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settlements.xml town and two villages

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Apr 21st, 2020
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  1.   <Settlement id="town_M1" name="{=!}Theranda" owner="Faction.clan_empire_north_3" posX="351.687" posY="422.647" culture="Culture.empire" prosperity="7150" gate_posX="350.000" gate_posY="425.9">
  2.     <Components>
  3.       <Town id="town_comp_M1" is_castle="false" level="1" background_crop_position="0.0" background_mesh="menu_empire_seaside_1" wait_mesh="wait_empire_town" gate_rotation="0.408" />
  4.     </Components>
  5.     <Locations complex_template="LocationComplexTemplate.town_complex">
  6.       <Location id="center" scene_name="empire_town_h" scene_name_1="empire_town_h" scene_name_2="empire_town_h" scene_name_3="empire_town_h" />
  7.       <Location id="arena" scene_name="arena_empire_a" />
  8.       <Location id="tavern" scene_name="empire_house_c_tavern_a" />
  9.       <Location id="lordshall" scene_name_1="empire_castle_keep_a_l1_interior" scene_name_2="empire_castle_keep_a_l2_interior" scene_name_3="empire_castle_keep_a_l3_interior" />
  10.       <Location id="prison" scene_name="empire_dungeon_a" />
  11.       <Location id="house_1" scene_name="empire_house_d_interior_house" />
  12.       <Location id="house_2" scene_name="empire_house_d_interior_house" />
  13.       <Location id="house_3" scene_name="empire_house_d_interior_house" />
  14.     </Locations>
  15.     <CommonAreas>
  16.       <Area type="Backstreet" name="{=a0MVffcN}Backstreet" />
  17.       <Area type="Clearing" name="{=LWHIVshb}Clearing" />
  18.       <Area type="Waterfront" name="{=Rr1cy5Sk}Waterfront" />
  19.     </CommonAreas>
  20.   </Settlement>
  21.   <Settlement id="village_M1_1" name="{=!}Thymos" posX="353.376" posY="433.57" culture="Culture.empire" text="{=!}The prosperity of Theranda brought many peasants close to it to live a better life. The first settlers of Thymos were not let into the city and chose to set up a temporary camp close to the river, as Fish was plenty. While eventually they were allowed to Theranda, many chose to stay in what has now become Thymos.">
  22.     <Components>
  23.       <Village id="village_comp_M1_1" village_type="VillageType.fisherman" hearth="165" trade_bound="Settlement.town_M1" bound="Settlement.town_M1" background_crop_position="0.0" background_mesh="gui_bg_village_empire" wait_mesh="wait_empire_village" castle_background_mesh="gui_bg_castle_empire" />
  24.     </Components>
  25.     <Locations complex_template="LocationComplexTemplate.village_complex">
  26.       <Location id="village_center" scene_name="empire_village_x" />
  27.     </Locations>
  28.     <CommonAreas>
  29.       <Area type="Pasture" name="{=fOUsLdZR}Pasture" />
  30.       <Area type="Thicket" name="{=66Mzk0NZ}Thicket" />
  31.       <Area type="Bog" name="{=iXA5SttU}Bog" />
  32.     </CommonAreas>
  33.   </Settlement>
  34.   <Settlement id="village_M1_2" name="{=!}Olicana" posX="368.450" posY="426.103" culture="Culture.empire" text="{=!}Olicana has been around almost as long as Theranda itself. To support construction efforts in Theranda a logging camp was built named after the woman Olicana who organizes the labour in the first days. As Theranda became more and more prosporous new construction needed fresh supplies of lumber. Therefore Olicana grew along with it.">
  35.     <Components>
  36.       <Village id="village_comp_M1_2" village_type="VillageType.lumberjack" hearth="141" trade_bound="Settlement.town_M1" bound="Settlement.town_M1" background_crop_position="0.0" background_mesh="gui_bg_village_empire" wait_mesh="wait_empire_village" castle_background_mesh="gui_bg_castle_empire" />
  37.     </Components>
  38.     <Locations complex_template="LocationComplexTemplate.village_complex">
  39.       <Location id="village_center" scene_name="empire_village_008" />
  40.     </Locations>
  41.     <CommonAreas>
  42.       <Area type="Pasture" name="{=fOUsLdZR}Pasture" />
  43.       <Area type="Thicket" name="{=66Mzk0NZ}Thicket" />
  44.       <Area type="Bog" name="{=iXA5SttU}Bog" />
  45.     </CommonAreas>
  46.   </Settlement>
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