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Mar 11th, 2018
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  1. Core.cfg
  2. Display в поле Album art расширена схема патернов
  3. Display - Context Menu часть пунктов скрыты
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts к стандартным сочетаниям добалены следующие:
  5. Pause, Ctrl+~ (глобальные)
  6. Left, Right, Space, Alt+0..5, Q, Alt+Q
  7. F2, F4, F5, F6, F8, F9, F12
  8. Media Library Exclude: (none)
  9. Library viewer [v] Enabled
  10. [ ] Activate when changed
  11. Playback [v] Save playback state...
  12. Playback - DSP пресеты
  13. Playback - Output убраны все Fading
  14. Shell Integration [v] Set "Enqueue" as default action
  15. [v] Always send new files to playlist: Default
  16. Exclude file types: (none)
  17. foo_albumlist.dll.cfg
  18. Media Library - Album List Middle button action: Send to New Playlist
  19. [ ] Start playback when sending selection to playlist
  22. foo_converter.dll.cfg
  23. mp3 --silent -V 0 --noreplaygain - %d
  24. flac (по-умолчанию)
  25. foo_dsp_dolbyhp.dll.cfg
  26. (dll path)
  27. foo_fileops.dll.cfg
  28. паттерн по-умолчанию для операции переименования [%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. %title%[ '('%track artist%')']
  29. [ ] Show output files when done
  30. foo_run.dll.cfg
  31. Tools - Run Services поиск по,,, и
  32. Open in Total Commander
  33. foo_ui_hacks.dll.cfg
  34. Display - DUI - Advanced Status bar: Hide
  35. Middle button click action: Add to playback queue
  36. Display - Main Window Esc key function: Hide
  37. foo_ui_std.dll.cfg
  38. Display - DUI изменен формат поля Window title
  39. Display - DUI - Colors and Fonts шрифт Tahoma (10) для Playlists
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