straps, a part of her gut fighting for the room it provided.
  72. Zecora knew, for once in a long time, what she wanted.
  74. The next strap was undone, the last one groaning in protest as it tried to hold back the girth by itself.
  76. A cure could come at any time, but this, this was a once in a lifetime chance. The only time she would be allowed to experience her deepest desire to its fullest without putting anyone in danger, and if she was going to do it.
  78. She undid the last strap, her gut spilling forth and a renewed fervor flowed through her as she realized just how much room was left in her.
  80. She might as well go all the way.
  82. Her stomach churned as it demanded her void be filled, and she gladly answered it by diving into one of the last four cupboards. That feeling and want of food returned, but now Zecora was on its side.
  84. Her feeding began with dough from what seemed perfection itself, and that blended together into the rest of her meal. Weighty stuffed fritters pounded into her gut that had long ago returned itself to the position that forced it between Zecora's legs. More of the thickened cream charged down her throat to push out every unused crevice as her stomach began to fill out even more of her kitchen. Entire meals disappeared into her mouth, each one a thing she couldn't of dreamed eating so purely at any other time. It lasted for such a time, and for a few moments she felt that rumble return, but it was always snuffed out as she just continued to fill, and fill, and fill her ever roomful mass between her legs. The thought of wonderful growth far outweighing her want to experience the little pleasure again.
  86. Zecora dug her tongue deep into a cream filled pastry before she swallowed the rest of it whole. She reached into the cupboard to have another, and instead felt her hoof slap against the backboard. There was almost a lack of belief on her part. That meant she had just cleaned out her entire kitchen supply, any other food she had was in the pantry. A part of her wondered if she could make it, but a curious wiggle revealed to her that she was entirely... immobile. Her stomach stretched out just enough in each direction that she was trapped, trapped on top of a lovely warm bed that was herself, she could probably even make a pillow out of the fluffy paunch that sat just below her chest; something she was amazed she could still see.
  88. Then the rumble struck. She was left awestruck as thousand's of hooves kneaded her belly, hundreds of bumps rattled against it as she felt all the food she had eaten slowly get packed away deeper into her. Each sudden depression eliciting a meager yelp as her head arced back for more. Each one thundered through her until she realized she could feel her hooves against the floor again. Her eyes opened in a foggy release of what just happened, she looked down and felt as though she was still rather tall, and checking beneath her revealed she was still laying upon her still rather large cushion of a stomach. Her back legs weak like pudding sprawled out behind her with her plot just hanging in the air.
  90. A part of her wondered what had happened, certainly she should of grown a little by now. That was when she realized her 'cushion' of a belly was a bit firmer than before, the size retained but the softness lessened. Before she could inspect the idea further something happened, a single throb, but its intensity stole her breath and her heart for a moment. Zecora quickly recovered and knew what she had to do, before the growth started she had to get out of her house.
  92. She started toward the kitchen door, her belly already aching with that need for attention all the way. Zecora tried to keep a good pace, but her legs were tired from how much they had worked so her progress was slow. A second throb threw her to the ground, a long needy moan verbalizing her desire to answer its call, but she had to stay strong.
  94. She crossed the threshold to the main room, but her belly seemed to have filled out somewhat. Her mind driven mad as all sides of her belly were squeezed and caressed by the archway. It took everything in her to simply not stand there so she could sway in and out of its grasp. At the very least her goal was now in her sight, only the long walk across the entry room remained. Even with that though sweat was forming on her brow, her breath becoming labored as the ache began to thunder within her stomach in even pace with her heart. Legs became weak as her slightly distended stomach brushed against her floor, her plot already starting to feel prickly ahead of a wave of pleasure that was moments away.
  96. Suddenly the need in her stomach surged in intensity, to the point where her weakened legs couldn't help but give way for a moment. The feeling of that tightened paunch being pressed into the ground seemed to push some of that aching need to her plot, already maddeningly sensitive her mind gave in. Zecora dug her hooves into her hips, pushing and kneading the aching flesh until a soothing warmth overtook them. Before she knew it a burst of something electric overtook it, and she felt her rump balloon outward immensely underneath her hooves.
  98. Just as the weight took over and she felt her body being tipped into a sitting position she had one thought cross her mind. It's just a house, and that was perhaps the last clear thought she had.
  100. Her titanic plot pulled her to the ground. Its landing sent a buzz through her spine that caused her eyes to roll into the back of her head momentarily. Yet it was not done as a tingle stretched out to give word that her plot was still getting bigger, and tighter; she loved it back with a breathy moan. She would've continued as such, but her hooves had already moved on to her stomach. She loved that soft pudge anchored to her waist, each stroke sending sparks across her flesh. Her belly felt tickled by her hooves, the feeling being multiplied the longer she went along. As the electric flash of touch worked its way down the entirety of the mass until it overtook the whole of her stomach. The ache only seemed to flare higher as great warmth overwhelmed her, and a familiar pressure returned.
  102. She wasn't ready for the first surge. Her breath taken away as the surface of her stomach stretched more than twice its size, before she had time to recover it began throbbing again. Each pulse knocked her senseless as her gut became stiffer until all the room it had just created was once again being pulled taut in a reddened blush. It was intoxicating to feel it so, each throb became a greater high as her stomach fought tirelessly to grow more for her. The electric tingle across her skin jolting her pleasure into such throes of passion she couldn't tell which noises were rumbles in her gut and which were here own lamentations from constant inexplicable satisfaction.
