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  1. #ThisIsWhyWeOccupy
  3. Dear Citizens of The World,
  5. It has come to our attention that the #MSM and their blind followers still do not understand why people are occupying. It seems they think that the entire occupy movement is only about anti-corporations and violence. While the message behind occupy is about love and helping your neighbors, the #MSM is corroding that message by displaying the few people causing trouble under the occupy banner. It is time to change that.
  7. We have grouped our thoughts and came up with this simple yet elegant plan. It is time for every single person who has ever been involved with occupy, every person that has been moved by it, and every person that agrees with the ideas behind it to let your stories be heard.
  9. We encourage you to put your stories into media. Make a video on youtube about why you occupy, write a short story on pastebin, or make a post on twitter. Just find a way to share a story about why you occupy. Write about or a share a video of an act of kindness, write about the police officers involved that have stuck to the pledge they made to protect the citizens of their cities, Share a picture of something beautiful from your experiences ocuppying.
  11. This idea is only as strong as the people behind it. As more and more people contribute the picture will become more clear to the public that this movement is about making the world a better place for all 100% of its people.
  13. Anonymous Receptionist @thelulzdept
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