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  1. I work for a haulage firm. To say that no one is prepared is a gigantic understatement. We do literally hundreds of deliveries a day to supermarket rdcs. It doesn't matter if its waitrose or aldi, none are set up for a no deal brexit. The crux of the problem is that even a small delay at the ports means literally thousands more trucks, drivers and trailers will be required to cope. Drivers hours rules are inflexible and strictly enforced.
  3. If we do need more trucks then the lead time was about a year on the 50 odd scanias we recently changed. So it's already too late. Also there are nowhere near enough drivers. Where i work a huge percentage of the drivers are already from Eastern europe. Where will they come from?
  5. Loads from docks to rdcs are already a bit of a pain for hauliers. Schedules are ridiculously tight. Boats land late all the time, empty trailers often need to be dropped at an entirely different location before collecting the loaded trailer. Some ports are huge so often drivers new to the pickups struggle to find the right locations. Security is tight. Often trailers arrive in in un roadworthy condition. Drivers need to be a lot more thorough checking loads are secured, migrant free and safe to travel with. If every load nees to pass through customs as well then there is clearly going to be a massive issue.
  7. The supply chain is now built around free movement of goods from europe and there is still no advice at all on what the processes will be for no deal so its impossible to prepare adequately.
  9. People shouldn't underestimate how much of their supermarket produce comes from Europe. Most of the biggest rdcs are East of London for presumably this reason.
  11. Tesco... Thurrock/purfleet Morriosns... Sittingbourne Sainsbury... Dartford / Waltham abbey Aldi... Chelmsford Lidl.... Northfleet / belvedere
  13. As someone in a position to know how goods are moved around. I will insist on us stockpiling groceries should no deal become more of a certainty.
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