  104. The next growth spurt slammed into her heart and body all the same as the first. She almost shouted her pleasure to the heavens, only barely keeping herself in check as she shouted in her native tongue of how she loved this. She felt the prickle in her plot once more, and she messaged it as best she could against floor and wall to coax it larger, the skin still tightening up as it grew up another size. Suddenly a new feeling overtook her, as the warmth in her gut felt like it was being leeched out to a different place. She could feel it work its way out to her extremities, even her face. That warmth pulsed through her like a heartbeat, until her body slowly began to feel a great pull as her back pressed against a far wall.
  106. She opened her eyes as she felt one of her back legs press against a window, the heat working its way on her neck. Her belly was prodigious, she may as well have been some legendary fertile goddess that gave birth to the entire pony race, her rump a giant cradle that held its softness gently between her legs, and yet she knew there was still more to come. She closed her eyes and pressed herself against the far wall that was slowly feeling tighter against her back.
  108. “More,” she said as the wall at her back began to creak in protest. “More, more, more!”
  110. Her cries crested just as the walls that pointlessly separated the single large hallowed out tree that was her home were brought down. Her body continued to grow until her head rested against something soft, and her legs had found their way outside a pair of windows at the front of her house. She was practically locked in position from this point onward, and she didn't mind in the least. The occasional throb from her stomach letting her know exactly what pleasures were in store for her.
  112. Soon her belly tightened up again, and as before it amazing her with its size between gasps and moans from it all feeling just so right. This burst of growth brought the behemoth to a point where it almost touched the roof of her home, a point far beyond that of the kitchen's. Her plot once again tingled in the aftermath, and Zecora treated herself to another rub while she could still reach around her immensely growing gut.
  114. The skin of her plot was so soft during a growth, and she wished to knead it endlessly. Coaxing everything she could out of the pleasure from that wonderful heavenly mass. She moaned deeply at the slow soft push against her hooves until she could feel those glorious cheeks press against the walls of her home, distorting its shape.
  116. Just as the pleasure of her rump ended the pumping in her paunch began again. This time she aided it along as best she could. Zecora pushed her hooves into it to bring about a spike in sensation that drove her wild. Lightning seemed to shoot through her body as the slowly tightening throbs pushed her belly farther and farther out in every direction. To her surprise and somewhat elation she felt the gut begin to grow down into that favorite spot on her plot, slowly forcing itself against it as the cradle gladly accepted the soft visitor, each throb rubbed them together in a moment of pure ecstasy. Then as she felt the top begin to press against the ceiling of her home she opened her eyes, the form of her stomach had finally grown taut but a new feeling had begun within.
  118. It felt like hundreds of hooves were softly bumping their way around within her stomach, trying to coax her stomach outward despite its resistance. Zecora could swear that she saw bumps forming across the surface of her stomach, the force of the throbs sending waves of hot pleasure through her as it pushed against the supple crease of her rump. When the pressure finally gave way to a surge of growth she cried out with every thump of it.
  120. Every inch of her homes roof was soon plastered by her gut's size as it bloated outward to look for space to grow. The feeling of it brushing against the supple wood as she continued to rub against herself and the endless pushes from within driving her wild.
  122. Another quickly followed the first, this time her mind almost went blank as she felt her home's already distorted form be forced into a new egg-like shape as the roof slowly gave to her gut's ever stronger pushes. Her stomach was a madhouse of movement and pulses as her plot swelled again against the walls once more. All of it began to creak incessantly under her moans of passion.
  124. The third made her cry out, as her belly surged hard against her roof, sending cracks across its surface just large enough for part of her soft mass to peak out. She needed it to happen again, one last swell somewhere deep within her waiting for her to bring it to life. She rubbed the firm surface with all the tender want she could muster, each swipe of her hoof making her heart flutter and loins ache with need. Nothing mattered more to her than feeling this high that she felt building up deep within her.
  126. She felt the final wave be heralded by two small shockwaves of pleasure. The first throbbed within her stomach immensely and caused her to gasp for breath at the suddenness of it. The second pushed her stomach into such a firm state she grit her teeth and cried out for the end in a wail of pleasure as she felt the final one pushing up from the depths of her being. When she finally grew her stomach surged through the roof, bursting through the canopy of the Everfree, and continued to throb as it filled itself out in the open air. Each pulse causing her gut to cover more of her property. The cry of her climax had brought anything within the Everfree that heard it to silence as pieces of Zecora's roof were tossed about as the great soft gut slowly began to become a distinct tower above all its neighbors.
  128. Zecora simply fell back, allowing her head to rest upon whatever softness it had found earlier. She simply lay there, allowing the thumps of the growth to slowly decay over time until all was quiet once again. She opened her eyes to see the Equestrian sky, stars spanning the breadth of her vision. She wondered what part of her house was left. She looked around and found herself in what felt like a comically smaller version of her pantry, her head apparently resting upon her winter store of blankets and bedding she made use of during such times. There was food here, sure. But she was honestly quite tired, and was rather sure that if someone hadn't noticed her recent explosive growth, they would see the mountain of gray cresting the treetops in the morning.
  130. She simply fluffed the bedding beneath her head, stretched the legs that had grown clear through the front wall of her house, and rested. Just idly rubbing her churning gut as her senses slowly dulled back to those that were only 'slightly' above normal. Her idle breathing slowing until her eyes finally shut. The activity of the day had drained her quite well, and whether or not she wished to grow one more time before somepony found her was going to be left up in the air until morning. All the while her belly would rumble, and her plot did tingle, as every little feeling in her body made her smile in her sleep. As she peacefully slept a dreamless dream.
  135. End Part 3
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