Moondust (Ongoing)

May 9th, 2018
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  1. >Quiet, tranquil, calm, and at peace.
  2. >All words you could use to describe night time.
  3. >However, these are words you could not use to describe the night Moondancer was having.
  4. >Now, you may be wondering what kind of person Moondancer is.
  5. "Oh, for fucks sake"
  6. >There you go
  7. >Sleep was something that always stayed out of reach of the poor girl.
  8. >It probably doesn't help she stays up until way after midnight, but after a few weeks of sleeping until noon.
  9. >Moondancer decided it was time for a change.
  10. >Unfortunately, so did her new neighbor.
  11. >The on edge, sleep-deprived girl angrily walked towards the door of her apartment.
  12. >A booming beat sent vibrations throughout her floor.
  13. >Almost like a hammer hammering two hammers together.
  14. >Out of her apartment, she realized the booming was coming a floor above.
  15. >So despite her better judgement, a confrontation was going to happen.
  16. >She lifted herself up the stairs, step by step, all the things she was going to say to whoever was keeping her from her much needed sleep.
  17. >Finally, she was right outside the door.
  18. >With fire in her heart, she lifted her fist and knocked on the door twice.
  19. >The thudding continued.
  20. >She tried again, this time a little louder.
  21. >Still thudding.
  22. "Oh fuck this"
  23. >With tremendous effort (For her) Moondancer pulled back her hand and practically punched the door a few times.
  24. >The thudding finally came to a stop.
  25. >A crash of footsteps headed in her direction.
  26. >Which brought the "real" Moondancer back out.
  27. "Oh fuck me" she whispered under her breath.
  29. >The door swung open.
  30. >And the petite nerd came face to face with what could only be described as a look you'd give when someone tries to destroy you with their mind.
  31. >Dirty blond hair styled in some weird cross between a mohawk and a pompadour.
  32. >A grey t-shirt that says "Ask me 'bout my deadlift"
  33. >And a pair of matching black shorts.
  34. >The stranger's expression changed slightly as she looked down towards Moondancer.
  35. >"...Can I help you?" she asked in an extremely snarky tone
  36. >She blinked her eyes rapidly as if the dust from Moondancer's presence was irritating them.
  37. >And like that, everything Moondancer rehearsed before had disappeared from her faster than a horse at the glue factory.
  38. "Uh-uhhhh..." was all her french-fried mind could think of in response.
  39. "I-I'm Moondancer..." she pinched the sleeve of her sweater.
  40. >A sigh was heard from the athletic looking stranger.
  41. >"Hello, Moondancer" she emphasised the name in a harsh tone.
  42. >The shy, socially stupid girl looked down towards the carpet in the apartment.
  43. >Out of her perhiphial vision, she saw the girl extending out her arm.
  44. >She looked up and saw her hand with the palm in an open stance.
  45. >Confused her gaze turned up towards the stranger's face.
  46. >She gestured down towards her hand.
  47. >With some reluctance, Moondancer carefully grabbed her hand.
  48. >And was met by the ride of her life.
  49. >Her hand felt like it was going through a trash compactor sideways.
  50. >"I'm Lightning Dust" she explained as Moondancer was gritting her teeth through the pain.
  51. >"And as much as I've enjoyed this little..." she pointed her finger back and forth between her and Moondancer.
  52. >"Whatever this was. I have some important stuff to do" turning around she stepped behind her door preparing to shut it.
  53. >"Besides, shouldn't you be in bed?"
  54. >She slammed the door in Moondancer's face.
  55. >Silence.
  56. >For a few seconds.
  57. >Then the loud thudding continued on.
  58. >Like Moondancer never even knocked on the door to begin with.
  59. >With a heavy sigh she hung her head low and headed back to her own apartment.
  60. >Maybe she could drown out the sounds somehow.
  61. >But she knew that was probably wishful thinking.
  63. >There's wishful thinking and in Moondancer's case, "Pray to every god in existence and hopefully one of them answers you" thinking.
  64. >The thudding above her continued on through the night.
  65. >No amount of pillows, or blankets, repeated head butts to a nearby wall would make it stop.
  66. >Resistance was futile.
  67. >That is until it just stopped on its own.
  68. >The sound of nothing never sounded more beautiful.
  69. >Her eyelids began to close as her body relaxed in bed.
  70. >Soon she would be in dreamland.
  72. >But it looks like her flight has been delayed.
  73. >With a jolt, the frightened and still pissed off nerd girl looked to her side.
  74. >There on her bedside table was her phone, blaring an alarm she had set.
  75. >For 6AM
  76. >The dawn was just about to break through a nearby window.
  77. >Which meant the night had past.
  78. "Oh fuck me" she put her hands over her heavy eyes and groaned.
  79. >No amount of wishing that Lightning Dust would spontaneously combust would get her night back, but it comforted her nonetheless.
  80. >She would just have to try to fix her sleep schedule tomorrow.
  81. >Like she's been telling herself all week.
  82. >Fingers crossed.
  84. >To make up for the lack of sleep the previous night.
  85. >Moondancer decided to attempt something that filled her to the brim with dread.
  86. >She was going to go out in public.
