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  1. Thursday, 1 August 2013
  2. Time11:00
  3. Description
  6. This enchanted story starts on the 8th of June @ Bilderberg 2013 when a man by the name of Ben Fellows announces that he was raped by a high ranking member of Parliament known as Kenneth Clarke. It was here that he announced an upcoming event known as the March against corruption, a cross country walk from the west country across middle England to the houses of parliament.
  8. On July 7th 2013 Ben Fellows set of, joined by a few other members of the public, one of them being a Mr Malcolm Blackman, dictator and self proclaimed leader and founder of Anonymous UK, accused of rape, but for the record proven innocent in a court of Law;-
  10. Ok, moving on, July 8th 2013 , Ben Fellows, Malcolm Blackman and others who have now joined the march arrive at "STONEHENGE" ( This is where it gets interesting ) At this point Malcolm Blackman makes a video in the name of Anonymous, claiming that "WALT DISNEY" are to land grab "STONEHENGE" and that if people want the proof they are to drop what they are doing, leave any other protest and come down to camp at "STONEHENGE" ! seems legit ?
  12. The question was asked by many activists "Where is the proof linking "WALT DISNEY " to "STONEHENGE" , at this point they went very quiet, mass debate followed, no details or proof were given to support this allegation of a "WALT DISNEY " land grab other than the engineering company working on the site was called Norman DISNEY and Young , but in fact, has no proven links to "WALT DISNEY". ( as yet ) see here >>
  13. The claim is that this company is linked to "WALT DISNEY" and the ultimate conspiracy here is that "WALT DISNEY " wish to turn "STONEHENGE" into a theme park. seems legit ? seems like something they would do right . ok, so far so good?
  15. This is where it gets serious, for 7 days and 7 nights people have been asking ! where is the proof, where is the evidence, why are you getting people to protest this without any proof, this is very non productive and is causing much divide. They have not provided any proof, still they continue to corrupt the minds of the un-educated coercing people to travel down to camp at "STONEHENGE" for a cause that has yet to be confirmed.
  17. The problem we have here is as follows;-
  18. Malcolm Blackman claiming to be the leader of Anonymous is one thing, but now he is preying on the weaker and younger activists getting them to blindly follow his agenda, this agenda is a lie, he is asking for new shoes, he is asking for donations, he is distracting the entire uk collective away from the real issues to support his lie.
  20. If you feel as i feel and if you would seek, as i seek, then i ask you to stand beside me outside the gates of parliament as Mr Blackman and Mr Fellows arrive at the end of there march against corruption. THIS IS A COUNTER DEMO, bring signs, banners etc.
  22. Blackmans video that is lacking any credible evidence -
  24. Counter video for the lulz -
  26. NOTE: You still have a chance, PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE and we will call off the demo. Failure to comply will result in Fellows, Blackman and others to be treated like EDL or any other Fascist Scum !
  28. We are the Anonymous
  29. We are Legion
  30. We do not forgive
  31. We do not forget
  32. herp derp
  33. We do not forget
  34. Expect us !
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