  87. >Specifically to a coffee shop down the block.
  88. >After all she couldn't spend another day lying around her apartment doing nothing with the upmost precision.
  89. >Even though she was really well rounded on the subject.
  90. >The anxiety was pooling in her stomach as she left the comfort of her home.
  91. "You can do this Moondancer"
  92. "Don't be a fucking puss you can do this" her thoughts trying to motivate her by any means.
  93. >And without warning, she found herself before the mighty behemoth called "Twig's Coffee House"
  94. "Huh, lot closer than I remembered" she spoke out loud.
  95. >Shrugging she pushed open the see-through glass door and was greeted by a terrifying noise.
  96. >The sound of people.
  97. >Crowds never sat well with Moondancer.
  98. >She was scared of people, but she was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.
  99. >"Miss?"
  100. >"Miss are you ready to order?"
  101. >Moondancer's blood went cold as she looked around to see where the voice was coming from.
  102. >A shiver went down her spine as she made contact with the cashier behind the counter.
  103. >She was staring at her with waiting eyes.
  104. >Instinctly she shuffled towards the counter but kept her distance.
  105. >Her eyes were glued to the floor.
  106. "Umm..ca-can I get a-" she started to squeak out.
  107. >"I'm sorry hun but could you speak up a bit?" the cashier interrupted.
  108. >Moondancer's face grew as hot as lava and as red as spicy ketchup.
  109. >Her legs were shaking as her hands were fidgeting with the sleeve.
  110. "C-Can...I g-get a va-va-va-"
  111. >"Speak up a little more please it's quite loud in here today."
  112. >This was Moondancer's worst nightmares given life.
  113. >Her hell was being made before her eyes.
  114. >A piece of something inside herself had had enough however.
  115. >For Moondancer felt a fire inside her chest and found the courage to say.
  116. "Vanilla Latte!"
  117. >Only she didn't say it, she shouted it.
  118. >The cashier lady looked taken aback, but she's no doubt dealt with worse.
  119. >She just let it roll off her.
  121. >Moondancer's eyes went wide as she covered her mouth with her profusely sweating hands.
  122. >"Would you like that regular or large?" the lady's question burned a hole inside Moondancer's brain.
  123. "La-Large ple-ple-"
  124. >"Okie doke, that will be 4.37!" the lady behind the counter happily said.
  125. >With shaking hands, Moondancer pulled out her purse and retrieved a very crumpled up five dollar bill from its confines.
  126. >She dropped it on the counter.
  127. >"Out of a five"
  128. >"So that means sixty-three cents is your change!"
  129. >Her hand appeared out of the corner of Moondancer's eye with her change.
  130. >Awkwardly, she cupped her hands together and held them out.
  131. >The cashier carefully dumped the coins into her palms.
  132. >"Can I get a name for the order?" she asked politley.
  133. "O-Oh, uhh...M-Moondancer" she tried to add some oomph to her voice so she hopefully wouldn't have to repeat herself.
  134. >"Gotcha, we'll call you up when it's ready okay?" she then turned away to do more cashier type things.
  135. >Leaving Moondancer standing in the middle of the shop, alone with her thoughts.
  136. >And it felt like there were thousands upon thousands to sort through.
  137. >They were starting to become overwhelming.
  138. >However, she closed her eyes and thought of a song.
  139. >It always managed to keep her grounded and calm.
  140. >And this time was no different.
  141. >Moondancer was finally relaxed in public.
  142. >"Vanilla latte for..." she heard being called out.
  143. >"Moon...prancer?"
  144. "...Close enough" thought the now re-stressed coffee junkie.
  146. >She made a beeline towards the person holding her treat.
  147. >"Enjoy your beverage!"
  148. >And like a person with Parkingson's attempting to juggle, she really dropped the ball on this one.
  149. "Y-You t-too" she faux pas'd
  150. >And as she turned around to escape this torment, she ran face first into the chest of some stranger.
  151. >Knocking her flat on her ass, and whoever she ran into flat on their ass.
  152. >Her drink had flown from her hand and out the door as someone was coming in.
  153. >Moondancer watched as an onslaught of cars of different shapes and sizes demolished her vanilla tasting treat.
  154. "It's okay Moondancer, just think of your happy song" she thought as she tried to ignore the countless eyes on her.
  155. >"Making all his nowhere plans for nobody"
  156. >Strangely enough, her calm song was a lot louder than she remembered.
  157. >That's when Moondancer looked up at the other person sitting on the floor.
  158. >Lightning Dust.
  159. >"He's as blind as he can be"
  160. >Still Moondancer could hear her song a lot clearer.
  161. >As if it were playing out loud.
  162. >Lightning Dust looked down and saw her phone right next to her.
  163. >Her headphones were to her other side.
  164. >Seeing Lightning Dust's usually scowling face grimace caused a light bulb to appear over Moondancer's head.
  165. >Murmurs were starting in the crowd as the baristas behind the counter were seeing what the commotion was.
  166. >But, true to her name, Lightning scooped up her belongings and barreled out the door.
  167. >Leaving behind a confused crowd, a trail of dust, and an even more confused Moondancer.
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